Biden gonna drop out for health reasons? Tapes?

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Probably fake but bump

>>276105407It’s bullshit, but I believe it.

link to the tweets?it's probably mcafee stirring up shit as usual

>>276105407>>276105789Something like that video of Hilary Clinton shaking and falling and getting lifted into a panel van by her detail?

>>276105407I hope it's real.

>>276106174My bad,

>>276105407Why would he drop out? At worst the Jews will just put the Biden double in his place and order the media to just go along with it or be defunded. They could snuff and stuff the original Biden, make him a posable figure and the anti white Left still wouldn't care.

God dammit mcgaffiee you can’t keep dodgeing those assassins forever

>>276106469>Why would he drop out?at this point its a given that Biden will shit himself on the debate stage and wallow in his crap while swinging at an imaginary CornPop...Donor Class DNC is trying to push forward his dismissal so that they can groom Kamala, who is used to sucking cock and taking orders from those above her..

All manipulation so they can profit off the betting market.McAfee does the same thing with shitcoins.Dems will drag Biden's festering corpse over the line a la Weekend at Bernie's

>>276105944Just how unlikely does it really sound that the child sniffing, cheek and finger biting, lady grabbing, mentally deficient babbling retard would have a video of something health related while running on the most important ticket in the most overly surveilled nation in the history of the world?

>>276105407Sorry but am I blind or are you people truly schizophrenic? Where the fuck does he ever mention Biden in any of that shit?

>>276105407John McAfee is the least trustworthy person you could name.

>>276107394he certainly isn't welcome back here, that's for sure


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>>276105407THE Tapes. The sniffer tapes, kek.

>>276107083Dude you fucking lolberts and kekistani fags are setting the bar so low for him that he’s going to be seen as winning the debates and doing so handily if he manages anything better than a complete and total dementia meltdown.

John mcafee is an insane drug addled moron

What an absolute madman.

>>276105407Yeah it'll definatley happen. ZAnon has never been wrong

>>276105407Makes sense to me, motors integrated into the wheels

>>276107985the real john mcafee has never been captured on camera, he has 30 body doubles that all look the same as eachother when in reality he in a 29 year old asian woman

>>276107670I Belize you but qrd? Sounds like he was manufacturing drugs and didn't bribe the right officials or something worse?

>>276108291murder, drugs, trannies

>>276108167All you ever have to do is put on a new wheel! And upgrayyydddd

>>276106928It's surprisingly easy to avoid getting killed by your imagination

>>276105407Biden raped a bunch of people.If you can't see that you must be fucking stupid.

>>276107906>youso Biden didn't do it to himself? I mean nobody's making this shit up, he can't not say stupid shit or straight up forget what he was talking about mid- sentence.

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>>276107670easy with the vpn rabbi

Is the literal who saying Biden will drop out 48 hours before the tapes release or that the videos are being released in 48 (now 46+) hours?



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>>276105407>t-tapesI can only coom so much God damnit. Better stock up on lotion today when out shopping.

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>>276108167that's how some electric bikes work

>>276108561for a double dose of pimping?

>>276105407It would invalidate their existing transportation projects, including the rockets, wouldn't it? If it is what I think it is.

>>276105407McAfee is a scammer you fucking retard

>>276108139based ZAnon tripfag

>>276106469He is on meds.


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>>276109538kek>sure beats dealing with the airlines thats for sure

>>276105407What tapes? When will those be released?

>>276105407Supposedly he's supposed to drop out on or before the 16th.

>>276106222Rumor has it that there is tape of Biden calling Obama a nigger while talking to other white democrats.

>>276108876My read was biden will drop out 48 hours before the so called tapes are released

>>276108281They all go by the name Gary.


>>276108765He did, and I completely agree. But it’s all about managing expectations. If you spend months on end telling people Biden’s gonna shit his pants on stage, strip completely naked and then have a fistfight with an imaginary person, how’s it going to look when the worst that actually happens is he makes a few verbal gaffes?

>>276105407Question: isn't this technology already here? I'm pretty sure that a lot of electric forklifts already have their motors inside of their wheels.

It is really not out of the realm that there are tapes of Biden doing some racist or sexually inappropriate shit.He has basically been on the tax payer teet his entire life.There could also be a SS agent assigned to him that is loyal to the SS agent that almost pounded Biden for grabbing his wife’s tit.Perhaps this agent has compro of Biden in his basement saying outrageous shit.My guess is it is some medical related issue and it will drop in the final days of October.

>>276106469>Why would he drop out?His mental state is so obvious to the left that even they are uneasy with him and I think we all know there's no way he can make it through to the election without a major gaffe that will make it even worse. They basically have no choice. To stick with Biden means really, really testing the suspension of disbelief. Even in a scenario where Biden (((wins))), there's no way in hell they could keep him propped up for an entire term. The only way that Biden is locked in is if they don't replace him before the election and he loses. Either way, he'll be gone shortly.

I am Joe Bidens husband Joe Biden The light bulp wasn't invented by Thomas Edison but a Nigger

>>276105407JOHN MCAFEE is a retarded schizo

>>276110121Correct...both electric and hydraulic wheel motors are a thing in industrial equipment.

>>276105407>a car with no axel or frame that runs off "electrical impulses"Why does anyone listen to this retard?

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>>276109396What does that have to do with whether or not Biden drops out? It's not like the idea originates with John McAfee.

>>276105407Fuck politics, I wanna see the magic car

>>276108291he literally killed his neighbor on the island he lived on

I’m just glad he gave us all the Epstien evidence he promised. Trusting him is trusting the plan

>>276106469Weekend at Bidens


>>276105407Mcafee is schizo, but entertaining. Bump for hope.

>>276105407What tapes are going to be released? More fake news?

>>276106469>Why would he drop out?Joe Clone #3 is malfunctioning. They need to bring in Big Mike.

>>276109171I feel sorry for that girl. Not only for getting the Old Snifferoo, but for being the poster child of Pervy Joe's habit for the world to see forevermore.

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>>276105407Lots of chatter about Biden dropping out. His basement job was to pass the baton and drop out.

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>the first debate on Tuesday, Sept. 29That's going to be a debacle if they don't swap out droolin' Joe.

>>276107985So, insane drug addled morons can be right about something some of the time.

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>>276110832That is not what he wrote. Why can't americans comprehend their own language?