I just had a 5 v 1 Facebook debate with some lefties. Holy moly I feel like all my energy has been sucked from my body...

I just had a 5 v 1 Facebook debate with some lefties. Holy moly I feel like all my energy has been sucked from my body. 5 dumbasses vs just me. I (a black as fuck person) just got called a white supremacist, a neo-nazi, a racist and a xenophobe. Because I said "it's possible to believe that Breonna Taylor's death could've been avoided while also accepting the fact that her boyfriend shot first therefore the cops shot back. She was also chest deep in her boyfriends drug shit per new documentation..." Why are they so unreasonable...

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>>276108793You deserve it.

>>276108793>Why are they so unreasonable...Because reason takes effort and thinking. Lefties hate effort and thinking. It's why central planning is so appealing to them.

>>276108793>I (a black as fuck person) just got called a white supremacist, a neo-nazi, a racist and a xenophobe.Hey, now you know what it's like to be called a Kike all the time when I'm just a left wing white guy.

>>276109116Even they couldn't deny the fact that abortion and black to black crime is the number 1 killer of blacks in the country. I'm like what the fuck are you scared of the KKK for they killed less blacks in what... 35 years than black people have in this month alone!!

>>276108793People are retarded. Im sorry you had to encounter morons today never a good feeling. There's very little you can do about them except it avoid idiots at all costs. Well welcome to or back to Holla Forums at least you can get some comfy keks here.

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>>276109284It's probably really frustrating for you! Being called something you're not all the time is so demoralizing

>>276108793Name call back. Read Vox Day's stuff on rhetoric vs dialectic. You want to make arguments for onlookers and name calling to defeat your actual targets. Creeps, weirdos, etc!


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>>276109284Okay rabbi

>>276109377youtu.be/Hw88MWoqenQMuch of this conversation can be applied to your, our dilemma.

>>276108793Maybe youve brainwashed yourself on pol user. Cops shouldnt have the authoritt to kick in peoples doors without suspicion of severe violence or danger. If they want to bust a druggie they can do it in public where drugs are actually dangerous.

>>276108793It's their modus operandi. You're a white supremacist, neo-nazi, and a racist so your opinions don't matter. You're voting against your own interest and you don't know any better. It's okay to dehumanize and shoot you in the streets because it's justice.

>>276109620My God it's a neanderthal in a dress.

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>>276109495Not really. I get called a jew so much I catch myself saying "oy vey" unironically even though I don't speak a single word of yiddish.Anyway, the reason you're encountering the behavior you're encountering is a byproduct of online discourse. The people you're talking to spend 99% of their debates talking to dishonest actors who have no interest in a legitimate discussion. Thus, they have all become extremely defensive and find it almost impossible to believe someone would be arguing in good faith. For your one good faith debate, there's been a hundred that they have had where an actual white supremacist was just pretending to care about drugs because they wanted to discredit Breonna, and ensure more black people died.It's the "southern strategy" writ large. You just be a white supremacist, and instead of saying "nigger nigger", just claim you're just interested in reducing drug crime, when the goal you want is for black people come out worse than white people.

>>276108793>debate>leftiesthere's your mistake. There is no "debating" lefties, especially on social media. They don't care about seeking the truth. They only care about social validation, thus the reason they're lefties.Let me guess, it ended up like this>"noooooooo... you cant be serious! omg youre so wrong i dont have to explain why lmao lol lmaolmaol hahahaah" etc.

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>>276108793You chose the wrong fight, you should’ve talked about Floyd or the Wisconsin shit, they still would’ve hated you but you would’ve had more people on your side (silently of fucking course)

>>276108793wish i knew black people that can think for themselves

>>276109949Maybe. I think watching streams radicalized me a little bit as well. Especially last night in NY oh man..

>>276108793they've been programmed to see everything as black and white this is often a lost cause... even suggesting a middle way is evil

>>276110260Ah I understand now, that's fucked up and I never thought of it that way. Outside of pol I'm normally a lurker, but it's getting to be way too much for me now seeing people be driven insane by their delusion

>>276108793Why our blacks don’t just punch them in the face? You know you’d probably btfo 5 white marxists kek

>>276110283Yes I also got the "wooooow you care more about property than peoples liiiiiiives"

>>276108793Just beat the shit outta the weakest looking white person and then show the police the messages and have them charged with a hate crime against niggers. Like a black person would actually do prison time for beating a white under a democratic DA lmaoUse ur race card nigger

There's no debating anyone any more. It doesn't matter what position you have, it doesn't matter how well-researched or how many facts you have. The Internet has driven everyone to believe that they are 100% factually correct at all times, and there is no victory condition. Your first mistake was believing that any amount of information you had, even if you were 100% right, could ever convince someone that they were wrong.

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>>276108793Your own fault for wasting time on the facebooks. Especially arguing with leftie NPCs. Take it from somebody who tried to reason with NPCs before: Doesnt work. Only thing that works with them is a smack in the face.

>>276109284Ok kike

>>276108793>arguing with leftistsThey either come around on their own or they are lost. Don't waste your energy.

>>276110335I feel like we'll never be able to properly conversate outside of places like /po/ or parler again and that's really starting to frustrate me

>>276110903same applies to you guys

>>276110260>the behavior you're encountering is a byproduct of online discoursei believe it's much bigger than that. tech illiterate boomers will have the same behavior. you need to look to the alignment of media orgs on narratives and journalistic stylingpeoples minds are mirroring sensationalist headlines and 5 second video clips used as attack pieces.

>>276110781Nah man that's not the right thing to do.

