She's pretty hot

she's pretty hot

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>only Trump can prevent another 9/11>while he continues committing war crimes and destabilizing countries around the world

what the fuck even is this timeline bros

What is her job? How can she afford to travel? How can she risk her job like this?

>>276106318Wow! ha If that is real then I can understand what she means.

>>276106528Lmao I bet you can’t provide more than two examples of this. Fucking gaslighting shills. Just take the truth and claim the opposite

>>276106318She unironically looks whiter than an average French person

i am pretty confident the remaning bin ladens are redpilled on americas deepstate, ofcourse she would rather see a "outsider" then another handpuppet for big army aka biden

OsamaO-bamaObama...holy fuck bros

>>276107077Osama bin Laden comes from a very wealthy Saudi family you uncultured swine

>>276106318>half of bin laden's family live in the US lacking even a tiny bit of decency to not show their faces on mainstream government newspapers while thinking their opinion has any weight at allbolsheviks seem more sane with each day

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>muh 9/11 2

>>276107230Supporting Israel is enough

>>276107077Relax Achmed, she has done nothing wrong!

>>276106528When you realized you've lost every argument there is, and your bosses have all fled the building, but you still need that paycheck to pay for your son's boyfriends aids medicine so you keep on marching on

>>276107230>Lmao I bet you can’t provide more than two examples of thisOne: Pic related.Two:>President Donald Trump has revoked a policy set by his predecessor requiring US intelligence officials to publish the number of civilians killed in drone strikes outside of war zones.I know exactly how you're going to respond, so don't expect me to get baited by your overplayed tactics and respond to your copypasta of excuses.

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>>276106528There it is everyone. Liberals just making shit up now trying to muddy the waters with made up bullshit. They threw in the towel. They know they lost the election so Plan B is burn everything down.

>>276107230>GOLAN HEIGHTS>Iranian crisis>Japanese oil tankers>syria>North Korean conflicts that still go unsolved.

>>276107476Bin Laden was a patsy

>>276107576>>276107603Nice non-argument. You think after years you would change your tactics.

>>276107690Golan heights is the only won of those that has in legitimacy. He handled everything else well.

>>276106318His other niece is in a punk band and loves BBC

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>>276106318>she's pretty hotCan she melt steel beams?

>>276107690>Iranian crisis>crisisBit of an exaggeration don’t ya think? Iranian “Sabre rattling” or “posturing” would be more appropriate, Iran wasn’t going to do shit.

>>276106318 her Twitter

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>>276107292Why everyone bullying us today

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why are binladens still here? i thought we shipped them all out back to saudi arabia?

>>276108820oh, gross


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>>276107982>punk bandDefinitely not punk but absolutely

>>276109805Well i never bothered to listen to it its just what the article said, the only punk i listen to is GG Allin and misfits

>>276110941>GG Allin and misfitsbased gypsy

>>276106318i'd spray my babies into her sugarwalls, if you know what i mean.


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>>276107585You're an embarassment to your country.The link in the picture isn't a direct link to this claim and isn't even HTTPS.The link in the post is BBC. I'll send you some Fox News links that say Trump cured cancer and Obama was into bukkake and tell me how credible you find them.You don't have to take the bait, you don't even have to reply because you're a low-effort shill and you know your assertion is weak as an AIDS-riddled African.

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>>276106528Hahaha what the fuck are you talking about

>>276106318Damn would.slice.her open like a fresh gammon steak then ram my 90 degree bent cock in her hard and fast until blood splattered everywhere and I bit off her hardened nips and cut out her tities and ate her milk sack

Israel and Mossad did 9/11, everybody knows that.

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I want her to blow off my legs. Blowing off my legs will make oral more accessible. After I will be forced to lick her hairy cunt. After she will record herself cutting off my head and release it as propaganda. I'm gonna coooom

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>>276106318Fuccc she's hot.

Imagine getting respect from Bin Ladins NIECE. What a fucking joke American politics have become.


>>276111354here's 3 with assassination of general Soleimani

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>>276106318>she's hotmaybe if you're a faggot>that's a man

>>276112013Laws are meant to be broken :3

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>>276106318What’s this bitch’s footgame like?

>>276111830Absolutely haram

>>276106318Yeah she is.

