No property tax

Nobody's primary residence should be taxed. Fight me.

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>>276104899end all tax

>>276104899>Nobody's primary residence should be taxedyou pay taxes so your land is protected by law from your neighbors invading it.literally the reason.

>>276104899No because you end up like California where people park money in houses and drive up prices for new buyers. The tax gets replaced with something worse like higher income taxes which only makes welfare more attractive.

>>276104899House catches fire from an abundance of garbage because no trash pickup and then burns to the ground because no fire department.No taxes tho.

>>276106109You don't pay property tax for that you no land faggot.Go own an isolated plot if land in the countryside. you pay property tax for no compensation at all

Get rid of every tax (income, capital gains, etc) except a land value tax.Almost impossible to avoid the tax because property is already in people's names.Taxes only those wealthy enough to own property.Incentivizes using property in the most valuable way.

>>276104899You’re right. School districts abuse the hell out of it.

>>276105706Your'e missing the point. Most property tax goes to the local ISD. The problem is you never actually own your land if you pay off the motgage but still owe annual property tax.btw property tax in many cases is more than most current retirees are recieving for retirement. It's literally keeping people from retiring

>>276105706Nope you don't as can be seen is Rochester right now. Fucking retard.

>>276105706You pay property tax to send Mexican kids to public school, literally the reason.

>>276105706That’s what the 2A is for faggot

>>276105706that's the gayest reason i've ever fucking heard of. my neigbors? the ones who don't own any firearms and think abolishing the police is a good idea? those neighbors? my property tax is bullshit

>>276104899How about this>no residential property tax>all commercial property tax is self-assessed>the property is placed into escrow at the assessed price and any person or group who can close escrow now owns the property

>>276105706>what were the LA riots for 500

>>276104899As an alternative... your property tax receipt is your Voting ID

>>276105706Interesting how that hasn't worked, nigger

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>>276104899The amount might be progressive, but not the rate (I don't know much about proerty taxes), but the payroll tax should absolutely be progressive. Technically, the company pays it, but we all know it comes right out of your check to the tune of 12.5% and you don't even see it on your paycheck.

I think that the property tax argument gets such little traction here because so many neets don't pay property tax yet or maybe there won't even be a house for them to inherit from their parents.

>>276104899you're right, why would anyone fight you?

>>276106400>You don't pay property tax for that you no land faggot.My property taxes fund the local fire department and entitle me to dump 52 loads of garbage at the dump each year.

>>276107488I've had some GOP gatekeepers try and shutdown this argument before. We are supposed to stay focused on war with China or kids in pizza basements instead.

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>>276107703why is it a tax and not just a service that you pay for if you want it like anything else?

>>276107954Turns out fire doesn't respect property lines. Who knew?

>>276108394what do you think that has to do with paying for a service?

>>276104899might as well tax the air to breathe, oh wait EU dun that

>>276104899We tried that. The problem is all rental property skyrockets in price because now only a fraction of land is being used to pay all state expenses, and landlords just raise the rent to make up for the high taxes. So poor people who have to rent end up paying way, way higher taxes than rich people living on estates.

>>276109119I'm talking about primary residence is not rental real estate and investment properties.

>>276104899ALL TAX IS THEFT

>>276109244That's exactly the problem.If primary residences don't pay taxes - that's a lot of people not paying taxes. The state then needs to raise taxes on rental and investment property in order to make the same amount of revenue. Those landlords - now paying higher taxes on their rental property, just raise the rent to make up for the loss. They just push the costs of taxes onto the renter. Now the poor people who can't afford a house are paying higher taxes and the rich land lords aren't, no matter how big of a mansion their primary residence is.

Render unto Ceaser, mooching faggots.

>>276109588>The state then needs to raise taxes on rental and investment property in order to make the same amount of revenueOh no, they can't fund any more graft with minority construction contractors or lesbians working on Road repairs.

>>276109695what is Caesar's?

>>276108836Put out a fire ten miles from my property, and it never has to be fought on my property.Speaking of fires, I just looked out the window and saw this. I'm evacuating now. Fuck.

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>>276110031Damn.Good thing your tax dollars will be used to fight that. Stay safe user.

>>276109836Caesars cousin. He was a tax collector

>>276110031ok, so there's an incentive for people to pay for not only their home to be covered in the case of a fire, but also to cover other people's homesinsurance underwriting concerns itself with bundled risk like that

>>276109816So other than memes, do you have any actual arguments?My argument is that the government will raise taxes. You seem to be saying either "good" or "who cares what the government does, I got mine"

>>276110309but what is Caesar's?you're supposed to give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, but the question remains what actually IS Caesar's

>>276104899Agreed. Make sure there aren't loopholes though.

