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Leftist cringe edition

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>>276107905youtu.be/RGxbaxviRVwfreedom of speech

Why are these people so concerned about the opinions of others? I thought the whole point about these acceptance movements were about empowering the individual to not care about what society expects them to be

>>276108101How about you dont reach for your pockets at all in the presence of police and if you need your phone, ask them if you can reach for it at all.

>>276108101>"This is America"

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Woman are good at math.Can we stop that? Thank you

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>>276107980Good.Tomboys are grossStart acting like women


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>>276107980allow me to interject for a moment; hairy pits on a woman is the patrician's choice. I want to wake up on a hot summer day to my wife's hairy pits, evelop my nasal receptors with that tantalizing smell and immediately commence steamy, sweaty, visceral, primal mating for the purpose of procreation.

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>>276107905That one isn’t cringe it makes sense. Women are their own worst enemy


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>>276108699Tomboys are hot. Nobody likes butch girls. Tomboys clean up, butches don’t.

>>276108807I will counter your argument, while they are sexy for men such as me, i find it very gross when they are aware of the fact that their armpits are hairy and smelly. Women need to be ashamed of that otherwise the magic of finding men such as me that love that musky part of their body is gone. They need to cover that sacred place so only i may enjoy it

>>276108503>Implying "acceptance movements" are anything but a shallow attempt at manipulate stupid people for power


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>>276109241Martin Luther was right about the church

>>276109165quite true, fellow king. however, if I may offer a rebuttal, a woman ought to do her utmost to satisfy her husband. If I find such things pleasing, then it is her Godly oath on the altar to please me in that way.

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>>276109522I thought blacks back then were christian


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Leftist comics just reveal how deranged their thought process is.

>>276108101if this isnt social conditioning i dont know what is

Jews only hated Hitler because he was acting like a cop busting pedos and scammers destroying the country.They also hated him because he wore his yarmulke on his upper lip and they couldn't beat that with their noses being what they are.

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>>276109650Figures you’d have that saved on your device, sw*de

>>276109522This abomination is his creation


>>276108101if only they realized it's because NIGGERS literally can't fucking help themselves and pull a fucking gun 9/10 times, because they are fucking career criminal NIGGERS and there is always something that will land them in jail, when they are getting themselves patted down/ their cars searched, and since they are retarded NIGGERS with no foresight or understanding of cause and effect, they turn a traffic stop into a fucking firefight, and so the cops have adopted preemptive measures against these NIGGERS, because every fucking time they pull over some NIGGERS, they know this could be the last fucking thing they ever did, because unlike NIGGERS, they actually possess forethought.HOW THE FUCK IS THIS HARD TO COMPREHEND TO COLLEGE EDUCATED WHITE KIDS IN ONE OF THE RICHEST COUNTRIES ON EARTH????

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>>276109650What in God’s name...Who the fuck even makes this shit

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>>276109650Oh, hello.

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>>276109064*teleports behind him*>Not today s()him*Coom in his butt*

> leftist> cringesame thing faggot

>>276109241We need a civil crusade in the church

>>276109241I fucking hate the poz that modernism fucking infects everything with and i mean this fucking disease infects everything


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>>276109064anyone got the original? i wanna hear the sound


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>>276109064couldn't punch his way out of a wet paper bag


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>>276108503they dont want acceptance they want approval people being apathetic about them being fat/gay/trans/whatever isn't enough, they need to be celebrated and applauded and on billboards

>>276109522Are you retarded? This pastor is protestant. CAtholics are strictly anti all of those things. Luther's whole "you dont need authority to interpret the bible" is what led to these kind of tranny loving faggot sects.

>>276109064Adjusting ring always gets me

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>>276110528lol is he shitting on the bed?what the fuck is this?

>>276108682This is a dumb comic. If you know what an integral is this is probably THE easiest fucking problem. If you put pi as the answer you were never taught how to do these or are literally a retard.

