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Post your best and worst

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>>276109104One of my favorite examples from back homeI love the classical sandstone aesthetic of a lot of the old buildings in SA

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>>276109899during winter

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>>276109104Not sure what the story is behind pic related, or where it is. Does anybody know?

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>>276109104I like good architecture.

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>>276109539young twink yum

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>>276110506Budapest, an old marketplace in Terézváros.


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>>276110584I also like nice things

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>>276109104Anybody know the name of the painting in pic related?

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These are all disgusting. Why are they naked?

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>>276110976Reeee zašto si morao ovo da postaš. Kao i biblioteka i palata mitropolita iz 18-og veka.

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>>276109539>>276109599>>276109662>>276109738>>276109806>>276109886What could have been beautiful art ruined by vulgarity. These give me a total disgust reaction. Why would they have to make it nude? Nude sculptors were lusting faggots. There's nothing "trad" about them.

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>>276111006Too bad it gets taken away nowadays...

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>>276111276I think you have never realised/seen the beauty of the Human form/body.

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>>276111554Public space Design had really gone downhill

>>276109806Everytime I look at this and remember it's marble I feel astonished posting

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>>276111913Must've taken a lot of time to get this good

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>>276111554Here's our rail station.>>276111345Jebeni nemci.

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>>276111159Emperor Augustus visiting the Sibyl

>>276112068It's sad but I don't think anybody would sacrifice the time he has to be dedicated to something like this even if they have the skill

>>276111799Are you admitting these statues aren't beautiful? I saw the statues and they're vulgar and disgusting. A naked body of the opposite is only pleasing if you're in love with them, otherwise it causes disgust. And then when you're in love that should be kept within marriage. Since it's fake (a statue) it's obviously not even in the same realm as being as bad as actual nude pictures from whores, but it still disrespects intimacy and the body.

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>>276112454*of the opposite gender

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>>276112454>Are you admitting these statues aren't beautiful?No.You clearly can't comprehend the beauty of the Human form(From an objective stance).and Intimacy has nothing to do with it.

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>>276112196Don't worry, I've seen plenty of vulgar art. Vulgar modern art COMES from "trad" nudity. They say it's ok to be nude because the statues did it! It wasn't ok when the statues did it either. It has always been vulgar. Why not, at the very least, not sculpt or paint the genitals?E ven if it was going to remain nude, anyone can admit the genitals are aesthetically bad looking, and the statue would be nicer without it. It's like they're intentionally sacrificing beauty for the sake of being naked and undermining modesty and tradition.

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>>276109104She'll come back in all her glory eventually.

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>>276111276The human body is, in itself, a work of art, all the way down to it's genes

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>>276112765You clearly can't comprehend the beauty of marriage, the human body in its best form, and not having carved dicks shoved in your face. You can't preserve people's dignity and you can't preserve the beauty of the body. Simple as that. These statues make me physically sick and they make every decent person sick.

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>>276113003>They say it's ok to be nude because the statues did it! It wasn't ok when the statues did it eitherDude statues are made to look like the best Human form they are beautiful since its literally showing a part of nature and the human spirits, idk why its so hard for you to get that.Why nudity is syimply not ok, since that is breaking the intimacy thing and other stuff since the person standing there is another person and they also don't show the beauty of the human body as rare people have got such a perfect and beautiful body, and still its another person that is stading there.

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>>276113110Of course. That doesn't mean it should be displayed to show everyone. We're human. That means the body is naturally private.

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>> you violated community guide lines.

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>>276113312I think you're a nigger or a kike(and we can see that you are a mutt).

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>>276113014The leisure park and its entrance just under the palace has already been renovated.

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>>276112765This painting is located in the St. Louis Art Museum (itself a beautiful building). I have looked at it for hours, for it is truly art and distracts me from the disgusting abomination that is the city.

>>276113371If nude paintings/statues didn't exist a while ago, and then just now in 2020 someone said hey man let's actually make art naked, everyone would be saying how utterly degenerate that was. Nude art is a larp. People only defend it because it happened in the past. If it was started nowadays everyone would recgonize it for what it is.

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>>276113421the human genitals are also works of art, but I understand what you mean.I still think the human body should be shown as art, perfecting the human body in a art work is like magic, something that only true masters of the craft will understand and create. I wish I could git gud and make art like that.

>>276113507+If it was good enough for ancient Greeks, Romans, Nazi Germany, Empires that lasted till 1918, and all the big perioud of European(Renaissance, Baroque...) history its good enough for me,

>>276113507Niggers put gourds over their genitals. Their art is vulgar. I've only ever seen jews push nudity and immodesty. Everything you say is the opposite of the truth. You can't even respond to what I said.

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>>276113849>if nude paintings/statues didn't exist a while agoBut they did And for a reason.

