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► Detected: 26,948,953 (+164,162) ► Died: 881,347 (+2,993) ► Day: 242 (-07:24:27)End of day numbers for Day 241: 26,783,513 (+299,181); 878,334 (+5,794)— 5,031,239,216 people under lockdown orders —— 200 countries and territories infected —— 47.6x more confirmed deaths than swine flu (2009-2010) —— 306 vaccines and 316 treatments announced —— 5,429 genomes have been sequenced —>LIVE STATS/literally WHOyoutube.com/watch?v=NMre6IAAAiUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFCn0Gp_9aQSARS-CoV-2 reinfection trackerbnonews.com/index.php/2020/08/covid-19-reinfection-tracker>NEWShttps://pastebin.com/4RLmzDYFBradykinin dysregulation role in SARS-2 pathologyarchive.is/lWklGNote: ADE rumored (!) to be true from a chink (!) media outletpastebin.com/ELVhYjjyResearch compares T cell responses to SARS-CoV-2 and influenzaarchive.is/Y3ZslSARS-CoV-2 survives on frozen meat & fish for up to 3 weeksarchive.is/obYLx>ARCHIVESTreatments/Prophylacticshttps://pastebin.com/QCJEsu41"What to do when Corona chan comes over to Netflix and Chill"pastebin.com/DBPrRpEgFat user’s August 2020 COVID-19 Filepastebin.com/2YjudGAGInfodump on SARS-CoV-2pastebin.com/2fFs3ETVSARS-CoV-2 can infect immune cellsarchive.is/vW6543 in 4 hospitalized patients suffering SARS-2 symptoms months laterarchive.is/260KyPre-SARS-2 humoral immunity to common coronaviruses doesn't confer cross-protection against SARS-CoV-2archive.is/QbUTHSymptomatic SARS-2-recovered - cardiac involvement in 78%, myocardial inflammation in 60%archive.is/LScJqSARS-CoV-2 S1 protein crosses the BBB in micearchive.is/yejLn>Thread is fake if OP is a leaf, memeflag, has text, old stats/no updates, does not link to immediately preceding thread, has wrong archive links.>>276055541pastebin.com/fqdFu7Qihttps://pastebin.com/qy5RFpVX

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what's the breakdown? old, niggers, fats, women dieing more than the rest, right?

r/svenanon btw

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[BREADILY REMINDER]>in US 6% of deaths from SARS-2 were people without any contributing causes/comorbidities _listed_, therefore only 6% deaths are from SARS-2!!1>if there is something else listed besides SARS-2 then it's totally not SARS-2!!1Pic related is the contributing causes/comorbidities in question. I hope you do realize that SARS-2, being a multi-system disease (that may have manifestations ranged from a common cold to bronchitis, pneumonia, ARDS (14.8% of hospitalized get ARDS (mortality rate of 52.4%) archive.is/gIEYE, 4-7% out of total (hospitalized and not hospitalized) get ARDS medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.05.10.20090167v1.full.pdf), multiple organ dysfunction (archive.is/PXjnx), cardiac involvement in 78%, myocardial inflammation in 60% (archive.is/LScJq), diabetes (nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc2018688), brain damage (archive.is/CFFPM), acute hemorrhagic necrotizing encephalopathy (doi.org/10.1148/radiol.2020201187), strokes (archive.is/CYoT8)) - caused and/or aggravated a good chunk of the listed contributing causes/commorbidities?>94% had two or three other serious illnesses! they would have died from those either way!Hmmm, if that is true, then it is real weird that the excess mortality (in USA, too, yes) increased during the pandemicourworldindata.org/excess-mortality-covidIt's almost like as if SARS-CoV-2 actually contributed to those deaths to produce such an increase![Pic source]cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm#Comorbidities[CDC's Instructions for Completing the Cause-of-Death Section of the Death Certificate]cdc.gov/nchs/data/dvs/blue_form.pdf

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I have seen things you people wouldn't believeThe resident manic narcissist delusional psychotic trip user with an insanely fragile, almost nonexistent delusional ego, and multitudes of borderline schizoids larping knowledge and understanding of biologyCatfights over which one has the correct larp theory of the virus' mechanisms unfold so fiercely and autistically it leaves one with nothing but befuddled amazement>"You are Chinese!" "No you are!"All those moments will be lost in timeLike the theory of crust reversalTime to sage

