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>>276099742Unironically based. MAGA 2020, here's hoping more lefties kill themselves after he wins.CRT is the root of all evil - diversity, marxist shit, etc.

>>276099742“Claiming” they said

>>276099742Absolutely based

What they are calling "diversity training" is rote anti white hate rhetoric and nothing more. They ought to fire people who are teaching this. White taxpayers should not have to fund anit white hate speech.

>>276099742And it's real too.forbes.com/sites/janicegassam/2020/09/05/trump-bans-diversity-training-claiming-its-divisive-anti-american-propaganda/#5981f03265ce

As a person that plans to move to the United States, more than happy. Still shitty president, but based as fuck

>>276100962Kys, best President in the last 100 years

>>276100962fuck off we're full, memeflag nigger.

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>>276099742Awesome, he finally does something. A little too late but I hope it can stem the tide a bit.

>>276101802Reagan was better>>276102047Full of literal niggers and leftist, haha

>>276102421Calm down goy. He will do something else pro-white eventually. Just be patient another four years and he'll do one more thing. Impatient cattle...

>>276102502guess you'll be right at home. no wonder you want to join in. at least keep being a filthy urbanite and keep your distance from the rest of us.

>>276099742that settles it. He HAS to win now. 4 more years is enough time to dismantle all the niggardry at universities

>>276099742This has the shills dilating so furiously they barely type their slide threads.

>>276099742Based & Trump pilledStill voting Trump.

>>276099742now end affirmative action


>>276102628>Media screeches at Trump for years>Every corporation publically goes against him>I-i-if you support Trump you're a bootlicker

>>276099742>basedyes, and?

>>276099742Wait, but without diversity training how am I, as a white man, supposed to know how to act around minorities?

>>276099742He’s not fucking wrong. Critical theory and Marxism as a whole are not ways of building a society they’re tools for destroying one.

>>276100238I’m starting to doubt that he’ll pull it off, but if he does the collective seethe will be enough to power the whole world

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>>276100616Some form of small local educational co-ops need to be formed in the vein of homeschooling. Parents should be able to find the local stay at home mom and let her teach their kids. Working parents already do this in summers. My aunt had a small business babysitting a bunch of kids at her house. It worked fine and all the kids turned out okay. An interesting thing about some studies Ive seen regarding how mixed age groups of kids ends up is that the older kids end up policing the younger kids, which helps to reduce bullying in the group, and they also tend to referee during play time. It teaches the older kids to lead, and in time those younger kids take over once they age and learn to lead as well. Think about it, some kids are always at the bottom of the social ladder in public schools. You stay in the same group, with the same kids. If one group ends up hating you, then youre screwed for the rest of your time in that school. I remember one kid accidentally farting really loud during class and no one let him live it down for the rest of the year, and by the time everyone returned to school after summer break, no one remembered the fart, but they sure remembered him as an easy mark in the class and kept him down to avoid falling to the bottom of the social stack themselves. I wasnt very well treated myself in school, but as a kid I remember being so happy that I wasnt him. I think some older boys and girls might have nipped that shit in the bud. The okder girls wouldve brought some compassion and the older boys wouldve brought some muscle to defend him, even if they didnt really like him.

>>276104494You're telling me that teaching an entire generation only how to criticize and dismantle core subsystems of society that can never be perfect in the first place is bad for society?

Itt retarded boot kickers who don’t realize this is setting a precedent for censorship by the government

Someone went over this last thread. The "ban" is only temporary until after the election. It's another empty promise thrown at his base to make them think he still cares. Meanwhile "white supremacists" are now considered public enemy no. 1 according to the administration.

>>276099742Good. Should have been done 3 years ago though.

>>276099742Did he actually ban it or is he (((considering))) it?


>>276105208>the collective seethe will be enough to power the whole worldKek!

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>>276106039Banned it. Documents are rolling out, pic related.

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>>276106491And no one can veto this? If so, based as fuck and the first thing he did right.


>>276099742Wow, I'm jealousMeanwhile at this exact same time in Canada>Royal Canadian Navy admirals openly insulting their own members, inviting all "straight, white, cis men" to leave the military as they obviously do not share in the modern progressive culture of tranny worship

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>>276105858Its an executive order, so of course its "temporary". He doesnt have the power to legislate. Only congress can do that. The fact is however that he took the most powerful action he can as president to end this bullshit. Nice try at demoralizing tho, you should work for CNN given how good you are at obfuscation and half truths.

This is a smart, bordering on brilliant move. His opposition can't ignore this move. CRT is the basis of their political philosophy and the linchpin of their voter bloc. They HAVE to explain CRT in some way. If they don't, then the Trump position is the only one. This will piss a lot of people off, no matter how they respond . If they choose to downplay CRT and make it less central their supporters will freak and splinter. If they are truthful normies will, well, know what they actually believe. Oh and the conversation moves from the veterans bullshit.

>>276106780Its an executive order. The congress could make a law which would remove this power from him with a 2/3 majority in the house and senate. Executive orders arent all powerful. Most likely he was able to take this action because there was a preexisting exec order from a prior president who ordered (((diversity))) training like this and he simply ended it. Not to say this isnt a big deal, but we cant just have a president who does stuff like this, we need a congress to actually pass laws that outright ban this crap (same with shit like enforcing sec. 230 for internet companies that are out of compliance). Executive orders have to navigate the bueraucracy, while laws are LAWS. We need a fucking congress that isnt entirely controlled to actually do something, but given how they wont this kind of stuff will only continue to grow as americans get tired of a do nothing congress and eventually grow to support an executive that is stronger than the legislature.

>>276099742This should have been his first Executive order. I'm tired of all this faggotry.

