I feel this when I get really high on meth, I suppose because i am not as high iq as he was...

I feel this when I get really high on meth, I suppose because i am not as high iq as he was, I don't experience that stream of creative genius while sober. This is nuts, consciousness isn't in our head, it's streamed. It's true.

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>>276096031based meth head

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>>276096031probably, actually

>>276096031Reminder Tesla was a nofapper

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>>276096887He was a no everythinger, it's impressive.No stimulants, no fap, no thottery, no meat.

>>276097014He drank whiskey everyday

>>276096031I don't think Tesla was suggesting that you don't have an individual consciousness. Simply that there is a higher consciousness which you can tap into. Meth is not a gateway into this consciousness. What you're experiencing is a false positive due to extremely elevated dopamine levels. It feels real, but it's an illusion. I know, I used to be a heavy amphetamine user.The only way to truly tap in to a higher source is through hard work and character building. The way is shut to the unworthy.

>>276097505yeah, i get your assumptions, but you're wrong.

>>276097618What assumptions might those be?

>>276097618why do you think he is assuming it?

although I must admit that drugs such as weed and psyhodelics can show you your creative potential and even enhance it

>>276097761That i'm not tapping into something else. I'm not telling you to go on a meth binge, but the thoughts I have right in that 2 and a half day mark where you're peaking and physyical exhaustion isn't a factor yet, Ideas I get that are not mine, I know theyre not. Scientific abstracts, sociopolitical theories, in that state they can come like flashes, like you're "seeing" with your mind (or third eye if you will) odd angles of a whole concept, as it comes toward you and passes right by you, and all you're left with is what you made out, but more keep coming. sometimes it's a short line or two of a poem, an emotional scene in a film that doesnt exist. The funny thing is you in all likelihood have good reason to doubt me, I know the images that conjure up when the term meth user comes up. It can do that to a person. But you're only being shown the bottom minority.

>>276098508None of your ideas are your you pseud.

>>276098309I think youre right, they probably can. There have been scientific studies on the subject. Occasional THC consumption can temporarily boost creativity. The problem is that occasional THC consumption, at least for someone like me, quickly becomes regular THC consumption, and when that happens, your baseline creativity drops.Psychedelics may be a different matter. I only have limited experience with them, and I have to admit that all of it was positive. But I know of others who were hurt, often severely, by it.

>>276098508Maybe you're right. Ayn Rand was a heavy user, and released some revolutionary works. But these revelations you speak of come at a very heavy cost. To yourself, your family, and your friends. I can't tell you whether it's worth it. I'm simply saying there is a cost. And that there is another path to them, which is not so expensive.

So was this guy Croatian or Serbian. They both seem to claim him

>>276098806Idk for me its more like selective creativity.Although I am also concerned if smoking almost everyday is a good thing. Works fine for me though. When it comes to pshyodecis I think people should be warned before using it and if you are just a regular normie you are probably better of without them

>>276096031OP the feeling your brain feels while high is your brain cells dying em masse, stop hitting the crystal dude. You won’t be streaming anything at all soon if you dont

>>276099591He was Serbian, i dont know why croats say otherwise. Again croatian are just serbs who got some fake history from catolics. They didnt exist for most of the history as nation nor as etnic group

>>276096031I have long thought this to be true. You see it in some religious artwork. Pic related. The animals make up cerebrum and the tree tops make up the cerebellum of a brain near “Adam”. This depicts “creation” but “Adam” already exists and “God” is beaming consciousness into him. The Sistine Chapel has a similar scene with God in a hemisphere of a brain but this one is more specific to the subject matter.The brain still has “local storage” and you don’t function with a damaged brain.

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>>276099149Yea, unfortunately most who start using, that cost looks like a discount relative to what's whats.going on with them. I have been trying very hard especially recently yo take control of every circumstances in my life. Life goes on though, maybe.

meth makes me jack off for literal days

>>276097014im pretty sure he used cocaine regularly. where did I hear this

>>276102321nevermind, must be a different scientist.

