What happens if he loses?

What happens if he loses?

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SJW/normies will be smug for about 3 weeks, then absolutely nothing will change.

>>276101993straight to the jail with his family he goes

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>>276101993SJW's will be proud as hell for a month, then lose their shit when niggers start raping them.

The world goes back to being boring again.

>>276102190>>276102480>>276102513>>276102602What if he doesn't leave?

>>276101993He retires on his $300,000 Presidential pension, gives a single ghost-written speech over and over at $250,000 a time, sells his ghost-written memoirs for $5,000,000 and goes back to trading his name for a piece of other people's hotels and casinos.

the world will end

>>276101993/pol/ would be unusable for a good 3 months

>>276101993we all lose.

Racism miraculously endsCOVID is defeated instantlyJoe Biden has a "health episode" and steps downKamala Harris rules with an iron vagina

>>276101993Inshallah, /ptg/ will be destroyed.

>Trump goes back to living on his Florida estate>Makes bank with being a pundit and writing a book or 2>Biden enters and the left finds out that it is till same old Jewish and corporate tricks.Baron Trump gets trained to be the most chad, god president in history>Some niggers get shot because niggers

>>276101993>What happens if he loses?He'll rage and bitch and throw a tantrum, just like any toddler who doesn't get his way.

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>>276102881/pol/ would be shut down by executive order

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>>276101993>if he loses?When, not if

>>276101993Migapedes chimp out. 100% chance of civil war


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>>276103272/ptg/ will continue and all of the people that have been bitching for 5 years because they don't know how to filter threads will kill themselves.

>>276101993America will be done for

New wars in the Middle East. Love trumps hate!

>>276103574Wake up you delusional MIGAtards. It’s actually over.

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Thank you for taking the time to bake for me to drop this OP.Theres a finder thread.US Marshalls looking for autism help.oregonlive.com/crime/2020/09/arrest-warrant-against-michael-reinoehl-for-2nd-degree-murder-unlawful-use-of-a-firearm-unsealed.html?outputType=amp&__twitter_impression=true

>>276104338What's a finder thread?

>>276101993Most likely the right will have a meltdown and carry out domestic terror attacks, like spoiled children when they don’t get their way. As for Drumpf, he will be going to prison when he leaves office. Tick tock Drumpfkins.

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>>276101993America loses. The west loses. The world loses.

>>276101993the morons who think they can push Biden left will find out they'll be called white supremacists for so much as suggesting they have a problem with Biden's actions

>>276101993trump is doing something to upset the lords of earththey spend big media resources to bad mouth trump, he is number1 prioritynewfags think it is all about clicks, you can turn any controversy into clicks


>>276103479>>276106316That's what I'm worried about

He'll got to prison for a long time for the crimes he committed

>>276101993War with iran, gun bans, and tons of anti white shit

>>276101993The fall of the US greatly accelerates.

>>276101993>if he losesit's WHEN not if

>>276101993We slowly, bitterly bicker among ourselves, suicides go way up, and the country devolves into a communist dictatorship run by fossilized Weathermen before they destroy the country with a famine while eurotards loudly scream "but that wasn't real communism!"All before 2025.

>>276101993You better be ready to share your stuff, or expect the leftists to share their stuff, they won't be.

>>276101993The economy will crash and burn under heavy taxes and regulations.

>>276106987Joe Biden is so close to dying from old age, based on his behavior.It's this election that matters most.

>>276101993He'll spend the rest of his time in jail. The only visits will be Biden smelling Agent Orange's newly liberated bald head.NO wigs in the Penn.

I drive around to Trump houses blowing the horn l night

>>276101993I score on the stock market

>>276101993stock market crash

>>276101993Niggers and spics will once again flood into the country, reperations will be approved and more division will be sown.

>>276101993Same thing civil war. The only difference is if he wins it's more like the troubles than yugoslavia.

>>276101993hell freezes over

There will be some fat protests with tricorne hats and whatnot, but eventually they'll get hungry and go back to their buffets.

