Wish me luck

I'm setting these up late at night at some point in the near future. May Kek keep me hidden from the angry niggers.>What will you do for the survival of your race?

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>>276106999Verified. I'm taking a different approach. I want soccer moms to see what the end game is all about.>pic very related

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>>276107281Lel godspeed faggots

>>276106999Sending memetic energy and good vibes

Just use italic typeset and niggers wont be able to read it

>>276106999>>276107281based agents of chaos, go forth with our blessing

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>>276106999Checked and based.

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>>276107281clever girl


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>>276106999>make sure to wear gloves >consider putting razor wire on them to keep people from removing them and running off with them.>while its protected under the 1st amendment make sure to cover your face


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>>276106999Nice digits man, good luck! May God protect and guide you

>>276106999>I'm going to wake people up by looking like a white supremacist. Surely they'll wake up THIS TIME. 20 year old confirmed.

>>276106999Make sure they don't get your on surveillance cameras. Wear a mask.

>>276107692good tips here lads, very easy to cover your face these days thanks to mask mandates, so take advantage.

>>276107281Okay, this meme is excellent.

>>276107804t. person who doesn't understand basic agitprop and accelerationKeep vooooooting boomer, i'm sure it'll work THIS TIME

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>>276106999stunning and brave

>>276107281>>276107401>>276107573>>276107597The #cancelwhitepeople hashtag actually comes from our friend Sarah Jeong (formerly of the NYT)

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>>276106999Beautiful dagger user!

Nice carpet

>>276106999Probably should not have taken a picture with them next to a hitler booknow when they show up, you can bet the news agencies will have this pic

>>276106999I have a feeling this may make the news. Can't wait. Godspeed OP.

>>276106999may the lord smile on you

>>276106999Digits confirm, Kek wills it.Good luck op and nice carpet.

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>>276106999Holy check and based and redpilled


>>276106999You’re not helping anyone with that. The minuscule portion of our population with any sense is aware that the demonization of that phrase is irrational and ridiculous, but the US is made up of 98% retards, and those retards think “white lives matter,” is a white supremacist Nazi slogan.Your best bet of getting more support from the general population would be to put up signs that say, “White lives don’t matter,” or some shit like that. That would push the general population away from BLM type groups.

>>276106999>*******@protonmail.comCare to share, OP?


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>>276106999Post em on lawns with pro-biden and BLM stuff lol, switch em out in minecraft

>>276107281Now this is what I’m talking about. Genius - this is the way.

>>276106999absolutely based OP. Put them in prominent locations where people will see them. Outside of gas stations, churches, anywhere on a main drag busy kind of road. Even better if you can rub them in grease or something so that people who try to remove them will become annoyed

>>276106999checked.those look so easy to remove. do you remember pic totally unrelated and the2007 Boston Mooninite panic?..

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>>276106999Godspeed, good sir!

>>276106999Noice, Godspeed OP.

>>276108284Maybe. I live in a smaller city that has been mostly peaceful (the real definition, not the media definition). Also, I'm not sure how brave I want to be when it comes to.... darker... areas of town. I'll be armed and alert though.


>>276108571While I agree this is the "better" move, his action is still valid. The point is to accelerate this conflict and force both sides into fighting each other. A "white lives matter" sign will cause nigs to chimp out, which redpills whites.A "white lives don't matter" sign will directly redpill whites.The only "wrong" action is to do nothing, or to attempt to defuse racial tensions.

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>>276107281thats clever. probably too clever. dont forget that women are dumb anonbretty gud tho

>>276107898Thanks, mane. I like making hyperbolic memes that generate some cognitive dissonance - even better when you can use {{their}} own words against {{them}}

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>>276108653lol. i did come up with a decent email address that's related to this, but I'd rather not have 4chan fags emailing me while pretending to be triggered normies.

>>276108873Great point. Just gotta make sure the right signs are in the right neighborhoods.

>>276106999Is that vinyl or direct-print?

>>276108653He probably only wants triggered hatemail from lefties, not shitposts from pol and other spam.

>>276108667good idea. if i see a lefty sign, i'll be sure to provide the other half of the argument.