>>276106772Mexicans are 15% of kids who go to public schools. 3% of private and homeschooled kids

>>276110469I have a idea of what is important like roads police and fire and that does not entail paying civil servants $250,000 a year.

>>276110632 Not in LAUSD.

>>276110497Don't worry. You will know. They will tell you.

>>276104899Wholly agree

>>276110899if I'm told that something which I know for a fact belongs to me somehow belongs to someone else, whoever told me so is simply wrong - their words are false or otherwise untruthful

>>276110846Great, but getting rid of property taxes will do absolutely nothing about that. The government will find the money somewhere else. Either they raise taxes on renters, start charging you luxury taxes on smokes and alcohol, or just impose a state income tax.Cutting a tax never reduces spending. We've got decades of history as evidence.

>>276104899Reported for antisemitism

>>276111111Wasted on a tripfag.

>>276110885Yea they’re more like 60% of public school students in Los Angeles county and like 55% in LA county.

>>276111130those things shouldn't be provisioned by governmentthere is no reason that they need be provisioned by government other than that government wants to get paid to provision them

>>276110885I think rich homeowners, people with property taxes over $20,000 and household incomes over $200,000, should have to pay their property taxes. But... people earning less then $59,999 should have to pay zero. They should get a one time fee nationally every year of 6%. People earning $60,000 - $199,999 should get a one time fee nationally of 10%. People earning $200,000+ should be at 15% and have to pay property tax. We could fund public works and schools. We don’t need a complicated tax code

>>276110632the middle school i went to in phoenix was next to some 1 square mile mexican trailer park colony and over half the people at the school were mexican. some of them blatantly told me their parents came to america illegally yet they were still in our schools.

>>276106881What if you get out gunned? Than you lose your property to the local warlord.

>>276111130Lowering taxes actually increases tax revenue

>>276104899I agree

>>276107425Property tax sucks but how else will local governments raise funds?

>>276111592>we don't need a complicated tax code>proceeds to suggest out a complicated tax codeThe tax rate should just be a flat number of your income, no more than 20%.

>>276111647I know it is an issue. Other Hispanics are making up more of the Hispanic population. Mexicans stagnated about a decade ago.

>>276111923What’s so complicated about my plan?Lower and lower middle class pay nothing but a 6% annual fee to the federal government. The middle and upper middle class pay a 10%. The Upper classes pay a property tax and a 15% rate. Pretty fucking simple

>>276111894crowd funding man.

>>276111894what do local governments do that are valuable that can't be replicated without taxes?

>>276112099What happens if I'm in the lower class but own a huge amount of land.

>>276112356You pay 6%. Maybe an extra 0.05% per acre if you really own and maintain that much land

Typical local property tax breakdown

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>>276104899China have no property tax on your primary residence. But investment property and second houses and beyond get taxed progressively, to discourage property hoarding. I think it is a fairly reasonable policy.

>>276112692Now you're already making new rules, this is the problem.

Agree with OP. Property taxes, which can be raised at any time for really any reason, are the biggest barrier to freedom. They ensure that you never genuinely own your land, and can be priced out of your home whenever the government feels like it. This happens regularly in Canada. It forces anyone who feels like investing their lives in a place, which makes that place more worth being in, to remain working to pay for services they may not want or use. This is a kind of slavery. I don't care about arguments from fools saying muh state needs your money slave, because it's the same as claiming a should keep earning money so a local mafia can take it in return for 'protection'. If they can't reduce their budget, or find ways to get their programs funded voluntarily by making them attractive and efficient, those programs do not deserve funding and the operators deserve being fired.So far as fire fighting goes, this can be by voluntary subscription, especially in rural areas with lots of room between properties. The fire service in these areas are marginally useful at best anyway, since they are so far away.Its about freedom. Property tax prevents freedom, and it prevents being able to achieve a place where you can actually relax and not be forced to work to keep hold of FOREVER. It's the hub of the hamster wheel, and needs to be eradicated.

>>276105706No, you pay taxes so post wallers can convince your sons they are trannies in the public indoctrination system. Literally your property tax is mostly just based on if a public indoctrination/pre prison center is near your home or not.>Muh rent!Still property taxes included.

>>276113967rural communities don't even really need paid firefighters, we can do just fine with volunteers

>>276111130Fine, let them tax consoomers.

>>276112764Why doesn't that show schools?

>>276112993You made it sound like acreage should be taxed. 1% every 20 acres is also a steal.

>>276106732Kill yourself, 18 to post here.

It's these slides and the tranny jannies making them that's the reason for yet another round of applications.

>>276114270And they do, but the whole thing still needs funding of course. I'm pretty sure that supporting the firehall voluntarily would work just fine, since most people value the service and the whole deal anyway. Saving a non contributors house from a blaze would be a great way to quietly shame people into supporting it, and a positive way to encourage being a part of the community by showing it's magnanimity.