>>276107840>once again

Same shit that happened the last 44 presidents.Basically nothing.Stop pretending like these faggots actually have power. Left or right its all just one big circle jerk.Nothing will change besides maybe a return to normal buerctatic boringness we seen the last nearly 100 years from the office. Has the president really mattered since ww2?Most decision making that actually effects your life is made at the state level and even then besides deciding on weed and how to fuck you on road construction and property tax wtf even us the point.I still don't even get why a country like America needs a president. You faggots turning the executive office into a fucking sports team with they Fandom you have for it. Even the niggers didn't worship Obama like this.

>>276107151This plus Biden wants to ban fracking thus leading to Canadian tire food prices and $5/gallon gas nationwide. Capital gains tax goes to 40% and income goes up 10% for everyone except jamal. They band the sale of ammo and police get neutered. we start another stupid proxy war for lulz and America's civil war goes from warm to hot. We all get california tier rolling blackouts and the economy is shit for the entirety of the 2020s. If that's the case I may embrace full neetism all day vidya and tendies, leave for green pastures if I can or go innawoods since there will not be anything left.

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>>276101993Then its over.


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>>276109347Hopefully. Is that one real? I mean, can a human being be this retarded, or is it satire?


>>276101993I wouldn't want to work for CNN.They will bear tbe brunt of the recriminations.... In minecraft.

>>276109347>>276109773this one-hundred percent has to be satire. it's too much of a fucking gift not to be.

>>276109347god please tell me thats not real, post the account or fake

When can America have it's first Indian president?

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>>276102190FpbpIt’ll be 2009 all over again.

>>276101993He will be known as the last Republican President. The Dems will take control of the house/senate and stack (with additional if needed) the supreme court.

>>276110677If only America had an Indian president.>>276110483

>>276110677>stack (with additional if needed) the supreme courtYou mean like the Republicans have done for the past few years?

>>276109347find her page call her a liar who was never raped and it just trying to get sympathy for her whore ways.

>>276102190This is likely what will happen.

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>>276101993Definitely happens:Electoral college is gone, filibuster is gone, Supreme Court is packed, inner cities are slowly exported to suburbs by eliminating single family zoning and mandating low income housing in suburban areas. Democrats dominate government for at least a decade.Maybe happens: Senate is packed by DC and Puerto Rico statehood. Trump goes to jail, racial reputations, red state businesses are closed because of corona but really for retribution, rioting continues unchecked.The stakes are high and don’t for the meme that they’re not.

>>276109773>>276109347verified fake shit, oh behave. Although could be plausible but still see original photo belowinstagram.com/p/BKe2NamhFod/

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>>276101993Civil war

>>276102190Just watch the hope and change South Park episode for how it will be if Biden wins on election night

>>276101993Joe Biden will put Beto in his cabinet and he will push for mandatory gun buybacks.youtube.com/watch?v=FXcL_I3uTGI

>>276101993same shit when he winsnothing

>>276101993Idk but dems look like they want to own uS forever or they rather burn it down if they don't

>>276110483>>276110753I'd rather have our first East Asian president.

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>>276101993I think he answered that pretty well in the Harris Faulkner interview when he said I don't think I'll lose , I don't want to lose ,but if I do lose I'll just go do something else . sounded straight forward to me.

Nothing. Democrats will push for some of their agenda, BLM will be forgotten. They will deport more Mexicans than Trump and get into foreign wars. Probably Ukraine, Syria, and some southeast asian shithole.I like Trump for the comedy and shitposts. Once the real politicians are back it will be boring again.

>>276111430And how will that be enforced?

>>276110517How retarded can you be to think Obama didn’t change anything? Leftwing thugs wouldn’t be burning the town down if not for the groundwork he laid. In 2009 calling socialist was a smear, now the most popular figure in the Democratic Party is a socialist. Another decade or two from now they’ll be avowed communists. The term systemic racism didn’t even exist before Obama, now every corporation in America is bending the knee to it. It goes on and on, it’s still not clear America can withstand what Obama did and contributed to.