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>>276109650Get this pedo shit out of this good wholesome board right now

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>>276107905that artist is amazing at capturing the worst things that happen to a woman's body after pregnancyit's like that character's body is JUST the bad stuffand also>kid with purple hairthat mom's a cunt


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>>276107905>Have much younger girl tell me I have a hot dad bod>MFW it just means I I'm in shape for my age and I have hair on my chest.Never was a term so co-opted by lefties and made to lose all of it's original meaning. It's like they don't want women to have their own thoughts and opinions so the hive speaks for them. Feminism is the enemy of women.


>>276111350yes it would be funny to see him break his hand and ring finger.

>>276107980>"Men and women are the same and the same standards should apply to them!!!!!"God what a bunch of fucking retards.

>>276108682>you cheated on your boyfriend? slay queen, he was trash anyway!>you cheated on your girlfriend? all men are trash


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>>276109241>cool with going to hell

>>276108682Ah yes. Xkcd. The stupid faggot who turned his webcomic into lolnerds! and lol I’m a girl and so random! trash.

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>>276109064I can only take so much cringe today


>>276111624have another

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>>276109719>people this retarded browse Holla Forums

>>276110523Lmfao user, it’s a really good question. Somebody took the time to draw this abomination up, and then unleash it to the world.It’s... appalling

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>>276107905R/dadsgonewild. You're welcome.

>>276108699Pleb opinion desu. Women should shave though, tomboy or not

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>>276108101Nice Freudian slip. While the white dude is doing something with his life like graduating, getting a job, getting married, the jogger just screams and demands stuff from other. Thank you leftists, you have confirmed by views once again

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>>276108699Them's fightin' words

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>>276108771>healthy man having a glass of beer at dinneri love beer.>drunk pissing his pants as he passes out in a back alleyi love beer.libs cannot into contex

>>276108682ok faggot

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>>276110373This comic from the Swedish newspaper?

>>276108101>please cooperate

>>276108717cringamaster beta

This shit is absolutely fucking disgusting! Y'all some real sick fucks. Fucking racist and sexist memes. Reddit was right about you

>>276109161Tom boys are really just women that are outside the fashion/approved thought zeitgeist for women is at the moment. Basically low maintenance bitches.

>>276108807>>276109165>>276109543Kings, while i agree with you in some degree i think it's important we base our arguments on a fact-based structure. Even though hair will cause more swearting that shaved, you need to know that sweat is odorless and the stench is produced by the bacteria in the sweat. So it's always a good idea to use a deodorant stick, which won't fully stop the odour, but it takes longer to produce stench. Things like antiperspirants, while stopping sweat, are not good for your pores, because they act as your natural AC and you risk overheating your body. So in conclusion, you can shave if you want, but it's not that important.

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>>276109241I don't understand how you could be a Christian or Muslim minister/leader and say you are pro-LGBTQ2+ whatever. I mean their religious texts spell out the beliefs on this subject pretty clearly and if you cherry pick what you believe/don't believe, why not just pick another religion or be agnostic?

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>>276109064somebody should tell him that wahmam are powerful and he is treating them as helpless

>>276111650It's about having some pudge around a powerful frame. Like an athlete as he gets older not a skinny fat dyel.

>>276111879Wow knocking over a drunk man. That's like so amazing. Sugoi sugoi!!!!

>>276112285>Y'all some real sick fucksThat's right nigger I'm sicko mode

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>>276112285Then go back!

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>>276109064>>276109241somehow those guys look similar. are they brothers or something?

>>276111879This man is based incarnate.

>>276111440I could never tell if the person sitting was a female or a male because the body is drawn so androgynously

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>>276112400Jew, please

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>>276109064I hope he gets cancer and dies.

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>>276108527Thats wrong as well. You ask the officer to get your phone out of your pocket and keep both hands in clear few and don't reach for anything at any point unless specifically asked to do so.

>>276112412Yup still muscular but you dropped from 6 pack to flat stomach with oblique definition at best. Still clearly in shape though, they turn that shit into skinny fats who's waist is bigger than their chests.

>>276111879Leftist memes are weird.