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[LATEST NEWS]South Korean Doctors Split Over Strike Deal as Coronavirus Infections Surge>South Korea's top medical body faced a rift on Friday after trainee doctors rejected a deal by its leader to end a two-week-old strike, although the government backed down from reform plans aimed at averting future epidemics.>Some of the trainees vowed to continue the walkout by about 16,000 interns and resident doctors to oppose the government measures, such as increasing the number of doctors and building public medical schools, among others.>The strike has hindered efforts to damp a new wave of coronavirus infections, while a surge in critical cases led to a dearth of hospital beds.>The government says its initiative could help tackle similar crises in future, but the doctors say it would merely swell their numbers in cities, without improving medical services and work conditions in rural provinces.>Lim Hyun-taek, a senior official of the Korean Medical Association (KMA), said he had filed a non-confidence motion against its president, Choi Dae-zip, who signed the pact, for not holding sufficient consultations with members.>"We were not informed of the agreement at all," said Park Ji-hyun, the head of the Korean Intern Resident Association, adding that the deal fell short of its demands.>In a statement, a third group of doctors affiliated to the KMA demanded Choi's resignation.>Telephone calls to the association to seek comment went unanswered, but earlier Choi said his decision was not unilateral.>Dozens of trainees, some wearing surgical gowns, protested at a parliament building, waving banners condemning the "hasty agreement".>Park said the government would halt the proposed reforms and discuss them again with the healthcare industry and parliament once the virus outbreak had stabilised.archive.is/Iqe7J>>276006960 >>276007549 >>276008883

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comfy prepping is comfy, i just bought enough ingredients to make fake pizza for 5 months

>>276101620>vast majority 50+ years oldSo not only are 6% of deaths actually covid but it's a total nada hamburgesa for younger folks, awesome

Corona-chan a cutie

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>dude this is, like, the deadliest bioweapon ever!!!!Say that to Veepox, kek.

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>>276101611swpc.noaa.gov/products/lasco-coronagraphWell, if you look at it it's basically spewing out a CME per day now with some major one's in the pipeline as you can see if you know what to look for in these pictures, so time will tell, eh? >>276101902No, 6% deaths was ONLY due to the virus without any clear reason why.The rest is things like pneumonia, respiratory failure, acute renal failure, strokes and so on.

One thread, I don't know whyIt doesn't get past page 10 no matter how hard I bumpKeep that in mind, they designed this siteWith IDs and flags to prevent samefagTime is a valuable thingWatch it fly by as the proxy gets killedWatch me trying to save my general,The IPN ticks life away, it's so unrealDidn't look out belowWatch the number of posters go right out the windowTryin' to hold on, didn't even knowI wasted it all just to watch them goI kept everything insideAnd even though I tried, it all fell apartWhat it meant to me will eventually beA memory of a time when I tried shilling so hardI tried so hard and got to four thousandBut in the end it doesn't even matterI had to fall to lose it allBut in the end it has no posters

>>276102087>renal failure, strokes and so onSo things people 50 and above normally have.Nada hamburgesa.

[MORE]Amnesty analysis reveals at least 7,000 health workers have died from SARS-CoV-2 world-widearchive.is/1HXvMMexico downplays coronavirus cases among medical personnelarchive.is/v3RaqMexico States Run Out of Death Certificates>The coronavirus pandemic has hit Mexico so hard that the governments of several states ran out of death certificates.>Officials said Friday the federal forms started running out about 15 to 20 days ago in at least three states — Baja California, the State of Mexico and Mexico City.>Authorities say a million new forms have been printed and are being distributed. The certificates are printed with special characteristics because falsification has been a problem in the past.archive.is/Eo9fY'I'm wiped out financially': Number of Americans seeking unemployment stays high as SARS-CoV-2 pounds economyarchive.is/zWM2A19% of Californians know someone who died of SARS-2, poll says>According to a recent poll released by the California Health Care Foundation and survey firm Ipsis, 19% of Californians — nearly one-in-five — personally knew someone who died of COVID-19. For Black and Latino populations, who have died at disproportionate rates from the respiratory disease, those figures jump to 28% and 29%, respectively.>Those percentages reflective of how vast and interwoven our networks of social connections have become: The CHCF poll suggests the rate of Californians who know someone who has died of the virus is about 350 times higher than the national rate of U.S. residents who’ve actually died.>Large social circles have proven to be a significant challenge in containing the spread of COVID-19, the highly contagious virus, and in tracking that spread via contact tracing.archive.is/ckAmx>>276102024cool, any relation to Ebolapox from Kazakhstan?

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>>276102087Never coss posted before so sorry about that. I'm the one who asked about the neuro changes. When you say stronger than before what do you mean? Also mind elaborating on the serotonin stuff? I haven't browsed these threads for a few months since they were scaring me.