>>276101993>What happens if he loses?What happens if he wins?i see no wall.I see no swamp-draining.I see no mass deportations.I see no bringing back industry.I DO see mega-corps posting record profits, as there's forty-plus million unemployed.I DO see a President who is unwilling to punish government officials for Treason, Sedition, Malfeasance, and/or Nonfeasance.I DO see a President who bends over backwards for a foreign country, (((Russia)))), rather than do anything for his base.So, honestly, is there any *real* difference between electing Trump vs Harris?

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>>276111641>now the most popular figure in the Democratic Party is a socialistOffering a public healthcare option is not socialism you uneducated fuckwit

>>276111522This is bullshit, just because change is slow doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Anyone who remembers 2009 can see America is half way through being radically transformed. If Biden wins, with what he plans to do, it will be the point of no return.

>>276101993Covid-19 is instantly forgotten, all restrictions lifted

>>276101993>What happens if he loses?

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>>276102480>>straight to the jail with his family he goesI'd laugh my ass off at this: he's had plenty of time to drain the swamp, yet chose to surround himself with the most corrupt and horrid around (Bolton, Barr, seriously!?)

>>276111679>What happens if he wins?Anime will be made real for sure this time,

>>276101993>Here's my autograph, $10,000 on ebayWhy does he have the nani-nani-poopoo face?

>>276111766Bernie Sanders is a self identified socialist who honey-mooned in the Soviet Union and praised Fidel Castro’s literacy program. Dilate tranny.

>>276101993Public executions of anyone remotely supporting trump. Then again even if he wins you'll probably get more public executions of anyone supporting trump.

>>276102190Bullshit they'll ramp up leftist policies and appoint more freaks into power

>>276106671Pedro Opeka?

>>276102697The secret service don't spend hundreds of hours training their snipers for nothing.

win or lose all hell is going to break loose user

>>276101993Then I guess accelerationists get their wish.

>>276101993We get to laugh at accelarationists until this place is shit down that is

>>276111947He's a democratic socialist, which is not socialism and the same model used in Scandinavian countries, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Europe. It just means you get access to healthcare and services if you need it instead of telling people to die in the street like the US. The fact that people so aggressively fight to maintain insurance companies stranglehold on society in the US is sad.

If Trump loses - he will deploy the entire nuclear arsenal against the FIVE EYE COUNTRIES & China. At least this way Joe Brain Spider biden wont be able to sell our country out to anyone.

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>>276111766Yes it is you arrogant prick.

>>276101993pople will finally find out how much money was wasted in trumps administration and how much money he got for him self people will get angry and out of now where not gop officialtell you they did not support trump they will say we tryed to stop him all the time evry republican willsay they never trust trump and allways tryed to stop him ...lie ...lies full of shittrails will held heads will roll but the top and will get away with it by selling out lower rangs

>>276101993China takes over and in a few decades they have enslaved the world. China will be the head of the world government. A thousand years of darkness.This is not even hyperbole. This is literally what will happen.

>>276102697The FBI, US Army, D.C. Police, and Secret Service all drag him from the WH and try to arrest him. There's a quarrel over who gets custody and Trump dies in the middle of that.

>>276112065I would err on the side of more shit hitting the fan if he wins, which in all likelihood he will.

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>>276112280You already pay more for healthcare than any other western developed country, yet somehow paying less for universal healthcare is a fate worse than death. It's mindblowing you would prefer to pay more, have your claims denied, told to die if you don't have insurance and keep companies like Aetna and Cigna in business, just to avoid 'socialism'

>>276112063>The secret service don't spend hundreds of hours training their snipers for nothing.>thinking the restructured secret service supports democrats.My sidesbreitbart.com/politics/2020/05/14/nolte-sexual-misconduct-allegations-against-joe-biden-extend-to-female-secret-service-agents/

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>>276101993>What happens if he loses?Months of epic shitposting

>>276101993If he's got a brain he'll be out of the country at the time and seeks asylum in Russia. Putin takes him in but demands all his property in exchange.

>>276101993World keeps laughing at Merica.

>>276111924Unfortunately for us it's going to be that overhyped, soulless, nihilistic POS: Neon Genesis Evangellion.

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The Jews will bomb Iran as was the plan if Hillary had won.

