>BREAKING: Kamala Harris Promotes ‘Dangerous Conspiracy Theory’ About Coronavirus VaccineHAHAHAHATHE MADMAN TRUMP DID ITNOW THE LEFT FEARS THE VACCINETHEY'RE UNSAFE NOWNOW THE LEFT ARE THE ANTI-VAXERSTHE ULTIMATE 360 DEGREE ABOUT FACETHE LEFT ARE NOW THE ANTI-VAXERSdailywire.com/news/breaking-kamala-harris-promotes-dangerous-conspiracy-theory-about-coronavirus-vaccine/

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>>276105490mad neggres

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big, if true

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>>276105490>inb4 this ends with both sides supporting mandatory vaccination

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>>276105490That's it, I'm going to pair this with Harris.

>>276105807anyone supporting mandatory vaccination is a tyrant, no exceptions.

>>276105881>anyone supporting mandatory vaccination is a tyrant, no exceptions.100%.

>>276105490They don't want a vaccinne before the election because that means the vote by mail scam is over

>>276105881if you are essential it will be mandatoryno vaccination no paycheck

>>276105881This, especially if the producer is granted legal immunity for any side effects.

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>>276105881I agree, which is why Trump isn't forcing anyone to take it.Take it or don't. Your decision.It's just hilarious that the Democrats became the anti-vaxxer party because The Bad Man is Orange.

>THE MADMAN TRUMP DID IT>TRUMP IS EINSTEIN 4.0 GENIUS>HAHA LIBS BTFOi hate reddit so much, i hate boomer-tier quality posts, and I hate OP

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>>276106249Look at these Union gay bois.

>>276106249try not to have so much hate in your soul user

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>>276105490I'm guessing that a real effective vaccine has been developed and now dems are freaking out because it would deprive them of the state of fear they needed to take down Trump.

>>276105490I want those big luscious nigger lips wrapped around my cock

>>276106482Willie Brown pls go.

>>276105490If you turn around 360 degrees, you'll be facing the same direction as when you started.

>>276106482What if she had her police outfit on?

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>>276105490>Says she believes Joe Bidens accuserChooses to be his running mate>Makes a career busting people for potBrags on tv about how she smokes itAt best this is a disengenuious cunt, at worst she will say anything to get into power. Imagine how much anti gun push will come from a California DA, especially when dementia Joe kicks the bucket and she's in charge

>>276106911No, are you retarded? You'd completely turn the opposite direction

>>276105490America’s next president is going to be a mutt roastie, while Chad Canada has pure English-French bloodlines in charge. Mutt law BTFO

>>276105490TDS The gift that keeps on giving.

Donald Trump personally made the coronavirus vaccine himself in an effort to euthanize the minority population

>>276105490fucking based kamala mommy

>>276107279omgf 1000% this

>>276105490>THE LEFT ARE NOW THE ANTI-VAXERSYou didn't read the article. There is no "dangerous conspiracy theory," she's just afraid the vaccine was rushed for political purposes and therefore may not be safe or effective.She trusts science, it's Trump she doesn't trust.dailywire.com/news/breaking-kamala-harris-promotes-dangerous-conspiracy-theory-about-coronavirus-vaccine

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>>276107159>Chad Canada

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>>276107159Canada has excellent Cuban diversity leading their country as well

>>276106911Not if I turn 270° to the right then finish the last 90° to the left.

>>276107464>muh scientist are working with the trump admin to kill us allyou lefties are absolutely insane

>>276107159You put Chad and Canada in the same thought process...

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If she locks up niggers and opposes vaccines then maybe it's better that she become president after biden gets committed.Isn't she anti Israel too? Damn is she "our girl"?

>>276105617Actually, she's a spice monkey not so much a niggeroo.

>>276107464No shit, there is no vaccine and the idea that I’m simultaneously supposed to believe herd immunity is impossible and a vaccine is ready to go in record time is laughable. Entire thing is fabricated.


>>276106211Not Trump but your employer will.

Guess I'm getting VACCED.

>>276107688>memefaggot>Damn is she "our girl"?

