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>>276093721It's anudda shoah!!

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You could probably do this with just about anything

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>>276093721>niggers painting some african shit they don't even know about

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>>276095122do they have sources for shit like this that they claim? white people lynching blacks and having picnics? like did this ever happen? how many times? someone could kill someone right now while having brunch, that doesn’t mean we should “rethink” our use of the word brunch.

I have nigger fatigue syndrome


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>>276093721AI is racist: metro.co.uk/2020/04/01/race-problem-artificial-intelligence-machines-learning-racist-12478025/

>>276099223>Rutgers >not RutgasPretty racist if you ask me


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>>276093721I will just post this song - and make fun of woke virtue-signaling over-paid oppressed assholes in the African Tree Hockey League. Your included in this song you racist Nazis!youtube.com/watch?v=3ToEvz-7trY

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>>276099223made me think of this

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>>276093721Meme breathing into being racist, already

Kys nigger


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>>276093721Fuck niggers


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>>276099578Racist whites are systematically institutionalizing black owned air by breathing.


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The two most absurd articles like this I've seen are >fishing is racistBecause some black guy was harassed by guys who werent even fishing but simply in the area, and>the ice cream van jingle is racistWhich was another total stretch

>not satire

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>>276094021Holy fuck I want that kettle

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classic - the jew out jews itself

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>>276100479>)different picBe careful - eminem says these things can get awfully hot

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>blind auditions>no nigger ever makes the cut>hey das raciss

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>>276094528>>276094785lol I googled "are napkins racist" and found thisyou're not allowed to do ANYTHING anymore>“Be a little old school,” said the small print on the napkin, advertising Diet Coke. “Write down your number & give it to your plane crush. You never know ...”>There was a little space on the napkin where flirtatious passengers could write down their name and another space for their number. The larger print said, “because you’re on a plane full of interesting people and hey,” again, “... you never know.”>While some found the napkins clever and charming, others thought they were creepy. In fact, evidently enough complained that Delta and Coca-Cola apologized for the marketing stunt Wednesday, saying the napkins have since been removed from flights.

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>>276100587>Some unknown reasonAre they actually trying to redpill people?

>>276100720>it's racist to not fixate on applicants' skin colorgood lord


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>Countryside? Too white.inews.co.uk/news/environment/lake-district-seeks-to-boost-diversity-as-visitors-are-too-white-and-middle-class-1351102>Literature? Too white.theguardian.com/books/2017/dec/09/diversity-publishing-new-faces>Film industry? Too white.screendaily.com/features/can-the-uk-film-industry-meet-the-diversity-challenge/5099500.article>School curriculum? Too white.theguardian.com/education/2019/mar/20/academics-its-time-to-get-behind-decolonising-the-curriculum>Running? Too white.runnersworld.com/uk/training/motivation/a776339/is-running-too-white/>Football supporters? Too white.thetimes.co.uk/article/why-are-terraces-so-white-fear-of-racial-abuse-still-turns-fans-away-ph5q5cpm3>Music industry? Too white.ft.com/content/4f122542-b7bc-11e4-981d-00144feab7de>Angling? Too white.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1514555/Angling-Its-too-white-and-too-middle-aged-say-ministers-as-they-go-fishing-for-women-and-ethnic-minorities.html>Cycling? Too white.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/cycling-london-uk-sadiq-khan-bikes-race-class-gender-a8367916.html>Charity industry? Too white.civilsociety.co.uk/news/charitysowhite-campaign-launches-to-highlight-racism-in-the-sector.html>Public transport? Too white.politics.co.uk/news/2016/03/30/sadiq-khan-there-are-too-many-white-men-on-transport-for-lon>Fashion? Too white.theguardian.com/fashion/2017/aug/22/naomi-campbell-criticises-lack-diversity-vogue>Bird watching? Too white.telegraph.co.uk/family/life/definitely-feeling-countryside-white-elitist-birdgirl-opening/>Baking? Too white.graziadaily.co.uk/life/opinion/great-british-bake-needs-people-colour/>Weddings? Too white.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47632929

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>>276100587oh i am laffin

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Colleges are racist - this why we stop skool after hi skool.