>>276101993I'm 100% certain that if he loses 4chan will cease to exist in 2021.

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>>276111984Nah, Biden will end up spending 4 years trying to undo Trump's mistakes.

>>276112198Term Democratic Socialist wasn’t bandied about in 2009. Mainstream Democratic Party did not identify as any kind of socialist. Things have changed drastically in a decade, and if you can’t see that you’re probably not old enough to remember 09. Obama ran against gay marriage, now every corporation in America bends the knee to the rainbow cartel. Like it or hate it, things have changed immensely because of Obama.

>>276101993The riots stop.

>>276111890If we get a vaccine in the winter, this will happen anyway.

>>276112530"Alright Mike you know the protocol just as you've been trained go in there and escort him out.""You know Jim I don't really side with or like Joe Biden.""Well he doesn't pay your bills Congress does. Mike, you're fired. Now David go escort him out, thanks."

>>276106987You're a fag

>>276112525I blame the dems. they would not nominate berine.

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>>276112780I lived through the Obama years. The left has definitely drifted further left, but it's largely a reaction to seeing just how fucked society is and how the rest of the world seems to be doing better by embracing some of these policies. How does it benefit the average person to prop up the big health insurance companies? Why can't everyone's taxes pay for healthcare instead? There's not really any good answer to these questions. Who cares if some minority gets healthcare, when you get it too and don't go bankrupt if you happen to get sick?

I love these woke democrats who think the military supports them. Remember last week when the media on the attached list said the military woudn;t intervene? L-Mao! Hard to believe these honest anti-American "journalists" would lie to such hard-to-fool democrats. Anyway - they lied, again. This is the reason why the Mockingbirds are doing these Trump anti-military hit pieces. November is going to be lit. At least the democrats have spent the last 2 decades preparing for this while the idiot Republicans have been trying to eradicate the 2nd Amendment and NRA! L-Mao!thread theme:youtube.com/watch?v=anAhhmwhiR4

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>>276112859Do you really think they’re looting and Target and Gucci for ideological reasons? The police are going to have to break it up to stop it, and I really don’t see Ted Wheeler or his ilk wanting to do anything about it, especially after riding it to electoral victory. Biden after elected will go right back to not caring, just like he didn’t care when he thought he was winning.

>>276113074Dem voters wouldn't nominate Bernie, not the party. You can't just appeal to kids, they don't actually vote. It's sad Bernie didn't realize this after failing once before already.

>>276112063seek mental help

If he loses the Trump supporters will learn why empowering and radicalizing the left for "muh SJW tears" wasn't a good strategy. You'll see immigration skyrocket and lots of socialist agendas out in the open. Maybe there will be a few MIGAtard lone wolf shootings or some celebratory rioting and shootings, but I don't think it'll be crazy.It'll be absolute pandemonium if Trump wins though. It's been months of riots in some places because of Floyd, imagine how bad the riots will be and how long they will last if the Bad Orange Man gets another four years? Between the election, COVID, economic instability and the impending riots, you guys are crazy if you haven't prepped even a little bit.

>>276113167In what cities are they still looting Target and Gucci? Have you been watching looped feeds all this time?

>>276101993Corona virus goes away and life will go back to normal

State enforced homosexualityMandatory dilationRoutine privilege checkRequired negro kneeling

>>276112525>>276113088Based aussie.These retards who want policies that actively hurt the worker are cuckservatives or brain dead liberals.t. gun owning NatSoc.>>276113267Bernie won the popular vote in the first three states. Biden got $100 million+ in positive media exposure after his SC win + Obama called amy and pete to drop causing a split vote between bernie and warren.This is all documented btw.

All you anti-American commie pieces of shit are figuratively & literally going to be staring down the barrel of 45!youtube.com/watch?v=Sz4ipOHyMd8

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>>276101993War. You think Trump supporters aren't going to chimp out?