[MORE]Coronavirus Bolstering Extremists on Both Left and Right, as Well as Islamist Antisemites, EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Warns>The European Union’s top counter-terrorism official has voiced concern regarding an increase in antisemitic rhetoric and actions during the global coronavirus crisis.>“Violence against minorities ‐‐ particularly Jews ‐‐ has increased during the pandemic,” Gilles de Kerchove — the EU’s counter-terrorism coordinator — observed in an extensive interview with the Combating Terrorism Center of the United States Military Academy at West Point.>“It is a lot about a rejection of globalization”>De Kerchove emphasized that antisemitism was “not just linked to the right-wing, by the way; Islamist extremism is a case in point, but there is a strong strain of antisemitism on the far left as well.”>He argued that leftist antisemitism was “linked to anti-Zionism and an anti-[Israeli PM Benjamin] Netanyahu feelingarchive.is/QphcJAustralia: Police clash with Melbourne anti-lockdown protestersarchive.is/W9DxdAustralia's virus hot spot chafes under lockdown as infection rate gradually improvesarchive.is/WpHASUS: Another coronavirus aid package is probably ‘not happening’ after August jobs report and deal to avoid government shutdown, analyst saysarchive.is/9BlDD>>276102473Keep in mind: the stories and information posted in /cvg/ are (mostly) autistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>>276101620>>276102087I'd also like to ask you where encephalitis is on this graph?If cheese brain is so prevalent why are no deaths attributed to it? Someone as brilliant as you should know well that encephalitis kills up to 10% of those effected.

i miss him bros...

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wits.worldbank.org/trade/comtrade/en/country/ALL/year/2018/tradeflow/Exports/partner/WLD/nomen/h5/product/902780WTF brosCompanies bought covid 19 test kits in 2018

>>276102902>“Violence against minorities ‐‐ particularly Jews ‐‐ has increased during the pandemic,” Gilles de Kerchove — the EU’s counter-terrorism coordinator — observed in an extensive interview with the Combating Terrorism Center of the United States Military Academy at West Point.>Hate against Jews is terrorism>Hate against anyone with dark skin is a hate crime>Hate against Whites is totally ok and socially encouragedFucking clownworld

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>>276102241>not things caused by the virusIt's hilarious that you ignored pneumonia and respiratory failure since then you've got that 2.something comorbidity you claim proves SARS-2 is a nothingburger.>>276102473First, make sure you read what >>276102902 posted a couple of time since I've got theories based on facts, not theories proven by facts.>When you say stronger than before what do you mean?I don't know how to explain it, I feel more like me. Like I could take on the world, a strange calm sensation in my gut telling me everything will work out no matter how scary things become.>Also mind elaborating on the serotonin stuff? There's quite a lot of research showing it's fucking with things that are regulated by serotonin which is what I base it on, and then latest bradykinin research also indicates that it does some things with neurotransmitter so my best best is that it basically inhibits serotonin from reaching the brain causing an overproduction of dopamine and noradrenaline which would also explain some of the behavioral changes.>>276103123I would assume under "All other conditions and causes" that they for some reason don't want to specify?

>>276102404>any relation to Ebolapox from Kazakhstan?Yeah, both were made by the same person and are located at the same lab. In contrast to Ebolapox, we actually have documentation on this one (how it was made, behavior, appearance) so the "IT'S FAKE!" card doesn't work with this one.slideshare.net/EricLuellenBoston/veepox-a-recombinant-chimera-bioweaponhttps://rense.com/general18/poxasd.htm

>>276103984Yeah, it's the reality. Jews vs Jews fight won't be televised though

>YOU NEED TO BE VACCINATED!>but not under TrumpThe hell is wrong with those people? ok, if Biden wins, then the dems will declare that for some reason there's no pandemic.

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>>276105540>>YOU NEED TO BE VACCINATED!>>but not under Trump>The hell is wrong with those people?Their first rule probably says something like this "trump is always wrong"

>>276102902wait so you're saying sun flares causing global polarity shifts unleashing hoards of insects and permanent neurological psychosis in humans while sending animals into a rabid fervor ISN'T going to happen? man what a let down

>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 521 new cases and 4 new deaths in Lebanon▶ 89,237 new cases and 1,038 new deaths in India▶ 125 new cases in Maldives▶ 19,927 new cases and 305 new deaths in the United States▶ 5 new cases in Cyprus▶ 298 new cases and 10 new deaths in Algeria▶ 2,349 new cases and 14 new deaths in Israel>>276103984>Violence against minorities ‐‐ particularly Jews ‐‐ has increased during the pandemicAt least there's a whitepill in all of this>>276104759Oh interesting, it's from the soviet bioweapons program. Buy it while it's hot.livetbm.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=490

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>>276102699I wouldn't want to be caught prepping at that point considering people are gonna be laying in ambush for late preppers to steal their shit, might even happen earlier. >>276105854>(mostly)

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When is it safe to be around someone who was infected with COVID? Its been a month since a friend of mine caught it and he hasn't been feeling symptoms for weeks. I feel bad because I've had to treat him like the living dead for the past couple weeks but not sure what else to do. I heard it could spread long after you've so called "recovered"...

>>276103984>Fucking clownworldIt ain't just a bit fucked, it's fucked enough that it'll fuck itself. The consequences of how fragile society is as a whole is showing itself and it's gonna come crashing down like the house of cards it is.

>>276106374>people are gonna be laying in ambush for late preppers to steal their shitYes. Hand over the deenz.