>>276106780Can't veto it. A future President can cancel it, but we will get 4 more years of Trump, so he has plenty of time to root the marxists out. Hopefully universities are next.

Trump just needs to executive order himself as king

>>276108202>>276108329Nice. But why is he doing it now? Sounds counterproductive at thjs time. People who are sick of the anti-white shit will vote him anyway, but this "racist" order will probably summon even more lefties to vote.

>>276099742And this happened the same day Trump declared White Nationalism the most persistent and lethal threat, despite months of BLM/Antifa riots.While you are celebrating something those companies will just ignore, they are going to crack down more on White people defending themselves.

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>>276108860Many true liberals despise CRT, it's inherently a marxist thing. This will start a conversation that will make CRT mainstream and a lot of democrat normies will be redpilled.It's a good move no matter the time. Should have been done a couple years ago desu.

Nice. Finally he's stopped sucking the kike and is doing a lot of useful stuff. Based.

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>>276105841>effectively destroys communism in the U.S.>censorshipOkeydoke.

>>276100616The progressive left are racist against white people, according to the old definition of racism. That's why they have created new definitions of racism, such as "power plus prejudice" and the like, so that only their target, white people, can be accused of being racist. There is no consistency or sensible moral argument to their positions.

>>276107102>Royal Canadian Navy admirals wonder if this has anything to do with the current lack of sailors.I though navies were all always famous for their buttfucking faggotry. the fuck do they progreshitism for?

>>276099742>>276100238>>276100756>>276103342>>276102938>>276102747>>276103781>>276107102mobile.twitter.com/thehill/status/1302082293046153223HOLY HECKINN BASED MIGAPEDES

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tfw Trump bans jewish propaganda.

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>>276111360but trump isnt. he's unironically going to do the boomer tactic of "i dont see race."

>>276105302>Parents should be able to find the local stay at home mom and let her teach their kids.Some local, welfare stay at home mom?Sounds like you will just be handing them over to the next liberal in line.how about stop being a lazy faggot and have your wife educate your children and you do so as well and oversee it like a real aristocrat?

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>>276102661KekIt’s a hard life being a shill for Holla Forums

>>276108202> Most likely he was able to take this action because there was a preexisting exec order from a prior presidentWhich was Obama and Bush... those exec orders are extremely powerful.

>>276111745What else could he do?

>>276105841Fuck off, usual suspect.

>>276109363>Should have been done a couple years ago desu.a couple years ago people were barely beginning to see the problem with it... this has been an undercurrent of buildup over this issue, because now during the most Heated election since Reagan this will make it a main topic of conversation and debate... and its one that is rigged in the favor of anyone wise to the fallacies of marxist programs.Its a WIN/WIN... 4D Chess Wizardry for an election Year.

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>>276108860Honestly, its likely as simple as the fact that the GOP is just a bunch of fucking cucks and didnt have the political will to stop this shit. Then Trump comes along and see's this easy to patch leaky hole and he does, because he can and he knows itll appease his base and he wont lose votes from people who hate him; and it may just turn a few moderates his way given the current state of the culture war. I really believe its this stupidly simple. Trump actually has it really fucking easy, despite everything the media and the left has thrown at him. The country and govt is so absolutely dysfunctional here that there are (to use a metaphor) dollar bills lying everywhere, anyone can pick them up, but no one does cuz theyre pussies or theyre afraid to be called racist. Then Trump comes along: "oh a dollar bill, oh a dollar bill, oh a dollar bill..."I dont say this to diminish Trump or to minimize how important this is, but its just kinda too little too late and the GOP is to blame.

>>276099742Massively hung, based.

>>276099742MIGA 2021

>>276112579he could just not do what he did. What this does is essentially shit everyone. Its the boomer tactic in an effort to force behavior but in reality no body is going to follow it. Leftists are still going to do it. Right wingers are still gonna look down on niggers. And the shit will continue down the same path.Either way, I guarantee you that his ban will not hold up in a court of law. It will be challenged by almost everyone, and it will more or less break the first amendment.

>>276105841>bootlicker>Confirmed liberal zoomfag.I approve of censoring marxist ideals in the public and private sector...the Manifesto should of course be read by christians to see who their atheist counterparts truly serve.keep calling others bootlickers from your "safe space" gringo.

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Shills are beside themselves. This is a huge win and a great action taken by President Trump.

>>276100962Don’t come here. You don’t belong. Stay in your shithole.

Trump has destroyed 15 years of progressive agenda. And has probably given a deathly blow to the nwo, opposed by everyone in the establishment in both sides of the atlantic.God bless him.

>>276099742If he makes it so we cant be forced into these indoctrination sessions even nonwhites will be grateful

>>276099742I'll believe it when I see it. The orange retard has a tendency to lie. Remember all those executive orders?Until I see proof of this happening, I'm ridin with biden.

>>276114058I see it too. The corrupt warmongering elite hate him. They went apeshit when he tried to pull out of Afghanistan.

>>276114214>Until I see proof of this happening, I'm ridin with biden.learn to read the thread before posting next time faggot. keep riding with biden, we need the extra salt in november.>>276106491

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>>276106491ban wont hold. It'll be called "a violation of the first amendment". It'll get challenged across the state, blue areas, and then be considered NULL in a year. But once the lawsuits/court dates start rolling in, people will be allowed to ignore it for the time being. Once it gets ruled in favor of the dems, people will completely go back to how everything was earlier.

>>276099742>calling Critical Theory diversity trainingYou know I haven't said much about kikes recently, but man what a doozy

>>276115789oh wow, some documents. Libs eternally btfo.

>>276099742whatever you might think of him- this is almost 100% accurate.