Opposing militia groups in Louisville Kentucky are about to fight. False flag incoming!!!!!Livestream: fakebook.com/AndrewMercadoMedia/videos/328734258548355/

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It's literally over. Patriots are leaving

>>276101189>Saturday afternoon>people have nothing better to do than run around with flags scream at each other and post on kikebook>absolute state of migatards

Poleese are here.

>>276101189Here's some streams.youtube.com/watch?v=ZK3FOTJ3P2s&feature=emb_err_woythttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzYY6XrYcjg&feature=emb_logohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usAy4k-YBGg&feature=emb_logo

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>>276103031Niggers approached them screaming they were going to burn the city down and dared them to stop them. Cops then show up fucking with the patriots.

>>276101189fuck around and find out

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another one youtube.com/watch?v=MnLt6YB3Z7c

>>276101189There's a trump rally in every state today plus a Portland super riot to 'celebrate 100 days of riots' by BLM so should be spicy this weekend

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>>276101774I know right. Keep the jew away, avoid kikebook.

>>276101774Very emotionally charged post given that you only decided that one side was the issue here.Need a tampon?

ok this is getting boringgg fastsomebody shoot shomething

this is getting a little repetitiousI know, I said that thirty days ago but ffs


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>>276101189Patriot Goys are so cringe>Capitulate to black niggers yelling in their face>Yell at white people like trash trying to cross the street>Kick out /ourguy/ for exposing the fed reserve

looks like a LARPer invasion thats it!

>>276101189Nothing ever happens

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>>276103846Booooring. I wanna see some commies getting TRIGGERED

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>>276103440he dead nigga

Rolling for tarrant 2.0

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here we goour hero just arrived

I remember the last time they did this the black people shot themselves on accident

Is NFAC going to even show up today?

White "militia" need more tactical diapers.

saw the whole thing, it's everything that's wrong with the right. Just a bunch of guys with tacticool gear and guns, one nigger jumps in front of them and they spend an hour engaging with a growing number of niggers around them, spreading them apart until some fucking cosplayer dressed as a viking (because why treat this seriously) decides to break it up. Guys get harrassed and beaten and 'self control' is heralded by the various streamers as a moral victory.They bring the 2nd to protect the 1st and then at the first nigger to wave a gun in their face have to admit it's just a hobby and the guns are for the range only and to feel masculine at home. Absolutely horrifying to see the right treat their demise like this.

>black and white people starting arguing>ok guys lets head back to where nothing is happeningmost boring and inbred streamer alive. fucking moron hick. dont donate to this garbage.

i read siege and camp of the saints last days and this shit is too much for me now. please start shooting

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>>276104755The problem is that they go to jail when they defend themselves so the only option is de-escalation.

>>276104755Not enough incels on the militia side to start killing. You need lots of single males with no families and nothing to lose to get real shit out of this.

>>276105040it's bullshit, there wasn't police on the street until the end. It's men with nothing to lose versus a bunch of middle class gun collectors with much to lose. Like in the Godfather 2, Michael Corleone in Cuba, 'maybe they can win'

>>276105240yes, see >>276105255

>>276101189this man just confessed to being a member of NFAChere's a partial of the plates of the car he drove up in someone save this for later

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>>276105240and it's an insult to militias to call this that. They have no command structure, no c&c whatsoever, they're a collection of individuals who get picked apart because they're all master tacticians and can't take orders.

>>276105255> It's men with nothing to lose versus a bunch of middle class gun collectors with much to lose.Hardly. Its retards with political backing versus middle class family men. Like I said in my original comment. If either side goes kinetic, both will runaway.

>>276105393yeah all in the open yet the other side is afraid to get arrested (and be released within an hour, that's how protest arrests work).

>>276105631>If either side goes kinetic, both will runaway.

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>>276105631it's just painful to watch this slow creep into the abyss. You deserve a fighting chance but you're letting it get stolen.

"when you say burn it down, they don't mean it literally"

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Nobody will do shit

>>276105255It's not that they have nothing to lose but all the people starting shit are felons who think that the worst that will happen is that they might go back to jail.

>>276103339>Niggers: burning and looting multiple cities for 3 months>Niggers: we finna burn dis bitch down>Niggers: why ya take dat literal? we jus wanna conversate

>>276104561i hope so, maybe they will shoot some more of their own guys, ive not had a good laugh since Kenosha.

>>276106205sure but that's what they bring guns for right? The only thing they have accomplished is a hugely demoralizing event for their own kind.

>>276103541it's a 3-day weekend here, too - labor day is monday

>>276106240This. Niggers DNA is literally infused with dindu nuffin. They get mad when people dont tolerate their bullshit and use their go to defense mechanism the race card. Absolutely pathetic.