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>>276106374I wouldn't be shocked if it happened mid to late September

>>276106435>When is it safe to be around someone who was infected with WuFluWhen we get proper prophylaxis or vaccine. Just talk to him with hazmat class B suit lol>turns out fuckbuddyUh, it fucked human reproductory organs too

>>276106646Nice rifle. Bolt action? Don't know too much about guns outside of pistols. Like the wood tho

>>276106646It's gonna be a fucking bloodbath, considering we're already at this stage.news.sky.com/story/policewoman-needs-hospital-treatment-after-being-bitten-on-the-arm-12055101>A female police officer needed hospital treatment after she was bitten on the arm by a woman who refused to let go.>The officer had to forcibly remove her limb from the woman's mouth during the attack in Manchester city centre which has been described as "particularly appalling".>She was one of two officers who were bitten in separate incidents in Greater Manchester on Saturday.universalhub.com/2020/two-sought-attack-milton-left-t-driver-broken-rib>Police say the two opened the bus door and then punched the driver repeatedly, breaking one of his ribs. They also spat on him, police say.edition.cnn.com/videos/us/2020/05/12/target-store-mask-fight-orig-mg.cnn>Man refusing to wear mask breaks arm of Target employeert.com/uk/499846-police-commuter-mask-fight/>Liverpool cop FIGHTS, pepper-sprays, & handcuffs maskless commuter with alleged ‘health condition,’ triggering online wrath>>276106787Yeah, I was expecting it to start already in August with food shortages being mainstream around mid-August, but turns out they're starting to report on it now so I'd say mid to late September is a very good bet.

>>276106950You learn to do your own farming Sven? Been growing vegetables in my basement along side my hydroponics and I gotta say, its coming along very well

>>276106374>waiting until the second lockdown to prepGood fucking lord I am going to dab so hard on these idiots. Anyone else still on their supplies from February or earlier?I'm bunkered down in the arctic, totally off-grid aside from phone, going hunting next week. Shooting a bear for the grease, and then smoking fish until the snow's on the ground. This country's a god damn mess but it can be comfy when you're insulated from the rest of the world.

>>276106950>She was one of two officers who were bitten in separate incidents in Greater Manchester on Saturday.>ManchesterOi mate, got a loicense for those teeth?

>>276107474>Anyone else still on their supplies from February or earlier?Yup, I've circulated some and tried out some things which I ended up not liking so I replaced it, but yeah, still got prep left from that and I keep stocking up more. >I'm bunkered down in the arctic, totally off-grid aside from phone.I'm still closer to civilization than you are, but I'm far up north too and I'm looking forward to a /comfy/ winter, did you see how cold it's looking like it's gonna be?severe-weather.eu/global-weather/cold-forecast-fall-temperature-drop-mk/>The first days of Fall 2020 will bring a very intense and unusually strong cold outbreak across North America. Very cold weather with nearly 65 degrees F temperature drop in 48 hours is forecast early next week! The first frost and snowfall of this fall are expected across the High Plains from Montana to Colorado.

>>276107474Hunkering down in the arctic?Where abouts say you are? Newfoundland? Hudson Bay area?

>>276106930thats an assault rifle you dumb retart nigger

>>276108036>he thinks a bazooka is an assault rifleFucking normies

Anyone notice that the “new normal” is looking a lot like the “old shitty” that motivated us to build civilization, i.e., the old normal?

>>276108036Well excuse me. I said I didn't know to fucking much about guns except for some pistols and handguns

>>276107474post your Nunavut grocery store lol>>276106950>Yeah, I was expecting it to start already in August with food shortages being mainstream around mid-August, but turns out they're starting to report on it now so I'd say mid to late September is a very good bet.Look at pork price, there's shortage on 肉. We will know about rice soon...

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>>276107736My god the weather has been fucked up this year dude. Went on a canoe trip and saw 5 cabins being washed into the river, all of which had been standing for at least 50 years. The water level is still ridiculously high too. I've seen weeks of -50 celcius before so I'm ready for a cold winter, but we also have to prepare for deeper snow and higher wind chill. If weather manipulation is a thing (I'm not a believer in coincidences personally) then everyone should be prepared with backup heat.

>>276108119>>276108279clearly wrong, this is an M2A3 produced by Wisson And Mith in 1993

