Do white lives matter to white people?

Why there is never outrage from white people?

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>>276099792something about how random acts of violence pale in comparison to system racism

>>276099792Cause of your kind

>>276099792This makes me angry.

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>>276099792Apparently not kek.They don't even value they own lifes

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>>276099792>imagine feeling anything anymore

>>276099982I never understood this. If systemic racism is a real thing, why are niggers still allowed outside their homes?

>>276099792>Deaths from copsWhite people know they were criminals that didn't comply to police officers.>Deaths from niggersEh, their fault for somehow getting involved with niggers. NEVER relax around niggers. I can not stress this enough.

>>276099982"System of racism" aka being a violent nigger

>>276099792Whites are doomed.We're highroading ourselves into extinction and if anyone dare complain then other whites will do everything in their power to ruin you.

>>276099792because we are civilized

>>276099792No. Why do you think that Swedes allow these migrants to cuck them?

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>>276100214Jesus fuck that is wild.

>>276099792>Why there is never outrage from white people?Because White people are conditioned by (((western media))) to not be outraged or act in their group interest.


Protesting against Black crime would help raise awareness and maybe make criminal Niggers hesitate. Whites should be marching in the street to express their outrage over Nigger crime, holding signs and chanting.

white women are very busy right now, not in the kitchen - but in the streets holding hands with their Black masters

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>>276099792Listen kike:Americans dont care and I can explain why its because American culture is centered around niggers. They have holidays for niggers. They killed hundreds of thousands of white men to free niggers. They listen to nigger music. They elect a nigger as their president. They dress and act like niggers. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from niggers. They post sassy gifs about niggers. They watch sportsball in worship of niggers. Their biggest event of the year involves throwing parties in honor of niggers playing sports. They use nigger slang like "bruh" and "thot". When you say "Martin Luther" they're not thinking of the father of protestantism. They're thinking of the nigger. Their cities are completely overrun with niggers. They worship their ZOGbot police force disproportionately filled with niggers and their global police force of soldiers filled with niggers. They sided with the niggers in Angola, Mozambique, Rhodesia and South Africa against the whites. Their men sit around watching nigger ball while their women sit around watching nigger talk shows and fantasizing about nigger dick. They worship niggers like Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson and while attacking the whites who actually built their country before niggers took over. Their movies are filled with niggers and their music charts are topped by niggers. They send niggers to the Olympics and celebrate when the niggers win because those niggers are true red blooded american niggers. They watch nigger porn to a point where "BBC" does not make them think of an international media company but about nigger penises instead. They will tell you how much they hate niggers and how the mutt's law meme is a stale joke and they are just pretending to love niggers but the evidence speaks for itself in that America has always been and will be a nation of nigger loving niggers.

>>276100083Stay mad

>>276099792No. white people care about power and will step on anyone to get it.

>>276100976>the nigger with her arm on the white botch has her phone out so she can get good boy points on ""the insta""Fuck niggers.

>>276099792Your people are main responsable for all this hate and mercyless worldwide. Too many stupid racist here in 4chan, racism is horrible and bad. While they are too busy calling others "niggers" in the internet and arguing about who's whiter, their brothers and sister are getting killed somewhere, or begging for a few coins in the streets. Sincerelly, i'm just waiting for God's punishment in this world, too many inniquity and savagery, it's time for the oceans rise up and invade all countries, screw this jew-satanic world..

>>276099792Raise a beautiful daughter for 21 years just for her to be suddenly murdered by a random subnormal IQ proto-human that we are forced and coerced to live side by side with, as some kind of divine punishment for our sins. Only deep ideological brainwash can justify white people not waking up from this nightmare and their never ending rationalization of every murder, rape and abuse suffered at the hands of these animals.

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>>276100083>Leaf Nothing of value was lost.

>right wing faggot misses the point againThis guy will be jailed for life you fucking imbecile. It's all about justice.If this man is acquitted, you'll have the right to complain and chimpout ...

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>>276099792>nose posting

>>276101368Sounds like slide threads are working on you. Those are paid people making those posts to make people who use pol look crazy. Some people are young teens thinking they are writing comedy though.

>>276101507The majority of people who kill blacks and get away with it are other blacks who get away because snitches get stitches.

>>276100214What is actually wrong with white people in [current year]? Also, nice video, we don't have enough Gore here anymore.

>>276101507we should have just genocided them all 500 years ago when we discovered that they existed the free labor wasn't nearly worth it

>>276101700That makes sense now brother, i heard once that Israeli government actually used to pay jews to spread chaos online and to attack and defend Israel.. I'm new here on 4chan too, these "slide threads" are very common here ?

>>276100214This is recent too. Sept 2 on BG.

>>276099792What a shock, its a nigger.


>>276099792White women still love the BBC.

