Why is it so hard to just admit that racism exists?

Why is it so hard to just admit that racism exists?

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>>276105370You can’t convince the low-IQ chuds who frequent this place.

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>>276105370Racism definitely exists. Privileged Jews hate goyim.

OP is a faggot, but thanks for baking so I can drop this here.US Marshalls looking for user help identifying other friends of Jays assasin.Next one needs slotting.Find the finder general thread.oregonlive.com/crime/2020/09/arrest-warrant-against-michael-reinoehl-for-2nd-degree-murder-unlawful-use-of-a-firearm-unsealed.html?outputType=amp&__twitter_impression=true

Fragile blacks dont deserve anything but to be shipped back to Africa, if they are lucky.

>>276105370Black people are the most racist group involved

>>276105370It does and its in vouge, as long as its directed toward whites.

>>276105534Both of those are correct.

>>276105370Why is it so hard to admit that racism isn't a big deal?

>>276105534This is one of the most cringe things i've ever read

>>276105370>Why is it so hard to just admit that racism exists?Why is it so hard to admit there is a legitimate reason for it?

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>>276105534>Blacks and Women can't be held responsible for their actions

>>276105370Why is it so hard to admit that your 100 year quasi-religious experiment in egalitarianism is collapsing under its own weight?

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>>276105370racism exists but its a good thing

>>276105534I fixed that for you.

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>>276105370Never denied it. As a matter of fact, I am racist. I know that comes as a shock.

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>>276105370Well, given "blacks fighting for their lives" is rapidly morphing into "kill/enslave all whites" it's no wonder people are going for guns or vanishing.

>>276105370when niggers stop creating more criminals, then "racism" will end. we don't hate color, we hate behavior.

>>276105370Systemic Racism doesn't exist. Cleetus the mechanic in Fort Davis, Alabama disliking niggers isn't going to stop any black person from ever succeeding

>>276105370They're the ones that gave the ultimatum of "black lives or property"

>>276105370Racism does exist...but not as you know it.

>>276105370Well that's because liberals already proved it did exist by attacking those with white skin and is conservative,even black conservatives are not safe.

>>276105677We already doxxed the cunts around 12 hours ago.

>>276105370> -and white allies go softSofter then a jewish penis when there is a lack of children around.Don't worry the media will try to put a spin on it but no one will care anymore.


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>>276105370Nonsense term, irrelevant points. Exists in your head but we want you gone.

>>276105370No one says it doesn't exist, they just say most whites aren't racist.I've never called anyone a racial slur in my life, but didn't go a day in public school not being called a slur by some nigger.

>>276105370Because white allies don't just hate normal white people, you nigger. They hate the very color white and want to see it made ugly and brown like you. This makes it hard for them to do real violence because they are always wondering which white they should kill first. Themselves or a few randos then themselves. They get so confused, they can't even leave the house unless its to chase a drug fix.

>>276105370>fighting for our livesGetting tired of this fucking lie.

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>>276105370I know bro black people are racist as fuck

>>276105370What fucking racism? The fact anti racism is allowed without issue shows there is no racism in America other than racism against white people.

>>276105370I’ve never heard anyone say racism doesn’t exist. I just think it’s totally natural and should be embraced.

>>276108478I agree 100%. Fighting against it only causes more division.

>>276105677It was an organized hit. They all need dirt naps.

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>>276105370Because it's a spook. It was invented in the 20th century to disenfranchise people.

>>276105370>Why is it so hard to just admit that racism exists?because blacks are being taught that they can't be racist

>>276105370Racism is a concept. Concepts don't "Exist" they are imaginary.

>>276105370>Why is it so hard to just admit that racism exists?Semantic overload. What it actually means to say racism is real is not to say racial chauvinism still exists, it's instead saying the population if a democracy isn't liberal, instead actually a caste of oppressive people, and their traditions, ideas of liberty, and relations are inseparable from this. Therefore, we need an active negation of this passive system on the part of the state, and white people owe solidarity to non-whites in this process.

>>276105370It's a fake concept. It's like transphobia and the other nonsense buzzwords/labels. None are valid.>racial justiceTranslation: revenge against whites for things they never did. That is blatantly racial oppression against whites.