>>276108397>Look at pork price, there's shortage on 肉. We will know about rice soon...Oh boy, here we go.>>276108451>My god the weather has been fucked up this year dude.Preaching to the choir dude.noaa.gov/news/july-2020-was-record-hot-for-n-hemisphere-2nd-hottest-for-planet>July 2020 was record hot for N. Hemisphere, 2nd hottest for planetyaleclimateconnections.org/2020/08/july-2020-one-of-earths-three-warmest-july-months-on-record/>Arctic sea ice extent during July 2020 was the lowest in the 42-year satellite recordarchive.is/XLPFY>Seven East Coast states saw their hottest July on recordeu.azcentral.com/story/news/local/phoenix-weather/2020/08/11/officially-phoenix-hottest-summer-record-since-1895/3350290001/>It's official: This is Phoenix's hottest summer ever recordednj.com/weather/2020/08/july-melts-records-for-njs-hottest-month-in-history.html>July melts records for N.J.’s hottest month in historykgw.com/article/weather/accuweather/july-record-setting-hot-temperatures-us/607-4aa51582-3b73-4ce3-b9f1-2e3225f08bb1>July's hot weather broke a slew of records across the USedition.cnn.com/2020/08/18/weather/japan-hottest-temperature-record-climate-intl-hnk/index.html>Japan's heat wave continues, as temperatures equal highest recordusnews.com/news/world/articles/2020-07-31/spain-sets-temperature-records-in-heatwave-uk-swelters>Spain Sets Temperature Records, UK Sees Hottest Day of 2020iamexpat.nl/expat-info/dutch-expat-news/2020-has-already-broken-several-dutch-weather-records>2020 has already broken several Dutch weather recordsarchive.is/pdjmA>Death Valley soars to 130 degrees, potentially Earth’s highest temperature since at least 1931That 1931 temp is also debatable.youtube.com/watch?v=48ko_O7bRjM>Siberia records all time temperature high for the Arctic Circle | DW NewsNot to mention cold records, rainfall records etc.

>>276101945Makes sense.

>>276108451And it's not weather warfare, it's the lack of contrails from grounding the planes, even if it was just a small amount of radiation it isolated and reflected it sent the entire ecosystem into bumfuck chaos. The water levels are probably kind of connected to the arctic permafrost melting this year at an alarming rate due to the crazy weather in Siberia.

This virus is globalist fear mongering bait. Not that it's fake, just that it's weak af only 2 percent of the population have it, and most recover without problems.

>>276108603>>276108397>rice soonbeetroot!

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>>276106646is that a FAMAS?

>>276108888Wow what the fuck.

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>>276108397Here's the ketchup price, don't tell groceryjew

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Within our lifetimes I think we will see total war once again.

>>276109287I'm thinking more total anarchy with lots of warring factions if anything.

>>276107736Sudden cold weather. This is the plan to get everyone back inside.


>>276109370Countries adopting isolationism with dwindling resources can only mean one thing, but the internal anarchy is not gonna help with that, tho i think people can be easily swayed, they will just focus on thr next big thing

>>276109827Nah, this is the expected effect from the summer we've had and the recent influx of radiation and circulation the planet's been having. It's literally thrown out of balance which is what we're seeing. Some places will even see snow that hasn't seen it in real before, and you do realize that's an event that brings people OUT and not makes them stay inside, right?

>>276109926Nah, not with less people maintaining the infrastructure leading to internet outages and so on.

>>276110038Wait what? Radiation? I can see things being out of order and the seasonal months meshing together but radiation? When did this happen?

>>276109028>7 goodboy bux for ketchupTotal nothingburger guys>>276109370>tfw you will never fight niggers and kikes alongside a Björn riding sven screaming about how the increase in solar and magnetic activity will send the vampiric Jews back to their crypts

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>>276108834For the record, Chink pork problem has been predicted since early 2010s, but not swine flu shit. It was due to colistin usage.Watch out for high volume food deals. >>276109028Wow, that's quite high, user. Even I could get $2/liter for ketchups in plastic pouch.strained or chunky tomatoes is much higher though, about $4/ liter due to low demand (and sole usage for pizza and spaghetti)

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>>276110189And not just the internet, everything will be having more and more outages.>>276110261The contrails created by jet fuel particulates both isolates and reflects radiation and for the first time since we started commercial air flight we removed that constant blanket of contrails.That gave the planet a power up and that threw everything into chaos.

>>276110269>tfw you will never fight niggers and kikes alongside a Björn riding sven screaming about how the increase in solar and magnetic activity will send the vampiric Jews back to their cryptsWhen shit hits the fan just make sure you get over to this continent, then keep going North until you find Svenland, we'll accept ya.

>>276110421We also have documented weather changes from grounding flights immediately after 9/11, so its not a radical idea at all.

>>276101416Fuck Chinks

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>>276110421Blackouts, more natural disasters, more pests, virus increasing in intensity, new diseases,tensions btw countries,extreme weather,all culminating in some grand climax i dk when but fk this.

>>276110421So less pollution in the atmosphere, weather starts to cool rapidly, early and brutal winter if Im understanding that correctly?

