Why is this website so left wing and anti-Trump now?

Why is this website so left wing and anti-Trump now?

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because we've come to our senses

We won the Holla Forums culture war.

>>276107984>left wingIt isn't>anti-trumpbecause the only people who like Trump are neocohens

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>>276107984LMAO you think larpers and shills are actually an important part of this site's demographics?

>>276108343reddit fags do.

>>276107984>Site full of people against jews>President that bends over for jewsIt's a mystery

>>276107984Because Trump is a racist and racism is evil.

>>276107984You're lost if you think this place is about politics.

>>276107984Heebs are on red alert because of Trump's executive order banning their anti-White indoctrination contracts with federal agencies. Expect lot's of pro-tranny/blacked threads. They get extra salty when you cut into their income.

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Holla Forums is so blinded by the joo spook that they would rather have an open-border loving, child-sniffing gun grabber be POTUS than somebody like Trump who is popular in Israel.


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>>276108652>you have to pick the least worst optionbased goy

>>276107984Because shills are desperate to get Biden in the office. They're losing, and they know it, which is why they are doubling down on their lunacy. Cannot fucking wait for November.


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>>276107984Lefty Holla Forums has moar bots.

I just want Trump to own da libs for another 4 years.

There is some shilling in terms of leftist policy.Regarding Trump, he has been a bust and panders to everyone but his base and makes a lot of noise and does nothing then whines. Hope he wins, but yeah, he's come across as sort of feckless.

>>276107984>trump is the pinnacle of right wing ambitionyoure pathetic

Because this site is full of CCP and kike agents who deploy AI chat bots on 4 chan

>>276108343There are too much polish people that is for sure

>>276107984trump just banned critical race theory training in the governmentthey're scared>>276108806whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/M-20-34.pdf


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>>276107984I don’t really know... maybe the walls knows?

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>>276109069Oh. I thought the executive order was signed. I was gonna rub it in my libtarded sister's face if it was real. Disregard.

>>276107984it's hilarious that white racist crackers can't take even a tiny amount of criticismrobin delangelo was right about white fragility. even the president is having a complete melt down over this.

>>276107984You really think random normies come here and make threads like >"I've been a Trump supporter since the beginning but that shit he said today is the last straw! I'm voting democrat this time around!

>>276107984Because Trump is a boomer meme. Go back to the donald dot win and talk about Q some moar.

>>276107984Stormfags joined with antifag/lefty types.

>>276108343Larpers and shills are all that's left here

>>276107984it isn't shill

>>276107984People had to much expectations of Trump.Kek choose Trump to bring chaos.

Three reasons, really:>leftypol shills in overdrive, assmad about elections and Kyle the Kommie Killer>impatient wignats mad that Trump isn't actually Hitler, willing to wreck the populist right rather than accept an imperfect leader>Holla Forums is now perceived as right-wing, so anyone just trying to troll pretends to be left

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>>276108074More like you've lost them>>276108186You haven't won until you kill every right winger

>>276107984This site has been flooded with faggots, there are plenty of better websites

>>276109353>I thought the executive order was signedIt was. That's why it's an executive order. Are you a shill or a retard?

>>276109355(((Robin Delangelo)))Also prove that you're black faggot.

>>276110021The link said memo.

>>276109355>it's hilarious that white racist crackers can't take even a tiny amount of criticismYou can call me a cracker to my face and you know what? I wouldn't give a shit BUT if I were to call you a nigger to your face you would chimp out and you're saying I'm the fragile one? Lmfao

>>276110266Ok snowflake.

>>276107984Because they are butthurt Trump will win in November and they are bluepilling.

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you dumb fucking niggers keep pissing into this ocean of piss thinking it'll change anything lmao. the same fucking tactics. you've learned absolutely nothing since 2016

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>>276107984see >>276105563Just because the shills are making a lot more noise than usual because of recent happenings doesn't mean that this board is any less pro-Trump.