>>276105933Checked. Women must gird their stink ditch appropriately or expect a penis to pound into it, and niggers should obey every command from the police if they don’t want to be shot.

Ayyo FUCK niggers

>>276105370>Why is it so hard to just admit that racism exists?Why is it so hard to just admit that racism is an innate and healthy aspect of the natural world?

>>276105370because it doesnt

>>276106227Wherever the nigger goes, he must also nig.

>>276105370Considering there is only one race, human, and our skin color is white, the only creatures that can be racist are the subhumans, and they have started doing so with their BLM bullshit. It's racist against humans. It's time we showed them who is actually in charge of this world by putting them all in their place. We should be executing niggers for what they're doing right now. Genocide their entire fucking subhuman "race" if you want to call it a race. They're violent gorilla-human hybrids. Same with the jews. I don't know what bestiality resulted in those shits but they need to be genocided too. Too bad Hitler didn't finish the job.

>>276106665Sage isn't a plant you retarded fucking newfag

>>276105370So? The whole premise of racism bad is jewish and wrong.

>>276105534>How to we get retard feminists to sympathize with violent thugs that would have raped them given the opportunity?

these baboons will stop at nothing. give every pavement ape 10 million dollars as reparations and the following morning they'll still be yelling "fuck whitey"there is only one solution. the final solution.

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>>276105370>opposing progressive power grabs based on verifiable statistical lies is "whitelash"Progressives are an empty bag of rhetoric and blind rage. There is no truth to their claims and no moral superiority to their positions. They just want power to impose more of their authoritarian dogma and make white people powerless over their own lives.

>>276105370eat a dick negros. the moment you start fucking with white incomes or a supply line you lose your white allies.


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>>276109392Who cares about the chimps, its the white leftards that are the real problem.

>>276105370Niggers kill each other dailyfuck you and choke on this you kike

Black Neo what if I told you racism was invented by a white man to keep all racial minorities in control relative to the Caucasian elites in control

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"Racism" is just a negative epithet for something good, which is acting in a way that helps out your own in-group. To abandon "racism" is to abandon racial teamwork. Being a member of a team is something good because you can get more done. This is why "racism/in-group cohesion" will never go away. People want to be on a team, it is in our blood because prehistoric men would die in the wilderness without a tribe that worked to help one-another. The vilification is a ruse to destroy any race that drinks that purple Kool-Aid.

>>276105370Yes and that's a good thing.

>>276105534Both of those things are true, also why guns were invented, to shoot criminals and defend your own life and dignity.Stupid bitch.

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>>276105613Why is it so hard to admit black crime exists?

>>276105370It is easy and I'm it you nigger

>>276105370also>racial justice>racial reckoning>social justiceHow many more meaningless "we're the good guys" phrases will progressives invent in their lust for control over the next few years?

>every movie, tv show, website, radio show, company, and almost every local government to the federal level is so on board with black people they let them burn down cities for no reason.What racism? All of society will collectively disown you if you say anything even remotely against this

>>276106842A large contingency of whites in politics, law enforcement and the judicial system are white supremacists. The president might even be one.


>>276105370Why is it so hard to admit that blacks and whites can't live together in peace?

>>276105370Why is it so hard to just admit that blm is a terrorist organization?

>>276105370Look at those teef

>>276105370Niggers are enemy-saboteurs and need to be treated the same way partisans are treated.

>>276109749>A large contingency of whites in politics, law enforcement and the judicial system are white supremacistscitation?

>>276109199Cry more weeb nigger

>>276106842Being a non-auto mechanic is not an easy job I don’t know why this meme persists, oh yeah I do, if any of you worked in heavy industry you would know mechanics do a lot of cool shit and are responsible for keeping many different kinds of machines running. Most college kids couldnt do what they do.

People here don't deny its existence, they justify it.

>>276105370Whites don't want to take care of niggers or do the jews workThat's the only real discussion

>>276105933Based and checked

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>>276106602kek based


>>276109749Look out! There's a white supremacist behind that bush over there!