>>276100214Bro i am eating lol

Meredith, MI (KMOV)— A 21-year-old South Carolina college student and her stepfather were shot and killed on the student’s front lawn Monday in an apparent road rage attack after a minor fender-bender.Laura Ashley Anderson, 21, and her stepfather Charles Nicholas Wall, 45, were killed outside Anderson’s new home in Georgetown, South Carolina, where her family said she was expected to begin her new adult life.Ty Sheem Walters III, 23, allegedly rear-ended Wall as Wall turned into the driveway of the home to drop off some keys for Anderson, according to the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office.Walters then allegedly got out of his vehicle and fatally shot Wall and Anderson, who had been standing in her front yard waiting for the set of keys.Walters also allegedly shot a third victim in the wrist, who The Daily Mail identified as Paul McConnell. His age and relationship to Anderson and Wall are unclear.According to an incident report obtained by WMBF, when police arrived, they found one victim had already been taken to the hospital, a second was being treated by first responders, and a third was walking around dazed and confused with a gunshot wound to his left wrist.Police said Walters fled on foot after the shooting, but he was spotted walking on a nearby highway shortly after. When police approached him, he took off running, but was eventually caught by officers and a K-9 unit.He was taken into custody about an hour and a half after the shooting.Walters was denied bail and was charged with two counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and the illegal possession of a firearm.Kimberly Wall, Anderson’s mother and Charles Nicholas Wall’s wife, said Walters took away two of her best friends.“I’m having to bury one of my children and my husband. It’s such a freak thing. I don’t know why this would happen. I just don’t understand,” Kimberly Wall told WMBF.

>>276099792Sadly they are more horrifying than this image reveals.John Shockley - confirmed> Cullen - confirmed> Coughlin - confirmed> and Joe Roland - confirmed (THEY HAD FIVE FUCKING KIDS! THIS IS SICK THIS VIOLENCE MUST BE STOPPED)> Merrell - confirmed> Carlton - confirmed> Baker - Confirmed> Garza - Confirmed> Troutwine - Confirmed> Ribs - Confirmed - killed by coal burner daughters relationship with one of the killers> Lehnig - Unable to confirmed due to locationNick Wall and Laura Anderson - Confirmed>


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>>276099792>>276104810Chelsey Morris - Confirmed> Leach - Confirmed> McNeil - Confirmed - Toll Paid> Parramore - Confirmed>

>>276100751You can see like cross section of his head like whete his teeth are. Also why is this not disturbing in the same way cartel vids are? Is it cause the cartel tortures people?

>>276102858yeah lol. Whyd kys at all? Like you're dead now what lol

>>276099792No, white people have 0% solidarity with eachother.

>>276099792Lives only matter as much as people care.

>>276099792Nope, just niggers for some reason

>>276104853>who does thishe knows

>>276104853>Who does this?Niggers.

>>276104810>Ryan Lehnig - Unable to confirmed due to's some links for that guy. Fucking niggers, dude. They really need to be killed off.>>276105821The only "solidarity" nigger have with each other is that their skin is black and if a nigger gets out of the hood, the retarded niggers cut themselves off from that person demonize them. Niggers frail "solidarity" ends when another gets successful.

>>276099792Because when it happens to white people niggers get arrested and go to jail.

>>276106242Thanks I'll update my list. Notice how all of these were within the last few DAYS. This is fucking unbelievable.


>>276101507This indifference is the same whether a black guy shot up an innocent black dad and his daughter in a fender bender, in other words you niggers cannot feel empathy for others.

>>276106362Also notice how none of the leftist news sites report this.>constant flow of niggers murdering people left and right, causing tons of violence, robbing people, and burning shit downThis is okay>A white person here or there shoots a nigger(usually 100% justified)Guess we gotta completely ruin society and bend of backwards

>>276106801They glance over it but dont put it on the headlines otherwise we would never know about these crimes.

>>276106801Fucking christ. I don't know what is going on with my typing today but I've made a few typos. It's right in my head but not when I type.

>>276106338The main reason black murders are more likely to go unsolved is because black people do not help the police.

>>276107180Niggers do help the cops when it comes to getting one over a dindu who fucked them over, niggers have no honor whatsoever. The reason black murders go unsolved is because most of them are impulsive a nigger shoots another black dead for fun

>>276100083Is that Alphonso Davies? He’s alright, he can have her

>>276105759I do sometimes feel bad for them, I've been in a rough place myself before, Emil Durkheim a sociologist in 1897 outlined a bunch of reasons people commit suicide. But for me it's usually just from having an overinflated ego that gets popped too suddenly, school lies to kids and tells them they're going to be all these wonderful things, but at the end of the rainbow they find that the gold is only cornflakes, social media reinforces this ego.