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>>276099432>the racial bias built into light-matter interactionsGod hates niggers confirmed


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>>276100587They probably love seeing businesses foreclose, more cheap property to swoop in on


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>>276100894This is the kind of shit thst makes people racist.Its the same thing as"Whachu mean you ain't be seen i is black? You can't see my cola? Das rayciss". "No, Jamal. I am simply judging you on your merits and not on your skin color". "Nigga you best judge me on mah skeen cola!" "You are black thus i don't want you in my class" "nigga you just judged me on my skeen cola, aw nahh nigga im finna cap yo ass."

>>276099249Related to the constant cries that AI is racist, this is worth a watch:Yann LeCun, widely respected pioneer in modern machine learning arguing against the claims that AI is inherently racistm.youtube.com/watch?v=n1SXlK5rhR8

>>276093721Shit is racist because although its a disgusting waste product from our bodies, it is troubling that the color mimics the skin of BIPOC peoples. It should be a requirement by law that all people must swallow a pill with every meal to change their shit white so that it doesn't constitute a crime against humanity.

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>>276093721>White people makes jogger neighborhoods warmer>National GeographicAnyone else remember the time when NatGeo wasn't fully pozzed?


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>>276100587>thousands of Black businesses shutteredto be honest that's probably more the Corona lockdowns and riots than the Google Maps symbol

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>>276099908wtf it's the same story as >>276101124What's next? The Sun is racist? Light is racist?


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>be niggers>constantly burn down and trash your neighborhoodwe need moa moni for dem programz

most of those articles are just there to sparkle controversy and generate traffic. I doubt there are people this delusional.


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>>276100720>>276100894Holy, FUCKING KEK. Journos and reporters get an arrow in minecraft.


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I say accelerate. The more everything is racist, the more fatigue is sown for the majority. They're digging their own grave.


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>>276093721Ugabunga paint. Ugabunga paint path. Ugabunga part of path, parth part of Ugabunga now.

Even when slavery ended all those years ago, there was still jim crow laws and overtly racist politics in place to keep blacks from integrating. Even to this day mfs acting like 20 years is enough to catch up to a 250 year headstart on generational wealth is a form of white ignorance.Whites are the Jew of the Gentile world.


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>>276101990>but fuck them immigrants who come in with nothing, they just racist for succeeding in the same time??

>>276094785>>276101893Yep, pretty much everything is racist.

>>276100720What a brazen way of proclaiming that blacks can't compete in a race-blind meritocracy

>>276094417Literally the niggers of niggers, lol

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>>276101990Family and education do wonders.

>>27610199020 years? Jim Crow ended 60 years ago, bitch


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>>276099223Sounds like they need another visit from the Hyde

>>276102290It's the global-warming of media. It gets eyeballs (or did). Stop giving (((them))) eyeballs.


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>>276100587and this is quite recent, more proof that you can't put lipstick on a pig, whatever they demand to be called will always end up being tainted by who they actually are

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>>276102534hmm it's almost like minorities congregate in cities whereas most white people live in rural areas. damn

>>276100587>Implement it during Corona>Blame businesses being shut down on white peopleI hate (((them))) so much.


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>>276099223>Rutgers to be renamed Bix Nood University

>>276102656das raciss

>>276101069G L O B A L I S T A G E N D A

>>276094528>>276094785i bet that these are generated by google and no actual articles. Look it up, automated journalism is a thing. The AI creates articles in real time, depending on the keywords you search for. Don’t trust anything from Jewgle, be careful.

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>>276093721Access to whites is not a human right.