>>276108771I mean duh. It’s cute when a cutie can slam a big burger. When a hambeast does it makes me ill

>>276112455>t. has never been around public drunksThey, meth heads and your kind are the reason why I keep a J-frame revolver in my pocket and a fullsize/compact pistol in my hip>>276112400>>276112475>>276112563>>276112636How ungratefulIs that how you thank someone for sucking your dick?

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>>276112666The digits will it, beastposter

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>>276108717Can we all agree never to post this flaming fucking faggot again on here please? It's bad enough knowing these bitches share our planet and waste it's oxygen

>>276112824It's cute when the cutie does it because it's a novelty, the ham beast is does it multiple times a week.

>>276109770Is there a higher resolution version of this?

>>276109241Heretics will burn.

>>276112666Yea seems very Lutheran to me.Hey wait Luther taught and preached the bible, but didn't oppose it.Also who of those 2 twinks is the transe?

>>276111432This is rather a very niggerish responce


>>276108682What happened to this guy? I never see his comics being posted anymore

>>276112666it's funny because I don't know which of them is the female

>>276108101Probably the best thing about this is that I thought it was a parody until near the end. I actually thought the black was going to shoot and kill the white for drug money or something near the end because he couldn't get his life together.

>>276109241Literally a visual example of why I left organized religion.

>>276108771Are lefties trying to discourage anorexic girls from eating???


>>276111286>Catholics are stirctly anti all of those thingsYou could have fooled the fuck out of me. I stopped going because of all the faggotry they were pushing.

>>276112092Is this real? This is too good. Every time

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>>276112666>cuts parts off>being your fullest self

>>276109241I honestly don't see a problem with this one

>>276108101Stop committing crimes, nigger

>>276112907No he should be kept around as an example

>>276108717How old its him? He look like a 35yo teacher repleacement that its also a pedophile.

>>276108101I love that you can literally see the nignog say I CAN'T BREAAAV I CAN'T BREAV lmfao


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>>276109770kek this is pretty good.

>>276113223Either way these zoomer bitches apparently love it, so i guess that means it's full maintenance mode from here on out for this oldfag

>>276107980You're welcome to live your life the way you want. You, however, are not welcome to make people want to be around you or attracted to you.

>>276113138It's funny because they will burn in hell for eternity.

>>276108101>>276113139Haha, same here. Thought it was intended to showcase what nignogs lose due to their idiotic violent behavior, but noooooooo, it has to be some delusional leftist misreprentation again.

>>276109064it's beatdown!time!

>>276112092The ones on the left have more fun, true friendship and unironically more sex Lmfao

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>>276108101lol...fucking chimps.

>>276112907can we all agree redditposting needs to go away and you should kys faggot?

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>>276109650someone spent time imagining this, then drawing it. let that sink in

>>276108771>Help, I'm being oppressed!

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>>276113272Probably because you're a homo

>>276109770>>276111658>>276112986I remember that story, is even worse.The blue bear sperged out and tried to act like a hero.The girl was literally the girlfriend of the dude taking lewd pictures of her and apparently he was BIG and there was a sort of verbal confrontation were he cucked.Blue bear retard went to twitter to act tought and the girl literally roasted him.


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>>276113359Boomer tier memes. Not good enough

>>276112092Damn, the guys on the left unironically look like they're having a good time, and everything about the right just looks depressing. Maybe it's just the blue lighting from the fake tree that makes it feel that way.

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>>276107980Literally not even humorous and cringy.Ask any women to stand up for her feminism and take her bra off and 98% of them not on drugs or alcohol will refuse... and thats 98% of liberals I am talking about alone here.Hypocrisy is seen most often in action.

>>276107980>women shit on women because they jealous whoresnews at 11

>>276112400STILL VOTING TRUMP, Moshe.

>>276112879Why isn't there more Dave mustaine on this site ?

>>276111440>WAH SLAVES IN AMERICA>Wait what do you mean chocolate coffee diamonds clothes make up and chip diodes come from modern day slavery??

