New Media BTFOs jewish conspiracy

>Jewish people dominate the media>"muh nepotism! Jews only have it because they give each other jobs">Internet>"Ah yes finally we can have media that isn't centralized, people will finally choose to watch who they want to watch!!!">Prominent new media figures on the left and right still jewish>"NOOOOOO"Are jews just better at this public figure gig?

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>>276101524ben shapiro should debate kyle kulinski before the election that would be so epic

>>276101524Non Jews really aren't that concerned with trying to control how people think.

>>276101524>Prominent new media figures on the left and right still jewish>Right as the internet was centralized under a few jew corps

>>276101524I don't watch any of those "people"

>>276101524Everyone rightwing channel gets deplatformed except the Shapiros. Who's responsible for that? the ADL

>>276101524>deplatform the goyimwow look at all the jews allowed to talk about politics

>>276101524>Are jews just better at this public figure gig?If it's true that Jews have an average verbal IQ of 115, then this doesn't seem like an unusual outcome. You would then expect there to be more Jews in public positions of power than you would expect based on their percentage of the population.

>>276101829>Crowder>John Doyle>IDWkeep coping goy>>276101716BAHAHAHA

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>>276101524>implying that YouTube hasn't banned the people we want to watch

>>276101787I watched the congressional interogstions>(((congressman))): isnt it true (((mr. zuckerberg))) that (((facebook))) doesnt censor (((conservstive))) content. Just last week the top non affiliated links were (((ben shapiro))) and (((breitbart news))))(((Zuckerberg))): that’s correct (((congressman)))Then a black comgresswoman shook down Amazon. >lot of fruad you got there Amazon. Shame if someone took a closer look mr bezos.>can you all commit to hiring all black employees from now on into leadership positions????It was a farce. Corruption on parade.

>>276101524>people will finally choose to watch who they want to watchnon-kosher pundits get purged off social media

>>276101524How is Pakman considered prominent. He made this thread, didn't he? lol. That dude is so pathetic.

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Internet has become extremely more jewish as technological control increases

>>276101524The 2 jews on the right trash Israel constantly. they should die fire.

Fuck off, kike.

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>>276102082Get fucked

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>>276102082Have they named the Jew? Ever?

>>276102735He used to be at least somewhat reasonable. Even pushed back against some of that Gamergate shit from the pozzed ones. He’s gonna full shill within the past 5 years though. His audience are some of the dumbest people alive.

>>276102307Google,Youtube,Facebook - The top 3 largest websites owned by Jews. 5 out the 6 biggest media companies owned by Jews. We control information. Why it's so easy for us? Why goyim can't compete?

>>276102735He used to be a kind of milder Kyle Kulinski, left-wing but at least somewhat anti-virtue signalling and focused more on economic/class issues than bullshit. I've barely even thought about him over the last few years though, most of the internet left either turned strongly anti-Biden or Dore, Kulinski, etc or they groveled and doubled-down on muh Drumpf like Chunk did, but Pakman just faded into irrelevancy.


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Yes goyims we would never use cloudfare to deplatform any sites spreading the truth.We Jewish people would never censor all people who dare criticize us.We wouldn't attempt to destroy thier livelihoods, families, and futures to destabilize and discredit them even jail them in many countries.Jews would never do such things you must be a Nazi Anti-semite if you would believe such hate speech

>>276103087Control of finance and key industries obviously asshole. Just let us nuke chinks and I’ll be happy with your rule again

>>276101524>>"muh nepotism! Jews only have it because they give each other jobs"This is a retarded argument in the private sector of a capitalist system. If Jews leave out all the more competent workers because they're not Jewish, just hire them yourself and out-compete the Jews

>>276101524I prefer Kyle Kulinski over Pakman, I think Pakman is smarter, but he does too much self-censoring / virtue signalling / shying away from certain things and like 90% trump videos/

>> hate you kikes so fucking much. The disgusting living in the lie. The chutzpah to make such an outrageously stupid and blatantly wrong statement which YOU KNOW IS A LIE, but believe that if you say exactly something so untrue and so disgusting, that people will be thunderstruck and fall in line. Jesus Christ, jesus fucking Christ. I really tried not to be anti-Semitic. I really, REALLY tried. But I failed. I failed you. There is only one way where this is going to end for you and your golem.