>>276108797>we would like to talk about hair styles from the 70's

>>276108873i agree. I also would rather avoid false flags. My beliefs are really important to me, and I don't want to participate on the side of my enemies.

>>276106999>checked and basedKek be with you user

>>276107281ThisIm making a shitload of signs that say BLACK COCK MATTERS WHITE LIVES DO NOTfigure it would be more effective

>>276109081it's labeled as 4mm corrugated plastic.I got them from signs.com.

>>276106999Can you attach needles or razorblades to your signs? Maybe some nails if they try to run them over with their ghettomobiles?


>>276108716>better if you can rub them in grease or somethingtoner

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>>276109683Go with something that won't cause physical harm but will be annoying as fuck, like honey or electrical-connector grease.

>>276106999May the Lord be with you.Please do a follow-up thread.And give us a date so we can look out for it.Damnit I’m glowing

>>276109935You evil fuck hahahahaha

>>276106999Arm yourself if you're in a nigger infested area.

>>276106999>my stuggle with nazi daggerBased retard, now everyone from media to soccer mom will condemn this as evil nazi propaganda.

>>276106999good dont back out pussy. Your representing the Aryan race remember that

>>276110042They were already planning on it.

>>276109991imagine walking around in blackface and not knowing it.

>>276106999Nice dagger. I have one my great granduncle pulled off a dead soldier, but the hilt is a caramel.

>>276106999prepare, arm myself and vote afd.

>>276106999>checked, Godspeed OP

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>>276107281based accelerationist, godspeed and stay safe

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Either one of these memes is a good candidate for an>Operation InsertionSteps:>print memes>find empty free newspaper boxes>discretely insert memes into front panel in broad daylight>no glue or tape, no vandalism >rinse and repeat>wait an hour then revisit your maymay mayhem>if the memes are gone, they're effective>post moar memes

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>>276106999Trips of truth motherfucker. Good luck and don't get ambushed.

>>276107281should honestly change it to WHITE LIVES DON'Tif you want to show people what the vermin are really about don't dance around the issue

>>276106999Checked. Your going to be fine son

>>276110216>>276110042>they were already planning on itExactly. Do you think Hitler worried what the Jewish press was going to say about him before he held a rally? We must hold true to our beliefs since it's those beliefs that make our cause just.

>>276106999Checked. Godspeed brother.

>>276110475Here's an old AFD cringe meme I made in 2016

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>>276106999put them up during the night

Gods speed user. Like others have said maybe put something on the sides so that people can't grab them quickly and run away

Based and godspeed

>>276110800for sure. I figured a holiday weekend might mean that more people will stay up later than usual, but I'll get these up soon.

>>276110621I had a version like that, but based on input from other accelerationist anons, I modified it. Implying that all whites are racists and should therefore be cancelled is far more effective. It also confuses soccer moms.


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Guys I ussually don't post here but I am in dire need. A blm protestor said he was gonna burn down a trump store in Hudson falls new York or something. He said he was gonna shut it down or or burn it down with his protest friends. I tried to be neutral but this shit is getting closer and closer by each second.

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Okay, this is epic

>>276110529Pic related memes are absolute dogshit

>>276108873this comes straight from the color revolution playbook, and this is what BLM and Antifa are trying to do using real violence (instead of signs): to prompt more violence from the other side, which in turn validates their point (according to them, and that's what the media would push) in a sick self fulfilling prophecy, where they create their own enemies to justify their cause (which in the case of color revs is subversion).not really happy about the idea of using similar tactics but it should be easy since BLM and Antifa faggots have the thinnest skins and a sign like that would be considered a direct attack and more than enough reason to retaliate physically (which would in turn validate a stronger response from the right and, as you said accelerate)

>>276106999Remember: Booby trapping is illegal but placing them in areas where it's hard to reach isn't. Or if theres a chance the person may get dirty or wet trying to get to it, such as on the otherside of a ditch etc. Will these be placed in an area with only vehicle traffic or foot traffic too?

>>276111124throw your shit at them


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>>276110691But we won't convince normies with our beliefs if they are closely associated with muh nazis. Even maga brainlets will condemn it.

>>276110794Did you do that ironicly?

>>276111124cool story, bro.

>>276106999Put them in liberals’ yards.


