> Dr. Dre's estranged wife claims in legal docs Dre was violent with her in the past, and she also ticked off why she needs nearly $2 mil a month in temporary spousal support while their divorce winds its way through the legal system, and the expenses she lists are eye-popping.> > TMZ broke the story ... Nicole Young wants $1,936,399 to cover her expenses. Here's the breakdown> > -- Laundry and cleaning $10,000 a month> > -- Clothes $135,000 a month> > -- Education (tuition and living expenses) $60,000 a month> > -- Entertainment $900,000 a month> > -- Charitable contributions $125,000 a month> > -- Mortgage. $100,000 a month> > -- Telephone, cell phone, e-mail $20,000 a month> > In all, she says she actually has a monthly nut of $2,530,000> > tmz.com/2020/09/05/dr-dre-wife-nicole-young-justifies-two-million-dollar-monthly-support-with-expenses/MGTOW

Attached: mr_and_mrs_dre.jpg (728x546, 61.9K)

American Royalty

>>276101462He married a... guy?

> -- Telephone, cell phone, e-mail $20,000 a monthFucking how?

how can anyone spend $20,000 on a cell phone bill?she donates more than 5 times the yearly minimum wage every month? and wants him to pay for the donations? who would take this seriously

>>276101462>2 mil a month alimonyHoly shit how much money does this nigger have???

>>276102045No shit sherlock that faggot eazy was totally right about dre takes one to know one.

I can smell Chronic in the air for 2021


>>276101462>10k a month for laundry>Settlement includes charityWomen.

>>276102213rent your own cellphone tower and rent a server for your email

>>276101462For that much, he should be allowed to keep beating her

what race is she? honest question

Attached: 636108652280583995766.png (612x491, 22.21K)

>>276101462>Entertainment $900,000 a monthWhat is she doing paying for 30 escorts that cost 1000 dollars a day every day?

>>276101462I haven't spent 135,000 on clothes in my entire lifeAlso is that a dude?

>>276102622Checkd and kekd

Attached: 0CB0D007-40CA-426C-A19A-196870B03FD3.gif (290x189, 1014.37K)

>>276102640Exactly what I was thinking.Just look at Bezos exwife, she gets half his money and she is dead set on giving it all away to charity... :-P

>>276101462This nigger is stupid. He literally was the one who stated, bitches ain't shit, but hoes and tricks.

Worth every penny.

Attached: NINTCHDBPICT000592439692.jpg (3000x1999, 1.02M)

>>276102384Dr Dre was the first rapper billionaire thanks to being the co-owner of beats headphones. He and his partner sold the company to apple for 3.2 billion dollars.

>>276102384Dre owns multiple record labels on top of his own catalog of music and endorsement deals, he's fucking loaded

>>276102732Why would anyone need this?

how cucked of a judge do you have to be to see>entertainment almost a million a monthand say "yeah pay her you stupid black bitch."

>>276101462Why didn't he marry black. Is he racist?

imagine getting married lmao

>>276103045>>276102640>>276102305The settlement lawyer hikes up the price to an unreasonable amount so the defending party has the onus to lower it to, it's the oldest trick in the book.

>>276103475> rent a server for your email> Why would anyone need this?

Attached: Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_crop.jpg (2070x2588, 3.57M)

>>276103475You could be a Nigerian email scammer planning on sending 6000 emails a second to strangers. Or a Chinese phone scammer planning on making 6000 phone calls a second. Or you could be an aging negress who wants gibs.

>>276103427Money can't buy taste.

>>276103428He made a lot of money but didn't have a full stake in that company they just used his name and he got some shares

>>276103268If he's stupid then we all need to learn from his mistake. Women are the enemy, courts are their arena of combat. Lawyers are their weapons. Marriage is their fighting style. They will gut you for convenience. Look at that list of shit. It's ALL convenience. Most of the entire world could get by on her laundry budget alone.


Attached: 963ab5283a95dc9b72df7c546b991d72.png (720x888, 938.25K)

>>276101462>Laundry and cleaning $10,000 a monthlol this bitch shit in all her clothes or something?> Clothes $135,000 a monthThat settles it. She does.>Education (tuition and living expenses) $60,000 a monthWhats this old bitch need to go to school for? She'll never need a job.>Entertainment $900,000 a monthFuck me I spend 200 a month on weed and pirate movies. How entertained do you have to be? Is Russel crow being a gladiator in her back yard or what?>Charitable contributions $125,000 a monthI bet her charity starts at home. And ends right fucking there.>Mortgage. $100,000 a monthBitch, I'm renting a room with a hot plate.>Telephone, cell phone, e-mail $20,000 a monthBitch need to call tnt and get a better package.DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? Bitch I hope he got his moneys worth. I hope he built a fucking octagon to beat her ass in every night. $23,530,000????????????

