Which country has the best Royal family?

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And why is it the Netherlands?

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>>276107360House Grimaldi of Monaco has the most attractive royals.

>>276107754Post feet

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>>276107891Show me.

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>>276107360Made fo my bbc whyte boi

I like these spanish hotties

All royal families are kikeblooded

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>>276107360Based Alexiaposter. She's unironically the last thing worth fighting for in this country.

>>276109019Big true.

>>276107360King Bonchuku from the kingdom of bukobuko has the best royal family

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>>276107360it's hilarious that white racist crackers can't take even a tiny amount of criticismrobin delangelo was right about white fragility. even the president is having a complete melt down over this.

>>276107360She’s underage btw

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>>276107360None overthrow that shit. There is no divine birth. If you have to work to just get by so should they.. Take back your infrastructure and wealth peopleIf need a reason to accept this idea, then note you can have your way with the woman as destroy these royal families

>>276109628Shut up communist


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>>276109873get raped by a muslim jogger bro.

Queen Elizabeth II; shaven or hairy?

>>276107360King's daughter

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>>276109469Literally who? kek

>>276111458King's niece

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>>276111458>>276111904The King

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All royals are trannies

>>276112176Thailand is truly fem to the core

>>276112229Fuck off colony


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>>276107360Seen her naked 4/10

>>276107360That thing is ugly. It almost looks like princess beastrice

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>>276111458That's a ladyboy

>>276112461thats michael jackson

>>276107891Damn, you're right.

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>>276109469>King Bonchuku from the kingdom of bukobukoYA GOT ME


>>276110157>spainI can confirm. her tight slit is as thin as a coin edge


>>276107754she looks jewish

>>276112461androgynous af


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>>276107360Phone posting mongolians and there's nothing you can do about it

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>>276107891That's because the princess is a fellow Rhodie.

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>inb4 Niggerlook up the Zulu empire, they literaly killed more blacks than any other Nation and got away with it, still hating every other nigger out there

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European royals are inbred trash. They should be lined up against a wall and shot

>>276113020And UK

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>>276109553Look its a botpost

>>276111706That’s some nigger country I made up just now.

Spain, easily.

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>>276113020OH NO NO NO

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>>276113296she's not only pure rhodie, she's based as fuck

None. They're all cucks who do nothing while their countries are invaded by shitskins under their noses.

>>276112037Caitlyn Jenner

>>276110157Bad posture.

>>276112176Imagine having to salute to that fucking mess.

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>>276112736Cute donkeys!

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>>276114041As am I. we're everywhere. The former Prince of Liechtenstein was a Rhodie too.

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>>276113178Damn, they literally all look the same.

>>276114171Not just salute.

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>>276112736You see incest in their faces.

>>276113880Are you a feckin nonce lad?

>>276108073>skiing in trainersEuropeans are fucking idiotic

>>276107360hahaha she ritelerry buirt fo big brack cockwhat you say nao wh*ite boi

>>276114453I wonder what he smells like? Piss, cigarettes and heroine I bet.

>>276107754Queen Maxima is suspect.

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>>276110157Built for BBC


>>276114576I don't speak hindi

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>>276114453Isn't that guy residing in Germany almost all the time? Journalists are constantly trying to give him a hard time.

>>276107360Her Royal Highness Sylvia Nagginda of Buganda, Uganda say something nice

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>>276107754Looks like 30


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American princesses are superior 2D waifus.

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>>276115615Imagine both at the same time aaaahhhh

>>276107360The USA! Screw royalty.

>>276112284>>276114171His half brother is chad tho. (late king's bastard son)

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Lady Amelia Windsor

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>>276115474Poor Nicholas II


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>>276111458>>276111904literal man faced trannies>>276110157/thread

Princess Talita von Fürstenberg and Princess Olympia of Greece

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Probably Saudi Arabia because they're an absolute monarchy and not some cucked tourist attraction with no power

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