>>276105981You don't have any idea what you are talking about. There needs to be a Fort Sumter moment for things to go hot. The idea that white men with families don't just start shooting people in the streets is bad, is nigger tier logic. Having nothing to lose only means something when your rival has his hands tied by the illusion of law and order. Once that illusion is gone, everything is fair game. Your eastern commie faggot mentality doesn't apply to us. So keep your nose out of our business motherfucker.

>>276105853Not projecting. Everybody in this video isn't willing to die for their beliefs. If what I'm saying wasn't true, this would look more like a cartel gunfight video and not some retards talking to each other getting broken up by zogbots.The vast majority of antifa/blm/nfac and these militias are staffed by cowards and people with too much to lose.>>276105981The right needs to support its radicals and killers. The right currently won't do this because of a combination of optics cucks, boomers, and civnats. We don't need more Kyles. We need more Tarrants.Watch me be called a glowfag now by the retards ITT.

This is all the press's fault.They keep casting these thugs as heroes, and dropping stories about criminals being removed from society by the Police.The press truly is the Enemy of the People.

>>276104755the white russian faction in the russian civil war also completely overestimated themselves in the same manner. rural peasantry usually gets destroyed in civil conflicts

The press is inciting riot and sedition.Why aren't they being rounded up and sent to Guantanamo Bay?

>>276106532Actually I do have an idea what I am talking about. Was taught to not speak if not. Anyway, you fail to see that you face two enemies, or really one because antifa/BLM is a manifestation of your real enemy, which is the state. If you go after antifa alone, you reinforce the state, which has as its ultimate goal to replace you with niggers. One after the other creates a stronger enemy down the line. You need chaos to survive this. Waiting will weaken you further (and look where you are, zero organization, no political affiliation).

>>276106699>Not projecting.Keep telling everyone you aren't insecure while you call everyone else cowards.We totally believe you, faggot.

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I am ashamed of these so called fence sitting tim pool "patriots" Absolute pussies. Never do shit. Too afraid to do shit. It makes whites look weak and emboldens the niggers when they turn around and run away. It's a fucking shame. They need a different name. They aren't patriots.

>>276106921100% correct.

>>276106921I look forward to your dying gasps as we cut off your supply lines and choke the life out of your fetid, crime-ridden city.

>>276106937>Why aren't they being rounded up and sent to Guantanamo Bay?Because they're the gods chosen people, user. Didn't you knew that?

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>>276106346Yes but look at what happens when they do shoot those felons, shooting some no brain monkey isn't worth going to jail over plus there's a good chance that it won't end with that. Some agitator fucks around and finds out and all of the sudden people on both sides start pointing their guns at each other and there's a chance that more shots are fired. It's honestly better to show up without guns if you have the numbers, that way at worst it will devolve into a street brawl.

They claim they are staying all night but they are hideously separated.This is a fucking shit show. Even their leader has left.

>>276101189People really need to learn about non violent struggle for future reference. Civil war most likely will never come to the USA as most people are not willing to get that far. But a good civil resistance campaign ala civil rights era might accomplish a lit.Just imaigne if people stop participating in the economy like sheep, if the start using crypto currency en mass, they stop listening to legacy media.

>>276101189It will probably start up again when the sun goes down. Rollin for BLM/NFAC to get killed

>>276103244>Nog in video has an ar15 with a 100 round drumOh shit what up

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they pussied out.nigger on mics where screaming "fuck america, burn america down, you wont do shit"and these "patiots" did nothingholy shit americans are the biggest cowards.

>>276101606Yeah. They pussed out like they always do. Lol!

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>>276107249I agree. Every guy dressed down but with fighting spirit and clubs instead of guns and one leader sends a way stronger message than all these individuals. Your opponents understand organized resistance and force. These patriots present the easiest of targets.Also, consider they operated in a vacuum, they weren't protecting anyone's speech, just wanted to march armed. The chilling effect of having a party speak and 100 or 50 trained and organized patriots protect it is 1000x stronger.

pathetic display desu.what was the point of the Angry Viking march again? why dont american 'patriots' confront the media or the judges?

>>276101774what are you doing with your Saturday afternoon

>>276107465>It will probably start up again when the sun goes down.This.I'm guessing a few structure fires, at minimum.>CAPTCHA: select all fire hydrantsConfirmed.

>>276106519They have the same brainpower as a toddler who just smeared shit all over the wall and then denies they did it, while having shit covered hands.

This shit is hilarious

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>>276104755anon, guns are for lethal forcethe need to exercise lethal force is, and should be, rare.be glad armed men take that responsibility seriously.


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>>276107723this is true, none of them were acting as if they were in any danger and thus none of them looked as though they were posing a threat, just a stroll and a chat through town to remind the local black people how anti racist they all are. this while carrying rifles, yet quite happy walking within stabbing distance of people who they are aware hate them, if a nigger had attacked them it wouldve been a burst of carnage and little more but some of the angry viking group wouldve died needlessly.