I'm sure people have died for less

>>276101507Then why the fuck are niggers rioting about everything since day 1 without knowing any details, not to mention any convictions?Kill all niggers, we'd all be better off.

>>276099792>stepfather Also what kind of triple nigger goes into a rage after being the at fault party in an accident?

>>276104430>According to an incident report obtained by WMBF

>>276108607Because they are stupid assholes

>>276099792That nigger will rot in jail for the rest of his days

>>276100083This is what happens when pop-culture is dominated by everything-nigger.

>>276100976Is this a pic from an outdoor Pentecostal-service?

>>276100214>antfia are buying up guns>better watch out nazi

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>>276100214>0 brain matterReally gets the noggin jogging

>>276105759Death is peace. In death there is no more suffering, no more worry. You don't have to think about anything anymore. You can just rest.

>>276099792>flag>any ounce of empathyneck yourself kike


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the only good nigger is a dead nigger

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>>276099792Dylann Roof:Not a copArrested immediatelyTriedSentencedNothing but wall to wall media coverage and outcry.Bubba Wallace:Thought a garage door handle was a nooseNo one hurtWall to wall media coveragePublic and media outcryJustice for Cannon, justice for Veronica, Justice for Nick Walls, Justice for Laura Anderson, justice for the countless victims of black on white crime.

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>>276110131might have something to do with this....these corporations love niggers so much they cover up their crimes.

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>>276100083If you’re white and you don’t have a body like that black guy then how can you even be upset.Better yourself before you complain about muh hot white wymyn banging negros

>>276100291I'm this case though the nigger went to a white area

>>276099792>Why there is never outrage from white people?they are afraid that they will lose their 12 hour wagecuck, fucking cucks.

>>276099792White people don't care about white people

>>276099792The media controls what gets attention. Most people haven’t even heard of this or the black guy that murdered that 5 year old white kid either.

>>276110355He's an ugly monkey looking subhuman-being. If not for niggers being relentlessly promoted in media she wouldn't touch his nigger ass. Niggers are cool, so says the kike media. If white men were given proper representation they'd be "cool". The media lies about niggers and white wimminz fall hook line and sinker.

>>276110249Good point, it should serve as a reminder that after the George Floyd/BLM riots the amount of goodwill towards black people has skyrocketted. There is nothing but postive government, media and corporate attention for American blacks right now. American blacks haven't used this goodwill to open businesses, start new lives, embrace the nuclear family, the only thing they've accomplished is raising crime to near 1980s levels, and murder each other at rates that rival the numbers of an African political coup.

>>276109296are you kidding?? this is half the problem; this nigger will be back out and able to nig after at most a few years in prison with early release for being a good nigger.

>>276101823Short answer is jews long answer is the combined efforts of brainwashing via entertainment, social media, and education system.

>>276101507.>..just relax, the apes are being incarcerated even though they get released eventually and are repeat offenders.It's really tiring, this is why I advocate we treat all Black people the same, you are complicit in this. You defend black criminals even though YOU know they would string the cop up if they had the chance, you're just a narcissist, you can't just accept your people deserve what they get.

>>276099792Just like Black people killing other niggers, No one cares.Media can't twist it. And if it a nig-nog's a white person, Media blacks it out.

>>276105759I'm bipolar and I had suicidal stress, but didn't have access to a gun, had to listen to some emo music and cry it out. Suicide is an impulse, if there is easy access to death people do it. This is why if suicidal people survive, they always regret it, because the suicidal stress goes away when they act on it, it's catharsis.

>>276099792Because we're supposed to quietly wait for the trains or it's a crime

>>276099792>Do white lives matter to white people?Nope. White people have no people. Your kind made sure of that. Once desegregation happened we lost our identity. All the boomer teens were lead to believe that America was a " melting pot " they used to tell me that shit in school back in the 90s. Jews have people. Niggers have people. Mexicans have people. Whites do not have people. You could take 20 little white boys and girls and toss them all off a 40 story roof and not a single white person would so much as give a thought or care. Because those kids have no people to care.

>>276107180Uh, retarded detective work requires a motive to be found. Niggers don't have motives they are impulsive niggers, if there is no evidence trail, it can't be solved.

>>276108664A narcissist; aka typical nigger.

>>276099792There is no massive investment in it.

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>>276111782lol thats right!white people are soulless beasts. they need to be put back into the caves they came from.>pic relatedthis is what white peoples' ancestors looked like

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>>276100214Lucky if he died because often they survive with their face split open when done like that. Many such cases!

>>276104853No MAOA in that nigger for real.

>>276099792White women are subhuman I only cry for non leftist white men, when one of them die then a star in the heavens falls also.

>>276099792they are cucks

>>276100976>>276100745>>276100083God made white women for Black Men.

Wypipo are fucking faggots. They deserve to die out.