>>276108101>color is not a threat>have a logo with a literal black fist in the air to symbolize powerTHE HYPOCRISY HAS NO END

>>276112092Guys on the left unironically seem like they'd be fun to hang out with

>>276113831>glued her own vagina shutWhat a bembimbo

>>276112318Indeed, your use of factual and verifiable data is the most fitting method of ascertaining truth in this scenario. Though I feel compelled to interject, that this postulation of yours most certainly supports the preferential treatment stated by our fellow King here. >>276109543Should it not be true that all things being equal, and the act of shaving the underside of the arms having solely a cosmetic effect, that the woman in question do naught but her utmost to cater to the desires of her lawfully wedded husband?

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>>276109064Lmfao shit that never happens department? Yeah. Yeah you're gonna want to see this. Yeah. Yeah no I can hold. Thanks.

>>276108717This dude touches kids.


>>276109650>swede thinking about fat hairy men all day..

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>>276108682 >Strawman: The cartoon

>>276111438Ahahahah an actual response to this from a leftoid I know: "Did anyone EVER consider that MAYBE they are completely new to construction and that PERHAPS he didn't ger decent training? You can't expect someone with no training to actually now how to handle the equipment first time around!" Even the other left-leaners looked at her as if she's missing two halves of a brain. And like a true urban zoomer commie she did not understand why what she said was the stupidest shit I or the rest of the group had heard for a while, and ended up labeling all those who questioned him racist right-wing bigots before storming out of the pub.Fun times.>Inb4 hanging with commiesShe's not a friend, we have (had, I think the current situation is) mutual friends who are actually quite decent and more like left-leaning centrists than pure bred libfags, who appreciate fun shit without dragging politics into it.

>>276113903Of course you are. MIGA, am I right?>youtube.com/watch?v=Lp7z_ti5uEQ&feature=emb_title

>>276109241I'm a godless heathen and I find this fag repulsive, I can't imagine what most believers think of this fag. I usually don't ever mock people for their beliefs ( as I expect not to be mocked for mine) but this guy needs his ass kicked and his congregation should tar and feather him before running his ass outta town‚

>>276108101And how many of them started shit with the cops or had a criminal record beyond just minor infractions such as traffic violations?One thing if it was a man with no record who was wrongfully cut down. Black or White, if he had no record whatsoever and a cop did abuse their power, its' tragic.


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>>276113105go woke go broke

>>276111702he probably put it on for the video to make him seem like his punches will hurt more, but doesn't realize that a ring will fuck up your hand since he's never actually thrown a punch


>>276107905>>276107980Bad news, faggot: men and women are different.

>>276109770jesus that hurt

>>276111819This has been the case for a long time, with women cheating more often than men because of it.

>>276111414its a pink sock. ask your father, he knows a good deal about it

>>276107905This one is gold, represents lefty memetics the best

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>>276108717Social Media was a mistake.

>>276112455>defends being a drunk in public>flagNigger is as nigger does.

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>>276108503they don’t want acceptance they just want to piss on people


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>>276113644What the HELL is that thing?

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>>276109650This dude's other comic won all kinds of LGBT awards.

>>276112557That's kinda the point

>>276110528saved for anti-gay ammo

>>276108717Why is every 抖音 video contain this unnatural behaviour?

>>276108771No fat chicks

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>>276114023kek nice pic

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>>276114496A negro in a wig

>>276112557>>276114535It's female, no matter how hard they try unless they have drastic surgery then the hips give it away.

>>276114390All NPCs are trying to meme and it boils down to >your opinion? BAD>MY OPINION! BTFO HAHAHA

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>>276110528Fucking kek

>>276112209>you should seriously feel like a piece of shit right nowthat shit always gets me

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>>276109650post more of these, they are funy

>>276113359It's great because they have to pretend IQ isn't real, but they're also intellectual elitists. (Not that you have to be smart to be an intellectual elitist)

>>276113359It’s true though80% of his support is silent and never gone to a rally

>>276107905Women truly are disgusting, dishonest creatures. No wonder they're responsible for the original sin. They're the single most judgmental group on earth

>>276113644Maybe they do need some defunding.