>>276101462>Laundry and cleaningSalaries for a professional maid and laundress.>ClothesCoach and Gucci isn’t cheap, you know.>EducationMaster’s for a liberal arts degree from a a private college + bribes for good grades and admission.>EntertainmentCocaine and illegal Xanax isn’t cheap. Plus throwing parties and attending expensive events.>Charitable contributions Need those tax write-offs. Also, maybe she donates to her own charity, where serves as the director and she draws a salary paid for in part by her own donations.>MortgageMultiple properties.>Telephone, cell phone, e-mailHer personal assistants needs their own phone and e-mail service.

>>276101462She looks like those ogres from that Amish drunk driving mugshot.

Only 200K to have a pair of Haitians chop her up

>>276103255Yeah right, this bitch donated 1.5B to SJW causes and since then has made 40B without donating shit. She's a virtue signaler just like every other uberwealthy person

>>276101462>be famous multimillionaire>marry a man face who will eventually steal all of your wealth

>"I tell you the government's worse than a wife. They have all the power and half the money and now they're working on getting the other half."

Only a pea brained nigger would marry a literal Easter Island head. Fucking disgusting.


>>276101462Roided-out frog-faced negro violent?! I don't believe it.

Attached: 1594790589326.jpg (1650x994, 1.32M)


Attached: 1595580200462.jpg (650x650, 86.95K)

>>276104050Aight that is a spoiled bitch. We get it but bro, you deserve better than a room,a bit of weed and a hot plate. Unfuck yourself and take your life back.

>>276103255she makes more money through these donations than she gives away, sounds weird but it be like that .

>>276102384Our ZOGged civilization rewards all the wrong people-- the opposite sorts of people that deserve it.

>>276103887He had a third. After tax he made 700 million when they sold beats. That pushed him up to billionaire. Dr Dre is actually a really nice guy and kind of a nerd.

>>276103428true, he is almost a billionaire, expect her wife to get a nice share of that so don't count it.his actual income is 36Mill this year.he pays 10 of that in taxes. His wife wants 24 of his remaining 26 million. If he makes 10% less next year he is going to debtors prison.

>>276101462>Clothes $135,000 a month>Education (tuition and living expenses) $60,000 a monthhow the fuck is she spending more on clothes than education?

>>276104934>a really nice guyExcept when he's beating his wife or 'singing' about and inciting homocides.

>>276104696Thing is, I'm happy with just a room and a hot plate and a bag of weed. I'm a no frills type of nigga. You know what the best thing about this place is? You guessed it. It's free.

>>276101462Is that a dude?

>>276104934>Dr Dre is actually a really nice guySo is that what women mean when they claim they want to marry a "nice guy"? They want someone to gut and fillet in divorce court?

>>276101462And I thought Brendan had it rough.

Attached: 1491247491362.jpg (640x334, 21.03K)

>>276105041for two mil a month you're legally obliged to bring the ever living smack down on the bitch.

>>276103268Hes a bitch... what's your complaint, user?

>>276101462What a shock faggot Dre has a manfaced wife. gee wilikers. Fucken queer.

Someone explain to me how either her or Dre has contributed to the betterment of society or even humanity worthy of that much money, and then explain why unrepentant capitalism is still awesome.Solar Flare in next 10 or I’m out.

>>276101462Why do you post this here? We don’t care about niggers.

>>276104284This. Sounds like a GoFundMe money launderer

He marry a jewPay the ---

He probably has the resources and money to hire a top rate hit team to make her disappear cleanly and easily, but that would just be out of a matter of principle in that he’ll be assuaging a feeling of resentment that he’s paying some bitch that he has nothing to do with $2mil a month, which is honestly just pocket change for him. Probably easier for him to take the minuscule hit to his bank account to pay this gold digging ho rather than draw possible unwanted attention.The mistake biggest she could make would be if she started shacking up with another guy who then lives on Dre’s dime by proxy, like OJ Simpson’s wife did, then he’d explode and go full on OJ and have her taken out.