>>276105370>we're fighting for our lives!Bitch you're the most privledged race in the modern era, fucking black fragility at its finest

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>>276105370Always the inversion of reality. The only ones killing blacks are blacks themselves, while whites are literally being genocided from every angle.

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>>276105370Deep South here. You will never meet more racist people than niggers. Here in the South, there are 3 types of ground; the nigger, the working black and educated learned types (which are rare). Jews come close though.

>>276105370Why is it so hard to admit that it doesn’t? If racism currently existed at a macro level in the USA, why do you have to manufacture fake hoax crimes?


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Thoughts. Thoughts exist. Sometimes thoughts are expressed. Thoughts can become beliefs. Beliefs, ideology. Ideology maybe or absolutely to hatred. People are always going to see and believe differences. It perplexes me that many don't believe that black people, being people can have thoughts, like noticing differences in others and following the thoughts to the extreme. They do. We all do. So why do some in society insist on making us all the same biomass, sexless, thoughtless beings with no beliefs, good or bad. That would make us a machine. Some in society want to make individuals into machines.

>>276107861This. Don't ignore my lived experience of having to deal with niggers constantly.

>>276110222If the guy behind the bush is white, theres a 50/50 chance he holds white supremacist ideology

>>276105370Racism exists and it was never hard to admit. Racism and racial bias ensures genetic survival and prevents exposure to foreign disease. Xenophillia has historically resulted in death due to conquest, exploitation, and disease. People were unfit for a xenophillic environment so they died. I would measure that more people are racist than are anti-racist, just from a Darwinian perspective.

>>276105370its does, just not to the extent that people think it does.

>>27611070250%? Did this number come from somewhere other than your ass?

CEO of racism hereObviously it exists. I invented it. It wouldn't be an issue if niggers went back to AfricaNiggers are the cause of racism. I have the patent on racism to prove it faggot

>>276105370It does exist. Literally everyone is racist. Happy?

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>>276106309that amber so hot right now

>>276105370Lol black people are so fragile. You arent opressed. Especially not in America. Youre one of the most privileged disgusting group of people. Your constant failure and shortcommings are no one else's fault but your own, nigger.

>>276110501>fake hoax crimesjesus christ... just end this world.

>>276109158What bible passage is this?

>>276105370Nobody says it doesn't you fucking retard. What's not ok ius when niggers say ONLY whites are racist. So u can fuck off with yre pets IDK anymore.

>>276105370Because BLM is communist bullshit.And Niggers should have never been imported from Africa.

Why is it so hard to just admit that biology exists?

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>>276105370fuck off nigger redditor

>>276105370>Why is it so hard to just admit that racism exists?It does. Against Whites. And we're done taking it.


>>276106227Based Jessica Jaglois

>>276110748"Birds of a feather flock together"Even ancient people knew and understood that everyone has biases towards each other and it's perfectly natural. It's only in modern times that we think the old wisdom no longer applies just because the calendar year starts with a 2 and we have iPads.

>>276105370The truth is most whites arent racist. By making them admit they are you are just forcing them into racism. Which is fine with me

>>276106056Because then what else would they have to blame their laziness on?

>>276110702You don’t get out much do you.

>>276105370Yeah it exists. Just not your romanticized version of it, where every white guy must be a nazi and every black man is a victim. If this year has taught us anything is that racism exists and it's not the white people committing it this time around.But of course you stupid niggers think you can't be racist so why am I bothering trying to make you understand?

>>276109764Igazad van. Haza akarok jönni.

>>276105370Racism is just a manifestation of in group preferenceIt's only bad because some groups put more value on having a single king and nothing else than having a functional group with functional division of actions


>>276105370It's a made up (((word))) for "pattern recognition that I don't like."

>>276105370>racism existsstupid statement because we are all racist no matter what race or ethnicity.

