>report something negative about the President>he then calls for you to be firedI love freedom of the press!

>report something negative about the President>he then calls for you to be firedI love freedom of the press!newsweek.com/donald-trump-veterans-suckers-jennifer-griffin-1529849

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>Confirmed articleGetting sick of this blatant fucking bullshit being spun holy shit

WTF i like fox now?

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>>276088933All they did was confirm that the anonymous witnesses claimed it.The fact that this is being ran as confirming it proves that the press actively lies, and should be destroyed.

>>276088933Anonymous sources, no audio, no video, no transcript, no evidence whatsoever, multiple real named witnesses say it never happened.Complete fabrication. Everyone involved with this story should be fired and put in jail.

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Can't wait to line you all up

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Has anyone told him about the repeal of the Smith-Mundy Act or nah?

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>>276088933Obama just killed them.

>>276088933If it was false he could sue for libel...notice no lawsuit.

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>>276089052I will only ever watch Fox from here on out

>>276088933She didn’t confirm suckers and losers comment. And Bolton contradicts the anonymous source’s claim that Trump skipped the cemetery because he didn’t want to get his hair wet. The rest of it is probably bullshit too.

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>>276088933Too bad in this country "Freedom of the press" Means they can throw out blatant lies and hit pieces for political agenda. Some countries there's a balance with journalist proving their sources without insane fabrication.

>>276089489notice you're a nigger

>>276089130fucking Bolton's book, which shits all over Trump talked about that evening and never made accusations. Bolton would have said it, if it were true

>>276088933Yeah, trump's really done it this time. >washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/obama-whose-administration-prosecuted-and-spied-on-reporters-claims-trump-is-very-bad-for-criticizing-newsrooms

>>276089489Public figures ca NOT sue for libel.The legal burden of proof in defamation actions is thus higher in the case of a public figure than in the case of an ordinary person.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_figure

>>276088933Freedom of the press does not mean freedom from consequences.

>>276089130>put into a cannon and firedFtfy

>>276088933> organized marxist desinformation campaing against the president>hurr durr its just the free press

>>276090043actually, thats what it does, as long as you are not falsifying information, you shall not be punished reporting facts.

>>276088933Fuck freedom of the Lügenpresse

>>276088933>muh anonymous sourceShould just stick to shilling some pilot pimping Dementia Joe, ShareBlue.

>>276090401>as long as you are not falsifying informationhmmm

>>276088933He's not a fascist authoritarian crybaby btw.

>>276088933Jeffrey is a foreign asset.

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>>276088933It's literally libel. Not just that, but also intentional misinformation with an intent to influence the election. There's no confirmation to the claims in Atlantic article, just that the source is real and not a fictional figure invented by Atlantic. If I were to tell Atlantic that Biden fucks children and shoots niggers with ar15 on weekends, and then Fox confirms that I am the source, doesn't mean there are any truth to my claims if I have no evidence to support them. Fox reporter should be sued, his producer fired and media kikes rounded up and sent to Gitmo for their endless spreading of fake news, blatant collusion with Democrats in attempt to subvert the democratic elections and their lies which has caused months long riots in U.S. that could very well turn into a civil war. That this hasn't happened yet is baffling.

>>276091099>muh "mostly true" intensifies

>>276089210i'll kill you FUCKING PUSSY

>>276088933If they reported unsubstantiated lies about you, that is bad journalism. If you’re bad at your job, you should be fired.

>>276088933>relay your confirmation comes from an un-reputable sources>essentially hear-say>do this to the one guy who has the majority power>shocked when he doesn't play your passive aggressive soiboy gameswow shocking

>>276089130You know 100% he said that

>>276089783Bolton said that sounds like something Trump would say

>>276088933Fuck journos

>>276088933(((berg))) should've been executed for treason when he wrote a false article that dick cheney used as a pretext for invading iraq

>>276088933Furthermore, I am certain the source is Kelly or Mattis, maybe both. These evil bloodthirsty neocon warhawks always get uppity whenever Trump goes against the military-industrial complex agenda. Each time Trump announced he'd pull out of Syria or Afghanistan, these military welfare queens would come out and undermine Trump, or some major scandal would surface, immediately propped up and spread by the media. Literally every single time. It's so blatant what they are doing. >Fuck with us, Donald, and you'll regret itBut because Trump is a stubborn dumbass he just does his thing. You can't control the guy.


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>>276092410I don't, because I don't confuse feels for facts like you commie faggots.