>>276110621>>276111063"Racist lives don't" reminds me of a campaign in Britain where they had 4 brains pictured with africans, asians, and some other brown for the first three and a smaller brain with "Racists" in last. They found that since they mentioned everyone but white people, white people saw it as an insult. The meme is perfect since the recipient has to engage their thinking and naturally arrive at the conclusion. It's perfect.

>>276110621Low iq take, completely missing the racist to white implication


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>>276107281Good luck! Hope it all goes well. The key to success is to always run faster.

>>276106999if you are making a followup thread pls link articles or reports from local or if apes go apeshit national news once they get published.

>>276111210Those dogs shit memes were posted at the rallying point for an anti-Trump protest in downtown Seattle a couple years ago. I risked life and limb to do this. These NPC memes are NOT dogshit, user.

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>>276106999make it shine down from a tall building if you can

>>276111260The jews tactics right now are play by play straight out of mein kampf. Hitler analyzed the lefts tactics nearly a century ago and found out how to fight back. You must quench fire with fire. Sitting back and taking it only goads further aggression from these sick kike fucks. We need a heavy handed violent response. We need militias in every major city, county, and state to go out and curbstomp these fucks to death wherever they pop up. Noone respects weakness.

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>>276111557It's called predictive programing m8

Nice OP Could do these too.BurnLootMurder

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>>276111297mostly vehicle traffic. I don't have too many options as far as inaccessible places go.

>>276106999Godspeed, Hero!

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>>276106999If there isn't nails infected with shit on the other side of the signs there's no point in doing this, faggot.


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>>276111435I wanted normie women on the fence to know that it's OK to lie about how they feel. I also wanted German normies to ironically report their neighbors for Wrong Think>pic related

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>>276106999Digits confirm, Kek is with you. Return with your shield, or on it.

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>>276107281Women will nod and agree seeing this

>>276107281Should just drop the subtlety and replace the last one with "white lives don't". Normies are dumb

>>276107281If any lives dont matter none do, right? Racists matter as much as the rest retard. Your logic is broken

>>276111691I'll do a follow-up if it makes the local news (or more). I have low expectations tho. While I'm in a very blue state in an area with plenty of non-whites, the conflicts have remained pretty peaceful here.


>>276111941vehicle is better because the person will have to see it then make the choice:>Do I have time to get it? Or am I running late>Is there a way to turn around or pull over close enough to get it?>Is it safe to pull over there so I can get it without cars hitting me?>Will I get dirty or have to walk through mud/weeds to reach it>(and if you can wedge it up high) Am I tall enough to reach itJust some things to keep in mind to help potentially choose spots where they wont be ripped down as fast.

>>276111709Yes they are. Appreciate the effort but just grab some better ones. Make a thread and anons will come through with the cream of the crop

>>276106999I think White Lives Don't Matter will be a lot more effective because it forces people to see the logical conclusion of all this bullshit but this is a really brave thing to do user I want to do something like this round my area too. u are literally being a revolutionary with this: be proud!

>>276108012Should have shopped it to Jew York Times. 9/10

>>276111831>We need a heavy handed violent response.careful not to play into what I described before. we need more Kyles, not mass shooters. but I agree you should fight back somehow, and as much as I don't like it the acceleration angle (triggering a violent act from the left to justify a violent response) it would work, in Minecraft pvp. and it's better than direct (and "unjustified") conflict. msm would eat people up

>>276107281I’ve been taking a similar approach on faceberg. I have a carefully cultivated sheboon sockpuppet that I’ve maintained for several years. She’s got friends, classmates, work history, the whole 9 yards. Lately I’ve been shitting all over every single page and group I can find, with outrageous anti-white comments and messages. Anyone who dares to stand up to me gets reported and I claim to be a victim of racism. I’ve gotten multiple white people banned and several groups shut down. It pains me, but I want them to hate me. Imagine if they actually knew that behind my shitskin visage I was actually a 30yo blue collar boomer with 3 kids and deep hatred of niggers


>>276112042>calls me a faggot>french

FYI, Protonmail will hand your IP over to the feds if they are asked for it.

>>276112186German version>pic related

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>>276112424This. A major interstate up high in a tree is an ideal place. Theyll have to get a bucket truck to get that shit down or risk climbing a tree. Most polacks are young and fit if theyre this politically active and motivated. CLIMB THAT TREE OP!

