BOOM BOOMCRASH"WOOF WOOF"This is all it takes for a pit bull to break into your house and kill your newborn baby and...

BOOM BOOMCRASH"WOOF WOOF"This is all it takes for a pit bull to break into your house and kill your newborn baby and your entire family.Why haven't you banned them yet?

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>>276101686The only defense against wall burrowing pit bulls is to have one of your own in the house.

>>276101686There arent any niggers where i live.

This is a slide thread It is barely politics and contributes nothing to the boardAll fields, proto-turk


>>276101686This is an indictment not only of pitbulls but of the shoddy nature of American construction

the only thing that can stop a bad pitbull is a good pitbull the right of dogs to be pitbulls shall not be infringed

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>>276101686That poor dog looks hungry. He's just killing liberals to feed his bitch.

It's kind of funny in my area of Southern California half of the Mexicans have these dogs. But more than half the Mexicans seem to be very agitated that coyotes are coming down from the mountains and in our neighborhood. I know for a fact that these pitbulls have killed more children than coyotes in this city.

>>276101686Based pitbull punishing americans for poor quality building material

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>>276102485If you can punch a hole into your wall then you don't live in a house, you live in a fucking shack

>>276101686>he hasn’t made a pact with the rape gnomes in his walls to safeguard you from shitbulls in exchange for Japanese schoolgirl panties

>>276101960I think we should consider the merits of this thread as op really just wanted to post his image

>>276101686That's actually based though. Fuck that wall. Pit bulls are alright, they just need a very high quality owner, and surprise surprise, most people who get them are mental.. As that dog whisperer guy accurately states, there are only bad dog owners. Even the worst behaved pups can be broken into good dogs by a good breeder.

>>276101686This stops the unruly doggo

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>>276103033Despite being 5.8% of the dog population.....

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OP is an apartment dweller pretending this pic is a "house" gtfo lol

>>276102842Paco isn't a gnome, he's just a pervert midget from Mexico with knife fighting skills who lives in my wall

Because im not a puss hole whose afraid of dogs. OPs just a bitch, move on everyone.

>>276103435Do you know anyone who owns a pitbull? Let me put it like this, it takes a certain... Type... To want a dog that could kill a child if it got loose. Most (not all) pitbull owners are either very dumb, or paranoid because they do something wrong.. They probably should require a license to own or something like that, however, I do believe it would be profoundly un-American to ban them entirely.

Pitt bulls are the niggers of dogs

>>276104133Most pitbull owners I've seen have an open disdain for children

>>276102413Do the coyotes kill the pitbulls?

>>276101845I have guns, I don't need a shitbull to protect me from another shitbull.

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>>276102793Are you fucking retarded? Your house is made out of ply wood and plaster.Of course some so y boy wouldn't know how houses are made.100 percent guarantee your walls are plaster.

>>276101960this is a reddit post. It demonstrates the poster does not recognize this DECADE old Holla Forumsk/ thread format and the honored tradition of pitbull hate threads on those boards.The board is called "politically incorrect" not "13 threads about the same thing donald trump did"

>>276103033that spic got bit by a golden retriever lol

>>276101686american """"""""""houses""""""""''

>>276104607this.. but the mess would be quite ugly


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>>276101686Im would love to see a dog to go through a brick wall

>>276105283What is this? A baby camel?

>>276101686Is this from a video or something?

>>276103435>Despite being 5.8% of the dog population

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>>276101845I built my house with an inner wall lining of piano wire, if wall pitbull try's to come through he will get cubed.

>>276104602Coyotes aren't that formidable. Eastern coyotes are smaller than a golden retriever, don't know if western ones are larger.

>>276101686>pit bull>>276104836>plaster>plywoodall fields, lads

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>>276105875nvm, western coyotes are smaller, 20-40 lbs. Mexicans are getting worked up glorified cocker spaniels.

>>276101686>be American>live in 400.000$ cardboard box >get eaten by pit bullMany such cases.


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>>276101686that dog is proof about how much drywall sucks.why are walls made of paper and sand for the last 30 years in all homes? a little water damage and your whole house is fucked.

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>>276102842Kekd I miss this green text.>I hear the sound of the rape dwarfs erect penis slapping against the wood as he moves through the walls>I fire three rounds into the wall>"heehee hoohoo" >the last thing I see is the rape dwarf running back into the woods>I survive for another night but he will be back

>>276101845Or you know, have walls not made of cardboard, like the civilized world?

>>276105497>all pitbull type breedskinda like those white hispanics

I can laugh because although on American my house is made out of cinder blocks and concrete

3mb for a png? My god this is horrible. Use jpg next time

>>276106896when counts pitbulls they count only American Pit Bull Terriers and when they count dog attacks they count various breeds and mutts as pitbulls

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>>276104602Wolves can kill most dogs, especially in groups, coyotes are more solitary and will lose to most Shepard dogs.

>>276104607A gun won't wake you up with an early warning. Dogs are fantastic for that sole purpose. To give you time to get your gun.

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>>276103033FOH all these "gud boy dindu nuffin sweetest dog ever" shitbulls are the first to snap and eat a child. They all need to be sterilized and let them die out. Granted niggers will just get the next most dangerous dog because they are fucking criminal scum but we'll deal with that bridge when we cross it. FUCK SHITBULLS AND FUCK BLACK "PEOPLE"!

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>>276104602>>276104602Heard on the Rogan podcast (for whatever the reference is worth) that some guy he knew had a pitbull that got ganged up on by a bunch of cyotes and killed most of them.

OP can the poor wiring in the walls protect most Americans from pitt bull invasion?