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>>276103596Pakman is a fucking idiot. Ryan Faulk tore him to

>>276103087We can slit your fucking throats, if that's truly what you want.

>>276103924Well its just the feeling I get from him, it seems like he almost entirely never gives his own opinion and acts in a very controlled le socratic method ONLY way

>>276103588They can't fight it. In a free market + free speech Jews will always dominate in most sectors due to our higher IQ especially when it comes to verbal skills. The only way to stop it is USA to become a dictatorship and that will never happen.

>>276101524jews are like spoiled little children who were handed the keys to the candy store by their parentsthis is a double edged sword though, because of this they develop no real traits that make them appealing, no real skills, they morph into unlikable people because their mommy and daddy sheltered them from the harsh realities of life

>>276103588Not if Jews have a total monopoly on the tech platforms and get to lobby to shut down any and all alternative platforms, you fucking braindead leaf. You utterly subhuman troglodyte. You dogfucking, chink cucked, French queer.

>>276103406>>276102992>>276102607>>276104273the amount of COPE in this thread>b-but they kick out nazisdeplatforming nazis=/=deplatforming goysgoys have just as equal of a shot to speak their voice as jews in new media, with or without nazis on the platform.

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>>276104028A fucking dares to call anyone a faggot. Canada is way worse than San francisco.

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>>276104428I'm just saying maybe try acting likable and you wouldn't have this rise in "antisemitism" that you are seeing todayyou act like unlikable people and then are surprised that you aren't liked, it's completely baffling to me


>>276101524This week, finally came to an end after we——called to action our social media community to contact GoyimTV's web hosting provider, Epik, and warn them about Within hours, Epik deemed Minadeo's website violated hate speech policy and removed it.But within days, the hate group resumed publishing its antisemitic content through a BitChute - hosted channel called Handsome Truth GDL (for Goyim Defense League).We need YOUR help to stop Jon Minadeo II from having yet another stage to broadcast his Jew-hatred. Combat his vile bigotry and email Bitchute to demand his account is removed for content violation!

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>>276104428Here is a pro-tip, Jude: all power is temporary. Even yours. The reputation of Israel is at an historic low. The USA is about to collapse. For now you can censor anyone critical of Jewish power. That will go away. And you will have to live, with no power, in one world with the people you raped, you tortured, you murdered, whose life and the lives of their family you destroyed. And the world will not forget.This is my promise to you. That justice will find all of us some day. Even you. And the world will not be kind. And your pride and your narcissism and your supremacy will find you like karma always finds anyone. It is gravity and natural law. And when that happens I will be right here to watch it. Have a nice day. :^)

>>276104299>Not if Jews have a total monopoly on the tech platforms and get to lobby to shut down any and all alternative platformsOk but they don'tPoint stands

>>276104847>This is my promise to you. That justice will find all of us some day. Even you. And the world will not be kind. And your pride and your narcissism and your supremacy will find you like karma always finds anyone. It is gravity and natural law. And when that happens I will be right here to watch it. Have a nice day. :^)Thanks for reminding us the outcome of nazi germany, don't worry it will not happen to any other group, germans are uniquely evil

>>276104847>For now you can censor anyone critical of Jewish powerThat's just a stupid move on their part as well, all it does is confirm peoples suspicions that they may have. Once people are predisposed to not like you they are not going to listen to you and then you lose whatever influence you would have normally had over them. You can't change a closed mind.

>>276104847>USA is about to collapseWe'll always have plan B.

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A religion founded by propaganda, whose religious texts are propaganda, produces a race of propagandists. Really makes me think.

Because jews are the real master race.

