Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Cozy Island Edition

>>English language>Meme>Kraut/pol/ OP>What doCreate Memes, spread Memes, attack the narrative.Get /fit/.Join the metapolitical phalanx!Spread flyers and stickers, physically remove leftist Agitprop!Discuss politics with people; call attention to the Unrecht.>Counter>Schwarze>Laut>Ruhrpott>EinProzent>Die>Der>Kraut-Zone>Learn German script (Kurrent, Sütterlin)>Get>Flügel TV (german)>Einzelfall map, case,11.303021784765633&z=6&mid=13VaJa8XDU1vklF9xamz2kVQNJxk>REDPILLS 4 >>276053711 (checked)

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Are any of you a member of a party? What is that like? I am thinking about joining the AfD. I am still unsure, because I want to become a Beamter soon and that can be an obstacle.

>>276104984fuck off shill

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>>276104984>I want to become a Beamter soonThe actual state of Holla Forums in 2020.sad

>Afd in the thread's nameI haven't seen this in a while.

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>>276104984> BeamterThey will ruin you.

>>276105059>>276105059Not a shill>>276105126>>276105331What is the problem? Safe work and a good salary.

>>276105599because Beamte + AfD, you will get your life ruined desu

>>276105599Don't you even know about cancel culture?

>>276104984>I want to become a BeamterNo worries. If it fails you can still become the new Volkslehrer of JewTube.

>>276105842It doesn't work like that for most.

>>276104815Deutschland Über Alles!>>276104984You really want to be a Beamter in a country and a slave under the government of a country, where being in a political party could be an obstacle?

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>>276104815Looking for pic of German girl wearing AfD shirt with AfD poster in the background

>>276106206Have a Claudia

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wait so the austrian government collapsed?how?( I know some girl in Ibiza did some shit)

>>276105723>>276105788>>276105985My father is a Beamter and quite right-wing. He also warns me not to join the AfD, even though he votes for this party. Is that really so bad?

>>276106380I thought they haven't had a government for like 1 or 2 years now.

>>276106380the guy on the right promised this "fake russian" a government job while he was drunk in ibiza. he was the head of the right party (fpö)

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>>276106616>even though he votes for this partydon't put your father in danger as he is giving you good advise:>He also warns me not to join the AfDI know aplenty of people where their parents made them join the CDU "due to career" reason. This stuff is very, very serious. If nothing happens to you, is because you are no threat yet; or do not have the appearance of potentia to be such. It's kind of a silent war.t. got my apartment raided, lost jobs & contracts, state orgs are not responding to inquiries breaking laws (fristsäumigkeit), fingated trials even by civil law (cannot defend myself with paper stuff confiscated)

>>276107091and so there is no government?Did they catch the girl?

>>276106616I'm not a Beamter but I know one and he says it's very bad. If you mention the word AfD or Trump in the work environment everyone gets a heart attack.Good luck with that. Also, just try to learn something real and get a proper job. Every teenager wants to end up in state service simply because they lack imagination. If you only know school it's natural I guess.

Night mood

>>276107091You spelled kike wrong

>>276107298they have now a new government with the greens since 100 days>>276107694kek. source on that? didnt read into the whole story back then

>>276107694Let this Swede live

South Africa:Mashele didn’t rule out stage 6 blackouts, either. “It’s very possible that we could go into stage 6 if we keep on losing more generation assets as we are now. Just this week we lost 21% of our installed capacity and all it needs for us to go to stage 6 is if we lose an additional 2 000 megawatts (MW) over and above

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>>276107859>since 100 dayssource wiki btw

>>276107981What is the reason? Quota employment of niggers?

>>276107467Maybe he can move out west and start a community for fertility forestry and impregnant white women.

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>>276107859>greensAre they doing a good job?Please don't be cuckedPlease don't be cuckedPlease don't be cucked

>>276108221no idea you have to ask an austrian

>>276108196No. We only send Tay.

>>276108410Pirate flag might object to that.

>go on ZEIT Online>main article is about how to get people away from conspiracy theories>slightly further down is an interview with marina abramovicright now, take a look. fucking clown world

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>>276105599>What is the problem? Safe work and a good salary.Kys, what are people like you doing on Holla Forums?

>>276108100Eskom the main energy provider there had done major shifts and replaced those who knew with those didn't which resulted in continual energy shortages and the problem has only been gettings worse and worse.

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>>276108506Translation: Germans prefer other countries as migration destination.

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>>276105985>You really want to be a Beamter in a country and a slave under the government of a country, where being in a political party could be an obstacle?He's a disgusting NPCs , so he doesn't care.

>>276108853That won't work.