>>276112592BASED and myheropilled

>>276106999Stay alive Trump 2020

>>276112424thanks for the tips. I don't plan for these to stay up too long, but hopefully they can still create the buzz i'm looking for.

>>276112646yes one way roads and even better are interstates with two separate lanes where you can only change directions if you get off at the next exit.

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>>276112282Ironic memes are not intended to be logical. When I'm trying to push subliminal buttons, logic doesn't play a big role. Emotions are more important. As we all know from Vulcans, logic and emotions don't mix well.

>>276112607Of course they will, but I fail to see how user simply placing signs would warrant the feds getting involved?

>>276112607I shoulda used TOR, but the mission is still a go!

"I feel like white people should stand up for themselves more often" would be a good flyer to put out.

>>276112977Im probably gonna go do this i have access to huge pine trees along i20. Hard part is getting signs made without getting doxed. Id do the white lives dont matter option though. Im sick of pussyfooting around this shit

>>276106999Its quite amusing that the reaction these signs will get are the exact reaction that the blm signs we're supposed to get

>>276107998you’re glowing

do you play with that gay little dagger while you read mein kampf like a faggot? for fucks sake why are you all such losers

>>276113170Well, my actions are of course protected under our constitution, but we all know how much the constitution matters to the traitors in our government

>>276112355Dont follow a predictable path so someone can follow it and remove the signs to easy.Pick hard to get at locations with high visibility (think like a graffiti painter).Do your thing, go home, leave equipment that ties you the the signs, change clothes, go out and document at dawn.Send an anonymous tip to the news when you are done, and have taken your own photos.Dont use proton mail, to obvious that you are the perp.Or maybe, post to a local BLM FB group and have them send in the tip.

>>276107281sorry moron, but everybody matters. All you are is full of the same hate and self righteousness as the original NAZIs.

>>276112592Based user playing the long game.

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>>276113476What is wrong with you?


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>>276111709Sorry dude but they are cringe. Putting 4chan stuff irl is cringe.


Be aware that there are cameras everywhere now. Good luck, Based One!

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>>276113636its an extremely gay photo that he thought looked cool. he fucking annotates mein kampf. what a fag

>>276106999fucken check'd>>276107281>>276106999best of luck to both of you absolute madlads

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>>276106999stop identyfing with hitler you bitch ass noobs. Create something new, and original wankers. No one will treat you seriously if you virtue signal you sympathy for this devil who literally destroyed germany by his absolute lack of ability to wage long-term warfare.

>>276111709Anon, they are dogshit. We greatly appreciate you and your efforts though. Though it would be better if you went with the memes in this thread that everyone has reached consensus on, imo.In any case, godspeed.

>>276113695>>>276112282cool gif. thats so based of you to call me a retard.meanwhile youre sitting here annotating mein kampf as if youre going to somehow ever work up the courage to state your views irl. also your handwriting is shit and it is clear you have sub room temp iq.

>>276113170You would think, but you can be sued for any reason, which will financially drain anyone.

>>276113534found a NIGGER

>>276113805The absolute state of the modern male. Everything he does has to be ironic. Cant be pinned down with any serious beliefs thoughts or actions. You are a figment of a person living in an unreality. Its so pathetic.

>>276106999>Kek keep me hiddenHe has spoken!

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>>276113852back to gas chamber

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>>276113712You obviously have never done an IRL op user. Pic related (which I made) was taken down in downtown Seattle in 2016 within 10 minutes of being posted in a newspaper box. Really triggered the local libtards and SJWs

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>>276114151no its not irony lol. its you being disillusioned thinking youre at all an alpha male. liking swords is gay as fuck and always has been a virgin male trait.

>>276106999What the fuckmy grandma has this exact carpet

>>276114038Do you need a hug from mommy?

>>276106999Where did u buy them? Might do as well

>>276106999I'm old and have kids when SHTF I'm out. I'll go live in Alaska or the middle of fuck all Montana

>>276113314back to r ed di t cuck

>>276106999Stop associating "White Lives Matter" with literal nazism you fucking nigger faggot.

