Brit/pol/ - Daddies Sauce Edition

>Watchdog threatens to sue UK’s four largest housebuilders including Barratt and Persimmon over misleading leasehold>Man pepper-sprayed by heavy-handed cops for not wearing a mask says he’s exempt due to panic>Department for Trade Announces 18 New Trade Experts, Including Tony Abbott>Matt Hancock praises the Conservative Party's record on promoting sodomy as his proudest>Firefighters attacked by 'around 30 youths' while attending wheelie bin

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reminder these people exist

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first for theA N G L O S T A T E


Now this lads, this is a job I think I'd like to

This future? Gone.

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>>276100524and here's who we have to oppose them

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>>276100809wow how urgent

wish i had a friend

Hi bongs

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was it even worth it

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>>276100524slimeballs like that should be executed

>>276100775>catholic church>tall mountains >no dry stone wallingDo we really want it?

>>276100985We are all frens here (except that one user who hates Apu).

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>>276100775This larp gone more like

I've got relatives in Bristol and Poole, which is better?

>>276100878worshipping niggers and faggots is the new religion

>>276100809Isn't there a recession in the UK?

>>276101065plus that bitch looks like she has an instagram thanks

>>276101144Somebody put an Apu on my photo, very kind of them.

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>>276101349>>276101313>>276101298get the fuck out


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>>276101298Poole, probably. Cities are always garbage, Poole is the smaller settlement so I would go with that. It's in a nice place with swamps and stuff.

>>276100775lmfao i started a trend with my albaniaposting clearly

>>276101417Don't tell me what to do, this is an American website.

>>276101349Recession? What's that? Only positive green charts here.

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>>276101032>we wantt olive

>>276101483this thread has been colonized

>>276101483It's actually Japanese, but whatever

>>276100711I fucking miss that lil' nigga like you wouldn't believe!

>>276100432Why are they copying Dad's root beer?

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>>276101698Actually, it's ran out of France.

>>276101836on Cloudflare distributed global servers

>>276100432I have no opinion on the uk or uk issues, I’m just curious about that sauce. Big fan of hp sauce but I’ve never see that, is it basically bottled gravy?

>>276101298My sister lives near Poole - it is dangerously close to Bournemouth which is full of woke twats.

>>276101770Why do Americans caffeinate their beer?

>>276101872Hiro bends the knee to Macron ultimately

Nothing irritates me more than seeing brits on Holla Forums listen to Jose from the USA (7/31th Irish, 15/27th Mexican, 13/30th German) for their talking points.Yankification of the far right has led to history illiterates pissing on their Grandad's grave, thinking we want "Based Poles" to immigrate (because they're white) and complete rejection of the Briton's traditional worldview. That being Independence and exceptionalism.If I've described what believe in, realise that you're little more than the vassal of failures living thousands of miles away from you.

Abdus Salam (Pakistani) won the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contribution to electroweak interaction. Salam's notable achievements include the Pati–Salam model, magnetic photon, vector meson, Grand Unified Theory, work on supersymmetry and, most importantly, electroweak theory, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize.[8] Salam made a major contribution in quantum field theory and in the advancement of Mathematics at Imperial College London. With his student, Riazuddin, Salam made important contributions to the modern theory on neutrinos, neutron stars and black holes, as well as the work on modernising the quantum mechanics and quantum field theory.

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>>276101906it says brown sauce on the label you spastic

>>276101906no, if you want to try an approximation of what brown sauce tastes like, add 50% tomato ketchip, 25% wine vinegar and 25% worcestershire sauce and mix

>>276101939I thought Bournemouth was just full of tennis loving OAP's?

>>276100432Sorry what?? Daddies brown sauce??? Only the Brits would have this level of pedo

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there might be a war soon thank fuck we have pic related to keep us safe amirite?