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>>276107464>She trusts scienceIf that's true, then why advocate for a nationwide mask mandate? All medical professionals universally agree that's asinine. Or why even social distance with your reporters and staff when you've all been tested and don't display symptoms? If you "trust science", shouldn't you advocate for cognitive testing as well?

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>>276107464>science is a monolothic entity you can either trust or not trustRetard alert, retard alert!

>>276107789Why are you here?

>>276105575Why doesn't anyone who makes these stupid wheel of fortune memes know how the game works? They always fuck it up.

>>276108213/thread. I honestly can't believe the lengths people will go to defend these hypocrites purely because they're team blue.

Probably to give protesters something more to protest about. Also Dems can keep the shut down going as the vaccine is unsafe.

>>276107464>TRUST SCIENTIST AND THE EXPERTS>Faucci: "You can vote in person, its safe.">Dems: "YOU NEED TO VOTE BY MAIL, ITS NOT SAFE!"

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>>276107058Stop making me want to fuck kamala harris

Is she going for the lunatic anti-vaxxer vote or are all of your politicians this stupid?

>>276109243Imagine a threesome with harris and pelosi

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>>276105881Guess I'm a tyrant then. Now like my boot nigger.

>>276105575This made my day. Thanks, user.

>>276105881if trump told you to take the vax all of you retards would say its based and red pilled

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>>276105490Anyone who thinks US politics is anything more than WWE-tier entertainment at this point is a brainlet.

>>276110066the only thing trump said is that there'd be people who wouldn't want to get it and they wouldn't have to

>>276108810That's correct, numb nuts. You can guess the phrase during any turn.

>>276107688>anti Israel>Marries Jew user I..

>>276107843Russians made one. There's going to be a vaccine, but it's made by Russia.

It’s KAH-mu-laNot Kuh-MA-la,You bigot

>>276110212There's two V's in the phrase but only one on the board.

>Democrat women are milfs/gilfs>Republican women are fucking ugly why is this?

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>>276105490They literally just do whatever the opposite of what Trump says no matter what. This is so stupid. Wake me up when it's over.

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>>276110533You wanna know how I can tell you don't leave your mom's place?

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What an interesting plotMonths ago I said that maybe Trump was letting them run violent in cities deliberately.

Big booty bitches

>>276110759Trump wants medicine before election. Democrats don't want Donald to have victory over corona virus. Of course it's normal to assume that vaccine won't be ready that fast.

>>276110730>cherrypicks thots who want likes and want daddy/husbands tax to go down also, republican women have opinions too



>Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris declined to say whether she would take an approved COVID-19 vaccine distributed ahead of the upcoming election, saying she would not take President Trump's word that a vaccine was ready to be used.>"I would not trust Donald Trump, and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he's talking about," Harris said in an interview with CNN on Saturday. "I will not take his word for it.">Polling shows many Americans are skeptical of a potential coronavirus vaccine. A recent CBS News poll shows only 30% say they would get one "as soon as possible." Many more, half of the country, say they would consider it, but would first "wait to see" what happened to others.Yeah they're saying they think trump will rush the vaccine and so it won't be safe.unlike you guys who say the vaccine will have a microchip in it


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>>276105490you're an americanthis is your team, dumbfuck

>>276105881Notice how in the scenario of an infection you just cannot pledge your own liberty not to get vaccinated, as the infection will not only threat your own life, but the lifes of others. Just too convenient and coincidental!

>>276111191I wasn't talking about children. Post republican milfs/gilfs. You can't

>>276111362>you just cannot pledge your own liberty not to get vaccinatedI beg to differ.

>>276105490It's insane that all they have to say to get people to believe in a conspiracy theory is claim Trump is behind it. Every one of these stupid faggots trying to ban people for 'harmful false news' will jump right on board as long as they point the finger at Trump.

>>276105956Exactly. Trump will release a vaccine and ban the mail-in voting because of all the problems it’s already having. Anyone that seriously fears the virus can get the vaccine & vote in person. Normal people will refuse the vaccine and vote in person anyway. Those that only pretend to care about the virus so they can screw with the voting are BTFO.

>>276105490fake and gaythis is much more retarded than that : she doesn't want or trust a Trump vaccine because Orange Vaccine Bad. that doesn't make her anti-vax

>>276111191>to destroy meWell, at least she's prepared for the reality of the experience.