>>276111436Ya seethe, cracker

>>276106842it used to, so they are owed something. i'd rather see money paid out to people who deserve it, instead of thrown in a black hole. pay extra for some scholarships or to those on track to attaining them. on the other hand, having gangbanger mentality and diction might cut you out from certain jobs. maybe get another one anyways. eliminating that is on themnpr.org/2017/05/03/526655831/a-forgotten-history-of-how-the-u-s-government-segregated-america

>>276105370>>276105534>1 post by this idcuuuute

>>276105370>Why is it so hard to just admit that racism exists?It's a two way street niggerIf I were you I would leave for a majority nigger country or risk getting killed in the civil war

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>>276111514Mi tart vissza?

>~3.5 million police encounters per year>1,000 people were killed by police in 2019>0.0285714285714286% in other words>of those, a couple dozen were unarmed>unarmed =/= harmless youtube.com/watch?v=yfi3Ndh3n-g>meanwhile, 89 police officers were killed in the line of duty in 2019>blacks were the victims of 7,407 murders in 2018BLM is all Marxist propaganda.

>>276105370Why is it so hard to just admit that niggers ruin everything they touch?

>>276105534You realize that there's a power structure there and inherently gives one side more power. One is naturally, the other is systematically. The black guy v. cop is more complicated but a poor excuse as to why your perspective is at all valid.If someone specifically knows they're targeted and death can result, why are they as compliant as possible in the first place? I mean, essentially this is how cops v. policed population operate in the first place. Evidence by stats. on cop shootings (race) and what happens when they encounter a lawyer.

>>276105370I don't think anyone thinks that "Racism doesn't exist". I do find it hilarious though, that the only real examples of racism anyone can point at are Antifa types attacking people both verbally and physically because soley on their skin color. "You're a white male" and physically throwing stuff at white people, punching white people, and burning down white peoples business, specifically targeting white peoples private property etc etc etc. You only see that shit happening in the big cities. You don't see that happening in small towns all across the land. SO it would seem our big cities have the racism problem and it has nothing to do with white people being racist to people of color.

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>>276111807>Black Lives Matter>ignores by far the biggest source of murder of black people: other black people>wait, actually black people killing each other is white people's fault because of systemic racism

>>276106227i want to believe

>>276111881I think your problem isn't with any sort of element of the system, but with reality itself.

>>276105534>>276111881>>276112124i did it rong

>>276110748the concept of racism requires large amounts of abstract thought that didn't widely exist more than a couple hundred years ago because most people were malnourished.


>>276112261>the concept of racism requires large amounts of abstract thoughtNo it doesn't. They can't even produce a consistent definition or explain it in some objective way that doesn't amount to "if you disagree with us, you are evil."

>>276109199It’s a play on the word and people have been posting similar things for over a decade, newfag.

>>276105370I mean honestly look at this thing

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>>276105370We do. We just wont knee to nigcels and their constant complaining. Stop being incels and talking about white men all day faggots. Get a job and racism will always exist. Also nothing in the system that is clearly racist towards blacks. Your all a bunch of sad losers chimping out in the streets. Enjoy dying alone or next to another insecure cry baby in war. Cheers nigger.

>>276110649I feel sorry for you, user. Care to share? What province were you victimized/bullied in? Out of curiosity...


>>276107997terminal normieism

>>276105534You have to be 18 to post here


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>>276107141Ironic since black lives have always been property

>>276105370I admit it anytime I am asked. I am 25% racist. I was only maybe 10% before all this BLM shit.

>>276105370you don't want to be black when whites start admitting it

>>276112032But they never seem to explain why there are non-white ethnic groups that have a far better way of life than whites, including some African ethnic groups.

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>>276105370oh I agree the loxism of the jews is genocidal towards europeans and treats africans as useful idiot cannon fodder as a bloc.

Mass "diverse" immigration has proven one thing for sure.Niggers are the problem with Niggers.Mexicans didn't even know English, or American style houses, or non-Metric tape measures, but can still work construction.Chinese didn't even know western alphabet, much less any western language.

>>276114527Hell, there are a lot of African immigrants who have done well in America, too, despite all the difficulties involved in coming to a new country.

if you need the government to step in to make you feel superior then maybe just maybe you aren't as tough and master race that you think you are.

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>>276115769We need the government to fuck off. But the race-baiting "social justice" left won't leave it alone. There is no ignoring this problem if you don't want the problem of phony moral rhetoric becoming draconian law to get worse.