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>>276101770because ameriburg things are very authentic, we even copied your language

>>276102117oh sorry, I mis-read, yeh it's the same as HP sauce

>>276101939Only way for Americans to get their daily fix. Americans don't just need Colombian marching powder, they also need sugar and caffeine. If they don't take it, they will become short tempered because of low sugar and caffeine.

>>276101417whiter than you muhammed

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>>276102159she'll keep the enemy distracted, whilst the enemy platoon is gang raping her, we can sneak behind the lines, blow up the fuel depot, and be back safe and's genius.

>>276101906You might be able to find it in the luxury sauce isle of your local collapsed grocery store

>>276102159It's just like those webms of the coppers in London brawling with BLM; the women will retreat whilst the actual men do the fighting.

>>276102252that's an old british passport, you need to get that updated.

To solve the migrant problem, should we recapture Calais.

I've somehow become an incredibly lonely middle aged alcoholic man.

>>276102489>somehowyou know how

>>276102159its a reporter i leather pants on.

>>276102317The issue would be that the rest of your platoon would simp and go try to help her. Jeapordising the mission.

>>276102489same but without the did we get here?

>>276102518Nope, I did everything right. I just find society moved in an opposing direction.

>>276102701>how did we get here?you know how you got here

>>276102489hi pube

>>276101349Were you kneeling when you posted this?


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>>276102394it's good for another 2 years

>>276102752the nail that sticks out, gets hammered

>>276101698Japan is America's forcefully adopted state. Japan is like a timid nephew that can't escape his big loud brash uncle that bullies and embarrasses him at family gatherings.

>>276101144hi fren

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>>276102701>>276102752It's not me lad, probably not you either. There is a cancer in our country.

>>276102159>>276102317 >>276102368>>276102543>thinking war has something to do with peak physical strengthIf that's the case, why did the Americans lose to the Vietnamese eating mouldy rice? Why has NATO and USSR not won in Afghanistan? Modern warfare will fall into the following category:>sit in a foxhole and shoot sporadically at your enemies miles away>remote control a drone across the world from the comfy shires >infiltrating enemy computer systems to get an advantageYou need to stop with the Rambo perception of war. Your modern soldiers are flip flop wearing nerds.

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>>276102236Aren't low sugar Americans just Canadians?

>>276102489What are you good at?

>>276102812>served for 9 yearsdont you have to be under a certain age to become an officer?

>>276102778Pube isn't lonely, he has people requesting his company all the time. Usually with lights and sirens to get his pikey attention.

Obviously it'll be too late, but do you think normies will start to wake up when nationwide whites are in the minority?


>>276102543>got leather pants on.wot a minx, pure filth that one

>>276102812ok. nurseleather pants though

>>276103032>dont you have to be under a certain age to become an officer?Probably in 1939, gramps. But age does not equate to skill anymore.

>>276102543She's an army nurse.No idea about the pants though.

>>276102812Nurse is fair enough, a white pinnafore would be more appropriate though.

>>276102873My theme song during the end

>>276103032Nah, you can get a Late Entry commission well into your 40's.

> the Oasthouse The Alan Partridge Podcast An Audible Original.mp3?dl=0Fresh From the Oasthouse

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>>276102929Retard War in Europe is going to be a door by door, street by street slaughter.

How long until the signs just read in Arabic?

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>>276103009I can fix anything, I've built cars, computers and renovated houses, I'm good at gardening and I'm a decent lay. Can turn my hand to anything but cannot button my lip.

>>276103063There will be war in Europe before we become a minority

>>276102929>neurological response to stress, heightened limbic system vs pre frontal cortex.>energy and stamina for protracted physical exertion>pain tolerance>strategy and planning under pressured conditions>speed both with and without heavy equipment>men generally have better aim>social dynamics in all men outfits vs mixedI could go on, but effectively a women would have to be an exception in literally hundreds of metrics to be as good as the average man at war. Don't listen to the memes of "if she can do 20 pressups, then why shouldn't she be allowed in?"

>>276103032No, that's never been the case.