>>276089783Bolton's book does not refute or disprove the claim. The author of the article was even challenged on this and answered it.youtu.be/2lRyVzHdtfo2:15

Did someone else at fox talk to like 10 officials who where there that day who confirmed the story was bullshit though? 10 people outweigh 2 unnamed people. Someone post the fox video.

>>276088933>confirmed article


>>276092410Low IQ

>>276089489Still not voting Biden kek

>>276088933Liars and traitors to the country should be removed.

>>276092789NOBODY respects the troops more than trump. he said so himself in that video. don't you believe him? lmao


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>>276088933>Trump calls for firing of (((reporter))) who lied

>>276092789This video doesn’t refute anything the author of the article dodges the question without explaining why Bolton would contradict a key claim in the article n a book 12 months before it came out. Did Bolton psychically know it would help Trump, who he hates?

>>276088933> I love freedom of the press!Fuck the press, they view this concept as "freedom to lie". Free speech in the West was never about that, and habitual liars were frequently killed in duels. Most journalists should be arrested and sentenced to death for treason.> anonymous sourcesThis should be an aggravating circumstance during the trial.Fuck journalists in general, and fuck atheist American kike journalists in particular, they're a cancer on society. Literally less respectable than pimps, not to mention prostitutes.

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>>276088933Why would this info be annonymous? He didn't allegedly say anything illegal. If he really did say it the person that heard it would absolute say they heard. The problem is that this person wasn't around the president to hear it.

>>276091754The point is that the source is someone trusted by multiple news outlets, that was known to be there. Your just a fag spouting nonsense.

You guys ever watch Newsmax? I get it for free on my Roku and it's incredibly based.

>>276090401No it means the government can't jail you for publishing stories. Fox is a private business and they can choose to fire the reporter if they want.Please dilate your fake vagina.

>>276092789trump didn't want flags lowered to half staff for McCain's death? what the fuck exactly did john do to him to piss him off so hard?

>>276088933for lying you idiot, he doesn't list sources just says "trump said this" and when asked for proof "trust me"

>>276094051Being an actual loser.

>>276088933reporting debunked libelous/slanderous information SHOULD be grounds for termination.how could they have fucked up any more than they did?

>>276093902Source already was shown to make a false statement. Trustworthy source crashes and burns again, huh?

>>276094051John McCain funded ISIS and "unknown rebels" in Syria. Fuck him.

>>276088933>lie for political reasons >reporting

>>276088933reminder that the left just murdered an innocent trump supporter walking down the street and celebratedand this "anonymous source" that the shills are pushing is a distraction

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>>276088933Freedom of the press is not freedom from consequences.

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>>276089219retards here dont even know what iti is

>>276094817This. The distraction is being led by the same journalist that led America into the Iraq War.

>>276094688donald trump was part of 9/11. fuck him

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>>276092472Yeah, well, he is a professional AntiTrumper these days. The shit they say he said about the troops is all either flagrant distortions or already public knowledge. Oh no, he asked somebody why they thought John McCain was a hero. What an asshole. Or he asked "why do they serve, they don't get any money," which could just as easily come from him giving one of his little public talks about incredible sacrifice, not him behind closed doors mocking them, as is implied. The bottom line is that this story's so obviously bullshit because it reads like Penthouse Letters by MSNBC. If they weren't so completely deranged, they could come up with some believable quotes. I'm surprised they didn't have him saying, "my skin crawls when military families vote for me, I hate the idea that these scumbags who ever served in the military like my campaign." It reminds me of that Rolling Stone article with the evil frat boys saying "grab its leg," just to make sure no one could doubt that they don't view women as human beings.

>>276089219Explain like I’m 5 please

>>276095004>smith-mundywell maybe if the dumbfuck could spell it right, it would help

>>276088933>confirmedHow disingenuous

>>276093902So every news outlet knows who this person is but nobody else does?

>>276092472Bolton’s book still contradicts a claim made by the anonymous source, making it highly likely the rest of the account is fake as well.

>>276092410>It sounds like it could be true so it must be!

>>276088933there is no evidence he ever said anything like this. It was completely made up

>>276091501Why don’t these people get justice

>>276089052its outdated, roger alles died in 2017. some jew & jewette duo has taken over since. thats why you have out of a sudden corrupt democrats like donna brazile on the network

>>276088933First and last time you will ever hear leftists say "fox news" and "confirmed" in the same sentence.