Ben Shapiro never makes any good points. All he does is complain about how corrupt the left is.He never provides new policies, he can't answer every time a college kid asks why Republicans never make any policy. The truth is Conservatives are elected to stop the leftist agenda. There is nothing to do except lower taxes. Shapiro can't admit this.

>>276105291Have you guys even started making jew-chink hybrids yet? So you can blend in with them and subvert their population from within?

>>276105569this one gets it>>276105770>>276105291Let's fucking GO, non-Han immigration act coming soon. Also, don't think Africa isn't on our radar either

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>>276105691He also can't admit that once white people become a minority it's over forever for the republican party. Soon spics will take over texas, I don't understand how republicans will ever win again once texas is gone.

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>>276101524This thread is a waste of time

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>>276106190This is a really easy question: The republican party changes

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>>276101524>Internet becomes increasingly centralized>It becomes increasingly jewedJust a cohencidence, goy

>>276101524we dont watch them. seethe about it

>>276101524ive never watched any of these guys... dont know why op does

>>276105987why non-Han?

>>276101524But the jews at google and Facebook take out your examples' got competition. All the whites to blazed this trail for years were then banned and replaced with well-funded jews.

>>276105770They stink, literally. I don't mind mixing with japanese but chinks are truly soulless basterds. It's strictly business with them.

>>276106190When the GOP embraces National Populism.. Tucker is paving the path.

>>276101524No. They are neurotic and many are schizo weirdos. Notice jews can never get a hot chick. Even rich kikes have to resort to sexual assault (Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Etc)


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>>276101524They watch their own. They are a sect, nothing new.

>>276103328Rest in Piss kike jamal brooks

>>276102082Those "right wing" figures constantly spout pro israel propaganda and never even slightly suggest anything negative about jews. They are controlled opposition.


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>>276106781Uhhh that's just power corrupting absolutely. Jewish power is so strong they got sloppy.

>>276101670Kyle should retire, but at least he doesn't suck Biden's cock like Ben does Trump's

>>276106621some "plan B" you got there if you can't even walk amongst them and change their minds from within>>276106831yes I am aware of their role in the communist uprising I am talking about literal slant-eyed jews though

>>276106553You don't start by importing africans right away. You have to start by normalizing the amount of asians of different ethnicities

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>>276104428Rubin is on the outs for some reason. Rogan and others have ghosted him.

>>276104143You lost already the feeble position you held 7 years ago. It is going only downhill from here. You will end up like the Jehovas witness. Kike.

>>276104428Gavin McInnis, Alex Jones, etc etc etc

>>276107326Both Zionist controlled opp

>>276107395Yet they we deplatformed by jews and that made space for these new media jews. Just a coincidence I am sure.

Do Jews realize that they are white to golems? All the anti white porn includes them too

>>276106949Lol he shaves his hairline to try to look black

>>276101524These aren't "new media" they're just edgy offshoots of mainstream media and are funded by the same is a real underground media site.

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>>276101670The bernie crowd doesn't get to debate anyone. They were wrong, they lost everything

>>276107704Hell yes jewish women are in porn. It's hot as fuck

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Youtube doesnt ban koshervatives, everyone else gets neckedAlso Ben Shapito gets paid millions by the Koch bros

>>276101524Are we going to pretend like no one gets censored on all sides of the political spectrum on the internet? What level of dense shill are you on? You didn't get the memo that there are race riots in the street? Still larping that the internet is some organic place?

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>>276107704Jews are simultaneously white and non-white

>>276101524They receive a lot of money from investors, you tool.

>>276108138>You didn't get the memo that there are race riots in the street?They're anti state demonstrations you subhuman

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>>276102082This guy is a jew from the most hyper liberal community college in the nation and this is supposed to be right wing media rebellious figure? Do you think people actually believe this around here?>Oy vey! I didn't know what was going on there! I was just a poor poor professor!

>>276108001I want my gal.

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>>276101524>Are jews just better at this public figure gig?They get propped and pushed to the front.

>>276108464Gal’s tits aren’t that big and her skull is fucked.