Time again for your dainty daughters from the shires to get BLACKED and paki hustled at freshers week

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Just dropped in to say Tony Abbott is a legend and Matt Hancock is a faggot nonce

>>276103465That can't be real?

>>276103465that should be illegal

>>276103472Find a long term project or mission. Your aimlessness is driving you down this path.

>>276103477For what point? I doubt fighting age British men would die for the incumbent government or the state of British society

>>276102208Ah ok, thank you fren and don’t ever change hp, it’s a necessity for eggs and hash browns.


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>>276103622>>276103632Image search it, lads.It's shopped and fake.(For now).

>>276103720Daddies is better, fite me

>>276103477You don't get it, do you? Without organisation, you're but an ape beating at the door of its master.


>>276103465English is being phased out in schools so probably 10 years

>>276103412He really understands the working-class of this country. Real decent

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>>276103679Doesn't matter what people want. It's the reality of our situation.

>>276103477>>276103679tBh I agree. I think we've got anything between 10-30 years before it all collapses

>>276103477War between who?

>>276103893but is it illegal?

>>276103912K? Doesn't change the fact that war is inevitable

>>276103465It'll be like Canada then? French and English signs everywhere, even though the French people in Canada know how to speak English and they do live in an English country that pays patronage to the British monarch.

>>276103893Thank fuck, save me driving hundreds of miles to burn it. Never gonna happen.

A nation of overweight men in ankle-length tight jeans queuing with tired eyes and chubby hands stuffed into tiny pockets for entry to an overpriced theme bar where they hope to meet the love of their life who is standing there towering over them in platform heels and a cunt-length bandage dress salon-curled hair and fake tan with eyes only for the most savage Love Island look-alike their idea of love tramped by years and years of social media conditioning which has provided the template of a Good Life (tm) in which the average man that is most men has absolutely no role their prime years spent getting drunk pretending to flirt with middle-eastern men in late-night kebab shops which serve them greasy chips in yellowy polystyrene trays which they mush between their artificially whitened teeth on a curb of yet another post-industrial town which now depends on call centres warehouses and retail units to keep their demoralised desensitised populations from topping themselves all of them gunning for the place atop the dunghill where they can drive about in white BWMs on finance and sip gin&tonic on packed trains from a metal straw careful not to ruin their Kylie Jenner lipstick walking along the pedestrianised highstreet lined by homeless men and shops advertising another closing down sale dodging the extinction rebellion protest and the black lives matter protest selfies outside tiny newbuild orange homes which their parents helped pay for astroturf gardens drinking cheap rose wine listening to a bit of Stormzy on the radio for the second time this hour seven likes on Instagram for this photo of me in Marbella cheeky bet on Germany versus Spain we all watch porn now you guys are such perverts but us girls like that too got a decent job on fire service dispatch remember take me out that was a good show meeting in Nando's for some pre-game treats order another dominoes may go for an Indian

can't help thinking this country took a wrong turn at some point

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What's for dinner lads, fucking starving here?

>>276104073There will be no war. Any rebellion will be crushed.

>>276103998Europeans who are against the replacement VS anyone with a death wish

>>276103998Us and them.

>>276102929wasn't objecting to a female soldier, fren.i used to be friends with a lady squadron leader out of brize norton. >Your modern soldiers are flip flop wearing nerdsinfantrymen are infantrymen, always were, always will be.>Modern warfare will fall into the following category:warfare didnt get any cleanerwetwork is still just that.>t.discerning oldfag

>>276103926dangerously based

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>>276101360That was me, fren. I'm glad you like it

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>>276102618>Thats ok we have our greatest ally france to help us....>wait wheres france?