>>276092767Trump just got caught lying about Melania being at home the same day he called vets suckers and losers.The man has no credibility anymore and you know it, and you have to come on here every day and run damage control for him, it’s delicious.

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>>276088933>jennifer griffinI bet she is a jew

>>276096226>it’s delicious.it would be if it wasn't so pathetic

>>276091501bottomline:its not unlikely that asshole contributed to the invasion of iraq and its countless deaths and trillions of sunk cost

>>276096401She's a Harvard polisci grad who worked for the AP and NPR prior to joining Fox.


>>276088933lol perhaps look up who bought newsweek, retard

>>276088933>report something negative about the SJW>they then calls for you to be firedI love freedom of the press!>report something negative about the Jews>((they))then calls for you to be firedI love freedom of the press!>report something negative about the Mafia>they then put out calls for you to be fired at on the streetI love freedom of the press!>report something negative about the Putin>he then calls for you to be friedI love freedom of the press!

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>>276093902Doesn't matter. If they have no evidence to back up their claims they're not credible no matter how much media trusts them. And let's stop beating around the bush, we all know it's the butthurt faggot Kelly. He knew Trump would deny these allegations and that his supporters wouldn't believe them, so why didn't he provide some proof? Because he has none. It's a bogus story to deflect from the riots and antifa, which polls have shown to be a huge issue for Biden in the polls. There's also lots of positive news for Trump which have been burried due to this non-story. Kosovo and Serbia deal, critical theory ban, great economic and jobs reports. We also have proof that the psycho antifa guy stalked and murdered a Trump supporter, media really, really don't want to report it because they want to pretend that antifa are not violent and can't be regarded as terrorist organization because they only commit petty crimes. I would bet that Atlantic sat on this story for a while, possibly for weeks or even months, waiting for the right moment to launch this disinfo campaign.

>>276093281yeah he should call for a month long torture and then public execution by gravity.that's what the majority of this journalist scum deserves. You wouldnt believe the amount of people who swallow this BS and take it facevalue. Most simply dont have the time to question the narrative and just swallow the fake news juice without hesitation. They are truly the enemy of the people and something needs to be done to end them.

I remember this reporter flying on the Clinton planeduring 2016 election and Clinton praising her for a job well done and to keep up the good work. Just another lying manipulating spook for Open Society bullshit.

>>276088933>freedom of the press!Doesn't include libel, slander or defamation, you dirty kike.

>>276096226obamaleaf,it doesn't matter how loud you howl at the moonit's still a lie.your story has been thoroughly debunked.

>>276097314and this legally isn't libel, slander, or defamation. Protecting sources has been a part of journalist practice for years.

>>276088933What I don’t like about these anonymous source claims is they will report for days saying it’s true. If it turns out to be fake, they will tell you it’s fake for maybe 5 seconds and memory hole it. Meanwhile probably millions of ppl were propaganda’d

>>276097595>reporting unverified drivel isn't libel, slander, or defamation>what the fuck is due dilligence?lol, you're terrible at this.

>>276089622What a lame excuse.

>>276094051McCain was one of the leaders of the NeverTrumper neocon camp. He constantly fucked with and undermined Trump. The NeverTrumpers are the reason Trump didn't get anything done in the first two years of his presidency while Republicans controlled the Congress. They were arguably a much bigger thorn in his ass than dems.

>>276089517Faux gains one , loses a million. Awesome.

>>276088933who unironically thinks freedom of the press is a good thing anymore anyway?

>>276088933>reportThose days are long gone. All opinion and conjecture now. Facts and truth do not matter one iota.

Who is next? Jennifer!! Wrong choice lady. Wrong choice.

>>276088933kys journalist rat

>>276088933freedom of the press isnt freedom from consequences. #DayoftheRope

>>276088933>report lies to slander sitting POTUS>get called on itFreedom of the press shouldn't mean freedom to lie constantly.

>>276097843Trump should sue the shit out of Fox and then get Tucker to buy Fox from Murdoch elder. His son wants to turn it into CNN. Conservatives will have no major network supportive of them if they don't do something soon. Just like they will lose most states to demographic shift and soon will never be able to win another election. Why are they so goddamn short-sighted? Seriously, fuck boomers.

>>276089130>multiple real named witnesses say it never happened.but that's not true. bolton for example didnt say "it never happened", he just said he didnt hear it himself, and even went so far as to say that it's highly likely he would have said it.is your dad a man-worshiping cuck like you? i imagine the 2 of you faggots probably really identify with falwell jr

>>276089130Multiple real named witnesses? Who? Source?