>>276113852>stop identifying with your past

>>276113482You’re right of course, caution is always warranted. I just don’t see a federal case being made over what basically amounts to political signs, albeit they may be considered (((extreme))), 1A still applies. Just watch out for no trespassing signs, don’t give them a reason to go after you. It’s truly a fucking shame that a sign that expresses the idea that White people should be allowed to exist is considered “extremist hate speech.”

>>276112592That's brilliant, user.

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>>276109935But if you use toner, you won't be able to tell who stole it, black hands and all

>>276107998They will call you a glowie. Idk im conflicted Trump will limit immigration and cause more chimpouts making people more based. If biden wins more immigration and less chimpouts. So Trump is the acceleration move.

>>276106999checked and godspeed.youtu.be/LMoD2m5pzZU

>>276114464>signs.comfor me, it was about $200 for 30 of them. It gets cheaper per sign the more you buy.

>>276114639Have you read it? Nazism is only cringe until enough libs call you it that you read it and realize its based.

>>276107281this is undoubtedly the more tactful approach.

>>276107281The #cancelwhitepeople part is the only flaw, it's way too on the nose. The rest is clever

>>276106999Blessed be thy path, patriot...No sacrifice in the name of truth can be made in vain.S H A D I L A YPepe’d be thy name.

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>>276114335Its cowardice hiding behind facetiousness. Grow up

>>276106999>based checked


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>>276115239just because you use big words doesn't mean you're smart faggot.

>>276107439Wawahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwah Wawahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwah Wawahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwah Wawahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwah Wawahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwah Wawahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwah

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Don't bring your phone

>>276106999Top kekBased OP God speed Post updatesAlso checked trips of Destiny.

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>>276114800agreed & well saidlots of coordinated anti-trump shilling these past few days

>>276115580good tip. i wasn't going to maintain that level of OPSEC, but you're right. i should leave it home.

>>276114747You wouldn’t believe the amount of boomer butthurt I’ve caused by getting things like “local missing pets” pages suspended (even temporarily). Basically, I join as many groups as I can, and I’ll usually participate to some degree, I start off being very amiable, then when the time is right and I see anything remotely political that’s pro trump or even just moderate, I strike. I try to lure them into a discussion and then I’ll bring out the usual trash stats about police brutality or systemic racism, etc. Once I identify a particular person that others in the group seem to agree with or rally behind, I zero in on them and once I get them angry I report them for racism, more often than not, it works. It hasn’t been without consequence though, I’ve had many accounts banned when my trolling wasn’t subtle enough.

>>276110621gigantic fucking idiot, take your opinion and shove it up your ass. anyone with an IQ over room temperature already makes the association based on background cover, yet you want to come out with a huge smile and bash them over the head with it. next time you think youre being subtle or sneaky, KYS

Attached: 1591056875784.jpg (1000x1244, 240.62K)

They will fingerprint them. I hope you use gloves.

>>276115456>namecallingProvides no legitimate argument.Found the jew

Checked you bastard. May kek be on your journey. May he walk besides you through the night. Godspeed you absolute retarded mastermind. Accelerate


>>276115580This is great advice. Leave it at home, streaming Netflix or even porn.Something believable

>>276114794That's ok user, niggers have a somewhat human pigmentation on their palms and soles of the feet. Enough to see the black toner anyway.

>>276106999kek ur digits bless! god speed!

>>276107573Truly, blessed be those who serve in wake of Kek’s benevolent chaos, those who see how no view is wider than the eye, and bask in the lels and laugh off the spice to find the greater grandeur within each one of our own selves.Sovereign.Supreme.Stop coooming. learn to make love and your partner, magnifier in the eternities will arrive to shoulder that 4th note harmonic.Feel it...Know that we ask In The midst of great Magic’s, and you are loved.Pepe’d be thy name, those who have ears to hear and hands to plow.

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>>276115751Leave your phone, bring your gun.

>>276115860wahhh pwease dont call me names it reminds me of when i was in high school and people made fun of me for being a faggot.there was no "argument" to begin with you fucking dolt. i was making fun of op and you decided to white knight and got called a faggot... faggot


>>276107637It is well received, as polarity entwined, and null space is found between ish and these so called lines.

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>>276114956rip now the feds are gonna get ur info from them