>>276107132No, that’s a 180. Retard.

>>276105490There have been anti-vaccers on the left and the right. The ones on the left are the organic-only foods and essential oils will cure cancer types.

>>276112135180 + 180 = 360Quarter turn plus quarter turn is a half turn buddo

>>276105575>>276108810>>276110212>>276110429>missing the V and T in "VOTE" even though "GIVE" and "ADVANCEMENT" have theirsI feel ashamed.Voting Biden now.

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>>276105490why is it only the lunatic schizo's get the OP's that are commented on? Instead of talking about what Harris said, it's just "LOL KEK KEK KEK KEK"

>>276105490They are unraveling.


At least there you see the limit of the Orange Man Bad rhetoric: you can get away with ANY fucking lie but don't you dare criticize muh (((vaccines))) or muh sacred kikes.

>>276112409>bots>shills>useful idiotsDid I miss any?

>>276107932If you don’t have a doc that will say they gave it to you but really didn’t, you need to get a new doc.


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>>276112409keep crying tranny

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>>276112325Anon, I... >>276112238But in politics? A VP candidate, no less?

>>276105490What kind of 12D pandering is this? I guess Trump will take credit for vaccines and she cant have that. >These people are disgusting, stupid and fucking dangerous.


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>NWO ramps up endgame mark of the beast plan>NWO begins rollout of pro-vaccine propagandaBUT THEN>trump hijacks bill gate's smart vaccine operation, takes it out of the hands of the NWO, and hands it over the the white hat elements within the military>warp speed project converts nefarious microdot vaccine project into a FoxDie-style targeted assassination weapon that specifically targets the global elite and does nothing to anyone else>NWO finds out military is about to turn their endgame weapon against them>NWO does a complete 180 and now denounces vaccine

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>>276107464You are fucking retraded. Any vaccine that the left was saying was set for 2021 was going to be rushed no matter what. Vaccines take years if not decades to make. Confirmed liberals are anti-vax.Welcome to the Q-Tard tier faggot.

>>276105490Most of the ferrets they tested the vaccine with, had an over reactive immune response when exposed to the live virus and died. More than the other ferrets that didn't have the vaccine.

>>276105490>Kamala no vacs>Biden yes vacswhat strategy is this?

>>276112577Not exactly that. There are health reasons for why you can decline a vaccine and still work. Also, RFK jr won a case against US government for their incompetence to audit vaccine corp (over 30 years) on documentation of health/safety procedures used to make vaccines safer. Instead, they just increased the uptake, no safety involved. You can supposedly cite the court case and say fuck you to the employer trying to mandate it.

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>>276105807>>276105881stop playing stupid faggotsthe left wouldnt admit to forced vaccination right nowthis is why shes taking such a soft position ANY NIGGER WHO THINKS THAT STATEMENT IS HER TRUE INTENTION IS A LOW IQ FAGGOT

>>276105490Did you retards even read it?She warns about taking vaccines that have been rushed for political reasons.

>>276107688no you stupid motherfucker.

>>276105490so all the q-user being antivaxx support trump now for pushing speedy vaxing?>>276112928>muh 8d chessor trump is nwo like the dems and the just fighting for their own money

>>276113859All it takes to be labeled "antivax" is questioning or casting doubt on any vaccine in any way.

>>276111362It's no coincidence that your English is shit, chink.

you fucks are so goddamn dumb. the covid vaccine is mRNA so it doesn’t contain any virus in it. antivaxcers would have a point if they knew what the fuck was going on

>>276105490Now Trump supporters are going to start supporting vaccinations. It’s all so tiresome

>>276113859Hurr derr rUshED VaCCInEwE neED to STAy LoCKeD DoWN unTIl 2024 sO the VAccINe iSNt cONsiDEREd RuSHED user!!

>>276106911>Being this new and getting digitsAnon... Go back, will ya.

>>276105881But I support tyranny so it's actually a plus for me.


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>>276107789stop posting dude you fucking suck.

>>276110066this is why liberals always look retarded now. you just assume everyone has no principals or beliefs just like yourself. not everyone believes things because team d or team r said so. grow the fuck up and use your brain.