>>276107653still waiting on some south african resistance from patriots in your own country?

>>276103244>youtube.com/watch?v=kzYY6XrYcjg&feature=emb_logoAre these good guys or commies?

>>276107063The right wing doesn't support its killers. That's literally why we are in this situation.

>>276107752Lol! Muh angery vikangs!What a bunch of sissy assed pussies! Lol!

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>>276107723Exactly, these armed marches won't be remembered. Even Holla Forums would have forgotten about the NFAC march if it wasn't for the fact that they accidentally shot each other.

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It's sad to hear those patriots calling these niggers sir. Fuck niggers. They don't deserve to be called sir. Makes the patriots sound weak and sucking up to fucking lowlife shitskins. At least there wasn't any white women kissing nigger ass this time.

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>>276107063>community policing>but only for Democrat cities

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>>276107752What if they purposefully baited a bunch of BLM and pantifa types to come to a certain city away from their protection, and then just left? BLM can't go somewhere and not chimp out..see where I'm going with this?

>>276101774end the riots re-open bars

>>276103440>Fucked around>Found out

ill tell you whats happening today behind the scenes, its national cheese pizza day and ya'll stupid fucks are focused on protests while Demorats are probably kidnapping children right now while ya'll are distracted by this stupid bullshit.



>>276101189>niggers being niggers>false flagcome on now

>>276108425>crickets chirping


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>>276109664aw shit

>>276109664Listen to some of your brothers who do have a brain.youtube.com/watch?v=_PPA82P24dEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zvlGIwmp0Q

so the militias got bullied out of the city completely and then the niggers started destroying stuff on camera immediately after

>>276110240>shieeet dat ass


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>>276110240he's on cam now with a bunch of equality, talk it out fucking horseshit

>>276110884>black lives mattered

NFL replace replaced with bigger teams, morewhites, live ammo.

really wish this guy had a gun, make these retards regret being anti-fa

>>276101189If it's not on doomtube, it's not happening.

>>276109664Oh trust me we already regret enslaving you, regret dying to have you freed, regret not shipping you back to africa, and regret pretending you're people. When we come to put you on a truck to take you back to africa, I suggest you get on the truck because the alternative will shorten your life expectancy.

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>>276103440hahah he's dead too.we're 3:1 right now, better step up your game commie

>>276111655theyre all pussy though. theyre blm allies. nigger lovers.the SA user is right, he just doesnt have much room to talk

>>276111867they're still retarded though and need to stfu and die


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>right wing cucks are the biggest cowards and leave after 1 hourKek every time, the Depends must of been full.

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>>276111804I want to see some people approach a BLM crowd dressed like the bottom pic.

>>276105766>that's how protest arrests worknot for federal crimes

>>276105393Thanks for giving me purpose again, fren.

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Supposedly the NFAC leader was there but left when they arrived.But I don't believe a fucking thing about any of this.

NFAC showed up

>>276103244>youtube.com/watch?v=ZK3FOTJ3P2sA shooting is about to start in this stream

>>276113612wtf is happening right now?

>>276114099BLM suppressing free speech in a public square

>>276113612That boomer deserves to get his ass beat, fuck that larper up NFAC chads.

>>276107063Tim Pool is apart of a group of people that include Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Milo Faggot, etc. and what this group's purpose is, is to distract, brainwash, and essentially counteract The Right.

>>276114393Watch out, they might shoot themselves

>>276103244>youtube.com/watch?v=usAy4k-YBGg&feature=emb_logo>>276108655I've determined they're not /our guys/ after seeing the way they bounced quickly during pic related's prayer after spittin' some truth about the love of Christ our Lord.>>276113612>Video unavailable

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>>276113612It's the angry Jewish agent provocateur that had itself surrounded by black cock earlier. Jews always act tough when they got others to hide behind and fight their battles

Someone needs to decimatio these fucking boomers. They never stand up for their beliefs. They just make concessions to niggers and nigger lovers.

>>276114202"yall dont got no right ta be here now leave befo' we resort ta violence"

>>276105040How much time do these boomers have left? 10 years? 20? They may as well go out in a blaze of glory in order to secure the future of their children and grandchildren, but instead they wimp out and lick nigger boots.

>>276114994This. The first domino to fall has to be the kikes, followed by immigrants and niggers, then re-educate boomers and women lastly. Kill all dissent.

>>276115248Antifa and BLM need to target boomers and vietnam cowards, they bitch and moan about dead people on statues when the boomers are responsible for everything, and are still alive.Bonus triat is they are old and frail now.

>>276107752Because they are cuckservatives with boomer beliefs they still think the republicans are good guys and not Jewish owned faggots.