>>276108992For you maybe.>>276108687So quota negroes it is.


>>276107182>>276106616Also since you post here and are probably lurking for some while already, you are on several government watchlistsNow pick up your cross, deny yourself and follow me.There is freedom in the knowledge to be an enemy, that they fight you -as they just fought the Lord Jesus Christ- since you know there wont be a "back to normal" just only if you cuck too much, you have the freedom to push some further and some more to the front instead.>>276107981why do they want to spread race-hatred. o wait I know why. To distract from themself and to keep the stupid goyim busy.I mean to make profit out of it.

>>276108100Old equipment they can barely maintain and no modern replacements. Loss of talents and widespread cronyism.


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>>276110190And Europe imports the same kind of fellas in boatloads. (Unfortunately they keep most of the sexy ebonies for themselves.)

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>>276110828There are no sexy niggers

>>276104984>Wanting to become a beamter in this political climateDo you like dangling from lampposts? evening.

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>>276110828This is why you can't come cause a diverse fertility treatment facility would be doomed.

>>276104815AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Wie können sich die Deutschcucks davon erholen?

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>>276108562>Ich sah das schlachtfeldWhat did he mean? The little clash in front of Reichstag? Is he so pussified that that is a SCHLACHT now? Good grief.

>>276111401nice cross posting jew

>>276104920not applicable.

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>>276111401Poland will never make a mark on the world that compares to the achievements of Germany or England for that matter.Aber guten Abend Herr toilettenmann.

>>276111012Eh, there is a very cute and very dark skinned cuban girl working in the supermarket closeby.

>>276112336Wait until you see the white soles of her black feet. Instant boner killer.

>>276112336No, she is not.

>>276112006Yes, but for how much longer? See stuff like this here >>276112336


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>>276111012We've had this discussion often enough. I like 'em and ya don't.>>276111329>can't comeTo where?

>>276112006Fucking goats and grooming children is an achievement in Bongonistan? Thanks for the trivia, Nigel.

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>>276112711fuck off with your cross posting cancer


>>276112711Must by why all your countrymen are rushing here. A dirty toilet owned by an Arab is still a dirty toilet after all.

>>276112460Nah, she is. But I like blonde aeyan girls.>>276112485You can see beauty in other races too from time to time.

Löl!Einfach herrlich, wie die ganzen Gutmenschen NPCs hier ausrasten, obwohl das Spiel noch nicht mal draußen ist.So berechenbar wie die Zahl Pi.In Deutschland darf jeder, ja auch die bösen bösen "Rechtsextremen" Computerspiele veröffentlichen. Solange darin nicht gegen Gesetze verstoßen wird.Den Promo Videos nach zu urteilen wirkt es für mich wie ein satarischer Pixelplatformer.Man kann den Humor witzig finden, muss man es aber nicht.Ich mag gerne Humor, der ein wenig edgy ist.Wir sind (noch) ein freies Land, auch wenn ihr Gesinnungspolizisten alles dafür gibt, das zu ändern.Laut Political Compass bin ich übrigens ziemlich in der Mitte mit einem gewissen Aussschlag nach "libertär" und ganz leicht nach links.Aber das zählt für euch verblendete, faktenresistente für die bereits die FDP eine dreckige Nazipartei und Kemmerich literarisch die Reinkarnation Adolf Hitlers ist nicht.

>>276113197You know how some animals can lure you to your own death, right? Consider what is behind that extreme beauty you just cannot resist, and see South Florida is entirely Cuban and demand everyone speak Spanish there, cause they are "too dumb to learn English"

>>276113221>Wir sind (noch) ein freies Landkek

>>276113410I see why I am misunderstood here. Im against racemixing. All i am saying is other races can have beautiful people too. But they should stay the fuck in their country.

>>276113726There are no beautiful Cubans in Germany, at all, period. Good day, sir.

>>276113410You could learn some Spanish. Then open a hotel with a nice spa in the Appalachian hills and get customers from FL, TX, and CA.

>>276114160Aw babe, you are so smart. You did a nice try there.


>>276114362Just opening up new options for you. Getting something German isn't working for you, so perhaps lower your standards.

>>276113221was für Spiel?gegen welche dingens für die die FDP voll nazi is und was?

>>276113410They just took their country back.

>>276113726>All i am saying is other races can have beautiful people too. No they can't.

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>>276115406Your people literally sailed across the entire world just to get away from Bongistani women.

>>276115013Do they know that?

>>276115605>get away from Bongistani women.And their cuisine and cooking skills.

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>>276115605>>276115901Proof? Cause when they colonized America, they took them with them.

>>276115605Yeah, bongistani women are disgusting and dysgenic but shitskins are even worse.

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