>>276089622>Anonymous sources tell me Chatlin likes to stick gerbils up his butt, There, now it is published and reportable.

>>276088933>cancel culture faggots complaining about reciprocationImagine my shock.

>>276089128Indeed. It's almost like the press people themselves should face personal, in minecraft, consequences for trying to destroy this Republic

>>276093902>dude, trust methe absolute state of journalism

>>276088933>confirmedWhere did she post the video?

>>276088933Based, it's about time Trump started asserting some dominance over those lying kike vultures.


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>>276094051McCain was a piece of shit and represented the absolute worst side of America.I still want my $50 an hour lettuce picking job.

>>276088933Freedom of press doesn't mean freedom from consequences, bigot.

>>276094419I am beginning to think Wag the Dog (1997) was a documentary.


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>>276088933When you think about it Donnie has a point. Anyone who willingly signs up to fight the Jewish state's wars is a chump.

>>276096182Thanks kraut, I haven't been paying attention. That explains a lot about fox.

>>276092767>don’t confuse feels for factsNo that is exactly what you do on each and every issue related to Trump.What you don’t really understand is you have become the like the left who voted for Kilary knowing full well from WL what a pos she was.At this point the anons who defend Blumpf with some type of unholy zeal actually turn people off.You’ve lost any objectivity and are no better than an NPC programmed with set parameters to break yourself and fall on ever sword for blumpf regardless what he says or does. The literal definition of sheep.I like the user on here the other day who just said it.Hey I realize Trump is a shitty person and does unsavory things but hey I can’t vote for Biden bcoz it will harm my self interests.You just sound and act like a retard at this point.

>>276092410No one except leftards who wants it to be true believes this shit. Same when he supposedely said nigger. Somehow no proof since he didn't. Exactly the same now, if he did it would be all over the mefia already

>>276097595With evidence or proof. if there was a tape, a video, a written declaration, sure but people have come out on record saying wtf?!? and somehow an user is more reliable. Do you not see how this game is played? have you stopped killing kittens as relayed by trusted sources?


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>>276088933Must... defend.... Dear LeaderThis... is... good.... for... Trump

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>>276098135I do, but jail time for evidence-free false reporting.


>>276094051Wet-start McSongbird pled guilty to treason and crimes against nature. He was sentenced on August 21, 2018 by court martial to execution under a plea deal that his crimes not be disclosed to the public in exchange for not contesting the charges.

>>276100217>if you don't believe this anonymous source making baseless claims then you're a sheep

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>>276100649oh lefty

>>276088933You know... no one believes this shit other than the commie sycophants that are burning cities down

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>>276104011You watch morning joe, dontcha?

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>>276104751no I just trust an independent report over the word of Trump's cronies

>>276105309>independent report>with no corroborating evidence or consensus You’re a hoot, fren

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>>276088933They should. How does a reporter who wasn't there "confirm" a story when a person actually there and doesn't like Trump says Trump didn't say it. Hang these faggots already.

>>276088933I actually don't care for freedom of the press. I only want control of it. To wield against my enemies.

>>276106600Bolton didn't deny Trump said it

>>276094091So like Q.

>>276100022What if they are drafted? How does that play out?

>>276107319Bolton said something >thefederalist.com/2020/09/04/trump-hater-john-bolton-debunks-anonymous-atlantic-hit-piece-on-trumps-veterans-record/

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>>276088933Why are buzz cut lesbians always “intelligence reporters”

>>276088933>confirmedtranslation :>100% debunkedthis is the new normal for the lügenpresse

>>276088933She didn't really "confirm" anything. There isn't any proof that he said these things. She's just citing a claim made by a couple of anonymous cowards.

Here's the equivalent:Thread starts on Holla Forums where a bunch of anonymous people claim that they saw Biden rape a 12 year old girl at a party. Anonymous and worthless, just like the claims against Trump.Then multiple folks go on Twitter and claim they heard from multiple anonymous sources that Biden raped a 12 year old girl at a party. Then a bunch of sock puppet accounts start "Protect our sisters" and post pictures of their sisters, and reference the allegations against Biden raping a 12 year old girl.Basically the same kind of bullshit. That's what the media has become.

>>276088933If the claims ARE false, then of course people spreading scandalous libel should fired... don't you think?

>>276088933eh, you do that all the time, he can get a free pass