>>276101371LOL. Yep we're going in this direction.Just another example of nature being racist>light is racist>>276100743>>276099908>>276099432>water is racist>>276100431>air is racist>>276101318>time is racist>>276098964


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I just googled 15 random words with "is/are x racist" and all of them had at least one article, but almost all had multiple articles. I'm going to make up an infographic.

>>276102135Immigrants who become naturalized citizens usually have a savings of some sort to travel and afford an American citizen ship, and even then not all immigrants leave their countries in desolation. You have plenty of asian and indian migrant workers sending american wealth back home to be converted to whatever currency they use simply because the market is freer here, but they are still established, unless you're talking about the undocumented immigrants who are struggling just as much as poc to establish themselves.Wait, no. I dont want to ruin your "muh niggers" worldview. Carry on.

>>276103379The only white privilege is living amongst whites which is why everyone is trying to come here and Europe

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>>276102277>he doesnt know about Jacksonville, FL and other Dixieland Gems where racism, nepotism, and discrimination still runs strong

>>276103446Make sure to include air, water, time, and math is racist articles in there

>>276099249>>276101347The most rational things known to man, machines, completely free from bias, literally born yesterday, are turning racist.

>>276096591>one simple credit trickpaying your bills on time

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>>276103831Born of wypepo, is their argument. No nigs around in cs to program artificial intelligence

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>>276102277Checked and truth pilled

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>>276103613Wtf does Jacksonville and Dixieland have to do with niggers not being able to succeed ANYWHERE in America!?Is FL in control of Detroit and Chicago? Typical bigger ignorance and scapegoating.

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>>276094417does that mean that gay black women are the niggers of niggers?


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>>276104469>Jacksonville FL be like racist dog, dat why niggers in Canada can’t read.

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>>276104392Your baby is racist and must be re-educateden.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibram_X._Kendihttps://www.politicalresearch.org/2017/07/31/the-art-of-activism-ashley-lukashevsky

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>>276100167I see this being pushed a lot now. Niggers have no place in any sort of white culture. I’m surprised it hasn’t been worse considering the amount of leftist classical musicians, but maybe I can’t tell because no one’s performing anymore.


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>>276099223Being smart is racist

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>>276100587>>276103426There isn’t a source because it’s likely fake. The give away is the “some reason”. That’s bait that worked on idiots in this thread.> inb4 kike shillPost source then, and I’ll post nose.

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>>276103639water was one of my random words, so were clouds, grass, trees, boats, mirrors, smiling, mosquitoes, elephants, birds, toothbrushes etc.

blogs.scientificamerican.com/voices/george-floyds-autopsy-and-the-structural-gaslighting-of-america/>Written before bodycam footage>No mention of drugs at all>H-hey not letting us gaslight you is gaslighting!

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2+2 = 4Oh no I’m a racist!

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>>276104771>not letting niggers loot you is racist>>276105009somehow mosquitoes are racist because they don't transfer malaria to blacks at as high a rate due to sickle cell anemia. White people get all the malaria it's not fair!

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>>276103058im tired of seeing ugly nigger kids

>>276105051...ahem. /pol is always right. When I’m here.

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>>276099432You have to beat the game on hard to unlock the full team.

>>276104771>>276104632>>276104559>>276104465>>276104392>>276104249>>276104145As humorous as they are, these are fake.

This is just a race to the bottom: big companies want the lowest of the low people to buy shitty news media products.

>>276093721Is this because darkies absorb more heat from sunlight?

>>276099088Did he died?

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>>276103425It's a truly horrible thing, please do not make light of it. A hate crime that we all commit on a daily basis, just let that sink in.

>>276105298What tipped you off, Sherlock?

>>276100501I know asians who laugh and are “racist” about chink eyes. It’s just a meme. They don’t always mean it seriously.