>>276096031>Meth head affirms thoughts of Man's greatest inventor

>>276096031>he doesnt realise its godoh tesla

>>276102321Maybe from croatians, man was very hard working he was into poetry his father was orthodox priest, I think he wasnt into women that much I think he didnt have wife or somthing

>>276102200I was there for like 7 years bud. Adderall in highschool, and cheaper harder shit in college. I don't think it made me though,, reflecting back on those days I took it full well knowing that would happen, wanting to happen. Being overly dramatic here but I know it can feel like a demonic possession, you lust for things you never had before. But I wanted to want that before I would use. The problem was with me, things arent so bad anymore. Don't know if your problem is similar


>>276102679Logical conclusion of the muttmerica empire


>>276096031>when I get really high on methThis will not end well for you, friend.

>>276099720This, I love the occasional psychedelic but its definitely not something i'd recommend to most people. Weed can be dangerous, due to how easy it is to fall back the dopamine rush it gives you. But used effectively in moderation, it could probably be useful as a treatment. Personally, its clear that the mind is healthiest sober. People should be more willing to talk about drugs and their effects honestly. History has proven that drugs, like guns and McDonald's, is interwoven in our live. Maybe if we stop romanticizing or demonizing drugs/users we can begin to change drug culture towards the ideal of Temperance.

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>>276100125"Born: 10 July 1856Smiljan, Austrian Empire (modern-day Croatia)"

>>276096887The problem with this logic is that the Hindus didn't do much inventing.

>>276100482That's a really cool painting.

>>276103117In what way? If you mean materially I do not care, I have something of greater precedence there.But I never heard much about metaphysical theories if any of heavy use of a drug like meth.


>>276103591That place is also more commonly referred as brain. There also seem to be various ways to use it also you dont have to come up with idea to experince some wierd stuff with brain that you can latter reflect on with you limited vocabualry

>>276099591Niggola Tesambobolo was a proud son of Africa

last week in a similar thread an user was talking about the akashic records and that blew my fucking mind. maybe those people that do take powerful drugs really do talk to 'aliens'.

>>276098508You a literally just flipping through quotes you recently read or heard in you head. You can’t make sense of them because your mind is racing and isn’t giving you time to understand them. The only difference between you and the tweeters you see talking to themselves in gibberish is you aren’t tweeted out enough yet to try to turn those thoughts into words.

>>276105172>autocorrect Tweeked not tweeted. You get the idea hopefully

>>276096031Quantum entanglement. There's a swarm of flies in a box and their clone swarm is in your head. They move in synchronicity. What you perceive as (you) is in both places simultaneously

>>276097095In one interview he said that he had originally planned to live to 150, but now that alcohol had been banned he had to lower his expectation down to 130.

>>276098806>>276099720Weed gives you a quality that I would call 'momentary genius'. It I record piano high, a lot of what I play is shit, but every now and then there comes a pricelss gem of 15-30 seconds that I will love to listen even years later.


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>>276096887Tesla's father was an orthodox monk, who live mostly celibate lives. There has been studies showing that mature sperm result in healthier offspring than younger sperm. I wonder if prolonged celibacy before breeding creates superhumans like tesla.

>>276098508I've been there and back. Get ready to hate your life when you finally decide enough is enough. You're wrecking your ability to think normally, and unless you stay high (and eventually lose absolutely everything) you'll never be able to think like that again, and it will hurt. A lot. You don't have to agree with or like what I'm telling you - I know it's very awesome to have the super-mind thing going on - but dude, you're not really as smart as you think. After all, you're a meth head. t. Scientist, ex-meth head, 2 years clean

>>276097095a glas of strong spirit is very very healthy for you.

>>276103419Hindus never cared about the material, to them celibacy was a practice the purpose of which was to propel one to higher levels of spiritual achievement.