>>276101524>the internet is not centralized

>>276108599This. It serves state interests, so there’s money flowing from there, too.Antifa is doing more against Jews at the moment than anyone. Jews survive on state power to protect them.

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>>276108599Their average verbal Iq is 126 which is way higher than any other race. Obviously they will be overrepresented in the media...

>>276101524>jews say jews aren't in control when evidence to rapidly being revealed that jews are in controlI totally believe it.

>>'s still 10/10 for me.

>be a kike>don't get banned>be not a kike>get bannedThe real trailblazers like Alex Jones (who's kosher as fuck) still get marginalized by the tribe.

>>276101524>Are jews just better at this public figure gig?that is a big part of it but that's not the sole reason. Jews, due to their nature, much like homosexuals, often have to act. In centuries past, Jews would often conceal their jewishness, and sometimes even pretend to be perfectly normal upstanding Christians. This is similar to how homosexuals often spend much of their life "acting straight". This is why so many faggots are great actors, they've been acting their whole life! Same with Jews. Now couple that with Jewish oral traditions both religious and secular, as well as their history in vaudeville and musical theatre, and it's not surprising there are many jews with prominent positions among all spectrums of the entertainment industry. Now on top of that even, there is the jewish nepotism and hiring bias that exists among jews. It's kind of a perfect storm. It's not that there's some massive orchestrated conspiracy to place Jews in prominent positions, it's just that Jews are self selected over generations to be good at storytelling, and on top of that they have a lot of ownership in media. So because of those two things, they dominate

>>276107779mossad agent

>>276102805Israel is trash

>>276109335this man gets it.>>276108464Jewish women are the most beautiful of all women. Anglos, slavs, and nordic are ugly

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>>276104963Ya they do dog fucking faggot

>>276109453Okay Moarpheus.

>>276109712>lead character of one of the most degenerate shows is jewishevery single time

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>>276102067how can you expect something more than you arbitrarily expect something?

>>276109961She's legitimately hot as fuck, don't you think?

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>>276110642still a jewess. Oy Gevalt!

>>276104500>jewish paranoia kicks in>recoiling so hard it forgets to type “leaf”must be that high verbal IQ I’ve heard so much about. I can’t wait for the green light to be given in minecraft.

>>276110642Wouldn't you want to race mix with jews? It's the only way to cull the jewish numbers.

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>>276108370>anti-stateright, anti-white state. kill yourself retard.

>>276112023It's ACAB not AWAN, as much as you retards wanted it to be

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Why don't Jews just form their own nation state and make the best country in the world with a population of the master race? Why do they need to live in inferior white people countries like parasites?

>>276112781All jewish people deserve to be tied up while they watch with impotent horror as their families are tortured and slaughtered, their homes and communities burned to ash, and only then may they taste the sweet relief of death as they’re drawn, quartered and left as public displays to remind everyone what the punishment for spewing vile anti-white genocidal rhetoric shall henceforth be. In minecraft. Fuck you and everyone who thinks like you.

>>276111425They got that covered.>Judaism is is passed down from the motherThat's a clever trick to make mutts do your bidding because you are /ourkike/ also if all male jews are killed and all jewish women are raped there will still be jews

>>276103087>Why goyim can't compete?because we don't act like kikes

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>>276113460stay mad :)

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>>276114230>implying I’m madWe’re poised to finally extricate ourselves from you parasites and your hordes of (((useful))) subhumans. I witnessed multiple subversive kikes get gunned down just the other week, and I’ve never been more erect. To watch smug inbred retards who truly believe themselves to be the invincible anointed ones get smacked so hard by reality that they quite literally lose life or limb.. there is nothing more satisfying. Might I politely suggest that you stay mad? While you’re at it, would you like to asphyxiate yourself on my cock? Sorry, no foreskin left to munch on afterward.

jacob wasn't born israel, he didn't give himself that name, nothing more than a semite gentile that got grafted in. fuck jannies they are niggers.

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