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>>276103604A man has been jailed for five and half years after raping a woman at his Stevenage flat.Moses Chowdhury, aged 52, from High Street, was sentenced at Peterborough Crown Court on Wednesday (2 September).His victim, who was aged in her late teens at the time, had been out with friends on the night of the incident in October 2017.She met Chowdhury in the Old Town area and he invited her back to his nearby flat.A short while later, the occupants of the property below began to hear banging and screaming coming from above. They went upstairs to investigate and discovered the victim screaming from behind a closed bedroom door.One of them went into the room and the victim disclosed to her that Chowdhury had raped her.Police were called and Chowdhury was arrested.As a result of investigations by Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Sexual Offences Investigation Team (SOIT), Chowdhury was charged with rape and found guilty at Cambridge Crown Court on 20

>>276104221>Hitler was a manletShame.

>>276103976Somewhere will snap this decade. Look at the situation in Belgium and Sweden.

>>276104169I would read an entire book of this.

>>276104169it's accurate but needs punctuation lad

>>276103088aye, shes pretty

>>276104221>>276104382>manlet HitlerOH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO AHHAHAHAHA

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c'mon Italy ffs migrants migrants migrants get with the program

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>>276104277>There will be no war.>Any rebellion will be crushed.Sounds like a war, brainlet.


>>276104283No chance, lad.European man will go down with a whimper rather than a bang, I'm afraid.

>>276104336I was just happy to see one of my garden photos shared, Apu or none.

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>>276104378A hospital worker who posed as a teen in a bid to groom a “schoolgirl” who was an undercover police officer has been jailed.Ibrahim Bhayat, 45, pretended to be just 17 in an internet chatroom and tried to persuade “Mandy”, who he thought was 13, to have sex with him.The married dad-of-two sent sick messages from where he was working at a hospital in Leicester.Bhayat, of Coventry,admitted trying to incite a child into sexual activity.A judge at Warwick Crown Court locked him up for 18 months and ordered him sign as a sex offender for 10

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>>276104532...crushed before it materialises as anything more than a few drunks throwing their glasses at police horses.


>>276103969Love that 90

>>276104437Morrissey's autobiography reads a bit like that, but much better.1960s Manchester sounds fucking grim.

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>>276104668I actually like these.I also like those tinned burgers in gravy I'm ashamed to say.

>>276104626Sorry lad but your opinion is totally irrelevant. War is absolutely inevitable because of human psychology. If you can't see where this is going then don't worry.

>>276104723Sorry m8 but if you don't know about what is happening then don't worry about it. You are either involved or not at this point.

>>276104859You don't get it, do you?You're a foot solider in need of a captain, but that captain isn't going to do anything for you when he can live out the rest of his days comfortably. He's not going to risk a good job and a good pension because the lower classes are being whisked away.

>>276104859Good luck convincing the average working class bloke to take up arms (what arms?) against the might of the British Army.

>>276104668What do you call the conical "puddings" that have meat fillings in them?


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>>276105272Baby's Heads.

>>276104161Somehow I think it will be quite unlike Canada

>>276105263Lool yeye alright m8

Gonna watch The Long Memory tonight that user recommended the other day, and order a

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>>276105371It has like an almost gelatinous encasing, is that right?

The unwashed FBPE SODEM mob are camping on JRMs doorstep.

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>>276105272Steak and kidney puddings?

>>276105648Nah, they're pastry.Suet pastry I believe.

>>276104169Fucks sake lad. Talk about capturing a moment in time.

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>>276105648its suet, lad.steak kidney and gravy inside

>>276103465ok time to get the permanent marker out

>>276105704This is why we need guns.

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Where tf is eddie

>Permanently Closed

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>>276106046what is fbpe?

>>276104781me grandad tells me he'd sooner live in 60's manchester again than what it is now.

>>276104169Keep going

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>>276106210I've seen his dick and I hope it stays permanently closed.

>>276105704you know what id watch a tele series of the goings on in that household.some big brother type shit

>>276100432Hello bongs

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>>276105272Suet puddings.

>>276105834Yeah, my poor family grew up eating these at least twice a week, except it had mince instead of steak.>>276105892I remember them being really soggy, at least the texture.

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>>276106643Were you kneeling when you posted this?

