Is Varg Vikernes based?

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No, he's a murdering arsonist faggot.


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>>276102005He's just an attention whore. Leave him be.

Why is this guy so butthurt at Italy all the time?


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>>276102005He is based but his nordicism is pretty cringe.

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>>276103105He lives off of the equivalent of frances welfare system. He is a white nigger and murderer. Funny meme tho.

>>276103206Perfect summary

>>276103105He has passed on his genes to 7 children. Even if none of them are like him, he's going to have a much larger impact than most other humans alive today.

>>276102005potato niggers literally dumber than a genuine potato niggerthat's a hard feat to reach

>>276102005Nope, Kristian Vikerness is literally a white nigger


>>276103359that’s higher IQ than paying your life’s work into a system that imports and funds the lifestyle of foreigners

>>276103359>muh welfareHe disproved this in a video.>muh murdererHe killed a communist untermensch. I don’t think anyone had a good word to say about that guy.

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Not even 10 years ago, if anyone had told me Varg Virkenes would end up being a YouTube star while rambling about pop culture in 4chan jargon I wouldn't have believed it.

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>>276102005No. He's a weak cuck. Nords are predisposed to depression, mental illness and lack humanity. They're basically blonde haired, blue eyed bugmen.

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Varg did nothing wrong.

>>276103105imagine being so pathetic that your only accomplishment in life is using your penis

>>276104335>we had bigger stone structures 3000 years ago so you pioneering effectively the entirety of modern science and technological innovation is rendered invalid

>>276102005Imagine having such little testosterone you have blonde hair.

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Varg makes bitch boy meds seethe. Of course he's based. He reminds meds of their inferiority and that makes them lash out like the mental midget cucks they are.

>>276102185Who did he kill?

>>276102005Why are Mediterraneans forced to interact with the deformed and incel prone Germanic people?

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>>276102005Why can't Nordic men satisfy their women?

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>>276102005Poor quality OP

>>276102005Why are the Germanic people so cowardly and introverted? These are very feminine qualities.

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>DUDE turks are white LMAO

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>>276102005Why do Nordic men make the best traps?

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>>276104992Blond is best

>>276103359Wagie cope

>>276102005He's a retard faggot who lost 21 years of his life because of how retarded that faggot is. Also Burzum is crap and degenerate.

>>276102005Why do German women enjoy being raped by non Germans but will call the police when a German cumskin even speaks to them?

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>>276105544I would rape and torture the hell out of that twink with my big nafri cock & muscles

>>276102185>went to prison for murder>never works, constantly scams>abuses government welfare>has children he can't afford>likes fat girls...Varg is a nigger

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>>276102005>Italy rent free inside varg's headI wonder why? Guess he's jelly about our heritage, particularly the Renaissance

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>>276105697Kys autist

>>276102185t. seething Christmutt

>>276105270there are 2 billion christians though

>>276105893Nordic men have the softest skin and pinkest boi puccis. They make such tender noises when they get split open.

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>>276104335Look at all those drawings. OMG. Where we travel, civilisation goes.What you wish upon the white man, you will get back seven fold.

>>276106223when romans ruled britain they thought you were dumber than niggers

>>276105207he murdered his best friend because of some prank and then got imprisoned in some Norway holiday colony that they call prison

>>276105270If you disregard the ancient historians who described Jesus as white, with blond hair and blue eyes, sure.

>>276103105BASED.>>276103359He has out jewed the jew.

>>276102005yes, of course

>>276103359He is one of the most recognized black metal artists in the world. I don't think he needs welfare to feed his family.

>>276102240Nordbros... How can we ever recover?


lmaoing at that jpeg

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>>276106308My family has ruled Britain since so I've no doubt that profidius Albion was a sincere opinion. The ancient Druids were admired.

>>276102005Isn't he in jail?

>>276105437>Why are the Germanic people so cowardly and introverted? These are very feminine qualities.Lmao that is bullshit when I was in Greece the Greek men drank watered wine all day, they were literally half cut all the time.