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>>276106318Aight let's talk about some more serious stuff lads! ACCORDING to the CIA!!Osama Bin Laden was the Very first Channer who also visited a Christian Evangelical 9/11 truther Anti-NWO Website

>>276112122yeah it's so very hetro of you to guzzle Jewish cock all day amerimutt

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>>276112013Under law Soleimani was a terrorist leader and okayed to be targeted under laws that Obama and white house lawyers wrote. The same laws that lead to the drone strike of a suspected terrorist who also happened to be a US citizen and his 16 year old son also a US citizen. Fuck due process amirite?


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>>276106528What wars? Trump has unironically been the most peaceful president in decades. It's not even an issue on the ballot anymore because you don't hear about war anymore. Meanwhile, King Obongo bombs innocent mudslimes and they give him a Nobel Peace Prize. Absolute clown world.

i dont get why lefties are freaking out about this?was she ever convicted or even suspected of partaking in criminal activities? or is her only sin being the bad mans daughter?

>>276106318>1 post by this ID

>>276112479what us law constitutes Iranian civil servants terrorists?

>>276112622Trump is on record saying the families of terrorists should be taken out.

>>276108820This is literally taken from 'The Dictator'

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Wasn't Osama some proud freedom fighter put up on a pedestal by the US? Weren't all the guys that did 9/11 from Saudi Arabia?

>>276112491The material in question:These archived articles talk about the infamous and cursed card game Illuminati INWO from the year 1995 which literally predicted 9/11.And Osama Bin Laden VISITED those articles!

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>>276112013>don't expect me to get baited by your overplayed tactics and respond

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>>276113073Im straight but I want Borat to wrestle me. Imagine the smell of Azamat Bagatov.

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>kill some mutts>die>your entire family can now choose to live in any country they want>can get rich on interviews and book dealsNot bad desu. Might try it in 30 years

>>276113350YOU JUST FUCKING DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>276106318>wearing a pound of makeupNo.

>>276112426As if your chink'd non-country is any better.

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>>276106318Totally not a psy op

>>276107747Leaf. Oops, that's a non-argument.


>>276107230>>276107576>>276107603>>276111551>>276112613>killing Iranian general and continuing to provoke them with unnecessary sanctions>drone striking shitholes and exceeding the amount obama>still not pulling out of Syria, Afghanistan, or Iraq and others bases in MENABelieve folks! I really want our troops home, I'm monitoring the situation and I want them home! When will I bring them home? I don't know but they're the best, believe me!>supporting israelAnd I won't count this officially, but there are a bunch of gay ops going on in the world right now. In Belarus, Hong Kong, Thailand. All of a sudden having pro democracy riots. This is the stuff the US is involved with 99% of the time so we can spread social liberalism and capitalism. Venezuela claims to have caught American mercenaries trying to overthrow the government.

>>276107690>North KoreaRetards shouldn’t be allowed on the internet

>>276112622>>276113023>>276106318Osama bin laden literally has Hundreds of nieces and nephews and thousand of relatives.... He is from a rich saudi family like Al-Saud. She is one of them.

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>>276107077well osama was CIA right?

loomer is a mega kike and she had to have plastic surgery to cover it up

>>276113104>Weren't all the guys that did 9/11 from Saudi Arabia?Remember when you went to war on Saudis? Yeah, me neither.


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TDS on max for the left this past few weeks, lol

>>276107747You have to go back.

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>>276112728The one that implies you don’t kill our contractors

>>276106318Father is a Swiss banker, also look at the nose on that girl. Connecting the dots yet pol?

>>276114136>still not pulling out of Syria, Afghanistan, or Iraq and others bases in MENAThe number of Troops deployed in Syria is almost zero compared to 2,000 5 years ago. He signed a peace deal with the Taliban and the number of Troops in the country is declining. Also the same with Iraq where civilian deaths have plummeted. I don’t care if he dropped 40 bombs on Somalia since we’re not admitting them as refugees very much anymore. >This is the stuff the US is involved with 99% of the time so we can spread social liberalism and capitalism. Venezuela claims to have caught American mercenaries trying to overthrow the government.The US has barely done anything tangible with Venezuela just recognized the non communist. Hong Kong voted to stay separate from China and was under British control until 24 years ago and Belarus wants to join Russia(40%), European Union(32%), or be independent(28%) they’re fractured on their own. Trump is not destabilizing large nations nor is he commiting war crimes

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