>>276113336Vaccine will probably appear in the winter anyway

>>276113620He still would have won if he'd managed to convince Warren to join up/drop. The moderates combining to join forces was a smart move. They still had less support than the 'progressive lane' but the fact that Warren and Bernie couldn't come to an agreement sunk him. The fact that instead he got into arguments with Warren is strategically embarrassing. nytimes.com/2020/02/26/us/politics/elizabeth-warren-bernie-sanders.html

>>276111475God I hate the fucking yang gang so much. The jew does not fear chinkbux, no matter what you tell me

>>276113779No. They will be more likely to take civilized routes through the courts and such.

>>276113088Lefty’s opinion on healthcare is based on 2 big lies: that European healthcare is superior to American and that there won’t be any downside to government take over of healthcare. You will never understand it because you keep living in your fantasy world that Healthcare will become free, taxes will go up and there will be no other trade offs. Care will inevitably be rationed and you will keep worshipping at the altar of magically free healthcare. I blame the media for dumbing the discussion down to the level of children.

>>276101993/pol/ gets shut down for a week because the board becomes bait threads to trigger trump cucks 24/7.Because Trumpcucks have been such delusional and arrogant pricks for the past 4 years, completely denying Trump has failed or made mistakes, there's a lot of Holla Forums posters that would like to put them in their place.

>>276103479Imagine millions of armed magapedes storming the white house with ARs. It'd be the greatest happening Holla Forums will ever see.


>>276101993back to business as usual, America isn't ready for what Trump wants right now and we as a country were on the verge of entering a new phase and bringing the entire civilized world with usone currencyone global economyno bordersTrump kind of threw a monkey wrench into all that which is why we have all these riots and covid fuckery going on and if he wins again..oh boy, it's gonna get real bad.

>>276114267>Care will inevitably be rationedYou can visit any country that has universal healthcare already and see that this isn't the case. You've been had by propaganda. A family member is receiving 10k worth of surgery for nothing at the moment, and we pay less for healthcare per capita, and have roughly the same taxes.It's completely doable, you have to OK with no longer enriching Blue Cross healthcare executives financially though, which you seem unwilling to do.

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>>276114426Would be tough at this point. He did build a wall after all, just not the wall he promised

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>>276101993every american on 4chan gets politically assassinated

>>276105428show flag you fucking spic

>>276114812always remember it the people's house not his

>>276101993Chaos and economic depression.Or normal life for most liberal faggots

Republicans will be hunted.

>>276114267You're literally replying to someone who lives in a country with a socialized healthcare system.Fucking countries from mexico to Denmark have a socialized healthcare system. The biggest trick the jews played is getting workers to truly believe and argue for policies that hurt them.

>>276101993>What happens if he loses?He will throw a temper tantrum, refuse to give up power claiming postal vote fraud.

>>276101993In my mind, the S-election is the beginning of the end. For some reason or another, the Trump fans beleive that all of this stuff will magically go away, my belief is that this is going to ratchet up to 11 and the boogaloo begins. In fact, I truly believe that we are in the middle of the greatest reality TV show in modern history.

>>276114673 see >>276114426us civilians own 100x as many firearms as the us military and 400x as many as law enforcement. the overwhelming 3% support trump. don't mistake the pre-election restraint on riots from the right as tolerance for lawless violence. the farmlands, the oil shales, the railroads, the supply lines all flow through our acres of land. if necessary, the correction will galvanize a new set of social baseline that the world has never seen. names will be remembered. new enemies of the new state will be declared, formally.

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I greatly love him and is one of his biggest fan but i don't care anymore. You guysbwill win and bring back partotism won't you. Im not for war but if its against Negroes muslims or against the ccp right now i don't mind

nothing. same shit different decade. They are all owned and following the orders of their masters. (((two party))) system. Wake the fuck up, people.


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>>276101993who cares, both parties are garbage

>>276105428What a bizarre fantasy. The right proves time and time again they will never do anything to rock the boat. Nothing will ever be worse than Obama. So just give it up. The left shows time and time again however that they are willing to devolve into terrorists in their desperate bid to continue being the biggest sore losers in modern history.

>>276103384so we all gain freedom?

>>276115671you posted the wrong flag, i found the one you meant to upload

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>>276101993Pay more taxFull covid lockdown forever