>>276109028>>276110269Wait, 7 fucking dollars for ketchup? What the fuck!?>>276110673Exactly, which is pretty much what I didn't know up until the beginning of this year and which is why I was screaming in May already that the hurricane season would be as it is now with record breaking everything and the same with the heat. severe-weather.eu/tropical-weather/haishen-japan-typhoon-mk/>Super Typhoon Haishen is now expected to be one of the most intense storms on record for Japansevere-weather.eu/tropical-weather/atlantic-storm-nana-omar-mk/>Tropics are ramping up with 4 new systems as the peak of the Atlantic storm season is nearAlso, I'm gonna be a cunt and post it yet again.archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/258118072/#q258119910>Very likely, this season will be nuts.archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/258253416/#q258255564>Record breaking stormsarchive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/257960503/#q257964776>Yeah, my point is that the weather overall is fucked up and increasing everywhere, which will make the coming seasons even worse in terms of everything from bugs, insects, fires, hurricanes, storms etc.>I think there's a reason they haven't released a new prediction yet, and that's because shit's going to be fucking massive.archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/258253416/#q258254439>Yeah, that's why they are predicting over 20% more named hurricanes and super storms back in April already. Which is probably more already.archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/258130979/#q258132832>I'd say start preparing for it, because America will be facing some massive storms this season.>>276110860Well, no. The contrails had actually been cooling the planet which is why we've just been through what will end up the globally hottest year with multiple months being the hottest on records on every continent. Now comes the backlash from that, which will be crazy fucking winter since nature was thrown out of balance.

>>276110736Chuck finks NAD nikes KAD hubsumans

>>276110736Fuck Chinks And Kikes And Subhumans

>>276105952India putting up big numbers. impressive

>>276110860>early and brutal winter if Im understanding that correctly?Also, I was very surprised personally by the cold coming this quickly, I was expecting a much longer autumn than normal but I guess I was wrong about that, or at least it looks like it, but I suspect this will just be a temporary cold and there's gonna come another heat wave after. But if we're going into an early winter, man, the late season storms are gonna become fucking insaaaane.


>>276110958Hmmm. So the contrails have been cooling things and now that they were gone for a while the earth just resumed its natural course.

>>276110958Ordinary shit is expensive up north, sven. It's like buying a coke in svalbard. However, their meat price is insane. It's even more expensive than grocery store near me

>>276111336Hey its 2020, anything is game this year isn't it?

>>276106435apparently after 14 days with no symptoms but i don't buy that. other studies have shown recovered people continue to shed the virus for up to a month afterwards. i went to a bar not too long ago where the bartender was talking about how he had gotten Corona but was 'recovered...' meanwhile he's coughing on the glasses etc.i left quickly

>>276110958>Wait, 7 fucking dollars for ketchup? What the fuck!?The struggle is real my friendThe store prices here are high because the alternative is to drive 4 hours to the next town. If all you need is a bottle of sauce it aint bad but you cant survive getting 3 meals a day there. I'm used to buying supplies in bulk anyway because of this so its been a fairly smooth year.

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>>276111437Pretty much, I think something similar happened around when 9/11 happened and we grounded most planes.So if there's a second lockdown this fall/winter, not only will we get MORE unrest because normies won't want to lockdown again + election happenings, we'll probably get the return of Winter-chan

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>>276107736what are your staples for prep? i've got dried fruit, nuts, pasta/pasta sauce, canned chicken/salmon/tuna, mac & cheese...gonna get more canned fruit and veg, powdered milk, powdered gatorade...

>>276111332im afraid you misunderstand the situation

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What is he doing right now, Holla Forums?

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>>276111437Well, I think it's a bit more complex than that. The planet had adjusted to the contrails and balanced itself around that extra man made blanket of contrails but when we removed it so suddenly for the first time ever it just threw the entire ecosystem into chaos, sort of a ripple effect, and I think the changes became more and more massive and that's what we're seeing now, but the planet's gonna adjust but it's probably gonna take a year or two with crazy fucking weather which is why I think this winter is gonna be so fucking insane, and next summer/winter is gonna be even more crazy. There's more crazy things going on too, like this weird geomagnetic fuck up streamable.com/1njsc4 as well as how the first 6 months of 2020 had 67% more earthquakes than the first 6 months of 2019, then we got July with slightly less and August picking back up with more. It's all building up to something massive. We've also seen very weird oscillating patterns on the magnetosphere this year.spaceweatherarchive.com/2020/06/25/a-magnetic-anomaly-ripples-around-the-world/My personal theory? It's that the core was not ready for the excess energy getting pumped into it through the poles, as you can see here ccmc.gsfc.nasa.gov/ccmc-swrt-display/SWMF-RCM/index.php it's now resting around 25 and hits 50 during major solar wind, which is fucking unheard of because back in July this was around 10 (pic related) and usually didn't go above that. All in all, I think we're due a massive earthquake soon too, probably in the ocean because I even suspect our planet will somehow try to cool the core with ocean water so expect something massive, probably gonna get some massive tsunamis from it.

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>>276111824Make sure you get Bunker Cunny while it's in stock too>>276112066Holy fuck do those retards not know how to tie their shoes?