>>276102005BASED but kind of a dick


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>>276106308>when romans ruled britain they thought you were dumber than niggersThat is why they lost to the eternal Anglo and the eternal Saxon and the eternal Jutes. Keep seething mutt.

>>276102005A subtle, your not white, I'm white thread.Divide & conquer.

>>276106518He literally said so in his own videos...

>>276107006The romans accepted a kettle as tribute, one time only deal from my family. They were scared.

>>276106034Imagine having to work and not getting disability checks for your autism

>>276106518I don't think his music makes him that much. It's not like he's touring.

Imagine being this.How have you not killed yourselves yet? At least the Japanese bugmen commit suicide when they realize what an embarrassment they are.

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Every great civilization had an aryan ruling class. Aryan literally translates to "noble birth".

>>276102005why do people still post about this fucking retardreally, explain yourself


>>276106818>My family has ruled Britainbaby did you forget to take your meds?

>>276107293When you think about it, the terms "aryan" and "ἀριστοκρατία " have some similarities :^)

>>276102005He's right sometimes

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>>276102185Who murdered a Communist arsonist... although word is Euronymous never actually torched a church, just larped.

>>276103359I don't always agree with what he says, but for sure he is not on welfare!

>>276103464Very true, most on here commenting won't even have one fact more wont even get close to even being able to.impregnate a female. Absolute kek.

>>276104783Says a Brazilian...Kek

>>276107602Not necessarily uncommon for the upper classes to be related to the royals in some way, but it's unlikely they'd be using Holla Forums. Still definitely possible though

>>276107533>t spicYou will always be too short and brown to enter the gates of Valhalla.

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>>276105785>Also Burzum is crap and degenerate.Some of the best BM around and didn't larp.about muh Satanic

Sometimes Varg is spot on, sometimes he's just retarded.Also it's hilarious how he goes by Gandalf these days but Gandalf is from a book written by a Christian and inspired by the bible.

>>276102005Yup. The Swarty italians and greeks of today have nothing to do with ancient Greece or Rome, they are the effect of intermixing and migraiton... In all records Alexander is described as golden haired with natural locks and one blue eyes and one brown eyes. How many Greeks of today has golden hair? I watched a vid interviewing greeks on youtube and they look like arabs many of them haha

>>276102005what a fucking retard. Romans did not look like modern sicilians, but neither like Scandinavians

>>276105219The meds of today are more arab than real meds, most of them. You dummy. Just look at how they look like arabs haha

>>276105270behold the whiteness of god and his golden hair.

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>>276104335Indeed. Europeans are superior. 90% of all inventions. Stopped the mongol invasion while Asia got cucked. Colonized the world including your wretched rape baby country and still to this day build better society and inventions than any other people. Arabs werenät ancient Egyptians, by the way. Ancient Egyptians were Anatolian id est INDO european, you fucking moron. You just burned yourself.

>>276108863Good lad, user.

>>276105996You do realize the "Finn" is a dickgirl animal, right?

>>276108651The ruling class did. Same with Israel, ashkenazi white jews rule over brown jews.

>>276108651Romans had light brown hair or golden hair and light eyes. Not swarty looking arabs like many "italians" today. That is the truth.

>mongol invasionGengis Khan is a bedtime story with no historical

>>276108863You should see what Africans, Asians or Americans call "blond" hair. Even Southern and Northern Europeans have different criteria for what their consider blond, brown and black hair.

>>276109229What did the Romans call auburn or blond?

>>2761034647 kids and invented a musical genre. That is a pretty significant impact.

>>276103105>7th childAbsolutely based.

>>276105893She's like 6'4 and would rape your ass with her feminine penis and you would enjoy it just like you enjoyed it when you did your bacha bazi training as a kid.

>>276102005Why is he so obsessed with mediterraneans? Especially with Italians?

>>276108987>Ancient Egyptians were Anatolian id est INDO europeanAncient Egyptian was an Indo-European language?I doubt it...