>>276114607do you also feel the urge to knock them the fuck out - male of female - when you see them do that shit?tell me I'm not getting insane

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>>276114023Is that a motherfucking BIONICLE???!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!


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>>276114607Propaganda. It's continuing this trend.youtube.com/watch?v=IQPsKvG6WMI&ab_channel=West

>>276108717im oddly arroused

>>276108527How does leather taste? Lmao, imagine bending the knee that far for state corp enforcers.

>>276107905Every time I see a parent who looks like the mother in this comic I instantly assume they're mentally unstable.

>>276113717Yeah not this one

>>276111440This makes sense if you see the character in the middle as a tranny

>>276114496Average Californian

>>276112563an elephant asshole would be better president than joe "darth dementia" biden

>>276108101This is so deep and sad, Alexa, play Bea Miller - i can't breathe.

>>276111245How is this a leftist meme? We all know about Japan's fascination of Germany.

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>>276112001Always a classic. Here’s a pro tip niggers. Stocky white guys with buzz cuts and ham sized fists are a lot stronger than they look and typically hit like they’re swinging bricks. Got a friend built just like they guy in the webm. Mild mannered, good natured, but I’ve seen him destroy guys significantly taller than him when they’ve pushed him too far. Granted he damn near had a heart attack after from the exertion but he fucked shot up before that.


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>>276112092I feel like at least the guys on the left I could play video games or have a D&D session with. Stereotypical SJWs on the right though i'd have to walk on egg shells so as to not send them into a self-righteous rage.

>>276112092Holy shit incels really are just regular dudes who are kinda ugly, I guess I was expecting a bunch of MLP freaks

>>276115017natty comics lmao

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>>276109241Goebbels was right about the church.

>>276114744TFW no Nazi Tomboy GF.

>>276107905Lmao no one in America actually does that shit on beaches because half the fucking people on them are whales.

>>276114023Top tier pic

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>>276108101>put the gun down>white person shows both hands>nigger doesn'tCan't help themselves

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>>276111286>CAtholics are strictly anti all of those things.So the pope isn't catholic?


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>>276110523That is definitely the weird shit that comes out of the Jewish mind. I'll bet my life a jew made that

>>276114023heres one for the collection

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>>276115684Racewar Johnny is woefully under appreciated in my opinion

>>276115054wow his daughter looks like a fuckable Cher

>>276112625According to the numbers from Poland, the year after they got out of German control, every jewish man, woman and child birthed a child, and nearly a third of them had two children in one year.

>>276109241describe Lutheranism in one picture


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>>276108527How about you stop hiring sociopathic cowboys as policemen?

>>276114390That's weird, I thought logic itself was supposed to be some sort of evil white social construct used to oppress colonized peoples and dismiss women's feelings.

>>276115557>Holy shit incels really are just regular dudes who are kinda uglyno shitwhy do you think they're so angrywomen today are entitled to fucking infinity, they all think they're supposed to be with Henry Cavill even if their weight is 200 lbs

>>276107980You know the whole women going without a top piece is no big deal in europe? why is that? The whole american continent does strike me as puritan in the sense of contemplating the naked human body as something shameful.Of course there is a context to everything, you don't expect nude people in a fucking office, im talking about beaches, lakes and some parks.

>>276111245>>276114246what anime is this

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>>276114981Based boomer already did it.

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>>276116220Girl's last tour

>>276116060vroom vroom

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>>276108771Small girl foodie>likely works out, shows discipline and drive, likely has clear life goals and respects her body to some degree>likely treats food as a hobby, tries new things often>likely has a job to support their lifestyle Ham load> likely doesn't treat her body well, habitual feeder, unmotivated, poor life priorities> eats at McDonald's 10 times a week, probably hasn't gone to any sit-down restaurants other than ihop in the last decade>70% of their caloric intake is soda, the rest is the up sized fries off the value combos, most likely poor and unreliableGee I wonder why one is a pariah