Attached: cunny.png (581x633, 327.08K)


>>276111822Okay so im getting the picture of how things could play out in the coming weeks or months.>The Cold spells hit the US>People who were protesting in the streets say fuck this its too cold(Honestly who is going to protest in the fucking cold and how long could you keep up with that?)>MSM starts to prep the idea of second wave of Covid>MSM also starts prepping the idea of possible food shortages>People start to freak the fuck out and start hording supplies like we saw earlier this year>The idea of a second shutdown comes into play>People flip their shit and protest it any way they possibly can>Protests doesn't end well>Ops we fucked up on the Covid vaccine, turns out there isn't going to be any vaccine until next year

>>276111503Yeah, but I'm also way up north and shit hasn't gotten that expensive yet.>>276111550Yeah, did you see that weird fucking shit happening in Brazil or whatever it was (daemon user, you here? post the webms) >>276111574>The struggle is real my friendYeah, I'm happy I wasn't living there when a certain person had her ketchup period, god damn ketchup for everything, shit was bonkers. Who the fuck eats ketchup to everything? >The store prices here are high because the alternative is to drive 4 hours to the next town. Yeah, I get that. >>276111824Shit that lasts and is tasty pretty much, I've had times in my life when I was basically only eating the same thing for months anyway, I can't "get tired" of a certain food, never had, so I got that going for me in all of this. I've got lots of Bullens (pic related)

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>>276112066haha, probably waiting for next challenger>>276111574Do you drink the grease(liver)? Won't it damage your liver due to high omega3 content? >>276112505>Ops we fucked up on the Covid vaccine, turns out there isn't going to be any vaccine until next yearThis. But, you should add how US election plays out

>>276111822>Pretty much, I think something similar happened around when 9/11 happened and we grounded most planes.sciencedaily.com/releases/2002/08/020808075457.htm>"We show that there was an anomalous increase in the average diurnal temperature range for the period Sept. 11-14, 2001," the researchers reported in today's (Aug. 8) issue of the journal Nature. "Because persisting contrails can reduce the transfer of both incoming solar and outgoing infrared radiation and so reduce the daily temperature range, we attribute at least a portion of this anomaly to the absence of contrails"

>>276112505>>276112700Add the US elections to it you say?>Joe Biden drops out because he forgot to wipe his ass>Kamala Harris is now in his place>TFW no one wants to really vote for this fucker>All of a sudden Trump pulls a cure out of his ass

so the weather is about to get cold fast, huh? that should be interesting. it's starting, isn't it

>>276112505>People who were protesting in the streets say fuck this its too coldI'm not sure about this oneI think they'll use it as an advantage, i.e "We're out protesting for our rights even in the freezing cold!"Media could also use shots of poor niggos and POC's huddling together for warmth to guilt trip whyte peepo (hopefully spreading /ourgirl/)

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>>276112942don't forget the impending economic collapse and possible war-posturing from China threatening Taiwan

>>276112505>People who were protesting in the streets say fuck this its too cold>(Honestly who is going to protest in the fucking cold and how long could you keep up with that?)Think a few seconds more, what have these rioters been doing anyway? Yeah, setting shit on fire and they are so delusional and psychotic already they will considering stopping the riots for a bit of cold to be giving up so they'll just light more shit on fire and it'll even turn into a survival thing to keep rioting, essentially having to keep the heat by setting cars on fire then they'll all gather around it like some psychotic fucking campfire and continue rioting. But yeah, people are gonna go batshit with the prepping for the winter and with how people are acting already, it's gonna be a fucking bloodbath.>Ops we fucked up on the Covid vaccine, turns out there isn't going to be any vaccine until next yearUnless the US goes through with their plan of rushing vaccine's before phase 3 trials are done and distrubting three different vaccine's across the US which will just make /ourgirl/ stronger since she's already adapting to what we throw at her.Just look at India and their mutation that causes it to bind better to ACE2, that's probably due to them using ACE2 inhibitors.

>>276112942>>276105407>>276099300Also these threads are saying that Sleepy Joe is going to drop out. Cant tell for sure if its legit or not

>>276112700The bear grease? I use it for cooking mostly because wild meat is generally very lean, but I wouldn't ever consume enough of it to cause problems. Their livers are dangerous because they can have lethal vitamin A content, but bears often carry parasites and I dont fuck with the organ meat anyway.

>>276113175I think if its cold enough most people won't.Except for the few retards who we will find in the morning like Jack Nicholson in the end of the Shining

>>276113239>mfw 4 more years of Zion DonI hope this is the last Democratic US election

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>>276110152>all those deniersWhen will it hit home for them?