>>276102384He sold beats to apple for 3 billion and as such is one of their largest shareholdersApparently he lied about the sale price to his wife because he knew this was going to happen one day

Attached: 4L_7hc0fF4b.gif (375x281, 1.06M)

>>276101462>Dr. Dre's estranged wife claims in legal docs Dre was violent with her in the past

Attached: 0_VamjJKj0jkHLyNig.png (990x743, 88.2K)

>>276105957He could hire Mike Tyson ;-)

>>276105004Well his account is down to 800 million. So they spend over 200 million. In the last 5 years.>>276105129Yes>>276105041>saying awful things makes you badIt’s entertainment. Everyone here says awful things for entertainment.No proof of abuse.>>276105031She’s a nigger it’s standard.

>>276101462Dee ain't a g thang, he a she thang.

Attached: unnamed.jpg (500x334, 30.7K)

>>276101462I don't believe the claim that Dr Dre can beat that woman in a fight

>>276105041Dre was just a studio gangsta.

Oh man, I can't wait till june next year when I have payed down my Galaxy S10+ and no longer have to fork over 50$ every month in downpayments.

>>276101462Oh now a woman pretends she’s helpless and needs to depend on a man. Begging a judge to take more of his money.

>>276101462Lol. Fuck that stupid coal burning gold digger man looking whore. Hope the judge laughs her out of the courtroom

>>276105640She was the hottest woman a nigger could ask for back in 1996.Also she’s a lawyer so Dre probably thought he was going to get a smart girl with purpose which put her number up to 11 for a nigger like Dre.It’s disturbing how many here think that a niggers wife should be hotter.

Attached: 17B9B6B2-3C4A-4893-890B-57FB1D8C73B3.jpg (650x342, 33.52K)

>>276106163For 2 mil a month he could probably marry Mike Tyson.

Why do these morons get married


>>276101462>Insane budget list>Claims of Domestic ViolenceFamily/civil court lawyers are absolute scum of the earth. The amount of times I have heard (((lawyers))) saying "claim domestic violence and you win custody of the kids & the house" is just fucking shocking. This is why people hate lawyers or they end up riddled with bullet holes at 11 PM in their car at a random intersection. I had to deal with a "bull dog" lawyer from the mother of my children and I so close to throwing this guy straight into the elevator doors & down the shaft from a 5 story building. I was lucky to get weekends with my kids and dodge insane child support costs along with keeping my house. My ex managed to get a restraining order on me because her "new man" had the balls to lay his hands on me and I put his head into concrete... hard. I was lucky I didn't catch a GBI charge here in California for that one or aggravated assault. I hate to sound like a MGTOW women hater virgin but women are simply out of fucking control with institutions, courts, DA's office, and police enabling their shit. Last time I checked my ex keeps blowing through guys, they pay off her new toys she always breaks, and the poor sap she was last with left him with a $9,000 car note after she wrecked the car. Honestly this is why men parrot "do not get married", "hide your assets", and "dress/seem poor when you have money" - looking poor is the best deterrence against these money hungry types of women. Luckily in my case I still see my kids and kept my place.

Attached: 23t3.jpg (480x360, 12.15K)

>>276106715Kek :-)


>>276106098He had a prenup too.But the cunt is claiming he destroyed it to prove he loves her. So either she fucked with him so much for so long to get him to destroyed it or she sneakily destroyed it and is claiming he did it.

I guess you could say she forgot about Dre

Attached: tyrtyrty.jpg (600x600, 34.54K)

>>276106385Just like I don’t put much credence into the similar situation where Chris Brown beat up Rihanna. She’s a scrappy bitch and probably dished out almost as much as she received, but Chris took the backlash because he’s a man.

>>276106989Kek ;)

>>276101462bitch better have my moneythe redpill for faggot normies here is that rappers are never about what they rap about. He was married his whole career while rapping about fucking bitches and partying. So is Snoop, so is Ice Cube. They are all cucks just shuckin and jivin for Jewish producers to make degenerate consumables for the goyim

>>276106538As Joe Rogan said in regards to alimony:“He fucked her so hard while they were married that she’s physically incapable of ever working again.”


Attached: qhvx6ecjncf51.jpg (605x599, 86.19K)


Attached: 1598562464940.png (600x729, 290K)

>>276107069lol. Chris Brown is a super hot head. Just watch the punkd episode he was in. No way she got even one lick in.

>>276101462>tfw was living on ~$12K/year overseas in max comfortYou know. I could be mad, but the more I think about this, the more I realize just how unhappy these kinds of people are. Sucks to be them.