Let' s see how his sons end to be. They sure have a different childhood that could end badly just to piss off daddy.

>>276105207Euronymous, guitarist of Mayhem.

>>276103105When you realise that varg is 50 and at this point in time a consoomer mutt city fag would have a erectile disfunction.holy shit the true power of pure norsk COCK

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>>276108987Pic related. Pure Aryan phenotype.

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>>276103105Probably 1 or 2 of his 7 children will share his beliefs after they grow up.

>>276109647n*Rd copeBend over kiddo

>>276108570Modern day italians and Greeks literally have more germanic and slavic dna than romans and ancient greeks, wtf are you blabbing about?

>>276103206>Oh no he celebrating our native white religion that's cRINGE

>>276102005He's like some super form of nerd incelExtremely autistic so I guess most of 4chan would sympathise with him, yeahMe, I just think of him as yet another boringass white autistic sociopath nerd

>>276102005he's funny


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>>276102005>Hasn't beat off to jew faggot hypnosis films in his life only came in his autistic french indo-european wifeHow can one be so basedB-based

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>>276102005>caring about this guy or his opinionsLet the dude raise his family in the woods. Doesn't affect me one way or the other.

>>276109127many roman emperors did have confirmed Arab heratige :)not to mention other semitic heratige

>>276109313Nothing obviously, because they hadn't discovered English yet. Anyways, this Epiphanus seems to be a IX century monk from Costantinople so I don't know why you'd put so much importance in what he said about Jesus' appearance.

He's right. He's also native american pilled. Meds be seething.

>>276102005Genuine question: Has he ever proved that unmixed Europeans only had blonde hair and blue eyes? I hear him make the claim all the time but I never heard him prove it.

>>276102005As a castizo all I have to say is my spanish ancestors bleed so you could remain white, now niggers and arabs take a plane or a ferry and are invited to Europe while they get free housing and rape your women, same for Italians and Greeks, we defended Europe so is your turn to get mongrelized

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>>276109647The man is d*tch he is as tall as the number of jews who didn't die in the holocaust do you think crispy mcroastie could ever mogg a d*tch king ya go home ahmed

>>276102005I dislike his autistic retarded nordicism, but his way of life along with his many children makes him admirable.

>>276102240>>276106606written by some retard who did no historical research and invented his own narrativeliterally happens daily especially recently with even people trying to brownwash or blackwash historyyou will never find any historical text dating to the period that will back up claims like thisjust like all the>artist renditionsshowing ancients as colored

>>276106659Elagabalus look's a closest to me ngl

>>276111163I know they had Syrian emperors, but did they have any arab emperor?

>>276102005Half of Italy were always tanned BECAUSE OF THE SUN.It's a... warm climate you know.


Nords will always be Nords, and will always be utterly repulsed by anyone who isn't a Nord. And there are still Meds who consider them friends...

>>276111765they were Arabs from Syria

This is what peak manhood looks like, not your straw haired bullshit.

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Meds are the biggest race mixers out there. Look the mess they have created in America, they created violento mutts. I'm very thankful to my ancestors for keeping our blood pure our 'pagan' beliefs intact.

>>276102005No lmao, he lives in the woods on welfare with an autistic wife

>>276112175Do you live in the jungle?

>>276111935show flag kike


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>>276111294You can't prove that, it's just not true.

>>276111956Says who?

>>276102005>Ancient Italy looked much like today's ScandinaviaPoor Italy

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>>276111534I don't believe you.

>>276112348No. But there'd nothing wrong about living in nature. That's better than being a concrete triracial ape from Brazil.

>>276104335>majority are drawings>"Asian civilization">buildings are palaces/temples/upper class shit>European building is a peasant home Wow, how will yt ever recover

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>>276112564Yeah, that's what I think as well. I'm just wondering if Varg ever attempted to prove it ever.