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>>276107984They need to shill to make up for their own failings

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>>276107984cuz Democratic party has nowhere else to invest their retarded manpowernow u understand why they "need" to win the election?they will have a lot of enemies that won't get neither pay nor hope

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>>276107984We grew up.

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>>276107984Discord trannies.

>>276108343This. You faggots act like you’ve never seen a raid before.


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We aren't those are shills

>>276107984>Left-wingWhat the fuck are you talking about?

>left wingmainly people trolling for (You) since majority of Holla Forums is das retard >anti-Trumpdunno, maybe because he's a degenerate lefty?

>>276108207oh look. More left wing anti Trumpery

>>276111161I've noticed an abundance of newfags and shills this month.It's election time!

>>276108529point to me the most racist thing he did since elected. Write it down right here.

>>276108461>site is full of rational thinking people>President Trump doesn't hate jews and isn't a racist>shills try to convince Holla Forums that we've always been rabid anti semites it's not gonna work tho faggots. GET READY FOR 4 MORE YEARS OF SEETHING FAGGOTS!

>>276107984>left wingAre you retarded? youtu.be/9LkRUTYlBBI?t=2520Trump just a perfect person for destabilisation.

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>>276107984Real Leftism is more grounded in reality. Eventually all teenagers surpass the redpill stage. Science and knowledge destroys the redpill. Trump is a neoliberal puppet of the global elite like all the rest.

>>276111082Your're really telling us that all of these ultra PC posters are on the "politically incorrect" board because they've matured into accepting what we're told during childhood indoctrination?

>>276111648I think you guys should go out and vote Trump imminently, and make sure your vote gets through because you won't want Kamala pegging your arses. Trump's still a fag though, but he's the best you got, and you should start looking for other tools and options in the meantime after trump's re-elected

It's not it's just waves of faggots flooding in, and being so annoying all the originals leave, and wait for the faggots to get bored tonguing eachothers assholes. Then they come back and the cycle repeats.

>>276112039>Vote Biden because Blumpfy is globohomo

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>>276112233>3 pair

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>>276111648>rational>doesn't hate jews and isn't a racistPick one

>>276110356not an argument!

>>276107984Paid leftist shills will be here up until the election. There are a few retards that won't support Trump because he isn't extreme enough for them, so they vote against their own interests.

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>>276111613I can never tell anymore. As a skitzo it seems like it's always been shit, we've always been complaining about it being shit, and even oldfags can't construct an interesting sentence or make a decent joke.But lately it does seem worse, like endtimes worse. Soon the bots will be so good as to be indistinguishable from summer fags and big tech globohomo will drown this board for good. And there's nowhere fun left to go.

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It always was.The thing about internet fags is they love controversy, so they back whatever's got people shorts in a twist at that moment.in 2015/16, the normal world was having puppies over Trump running for office, so Holla Forums got on the Trump train. They didn't give two shits about the politics, hell, they hate America with a burning passion and consider Americans to be illegitimate as a people (mutts). They just wanted that hard fast dopamine rush of pissing off people on the internet.Now that America is enjoying it's first real leader in decades, Holla Forumssmokers are shilling for literally ANY opposition, for more angry (you)s.Holla Forums would have you believe they're being raided by commies. The truth is they're not, this is all your normal 4chan userbase. But whenever something a board likes falls out of vogue, they declare it a "psi-op" by their enemies, discard, and take the opposite side.

>>276113036>As a skitzoTAKE MY MEDS!

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>>276107984Fuck trump but also fuck bidden, both are controlled opposition

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>>276107984Summer fags, Election year fags. The list goes on

>>276112039Forgot your TM nigger.Who could be behind this post? Is it JIDF? Or some domestic lefty group? Commie chinks or shitposting slavs? I can't tell anymore. How does one tell the source of something this stupid?What is their goal? Simple demoralization by shitting up the board with nonsense? I guess nobody can really afford to hire non-retards who can make an actual leftist with some degree of coherence.

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>>276107984>left wing>Holla ForumsGet out of here. And stay on r/eddit.