Attached: 1584582153984.jpg (1576x960, 445.38K)

>>276101462>charitable contributions>entertainment>clothes

>mgtowyea those two men need to go their own ways

>>276107069>>276107590Yeah doubt it. Rihanna would have mouthed off hard maybe, she might have even slapped him first sure, but there is no way that one wasn’t a case of Chris brown losing his shit because she ended up being a human being capable of independent thought, unlike the usual empty head fan girl bimbos who would do anything he says for his approval. I always assumed that fight started because Chris wanted her to suck his dick on the way to the awards show and she refused cause all her makeup and shit was professionally done. That’s the difference when you are famous, when you fuck regular girls you can do anything but when you are with girls who are famous it’s like being normal again. Because you are on the same level.That’s why you always date down in fame.

>>276105671People keep conflating capitalism with "For the Greater Good" -- it only operates that way IF the people within the system want that. WE have fucked up. WE have valued degeneracy. WE have paid these people. WE have not been vocal enough to counter this vampire culture. Thus for why do you think OUR focus and actions would change under a different economic system? You dumb fucking faggot.

>>276101462So, would this be the Coal paying the Toll?

Attached: triplethink.jpg (541x540, 18.12K)

>>276101462>Telephone, cell phone, e-mail $20,000 a month

Attached: maximumwat.gif (532x529, 3.71M)

>>276107440Have sex, incel. Seriously.


>>276106798Very levelheaded post When my wife left she immediately went back on the carousel of men to pay for her life. Last I heard she was smoking meth with a fat Mexican. Sad

>>276106798Sounds like you have a swell lifeRoasties are clearly, most definitely, worth all this

Attached: 1597825729640.jpg (225x225, 17.59K)

>>276101462Nick Young became a beautiful womenGood thing for that trap to squeeze that rapnigger out of every dime he ownsHe sucked so many dicks after 2001 dropped She deserves this and even more

>>276108752>conflatingI never did.>IF the people in the systemAnd said people in the system that hold opposing values and virtues are rapidly outnumbering us, and by virtue of the structure of American capitalism and democracy will come out the victors by virtue of being more numerous in consumption (capitalistic) and malleable in ideology (democracy). Both of these systems uphold quantity over quality, and decent volk are doomed for it.

>>276106336motha fuck dre motha fuck snoop motha fuck death row

>>276103427Id racemi. With the daughter

Wouldnt it be far cheaper to just hire a hit on her, and then pay everyone to get away with it?

>>276109668Back in 1996 this was widely regarded as the sexiest woman alive. Before the internet men were only exposed to women they saw in real life or women on tv and women on tv had the advantage of professional makeup artists and editing.The internet has greatly increased everyone’s beauty standards due to constant exposure to young women doing slutty things.

Attached: 9F0882E8-ECF4-4939-A2A6-3397B7969946.jpg (268x352, 13.56K)

>>276102045Dr. Dre is famously homosexual and this is clearly hush money

>>276106989Seems like she also got a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre.

Attached: D4BA7F18-33D1-491B-B39E-9EAF8AB907AA.png (200x200, 60.31K)

>>276102213pleb>2020>not having your own satellite in space

>>276106631>Shethat jawline is a dead giveawayit's a man, baby

>>276101462Just pay someone to "take care" of her at that point

>>276106798You married a psychopath. An actual clinical psychopath.

>>276101462>Claims Domestic ViolenceRemember in Straight Outta Compton they showed Dr. Dre as a dindu nuffin boy?

i hope the bitch take every fukken penny from him for marrying a white whore and not a sexiness soul sister...hes a fukken traitor to the Black communities on this planet

Attached: cop killer.jpg (660x532, 42.98K)

>>276101462>900k a month for entertainmentDafuq, is she having other rappers throw her daily concerts?Oh wait..

>>276104160Women are leeches, we see the same behavior whether they are around rich or poor men and everything in between

>>276101462You’re... a man? Hmph. Well, who are you?

Attached: FAB56638-660C-4DE7-8382-C773E354D615.png (490x400, 146.4K)

>>276101462Eazy E was right Dre was always a bitch ass nigga

>>276111120Dre hate Black Sisters and thought the white whore was better only to find out she the worst type of whore on the planet

Attached: 1555699308333.jpg (1768x2500, 608.04K)

>>276109276Dilate, faggot

>>276111285this right here...FUCK DRE

Attached: 1563046398740.jpg (1080x1610, 614.69K)

>>276104334she was a professional gold digger married to an nba player before him

>>276110173Sorry, she was fucking hot, makeup team or not.