Imagine thinking a modern greek kebab stall worker is related to Aristotle

>>276108089Nice projection

>>276106364>ancient historiansYou mean biblical scholars. There were no contemporary accounts of Jesus, so he probably never existed.

>>276113258The idea is that northern Europeans didn't have upper class shit you mong.>>276113356I imagine he would say they're just mutts.

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>>276112763all mainstream historians

>>276113125What the mate why are you so aggressive lmao, I just asked that question because the only pure natives left here live in the jungle, but seeing you got butthurt by this simple question you are probably a mestizo larping as indio

>>276108987>Ancient Egyptians were Anatolian id est INDO european

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>>276102005He's alright, mostly

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>>276102005Based- Has lots of children- Rural family oriented life- Lots of kids- Made some good music- Anti-Modernity - Makes wagies seethe- Has some good practical advice for lifeNot based- Obviously not particularly well read- Biased and emotionally driven- Makes shit up/Cherry picks quotes and data (if he even bothers to provide any evidence)- Knows jack shit about philosophy/metaphysics - Meme theories about paganism- Knows jack shit about Genetics- Retarded Europeans are pure Neanderthals theory- Denies the existence of Indo-Europeans- Too autistic to have friends, burns all bridges, makes constant enemies- Annoying We Wuzzing tendencies

>>276113734I bet you think you are an arab too

>>276112150Agreed. Caucasus people are tough as fuck.

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>>276113740The agressive here Is you with passive agressive questions, as if natives arent able to assimilate into modern society when they had complex civilizations. The amerindians of Brazil lived in agricultural societies before they had to hide in the jungle in order to avoid being massacred by christians.


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>>276114086what i think is irrelevantthe truth is objective

>>276105996>Italy+FinlandMatch made in heaven.

>>276111175>Nothing obviously, because they hadn't discovered English yet."Kek>" Anyways, this Epiphanus seems to be a IX century monk from Costantinople"Irrelevant, you kikes are well known to go on tangents meaninglessly.We're talking about the report of Pilate, not Epiphanus. Epiphanus did not create the report of Pilate, a letter sent to the Caesar.Now eat a bag shit you shekel counter.Here's the whole transcript

>>276102005He dropped school in his teens to play guitar and larp Lord of the rings. His whole worldview was based on immature fantasies and it seems it still is. However, he is elaborate enough to pass as somewhat intelligent person but whose mind is completely clouded by living inside a personal fantasy world. Strangely enough his take on paganism resembles fanatical protestantism more than anything we know of European paganism and culture before christianity.

>>276102005He was based when he was in prison writing the kickass articles on the Burzum website. After meeting Marie, Varg has become shabbos goy for the (((Druids))) [Triuweden], glorifying the White Brotherhood (the same the Masons glorify), claiming to fight Sauron while still making profit from the time he identified with him... all the while preaching for a discourse of Honour which he himself lacks in his hipocresy.

>>276114326>The agressive here Is you with passive agressive questions, as if natives arent able to assimilate into modern society when they had complex civilizations.Mate I just find it rather unlikely natives could live in cities without tainting their blood with european blood, seeing that the overwhelming population of mexico is mestizo, but if that's the case, then please say the name of the city so I can learn about it's unique history>The amerindians of Brazil lived in agricultural societies before they had to hide in the jungle in order to avoid being massacred by christians.The natives living in the Amazon rainforest always lived there, well, most of them

>>276102185This, he also lets his daughter date a nigger.

>>2761033597 white children being constantly redpilled. Shut the fuck up faggot.

>>276115132> His whole worldview was based on immature fantasies and it seems it still is.So much so that he wants to completely eradicate civilization entirely. I think he means well and some of his advice is definitely worthwhile, but at the same time, he clearly does have some mental issues.

>>276115216hello fellow colombianfag


>>276103464A negative impact. If his kids turn out anything like he did, then he will have brought the murder rate in whatever French town he lives in up significantly, not to mention caused infighting between whites. He is a white nigger, if his skin was a couple shades darker r/pol/ would shit all over him. No wonder he likes Turks.