>>276105495What? Never heard the swarm of flies story there to describe quantum entanglement.>>276106414I've lost about everything, I have no delusions about my situation. I'm not new to my life. You're not really as smart as you think though, you were a meth head, so I don't really take your advice heavily.

>>276096031>meth>high iqgood comedy

>>276107398Ok buddy. I should tell you to fuck off, but I feel for you. Hope you get out while you can, there are no same or successful meth abusers on the planet. You're not special, just another pock-marked dreg of society. And a fucking self righteous one at that. Get help before it's too late.

>>276098508Strong harmony, real realityElectronic video-clip, eulogy of civilizationConfused progeny of rebellious cellsI fly toward the universe, I traverse itIf you are a star show yourself, I will stopOooh, oooh[Chorus]Shadilay, shadilay, my freedomShadilay, shadilay, oh no…Shadilay, shadilay, oh dream or realityShadilay, shadilay, oh no…Shadilay, shadilay, my freedomShadilay, shadilay, oh no…Shadilay, shadilay, oh dream or realityShadilay, shadilay, oh no…Flying in my life, it’s not finishedI will stopLoosen my sails, in the sky and in the deep of the seaI will believe you…

>>276108168>I reiterate what you said>you feel eprosnay offendedKek, stay poor spanish rice flag or whatever

>>276096031We knowThe idea is that the microtubulars in our brain, through the QM processes tap into a proto concoiusness, that existed even before reality existed, so before the big bangThat would also explain, why you would only need like one brain cell to expierence concoiusness., like proven in recent studies The brain is simply an antenna for recieving or tapping into this proto concoiusness, and the rest of the brain builds a human personality on this signal on top

>>276108558>Replywell said, anyone who thinks your entire consciousness is contained in electrical impulses within the brain simply hasn't read that many studies of consciousness

>>276108502Dude I'm an American expat living on 100 acres in the south of Chile. You're holed up in a bathroom. Get ahold of yourself mate.

>>276109358I'm sorry for whatever you're going through

the true redpill is realizing that you feel this way all the time and only allow yourself to experience it while you're high, OP

Show your teeth

Where do thoughts and ideas originate from? You? Who are you? Are you your brain?

I feel the same way when I’m amphetamines or stims in general. I also like to sniff my Romanian girlfriend’s farts when I’m on meth so I know it affects sexuality. Careful you don’t turn straight, faggot

>>276108953Plus, computers work differently from brains. They can't perform certain calculations efficiently.

>>276103333quads of truth. Drugs are neither good nor bad. They are just drugs. Cocaine and heroin/morphine have legitimate medical purposes. It's only a problem when people abuse these drugs. Personally I think harder drugs, maybe even weed, should be legal on a licensing basis. In other words, you would have to go through a government course of some kind to prove that you are responsible and temperate enough to be able to utilize drugs with moderation. Even if you're a drug addict, if all you do is shoot heroin every day for the rest of your life, that's not really a problem. It's only a problem if you're such a junkie that you neglect your responsibilities and turn to crime to afford your habit. There are tons and tons of middle class and rich people who use hard drugs on a regular basis, you just never hear about them because they have their shit together. I knew a chick who was friends with this older degenerate. Guy was in his 70s and would drink liquor and snort cocaine most days. It's not an ideal life, but few things are ideal these days.

>>276096031the earth doesn't generate its own magnetic field but rather is receiving current from outside the planet which is causing the magnetic field to form.same goes for people

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>>276112528should have posted this instead

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>>276109358Based if true. I've had similar ideas, but in Ecuador. Must be like paradise

>>276096031Tesla is a fucking hack.

>>276096031If you want the closest thing to a modern-day Tesla, look into Theoria Apophasis on youtube.

>>276108168Meth can be okay in like 5mg doses. Smoking meth is just waaaay too much.

>>276096031I wish medical grade meth still existed

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>>276096887> Tesla was not a degenerate occultist.> No fap makes him sexually pure, when he hung out with Mark Twain, a homosexual.What kind of "experiments" were they up to?

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