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>>276114119>Niggers>ArtBold of you to assume niggers know what way Eurpeans think, and that you consider Nigger art, art is literally proof you're a mutt.

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>>276114266That's not the point I was making. Why do you never respond to what I said? Can you admit that if you weren't brainwashed into thinking you have to accept naked art, and if you were introduced to it now and able to make a free unbiased judgment, you'd be calling it degenerate.

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>>276112079>Here's our rail station.The old one that got closed down?


The most recent development in dispeling communist/socialist disrepair from Buda Castle. Matthias got his crossbow string back after 75 years, among others.

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>>276114483>and that you consider Nigger artYou just called it art. Therefore you consider it art and you're a mutt. And why do you capitalize nigger?

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>>276109104Renaissance is a period of time after purge off Jew rat usury and lie . With out usury people have endless time for beauty, quality, live in sincere honesty and harmony. In a picture we can observe sky clock year around marking 4 year seasons . People knew what and when to do by looking in the sky .That is following mother natures natural order.Jew rats don't like it .

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>>276113014Except the Ministry of Defence unfortunatelyBtw what was this ?

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>>276114571No. If you weren't brainwashed, you wouldn't think the sight of a genital on a piece of art is disgusting. It's how a body looks like what is disgusing about it really?

>>276109104>Post your best and worst"Worst" dump incoming. Names and locations will be in the filename for you lurkers.

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>>276114483Why is Marble art and buildings so good? I love them

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>>276114638Yeah. The new one still isn't finished after 30 years of construction. They're working on tracks 1 and 2, but the station building isn't even designed yet.

>>276114975People are naturally disgusted by nudity that they are not romantically attracted to. That's human.

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>>276111276ashamed of seeing perfect bodies in shape amerifat?

>>276114970Reconstruction plan

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>>276114571There's nothing "degenerate" about the human form, or even sexuality. Those are beautiful and natural things. The degenerate problem arises from things like hedonism and abnormality. A naked statue is intrinsically not degenerate, a naked statue trying to suck itself off is.

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>>276115142If you lived in America you'd know we are bombarded with in shape nudes / almost nudes daily. You can't even get a car advertisement without some half naked model walking around.

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>>276114571>Can you admit that if you weren't brainwashed into thinking you have to accept naked artNah>>276114266It was a thing the moment sculptures were a thing>>276114736>You just called it artI called it: Nigger art and I don't consider it art, if somebody says something doesn't mean it's true,Like today we call stuff modern art yet for me its not art its degeneracy but I still call it modern art since modern art is degeneracy.Same goes for Nigger Art>Why do you capitalize nigger?Looks better, and I like it that way.>Therefore you consider it art and you're a muttYou are either blind or an idiot.>>276115002Its probably because Marble has that Nice pure whiteness to it, like really hard to get through any other material(if at all)

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>>276110531Look at that picture all faggots this symbolize men raising above own body appetites or fear of death. That what it means keep down the dragon not sin = no fap in modern understanding

>>276115122No, that's protestant society. Do you think people still living in tribes in rainforests are digusted by nudity?

>>276115271>There's nothing "degenerate" about the human form, or even sexualityYeah duh. That's why I never said that.

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>>276114940Give it time user, some of the recently greenlit plans wouldn't have been thought possible just four years ago.

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Architect: (((Ernő Goldfinger)))

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>>276115581By the human form, I meant the naked human form mate.

>>276115579>are people with 60 iq even capable of understanding that the body is intimateGee I don't know.Why do you want us to be more like jungle niggers?

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>>276115469>bombarded with in shape nudes / almost nudes dailySluts standing naked in buldings and saying its art is your feminist problem and it proves it has caused you to not like the shape and beauty of the human body, and as such you have been made to associate the Human body with left wing feminist degeneracy something I have not gone through.

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>>276109771Any Durban anons here? I have questions.

>>276115807Oddly comfy.

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This girl lived over 500 years agoSay something nice about her

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>>276110650By the way it is free energy towers , just please guys don't tell any one

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>>276115971Reminds me of this

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>>276115771I know it's bait, nevertheless, fix'd.

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>>276115771this is a lie and you know

>>276114571How would an artist depict the garden of eden?How would an artist depict uncivilized man? Man in nature?Nudity shows the divine hand, it is truth and beauty, the essence of Art.Not saying sexuality hasn't come into it, you cannot isolate the sacred from the profane. They must meet at the center.


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>>276115820No, I was exposed to naked art before I was exposed to feminism and sluts. I thought naked art was stupid and silly. It's just a natural thing. The argument for feminism actually often comes from the argument for naked art. "Wuut there's nothing wrong with it, it's just beauty." I've literally heard instagram whores say wiggling their butt in a thong is ok because they're like a greek statue. I don't think it's the same obviously, but both are bad.

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