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I can’t see any reason to vote Democrat unless you’re a lazy piece of shit freeloading SJW snowflake type. Not to mention you’d have that dirty nigger AOC representing you.

>>276108186You guys are imprisoned here under the nationalist thumb, and not the other way around. The truth is the greatest enemy of the leftist marxist globohomo communist agenda. So you can only really win by mass censoring everything that is true and righteous, which is not the case rn here on Holla Forums.

>>276107984>If you aren't pro-trump, you're a leftist >muh left-right paradigmYawn

>>276107984Anti trump? yesLeft wing? Fucking lmao

>>276112233Thanks Michael Jackson dubbman. Nice to see a quality bongpost.Compromise feels like surrender to some but it's really all you can do in the face of a system. It's not like you can vote for acceleration.I've come to the conclusion that all you can really do is redpill your friends & family and exfiltrate yourself from the system. The Jew fears the undebted, the farmer, backyard gardener, hunter, fisherman, and homeschooler.

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>>276107984>Holla Forums>left wingdude WTF are you smoking? Holla Forums is /ptg/ russian troll shilling all day and all night

>>276111648Oh really now? The (((shills))) are trying to convince US about whether we are or were anti semites or not? Really? This souns like mental programming Mr, reddit neocon boomer. Also, how long have you lurked here? And why do you think pol has a geographical flag system?

>>276113304Wrong. Trump is a true outsider and they are fighting tooth and nail to keep him out. He is not a Bush or a Clinton. Your uniparty apathy does not apply this time faggot. Vote for the man who will make a real fucking difference.

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>>276114084Dont you think getting biden into power will help your plan of redpilling and getting more people out of the Jew's system? Voting trump gives them false hope, and incentive to remain invested in the system. Biden sanctions anti white lynchings and will prove to the liberals and centrists Trump was right the first time

>>276113236Anyone convinced of the reality of their online conversations doesn't understand the race of technology or the dehumanization of real people. Pointing this out brands you a weirdo to even the enlightened.I once had a conversation with a tech pajeet that refused to answer a few simple questions to prove they were human. It was fascinating.youtube.com/watch?v=-uTF-nGTPuk

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Oldfag here; this is how it goes down>Paid shills and and army of men who do it for free show up>They start spouting lies in an attempt to change board culture>Holla Forums regularls get tired of dealing with it and take a little time away from Holla Forums>Lefties plant the flag of victory, proclaim Holla Forums is lefty or center left now and leave>Holla Forums's regulars come back and the board is right where it used to beThey managed to subvert a lot of other boards, Holla Forums has fallen. But Holla Forums? You cannot corrupt Holla Forums, Holla Forums is the corruption. This cycle has happened many times

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Its not, we are just undergoing a shill hard. It happens all the time.Dont worry about it, just make good threads and sage shit ones.

>>276114350Muh Russian bots.


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>>276107984This site ain't majority left wing, even though I wish it was. Unless it was liberal, at least rightoids are honest about their intentions.

>>276113236>treating bots and summer fags as different entitiesSee this is where you MAJORLY fucked up>>276114645Oh? You have a set of questions that determine if someone is human? Do enlighten us how that works faggot

>>276111082What a twat. Lol.Go back to discord.

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>>276114818Lmao you are so toxic and beautiful I love you

>>276107984/pol/ isn't either. It's a battlefield were liars clash with honest men.

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>>276114666based and infernopilled

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>>276107984just impotent shills, ignore the bullshit

>>276114881what are u talking about? This site is unironically more leftie than (((liberal))). Only Americans think defending Amazon is hill worth dying for in the grand scheme of nationalism

>>276113201Good point, but there's also unrealistically high expectations and unpredictable failures. Nobody thought Trump would truly crush kike influence, but he has catered to them unnecessarily hard, which is a huuuge disappointment.I don't think we're being raided by commies, but there does seem to be an uptick in their uncut bullshit. Sure, misanthropes have what may be categorized as "lefty" sentiments in the general discourse, like fuck banks, fuck cops, and fuck jannies, but straight defenses of antifa and real communism seem astroturfed these days.