>>276104926yeah that is fakesome of the stuff they have on there is pretty cracked though, my favorite is adl.org/education/references/hate-symbols/pit-bull"The pit bull has long been used as a skinhead symbol, presumably because of its reputation as a "fighting" dog. Many racist skinheads and other white supremacists own or even raise pit bulls."....dude, that isn't who owns pit bullslol


>>276102139Forgot pic.

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>>276100720It's the lip smacking. Nearly impossible to filter out in the mix.

>>276105420take a guess...

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>>276105420Ye. Also why does it not feel scary to see this but cartel vids are hard to watch?

>>276100707Honestly it’s just a kettle. It goes to show you how far their minds go down the insanity hole.

>thread themeyoutube.com/watch?v=eT3BFzSD6YY

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>>276093721what the fuck does this even mean? How are some areas of a neighbourhood 10 degrees hotter than others? And how are these hotter areas CREATED through discriminatory zoning?

>>276105420no, he's in rehab

>>276101990Lmao dumb niggers

>>276101121 I think leftists should be killed.

>>276100720>>blind auditions>>no nigger ever makes the cut>>hey das racissHandle No. 3 in E Major IV Polonaise, Andanta turns into "Fuck Y'all Niggas" by the Compton City Orchestra ft. Tyrone DeQuan with a rap track.

>>276099223On a personal note: FUCK YOU RUTGERS. I was a music performance major, and they made me take all the way thru expository writing 300 level, years ago, as a state requirement for writing, not my major! I HAD TO TAKE IT IN SUMMER!

>>276106315That should have read "Handel"....I'm drukn as fuck.

>>276093721This made me laugh.news.northeastern.edu/2020/07/16/the-research-is-clear-white-people-are-not-more-likely-than-black-people-to-be-killed-by-police/just read the headline (and the first few sentences if you want) and then Ctrl+F "crime"

>>276101624> doubt First day?

>>276105998Because you know you won't shoot yourself but you can't guarantee a sand nigger won't behead you.

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>>276100720>If ensembles are to reflect the communitiesWHY does everything have to 'reflect' the multiracial community? Why can't some forms of art or entertainment stand on their own merit?

>>276105998the victim is visibly in a state of terror and you feel empathy/sympathy because you're white

>>276106355>falling for the going to (((college))) meme

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>>276106474>you're white H-how could you tell?I am.

>>276099634This one man. Nations parks are full of brownies from all over the world trying to visit.

>>276106355also checked

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>>276105905The article is extremely sneaky and kiked, unsurprisingly. They act as though everyone who can play the audition repertoire is equal (and that the demographics among them are proportional to the real world), but if that’s the case, what separates orchestral musicians from soloists who go out and nail the most difficult pieces every night? Jew York Times published two other articles the same day about how classical music is rayciss an shiet (as it should be), so this might be their next big target after ruining video games and heavy metal. So glad I’m gonna be fucking off from the West. Gott strafe America.

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>>276104754We even have racist bears that won't bother whites.You'd best stay in the city.


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>>276107048Why would post something so violent?

>>276103963>paying your bills on timeThat's also racist

>>276104722>>276104722I wish I would have thought of this...I wonder if hopping on the "anti-racist" bandwagon is too late from a profitability perspective?I can EASILY pull 1,000 pages out of my asshole on "how to be less anti-racist as a white person" and sell that shit on Amazon under a pseudonym.I wonder how much money I would make promoting more white guilt to the gullible dumbfuck self-hating white liberals in America?

>>276094417Muh based black man! Hahahahahahah

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>>276094785Oh for fuck's sake

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>>276099088Is he ok?

Oh come on!

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>>276107482>neckbeard humorsuch an edgelord

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>>276107357RIP Big floyd

>>276105636Well-poisoning is a serious problem on this site.

Ok, that's it, the Universe is just taking the piss now

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>>276094021Lol it really does though. No way that is a coincidence.

>>276107608Oh really? Cuz I'm getting more of a SEARED BITE from the impossible whopper.