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>>276113199They very well could keep setting shit on fire just to keep warm. Who knows what the fuck will happen. Unless the US gets covered coast to coast with a 10ft fucking wall of snow

>>276113389>tfw you're hole user

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>>276113107>so the weather is about to get cold fast, huh?Yeah, I'm extremely surprised by this. I've been saying it's gonna be a very long autumn but I always suspected the cold would hit like a brick, but not this early. Makes me think it's just a cold "wave" so to speak, since we had so many heat waves this summer we're probably gonna get cold waves as a counter reaction to that, so my best bet is that this cold won't last and it'll return to be "summer returning" as the media will put it, then it's gonna be warmer than average for about a month and then the cold will hit like a fucking Hollywood movie. >it's starting, isn't itEcopocalypse baby! I mean, there's so many things people just don't seem to connect. Want to know how much snow we're gonna get this year? Yeah, look at the current state of flooding and rainfall..globalnews.ca/news/7303746/pakistan-flooding-deaths/https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/26/world/asia/afghanistan-floods-charikar.htmlhttps://www.voanews.com/africa/record-floods-cause-deaths-and-widespread-damage-sudanhttps://www.arabnews.com/node/1723576/middle-easthttps://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2020/07/06/japan-flooding-kyushu-island-lon-orig-tp.cnn>Record-breaking rainfall triggers deadly floods in Japanyoutube.com/watch?v=IkeaebtF5cE>Two consecutive days of record breaking rainfall in Bakersfield.And just to point out exactly how weird this years weather has been, how about some record colds in between record heat?watchers.news/2020/07/17/record-cold-temperatures-hit-rio-grande-do-sul-and-santa-catarina-brazil/>Record cold temperatures hit Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, Brazilweather.com/forecast/regional/news/2020-05-07-mothers-day-weekend-record-cold-snow-bombogenesis-extreme-pattern>Stinging Cold Smashes May Records in the Midwest, East and Southglobalnews.ca/news/7131969/cold-canada-day-2020-bc/>Canada Day 2020 was one of the chilliest on record for B.C.

>>276113633>the white keeps the niggers in checkOh boy

>>276112942>Kamala Harris is now in his place>All of a sudden Trump pulls a cure out of his assSo many keks

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>>276113653Has anyone heard from holeanon? He went AWOL a while back didnt he??

>>276113813>Operation White Wall.>There is no escape from the cold white oppression of snow

>>276113548The level of copium some people are producing is insane.Somehow this pandemic convinced my dad that anyone not caring if boomers die is a naziAccording to him, once you reached a certain age in Nazi Germany you were literally just chucked into an oven.

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>>276113756>And just to point out exactly how weird this years weather has been, how about some record colds in between record heat?And oh, I just want once again to point out that we're looking at what might be the globally hottest year on record all while still having certain areas reaching record colds. All other record heat years have been hot across the board, this year has been so hot in places that even record cold's haven dragged down the global temp enough.scientificamerican.com/article/will-2020-be-the-hottest-year-on-record/I mean think about it, how hot does it have to be to become the globally third/second (idk anymore) hottest year all while still having record cold in places? Sweden for instance went record heat June, record cold July and way above average August.

>>276114080He was on last night, building a little shelter for himself allegedly

>>276113107Lol no

>>276114161>mfw they're gonna be burning snowmen on the pyreSomehow I can even see them turning Santa into a white power symbol..

>>276114310>Lol nosevere-weather.eu/global-weather/cold-forecast-fall-temperature-drop-mk/Lol yes

>>276114277Nice>>276114337If its white. They will do it. Next thing you know Santa Claus is a racist white supremacist.

>>276114524>He's only entering the chimney because he tries to make a black face to make fun of minorities

>>276114524>Santa KKKlaus

>>276114606>>276114697Top Kek

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>>276113324Wew, nice way to use bear grease>bears often carry parasites and I dont fuck with the organ meat anyway.Yeah, it's not worthed... picrel

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>>276114606>>276114843>gives all the good little white children charcoal so they can support BLM like him

Attached: HE24HNGJFJCYBGIO5A6USGCUGY.jpg (1200x684, 111.73K)

>>276115163>black kids are gonna start claiming they are only poor because Santa steals their shit to give to the white kids as an excuse to steal shit from the white kids

>>276113756check this out sven Denver, colorado 37 and then the next day -3kek

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>>276115163>Gives good white children charchol to support BLM>Sides>Orbit

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>>276115343This is completely fucked. 96F today then on Monday its going to snow

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>>276115663>Monday its going to snowCant fucking think for shit right now. Fucking snow on tuesday

>>276115343Holy fucking shit, that's entirely fucking bonkers.. I mean, I know I said the cold was gonna come like a brick and real fucking fast but I did not expect it to be this early and THAT fucking crazy.When the FUCK has there ever been a 30C temp change that quickly?Makes me wonder if we're not gonna go for a 10-15C colder than normal winter in some places, considering how much hotter SIberia was, for instance. Because let's face it, the counter reaction for the Siberia heat won't be in siberia.>>276115663Holy fucking shit, I mean, I knew I was right about the Ecopocalypse but even this is fucking extreme.

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>>276113913i think they're going to find a way to put hillary in there

>G-guys the weather changes...what a timeline holy shit buckle up

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>>276115781This is just the beginning. Imagine when shit really gets fucking going.

>>276115888Checked, but do you really think this is normal? >>276115663>>276115909Yeah, I know, I just didn't expect it this early with the cold, but I'm still looking forward mostly to the bloodbath of people fighting and murdering people over food when they start talking about food shortages.