>>276108793Because they need to feel superiorThat's all there is to itThis is their sense of superiorityThey are now woke and able to look down upon anyone who doesn't obey their correct dictatThey have been programmed successfully because there were no built in programs inside of them already running to process reality

>>276110815It seems like the power keg is just doomed to explode and a lot of us are going to witness and experience things that we should've never had to.

>>276109284Oy vey!

>>276108793I'm NS and think Breonna's death sucks to be honest. Also prove that you're black or assumed larp.


>>276108793This is not about blacks at all. No white people give a shit about blacks, not trying to be mean that's just how it is. The only division is between the ones who pretend to do and the ones who don't. Now, why they pretend is a complicated matter that would take a long time to explain. It has to do with life power processes of oversocialized people and the martyr complex that make up a core of our racial psychology. Just keep in mind that the fight whites are engaged in with each-other has nothing to do with you, you're just a prop.

Sleep a little, fren. Repairs.Then go to Battle again

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>>276108793> 5 v 1see, you lost before you even started presenting your argument, because being one guy against many, they already had consensus, and if there's one thing which captures the libtard mentality perfectly, it's following consensus without question. If the consensus turns out to be wrong, they'll just lick some blm boots or migrant feet to make up for it and carry on

>>276108793It's facebook, user. Don't expect much from kike social medias

Its a struggle session. They will gang up on you and scream slogans and phrases over and over and bully you until you recant.

>>276111046Leftist academics destroyed the concept of right and wrong. There is only power and who wields it.

>>276111119Some of them seem and look like their ideology is tearing them apart, and it really just hurts my heart, but I know that if I try helping them i won't succeed

>>276108793faceberg is cancer and bots, like all (((social media))), only talk to people in real life

>>276111232watermelon, thots, gang gang gang, free my nigger wall-e his ass was a real one.

>>276111325>holy shit the spreadsheets online lives onHow much is a month worth of plex these days? 4 bill lol?

>>276108793The individual cops were doing their jobs. If people want to stop this kind of situation from happening, they need to fix no-knock laws. But leftists don't give a shit about fixing things. They just REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE that the cops need to be arrested for doing their shitty jobs like they're trained to do.

>>276108793>Debating your enemyIf only the Russian provincial government had debated the Bolsheviks.

>>276111263It's like i'm the diversity hire that everyone only pretends to care about, but really it's not even a big deal.

>>276108793We see you race traitor, you will be the first to get the rope for siding with the whiteman. Justice will reign down upon your head like the chaos you sow.

>>276109066>You deserve it.Fuck off faggot.

>>276111715had a genuine chuckle

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>>276109284Nice proxy Schlomo


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>>276108793you need to shot some niggers to make up for what your race has done. Get to it black boi

>>276109116>Lefties hate effort and thinking.Silicon Valley? Hollywood? All of the corporations cucking the Right online?

>>276111558Hand and timestamp?

>>276111558>wall-eu ightpic unrelated

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>>276112067only niggers commit crimes user

>>276110921I find it’s much harder to have those conversations online on somewhere like Facebook or twitter since so many there are grappling with their own indoctrination. It’s why being patient and having sources ready is so important because they attack you in order to bait out a response from you that they can attack you even further with. I went HAM after the 2nd video was released out of Kenosha where we see the guy straight up brawling with the arresting officers and people reacted poorly to my curtness about destroying a town over a fucking rapist. Though most of the people I don’t care about I ended up calling this old Caribbean dude I used to work with and he was hurt by what I said, which I apologized for the way I said it and told him why I dislike what we’ve all become. We came out of that discussion mostly agreeing but that’s what needs to happen, honest discussion and it’s hard to make that happen over any sort of typed medium when emotions are this high.Just remember your family and friends are still there for you and NEVER APOLOGIZE for speaking the truth, if life was easy it wouldn’t be worth it

>>276108793They already canonized her on Time magazine. There is no arguing about the Breonna Taylor situation with them anymore. If anything Fent Floyd would be a better cherry pick

>>276112297u first nigga

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>>276111617Not mine

>>276112346killing nonhumans isn't a crime

>>276108793>Trying to argue with botsNGMI

>>276111558If not a larp, that must be shitty honestly. Being black and actually right wing must be hell these days.

>>276112374>>276112698 why did you make me laugh I was mad

>>276111263I get the impression that's even more true of Scandis than the people here.Also we can't ignore that movements for civil rights and liberties here in the 1960's were deeply attached to institutional injustice and fought to correct real problems. While there are a ton of pretenders here, I think there's also a ton who truly think they're living out a continuation of 60's despite it being almost wholly delusional. They really think what they're doing is transcendentally good and not just theater.

>>276112806I'm not left or right, truthfully I don't understand politics at all, I just believe in common sense but its 2020 and that doesn't seem to be a thing anymore

>>276112847Don’t go into those conversations mad bruh it’s what they want. They’re going to call you racist or hateful or self hating but NEVER let them call you [spoiler]late for dinner[/spoiler]

>>276112851Scandinavians is not a very homogeneous group when it comes to this. As to the rest, of course the rationalizations are completely in line with what is being stated. I'm talking about subconscious drives.

>>276111700They knocked though.... Kenneth Walker got Breonna dead. Jamarcus said that multiple times in his prison call transcripts

>>276113865You got a link?


OP is a kike


>>276109284Shut your faggot jew mouth kike

>>276108793Why are you black?

>>276108793Mass politics is all posturing, no place for reason and rational debate. It's just the masses cannibalizing the masses.