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>>276106909based bears>>276106660it's not that non whites can't put themselves in the shoes of another, they just usually don't

>>276099908I'd love black traffic signals. Drivers will kill even more nogs


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>>276099832Nah, I'm not brainwashed, she just nasty

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>>276099422 (checked)Underrated joke.


Anyone got the webm of the buzzfeed journo throwing dildos at a random board of things to write up racism articles about?

>>276094417Remenber me

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Is racism racist?

>>276100645What fucking barriers?How much money a month do they get on WIC/EBT?Frequently see people posting on here about how they are spending $80 and just managing to pay rent as well when they are behind someone using a card to get hundreds of dollars worth of processed shit>We too poor to eat healthy!Fuck, I'm neet scum and I'm offendedAlso I manage to eat good because I'm not retarded, despite being a neet


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>>276100720Playing an instrument effectively in a group of instrument players is a result of oppressive colonialisation

>>276099088That almost looked like an accident. What’s the story suicide?

damn greysin all fairness, they are the invasive niggers of british wildlife

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>>276098964Time isn't racist, it just slows down around that black hole.

It's hot as fuck. The sun is racist bros

>>276106355>Music performance majorNot gonna make it


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>>276099088great trick! I hired this guy for my kids barmitzvah

>>276104469I just met your cherry picked strawmen with some of my own. Chicago has been corrupt since the Capone days when Italian immigrants settled in. Detroit was a major automotive manufacture city before GM outsourced all the assembly jobs to Asia. Blacks AND Whites were negatively impacted by this but keep focusing on just race, goyim.

>>276101413Dey need to feed dem cows chocolate so dey make that righteous brown milk!

>>276104392That cunt cant be serious

>>276101990Slavery didn't endSlavery is ongoingWhat are you doing about slavery?Blaming white people for it?So nothing thenOk

>>276102534GIGA Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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>>276103058This might be the first time in my life I've seen a male negro holding a child

>>276101990Nah ya niggers are just too dumb

>>276094528Wew... I give up

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This is fun

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>>276106097It's likely the Urban Meth-lab Thermal Island effect

>>276093721Never knew Rinella was a faggot cuck

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>>276106428Because that would be racistWhy would that be racist?Because of racism

Wow everything really is racist.

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>>276107580>Egg racist>upper middle-class white family member that refuses to eat brown eggsHahahaImagine believing that

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>>276093721Water is racist.

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>>276103008Based, I'm glad I'm racist unlike those racist non-racists.

>>276093721Sunlight is racist.

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>>276093721We just need mo after school programs

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>>276101990Wetbacks just blew right past you stupid chongo

>>276110363Some people will absolutely beleive thatSome people will beleive anything

>>276101647>have you ever noticed the popularity of white robotsuhh. no, i havent

>>276110062Well bikes, sure. That ones a given

>>276100645How can you be too poor to eat vegetablesThat is literally all it takes to stop being fat


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>>276104392>white babies are causing climate change

>>276093721Jesus Christ I fucking hate niggers and nigger-lovers alike

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Based autonomous cars

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>>276093721The land itself is racist.>go ahead, ctrl f the phrasesciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0016718517302944#s0010

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If you write an article on racism, no matter how stupid or wrong it is, it will be published.

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Not wanting your sons and daughters to marry nonwhites is not allowed. You will be re-educated and made to comply with the new social order.

Salad bars are definitely racist. And q-tips. Those dastardly q-tips!

>>276111327>Air, water, time, math, trees>all existed since the dawn of the planet>millions of years before mankind>all are inherently racist

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>>276093721>give them free housing>racistgoddamn, I swear these people are a plague that needs to be eradicated from this world

>>276095122(((they))) claim it dereives from "Pickaninny".