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>>276114645pic related>>276114915>>treating bots and summer fags as different entitiesSummer fags and bots are both NPCs.

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>>276111519That is clearly a right wing post you retard. Trump supporters unironically believe that only the Left hates him, when in fact plenty of people on the right do as well.

>>276107984Shills come here more and more before the election. After the election the will all suicide. Last time was so much fun. The angrier and more scared they are now the sweeter the landslide victory will be.

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>>276115314Nobody on the right hates him enough to vote for a Marxist agenda, and you will never convince me otherwise.

>>276107984This website isn't right wing or pro Trump you fag, it's a contrarian chaos god summoning circle that likes anime tiddies

>>276114772you think it's a random coincidence that there's /ptg/ spammed literally all day and all night? This requires immense coordination and organization, which usually means someone is paid to do it

We got invaded by jews

>>276107984it's just desperate shills trying to demoralize, pay no mind, Trump is gonna win regardless

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>>276114643That's the same kind of unrealistic optimism that led to disappointment with Trump. Nothing redpills people more than watching the left throw a hissy fit. We need four more years of their unprecedented disingenuous lying to wake people up on not trusting the media. Four more years of ungrateful nigger chimpouts. Democrats will probably win after Trump, but handing them this election slows the acceleration. When the fire rises, you don't put a lid on it.

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>>276107984>Anti kike niggerfaggot Donnie>Left wingYou dichtomy indoctrinated Jew golemshit.Holla Forums is about truth, not a partisan echo chamber for mental niggers

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>>276115265>>I don't think we're being raided by commies>posts commie discord memehmmmmmmmmm...

>>276107984Various shills have been infiltrating this site in order to demoralize us and help Biden win due to the election upcoming in a couple of months. Ignore them and report any spam or copy pasta shills.

>>276107984It isn't. This is shilling and antifa's best efforts.

>>276107984shills>>276108074like this one>>276108186and this one>>276108529and this one

>>276107984I support Trump merely out of spite. Fuck leftists

>>276107984Because the sugar high from 2016 is over and trump has no good memes anymore. He does dumb shit every week. Impossible to defend other than parroting SVT or accelerate.Stupid cucks, I want the US to continue existing. Patriots will vote Blue

>>276107984you know what ironic? Redditfags always lament about the fact their precious subreddits succumb to tragic long deaths of torture where everything they once loved dies before their eyes with their hands being the ones that built the prison they find themselves in brick by brick. Why? Who? They cry and point finger after finger when the ones responsible for their death is themselves.Wanting to fit in and be apart of the joke that they then beat to hamburger.I simply laugh, for they will never be satiated they will always be running under their own weight, always responsible for the destruction that follows them, perpetually stuck in the hell that is themselves. kek.

>>276107984It's not, it's just shills. You can tell by the flags, the same shit posted over and over and over about wHiTe WoMeN and all the slide threads. You should know this, OP, you're one of them.

>>276114818sure thing Mr Goldmanbergstienowitz.

>>276115032Me? Toxic? Nahhhhhhh

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>>276107984>left wingthose are shills activated for the election>anti-trumpsome are and some are just Richard Spencer sycophants.

>>276114655That's the same naive optimism of the libertarians who think machine learning and automation won't kill massive amounts of jobs in the next generation because the Luddites were wrong that one time way back when. Technology is going to allow shitting up the board to a level never before seen. And it doesn't take that much money either. $1M per year in fulltime shill salaries could be devastating. I actually think /k is going to be the last bastion since they are based but not as well-known and don't have a huge target on their back.

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>>276115790>Democrats will probably win after Trump,lol no, not after these riots, people are going to be recovering from the destruction long after trump is gone.

>>276115790Well ok if you say so, it is your 3rd world hithole after all....Just promise me user, you will at least keep an open mind and sleep on my proposal