>>276104169this post made blood rush into my willy

>>276105990Used to have fun as a kid whacking the top and watching the guts empty out the side.

>>276106258fuck brexit pro europe

>>276106388>Half the buildings were still bombed out from the War, but at least it wasn't full of wogs

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>>276105704Are they on his actual doorstep or is this a lefty meme?

>>276106727>I remember them being really soggy, at least the texture.aye it's because they're steamed/boiled rather than baked lad

>>276107078yeah i think its his actual doorstep.idk why they find it funny to laugh at kids but you know the left.the moral high ground and all that>kinder, gentler politics

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>>276102949>Aren't low food Americans just Canadians?fify

>>276106960looked it up>FollowBackProEUwhat the fuck does that even mean?fucking mouthbreathers!dagnammit, death is too good for these idiotstwitter must end.

>>276106840food of the gods, lad.

>>276101398Fuckin love Limmy

>>276107414>what the fuck does that even mean?its just another way for them to live in complete isolation in twitter echo chambers.they are so unwilling to have their ideas challenged they will sooner live in complete silence


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>>276107333CheckdThat anti brexit cunt must be gchq, he gets away with whatever he wants and never works a day in his life.

>>276107606>live in complete silencethis could be arranged, well the second bit anyway.>complete silence

>>276105704he will just never let it go

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>>276105704Fucking hell, Mogg should have taken a bat to those cunts for trespass

>>276107593He's a good laugh, but he's also a raging bisexual, antifa, beta male.Moving to the west end changed that bloke.

>>276107852steve 'bray'like a this another one of those masonic jokes?>The UK government has been formally warned for threatening press freedom after it blacklisted a group of investigative journalists and denied them access to information.>The Council of Europe issued the Level 2 "media freedom alert" after Ministry of Defence press officers refused to deal with Declassified UK, a website focusing on foreign and defence policy stories. what the fuck is the council of europe?

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>>276108032>bisexual malesis there anything more shifty than a 'bisexual male'?

>>276108032>bisexual>antifaWhat?? Haven’t read his book yet, he seemed alright to me

>>276107852Why can't these cunts accept they're beaten?We left, it's fucking over. Anyone who thinks we'll rejoin is absolutely delusional.

>>276108173No idea

>>276108173>council of europeliteral non-organisation

>>276104223I made some little pizzas with pita breads and then I ate them all.>>276105704I hope Mogg has some big dogs. Maybe he could even get a pet tiger from somewhere.

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>>276101360>Somebody put an Apu on my photo, very kind of them.I made this one. I want some attention and praise too.

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>>276106796No, but he did get shot by a peaceful protestor

>>276107852Yeah, it is the politicians who won on a 'get Brexit done' platform that are detached from the people and not continuity remain.

council of europe its structurelook at all these cunts getting paid top $$$ to do basically

dunno how i didnt guess steve bray would be a full on commie

Attached: commie.jpg (960x720, 178.53K)

>>276108772LOOOL Holy shit

Twitter is the cause of a good 35% of this counties issues

bow before the nigger feet and wash them you limeys hahahaha BRAAAAAAAAAAP

>>276108772>>276108954Based, he attended CommieCon 2020

>>276108963its sad how massive a minority has power over us all

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Houses and cars set on fire in BristolI wonder who

>>276108772>russian brexitno doubt he thinks trump and putin are super villans in league to destroy all that is good.this guys got to be someones asset

Why are the Tories even on Twitter? Basically just an avenue for people to tell them how shit they are.

keep seeing this faggot meme it's being pushed by kikes and retards

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>>276108406There you go lad, print that out and put it on your wall

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>>276109091They'll still say Twitter is biased against them

>>276108215I started watching him on twitch a few years back and fuck me was it a shock.Still funny, but he's always (every stream) complaining about anything remotely right wing. He banned any mention or images of frogs from his chat, he fell out with his girlfriend (doesn't believe in marriage) because she called his room "his man cave" and he said that that was degrading to women. He's a big fan of Vaush and Hassan Piker.And he openly states he's bi on numerous occasions.