>mfw this entire thread

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>>276103058(((Kolsky)))Like clockwork

>>276109174>Detroit was a major automotive manufacture city before GM outsourced all the assembly jobs to Asia.unironically this. not sure why people think detroit would be some amazing place to live without black people, they literally shipped all the jobs overseas and are too poor to do anything with all of their rotting factories and port infrastructure that they don't use anymore

Does anyone have a good alternative to National Geographic? Like a news source for natural science and animals and shit that isn’t completely pozzed?

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>>276093721> it's inhumane to force niggers to have to live next to niggersthis is it - end of world, they are already doing it en mass and you niggers are not seeing itnow it will explode, mass dispersal off niggers into white communities at an astounding pace9000% rapes

>>276111413>"the unbearable whiteness of hiking">omg I just can't bear seeing white people, it's LITERALLY unbearable

>>276104722That is not how you put a baby in that carry thing


>>276112558lol why the fuck are the baby's armed pinned to the dad's chest with the straps. clearly the author is childless

>>276107295you are literally thinking of doing what their entire goal is. to create the problem of racism and then get hired as "racism consultants" and other bullshit. and no - it's not too late, it's probably a very good time to hop on because this industry is going to explode after all the BS happening in America. the only problem is if you don't have a twitte account with years and years of white guilt posting, you'll be treated with suspicion.

>>276093721I can't even make sense of that article

>Is ___ racist?Yes

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>>276099832> brainwashedI guess I'll start loving fat negresses

>>276099506What does that nigger say?! I've always wanted to know but could never make it out.

>>276095122stop eating food you cracka ass cracka!>>276103963lel>>276107253thisfuck white people's expectations of having things by a certain date

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>>276112694That's racist, Leaf.Report to the Prime Minister office for mandatory punisment and reeducation camp.

>>276093721Niggers swarm into cities for Gibs after the "urban heat trap" was known and and taught in every grammar school since 1920.Complain its too hot. Still wear coats all year for some reason.See the very green spaced out "Sunnydale" area next to big parks and not so green SF urban hell scapes? That is "The Projects" and nearly 100% Black. Urban Planning wise, its by far the most comfy layout in SF. Big wide streets and you can drive on the lawn and park in front of your front OR back door, or both.As you can see its next to big parks, golf course and big new swimming pool, but also great fwy access going north or south. Most units are 3/1 and would normally sell for about 1.5 MILLION in SF.

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>>276113184I bought some lettuce, jalapenos, and peaches at the farmers' market today... does this mean I'm racist?!

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>>276112519>niggers will flood into the gentrified neighborhoods

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>>276101564Jesus this was stupid. Oh this is raycssist!! Lets destroy storesI didnt see anything wrong with it> says the black mother

>>276100587>some unknown reason

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>>276101371Black dicks look like turds

>>276114201wtf, that pic isn't even "too white". It just looks like average demographics of US

>>276114124>Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Centerthis has to be satire

>>276101069lmao saved

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>>276108366Wait, WAT? They seriously cannot help themselves, sheesh.

>>276094528holy shit you really can. Every nonsensical "Is _ racist" I just tried turned up a result, I just tried about a doze. Only email itself didnt seem outright racist, but there have been plenty of racist emails.Other racist things:>deoderant>nature>trees>hunting>reading>pensylvania>technology>boats>math (duh)>maps>horses>frogs (thanks pepe)>NPR>campfires>guns>TOOTHPICKS>Obamaliterally everything is racist. I will give reddit platnium to the first person who can find something that is not racist or has anything racist associated with it

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>>276101333steven spier should be punished for giving me a headache

>>276100587This is fake, I went and checked. ACAB is apparently a hate symbol though, which is almost as funny.adl.org/education/references/hate-symbols/acab

>>276115165Jews, of course. I don’t even need to goggle it

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>>276098964Time is not racist. Gravity is.

>>276115346Who cares about the classifications of a Jewish advocacy organization as to what constitutes "hate"?

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>>276115660for sure!

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>>276115722I just like to research things before I believe them, it's a good habit.


>>276113746yes you bigot, you're as bad as the KKK