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>>276100676Fuck bros its over

>>276100676If you think im telling the jews the truth when they call my phone, youre very wrong.

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>>276100676At last, the end of dumf

>>276100676Stop posting this shit jannie

>>276100676Yet you keep coming here to try to demoralize Holla Forums because you're afraid of us.Sage in the options.

>>276100676pol = truthpoll = lies

Omg these demoralizing threads are working, these trannies convinced to vote Trudeau wow cutting your dick off wow

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>>276100676I fully expect media to do another 99% - 1% ((poll)) shortly before election day.

All polls are faked so when they cheat it's justified.Imagine Trump +8 in polls(which he is) and then Biden wins bigly.Ya if you dont see this youre a dumbass

>>276100676Polls are only asked to one group of people might as well pull that mask off and post crap like pic related

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>>276100676Lotta cope in this thread.Trump is gonna lose. Look at the polls from 2016. Trump led in Arizona by around 4 points all election. He won arizona by 4 points. Now he is down by 4 points in all the polls for a year. So what in 2016 the polls were right and now they arnt...cope.All it takes is 5% to switch sides and the entire outcome is completely different.Trump is going to lose badly


Reminds me of hillary was leading the polls in 2016. :3

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Oh noes it keeps trending the other way. Bidenerino is up for sure now!!!!Yeah keep thinking this dumb shit actually works. It works as much as Hollywood make believes a 70 lbs girl can beat up 20 dudes. You ever have to do mandatory training at work about sexism, bullying and etc. Do you notice how your brain just shuts off and you just keep clicking next without reading the content? Yeah...

Here you go lads.US Marshalls request assistance of Holla

>american "polls"Lmao. Your education is so shitty, you can't even get statistical surveys right. Works in literally every other first world country.

>>276102944you motherfuckers are so mentally ill

>>276100676I’d imagine low polling would encourage more trump supporters to actually vote.

>>276100676Seriously every single day lmao you actually don’t have a life! Christ that’s pathetic lol.

>>276101968i poled your mom last night

>>276100676That's cool, still voting for Trump.

>>276103392>projection Why are all liberals intellectually dishonest not with just others, but mostly themselves? Why are you so emotional about your own created problems?

>>276100676LAW AND ORDER!!!!!!!!

>>276102980Were youLess sureJust as sureMore as sureHil was going to win?

>>276104163>liberali'm way more right of you. fucking faggot kike

>>276103376They're intentionally bad retard

>>276102980a month ago I thought Trump would win but it would be tighter.. now I am afraid he is going to win in a landslide and the left is going to go ape shit and do something stupid.

>>276104515Nazis are all leftists and closet homosexuals so no.


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lmao they're just doing 2016 again

>>276104163They are mentally ill bro. Don’t bother responding or educating them. It’s best to leave them to their sickness.

>>276100676Remember to live your life by day to day polling numbers

That's it Trumpeteer bros, let's pack it up, there's no way Trump comes back from this.

why do people bother making political pollsthey are never accurate not even in this 4m country do they ever get it right

>>276100676Drumpf is going to lose and the Republicans are never going to win the presidency again. Mutts BFO

>>276105266>why do people bother making political pollspsychologyreally easy to get a poll to say anything you want it to by introducing sampling errors.

>>276102980Most polls had Hillary leading in PA, WI, MI, NC and Florida (September), most polls are worthless and are usually paid by either party.

>>276100676Bros...this was supposed to be our year

>>276105266Zogby and Trafalgar (for rust belt states) are the only pollsters that're trustworthy, others are usually shit.

>>276100676michigan poll claiming Trump is losing so hard.. Hmm either a white middle to upper class female who goes by some bullshit pronouns post this in either the Grand Rapids or The Metro Detroit Area.. Yawn...

>>276105277These canadians. Every fucking time with the jidf slide bitches.I look forward to conquering the north and raping your women.There, I said what you think I should be saying. Now fuck off and go take out your own shitstorm of a pm.


>>276106666be careful you said woman you would go to jail in Canada for saying such a word. And no bro you dont want those flannel wearing luberjacks that they call woman in canada

I'm in a really red area of suburban Phoenix and there are Biden signs here Trump signs too, but more Biden than I would expect

>>276105277maybe you can go grab your prime minister by the pussy. show him a good time ::wink::

>>276100676That's what happens when you insult our vetsBLUE WAVELUEWAVE

>>276107461Sergent dyke from the reserves who dreams of being the tip of the spear is not the military and not the military response.. Actual military might have plenty that dont like trump, but when they look at biden they are like WTF. No Sir, I Dont Like It.

>>276107375where i'm from, they're all "Bye Don" signs


>>276100904>babby's first shoop

>>276100676Biden will win, the democrats are flooding the cities to swing states and counties at record rates. Trump is finished.

>>276107770Drumpf faked bone spurs.Neither veterans or Biden faked bone spursyour post is almost as retarded as you are

Reminder the reason for the fake polls is to justify the mail in ballot scandal after the election.The real polls are much closer than these. It's basically a 50-50.

>>276109228post proof of your insider poll knowledge

>>276109018I get it, man... Puerto Rico is a shit hole and you all have terrible leadership, but on the mainland, we are not all sticking our hands out for whatever shitty welfare the leaders will offer you in Puerto rico.. The hard-working Americans on the right/left/black/white/latino will return victorious once again electing a real president (DONALD J TRUMP). We are not going to elect a shill like Biden who literally had to steal his slogan from the UN (Build back better)


Did everyone here just forget 2016 and how most polls had hillary in the Lead. 90% chance at a hillary win, next thing you know it blows up in their arrogant faces. I'm in Pa and in the Rural part i'm seeing no Ground support for Joe biden. Lots of Trump signs though. And who's honestly Excited for Joe biden for a president? Other than the fact he's the anti trump vote?

>>276108996>>276109200>>276109387John McAfee confirmed!

>>276110812I'm from florida, i'm in Puerto Rico on vacation thanks to Pelosi and the democrats Cares act . My entire puerto rican family in Florida is voting Biden, its gonna be blue

>>276100676Seems legit> wait... i mean... POLLS DONT MEAN ANYTHING!

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>>276113407where did all the good puerto ricans who served our country go. just mooching faggots these days. I am sure they are all in one of the counties who try to tamper with ballots. PS look out at the water, nothing but big old trump flags hanging in all the boats in the waters around florida.

>>276100676Yes, the lies from Political Polls keep getting worse, I agree.

Not surprised, desu. He lost my vote when he insulted the troops. I didn't blame him for being a draft dodger since I thought his dad wouldn't have let him go anyway, but calling the young Americans were shipped off against their will "suckers" is unacceptable.

>>276104724>>276104543>>276104163>>276103392>im a republican!>no, im a rupublican!>i'm a reeeeeel republican, youre a jew!>no, im the reeeeel republican, youre a nazi. And not a good nazi a bad one that isnt republican!>no, youre a jew!>no, yyyyyeeeerrrr a jew!What is tribalism?

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>>276100676wow, was gonna vote biden. but look at those poll numbers; there's literally no need! it's a lock!>>276100904oh, wow! even better! drumph btfo!