>>276109206doesn't matter what they do,>on twitterabused>off twitterwtf why are you hiding from usinch take a mile

>>276109091only a tiny minority of people are able to realise the extent to which social media manipulates them. They will even tell you they aren't being manipulated by it, but it's painfully obvious. Just knowing that social media can be used for psychological manipulation doesn't make you immune

>>276108772Ironic, seeing as he's a paid activist.

>>276108772>Russian Brexit?Is that idiotic idea that Russian 'interference' caused us to vote leave?


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>>276108173>CoE: you're formally warned>UK: so fucking what?>CoE: this is a serious infringement>UK: what're you gonna do about it?>CoE: *silence

Attached: image.jpg (300x253, 18.77K)

>>276109072theres a commieconvention?tell me, you jest, anoni may have to take a soothing walk soon.

>>276109206Politicians shouldn't be on social media. Or the Police for that matter.

>>276109225make the same but with a member of the stasi

>>276109431who is this fuggo

>ministry of silly walks

Attached: Eg2eNilWoAM4DeD.jpg (2048x1536, 460.93K)

>>276100432>binfireNew >>276109586>>276109586>>276109586

>>276109422Russian interference in the last US Election. Not a single mention of it at the DNC convention. I imagine it's the same shit here to convince gullible twats that people don't actually believe what they do.

>>276109698what the fuck is wrong with you

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>>276109225>t.pc plod

>>276108193bisexuals are just sex maniacs who will fuck any and everything they can. they are the lowest form of degenerate, and the only thing they live for is sex.

>>276108173>>276108261Churchill created it. It's meant to be like an arbitration court where they decide if a country broke international law (but for European countries only). Rulings are voluntary and non-binding obviously.It's like a sister organisation the EU, but has no power.>>276109594A certain Rwandan warlord

>>276109999>>It's like a sister organisation the EU, but has no power.still take home that paycheque though right?

>>276109698sad little cunt

>>276109958Aye, one step away from nonces and sheep shaggers.

>>276108173I saw a thing about the Council of Europe on UK Column. It was a 1940's organisation for promoting European togetherness and not having another war. The EU stole its flag and everything else and made it basically a redundant entity. Nobody got rid of it though because it was keeping a bunch of people in well-paid jobs. Also it has Russia in it who like to use it as a forum to moan about shit from time to time.

>>276110104not his fault your OP is shit

>>276110103Except Belarus, yes. Everyone gets take home pay, lad.

Attached: CoE.png (800x799, 274.1K)

>>276110122>sheep steady on boyo

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>>276110272i see israel also takes part

The Kindertransport:I don't think it was worth it, lads.

>>276101144Hello fren!

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>>276110405>this costs £490,000

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>>276110405Apologies, I was referring to Gaels.

>>276105704remember when lefties used to shit themselves and call it harassment when Tommy Robinson did that?

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>>276110615bargain. look at the balls on him, he'd fuck every ewe in the flock and be back for round 2 after chasing some tourists around the field for a few hours

>>276110615holy fuck look at the balls on that thing

>>276110615Fucking hell I'm not going to lie but that does look like a fine sheep

>>276108173if you make spurious FOI requests then as an organisation they can stop responding to you

>>276110615Balls the size of grapefruits. Would totally let loose on remainers infesting my doorway.

>>276110615straight version

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>>276111081It is the chad of sheep

>>276102159I'm obese so I'm staying home if a war breaks out. Glad this roastie will die instead of me!

>>276112480piggy piggy

there's 3 threads you fucking spastics

>>276113351jannies on suicide watch


why is this at 260 lmaofucking threadsplitters

>>276110615sheep with no horns expensive enough already for you to lie and inflate

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>>276115187Resale value though. Bought to sell on for a tidy profit in the booming sheep market.

>>276109072>>276109506if its called commie con then thats just patheticat least the first-second-third etc. international sounded cool