>>276101686The breed is made to fight bulls to the death like blood sports.This dog is out of a nightmare.

>>276104836Shut the fuck up faggotYou know what humans use for building? hard wood and brick. If you knock on your wall and it is hollow you live in a shotgun house and don't own anything of value

>>276107614Honestly, pitbulls do have a snap switch. They are just dogs at the end of the day, though. Chihuahuas are much worse in terms of temperament they just can't do any damage. If you're looking to get a dog and not train it, then don't get a pitbull. If you're looking to invest some time and effort into the dog, they can make great pets.

>>276105550BIG BRAIN TIME

>>276107259yes they do. but here at Holla Forums, common sense doesnt matter always blow them the fuck out but they just keep going.

>>276106042You're posting in a bait thread, you fucking moron. The only retard here is you for thinking this is serious.


>>276108540they are shills, pitbull/dog threads on Holla Forums are made exclusively by same organised group of people

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>>276101686My house is not American McMansion made out of particle board.

I have a Rottweiler user, he won't stand a chance against Chad German genetics.Don't worry.

>>276102842Backstory of greentext

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>>276106739>why are walls made of paper and sand for the last 30 years in all homes?Because American are slaves with artificially inflated living standards who in actuality live in complete poverty>look how much dolla dollas we have>400000 dolla dollas can buy a tiny mass produced home for 3 people built out of cardboard Don't forget to spend 5 hours a week cutting your mandated plot of grass lol

oh, one of these threadssage

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>>276108997>>276107259MAKE INFORGRAPHICS FOR THE THOUSANDTH TIME YOU FUCKING RETARDfor those who don't know this is a serb dog breeder who makes the same posts in every dog thread for like 4 years and not ONCE has he had the idea to compile everything he says on one image on an IMAGEboard

>>276101686Attention, newfags: Pitbull threads are ALWAYS OP being a kike faggot trying to slide something. Sage in all fields.

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>>276101686same for niggers

>>276101686For a while Cincinnati Police were allowed to shoot a pitbull on site they were allowed to do this even if it was on a leash and with the owner if the owner couldn't provide immediate paperwork and show that the Pitbull had a registration tattoo.That was back in 2011 I don't know if it's still that way

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>>276109378>MAKE INFORGRAPHICSsoonalso, I am not a dog breeder, I make same post's because they make same post's/threads and it's 2 years not 4

>>276101686>Have actual brick walls>Have your own guard dogI agree to never relax around a dog you don't know or know is bad behaved


I have a pit for hunting hogsWonderful dogs when given the opportunity to work

>>276108997So basically you and every other shitbull supporter is openly admitting that you are a nigger or a wigger? Normal humans don't have these viscous beasts as pets.

>>276112178>shitbull supporterI ''support'' freedom

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>>276112178Dogs are tools with an intent for a job. Just because you own a pit it doesn't mean that you're a nigger/wigger.You can direct all the "gameness" of pitbulls into guarding and watching after your family.

>>276102059Yeah if you have Mexicans build your house

>>276109121t.can't afford a/c

Serbian walls are made of paper?

>>276101960fuck off you pro-pitt bull sick fuck clearly not a slide thread people to know how fucking evil Pitt bulls are

>>276101686i laugh too hard at this

This is the same retard over and over.No one cares. Pitt bulls are not subverting America.Put down the ones that bite.Keep the ones that don’t.Thanks for the shit posts.

>>276101686>flag>thread about pitbullsyesterday"PRESIDENT VUČIĆ: If you’ll allow me, I’m really honored and privileged to be here and representing Serbia here in the Oval Office. And thank you, Mr. President, for doing a great job."cucking my people for kosovo

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>>276101845No because are pitpulls programmed prioritize newborn babies above all other threats. it will only defend your house if the baby inside is dead

>>276112616>You can direct all the "gameness" of pitbulls into guarding and watching after your convinced every woman who condones pitbulls, is on her knees getting fucked by it

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>>276101845wrong, dont live in a shitty apartment. They cant floor burrow.


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>Gun owners whining about pitbull owners.How can someone suffer from this much cognitive dissonance

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>>276113970But pitbulls were bred as nanny dogs to protect babies. It is bad owners which make them look dangerous, they are one of the most loving breeds. In fact, small dogs are actually the most violent.

>>276101686My house is brick

I live in a house that was built in 1880 that was by a housing contractor for his own family. It has brick walls that are 2 ft thick slate covered roof 12 in on center oak 2 by 12 floor joists and 10 by 10 oak posts and beams holding up the center.With plaster and lath board walls throughout. With Rosewood doors trim, and banisters

>>276114334these are not gun owners

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>>276114334Gun does not decide it suddenly wants to know what toddler tastes like

>>276114334>a dangerous animal is analogous to an inanimate object

>>276114145Someone who named their pitbull, "Chaos", also managed to get their child mauled by the dog.What are you trying to say here?

>>276101686It's not the dog it's the owner.

>>276101686>This is all it takes for a pit bull to break into your house and kill your newborn baby and your entire only takes a few moments to shoot a niggerbull in the fucking face

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>>276115129"It is not the nigger, it is the culture."

>>276115220who was in fault here, breed, dog or the owner?

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They literally look like monsters.

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>>276104602Only if the coyote has rabies. And even then it's a 1 for 1.


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> You miles away from anything and suddenly this sees you. What do Holla Forums?

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>>276101686>imagine living in a cuckrican house.

>>276104602Our coyotes are pretty big from eating generations of fast food but they're not that big.

>>276115645This is literally smiledog but irl.