Attached: 092e83a5a0031ad50403fd5f162004af.jpg (663x1000, 79.25K)

>>276111489Those poor kids. That's how antifa are created...

>>276106631she's not a lawyer, that's apparently a 100% lie she made up. not kidding

>>276102547Can't wait. Better leave EM out of it, though. He's such a faggot these days.

>>276105957He should get the team to deal with her, fuck her. Plus the courts could always order more money or a percentage of his earnings who knows. Make her vanish in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and no one ever knows what happened


Attached: gY64JEeU.jpg (680x388, 56.95K)

omg why did Dr. Dre marry a man wearing a wig

>>276101996>American Royaltyhaha

>>276103427hideous spic creatura...

>>276101462honestly he should just have her killed and live a relaxing life in some top of the line prison

>>276101462I would rather hire a hit man and bribe the jury if I got caught. No way I'd let some whore take advantage of me like that.

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Attached: Roast.jpg (1154x1900, 518.01K)

>>276104284they will write it off from taxation. thier charity is nothing from the start but marketing and tax evasion.rich make the rules and we ate this shit whole.

>>276106798>looking poor is the best deterrenceLel. True words. It's amazing what money does. A woman might think you're cute and flirt with you a little, but when she finds out you have money, you become EXTREMELY interesting in the blink of an eye. You can almost see through their eyes how they're daydreaming about how to spend your money. Not all women are like this though, but a lot are. I prefer women who find me extremely interesting already even though my attire would signal I'm probably close to penniless.

>>276107721>unhappyhaha no. they are not unhappy at all. everything revolves around them and thier only concern is aging.they are not unhappy, the power, the control and the yachts make them more than happy.

>>276112287They both have weird bodies. Oh well.

>>276112287Honestly it's cheaper to buy your way out of jail than it is to pay for even a year of what this cunt is asking for.Even if you aren't able to your life will be less ruined than paying 2.5m monthly for probably the rest of your life.It's basically the same reason chinks murder anyone they injure.that is the culture we are becoming.

>>276105129No, they're just lying when they say that. Women don't want nice guys, they want guys who beat them. Dre definitely didn't beat this bitch for one reason, she left him. Work with some actual abuse victims (like camera footage of him beating the shit out of her) and you'll start to learn. They will never leave and certainly never press charges against a guy who beats them.

>>276101462Don't get married period. Feel free to do the whole partner ritual thing in whatever faith you have but don't actually do contract shit.

>>276110173Ehh, she was hot because of playing a character on a popular TV show, not because of her looks alone. Subdued, serious, intelligent, professional attire, investigating mysterious stuff, that was her character. She had this aura of mystique. Seeing her regularly in your living room made her (and other actresses) more attractive than they actually are. I'm sure you could find a more flattering images of her than that easily. That image is not representative of what made her attractive. Most female leads on popular TV shows were on the gossip magazines' sexiest list pretty much automatically anyway. The inferences you're drawing are largely false.

Attached: dre.jpg (798x659, 62.07K)

>>276101462Pls somebody make a brandon fraser "Cuck my shit up" edit

>>276103427Big hands on these trannys

Marry the hole, pay the toll

Attached: 1596936146589.jpg (649x625, 110.7K)

>>276113605Pretty sure Dre isn’t even African at all. He’s 100% Philippino.

>>276101462>Entertainment $900,000 a monthThat's a LOT of nigger cum.

>>276105063Raise your self esteem.

>>276103255Seeing Bezos is an overall globalist shitstain, well deserved.>>276104284>without donating shitbased

>>276101462>Telephone, cell phone, e-mail $20,000 a month

>>276113591I think you might be over-thinking this. Doesn't make you wrong though.

Attached: GillianAnderson.jpg (355x450, 21.65K)

>>276102982El Goblino

>>276101462>entertainment: 900k /month. Imagine if judge agrees. Hope this fumb bitch gets hit by a car.

>>276102045gay nigga mafia

>>276110173lol. mid 90s had pam anderson, tiffany amber theissan, jennifer aniston on friends, Alicia Silverstone........

>>276106121Temper, temper Mr Dre, Mr N.W.A

>>276101462Burn the coal, pay the toll?


>>276101462>> -- Entertainment $900,000 a monthHow?