Will we see an increase of suicides if Trump wins?

The left has really been coping hard the past 4 years. >Trump definitely won't win>Trump won, but cheated>Congress must invoke the 25th amendment, Trump is unstable>Russiagate>Impeachment nothing BurgerNow, it's 2020 and Trump is still in power, they are putting all their eggs in "Biden must win or America is DOOMED!" I think if Trump wins, we might literally see people killing themselves. Thoughts?

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>>276088320Hope so.

>>276088320At the very least, they'll be so defeated and blackpilled that they juuuuuuust might finally SHUT. THE FUCK. UP.

>>276088320If Trump wins we are going to see the biggest chimpout of our lives. Every downtown area will burn from mass riots and people will be getting shot in the streets.Look at the daily chimpouts and tell me that Trump winning again wont lead tl massove city riots

>>276088320how is it that every time this webm is posted it just get shittier quality

>>276088320This guy made checking out look so easy.

>>276088320Who is the dude?!?! And why? Besides being a basedface.

>>276088320>that vidgoddamn at least he doesnt have to suffer anymore

>>276088320Hopefully.The herd could use some thinning.


>>276088490We can only hope.


wtf I didn't expect him to actually an hero

>>276088320Fucking hell that is awful.You fucking psychopaths need to fuck off making fun of this. He was someone's son...

>>276088320That's CGI, right?

>>276089945Shut up faggot

>>276088320They’ll become modern guerrilla who will do suicide attacks in the name of their cause. They’ll feel they have no other choice. Useful idiots

>>276089196He lost his house, gf, and job all in a short time. His mom was calling him non-stop before he did it.

>>276089196womanless and jobless basically hoodsite.com/facebook-live-suicide-video-man-shoots-himself-head-shotgun/

>>276088486 In Jesus' name


>>276088320We can only pray. Digits and liberals make mist of their NPC matter en masse after Trump landslide confirmed.

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>>276088320I'd be more worried about an increase of homicide, the left will lose their shit when Trump wins again and they'll definitely want to kill any Trump supporter they can find.


>>276089945He knew he was someone's son and he killed HIMSELF. You really don't get how sick and deranged these people are: He live streamed it to his friends and family as a "fuck you" to them. You're just as deranged as he is, faggot.

>>276089945yeah fuck him for doing that to people that cared about him

>>276090084thats what you shouldve been doing

>>276088320Honestly i dont think trump will win since im starting to think ”nothing never happens” and there wont be riots nor civil war. Biden wins (idk fucking how), retards will be all smug, some clashes in november/december, dies down in 2021 when useless virtue signaling politics begins between 2020-2024 and the US/ the world just keeps getting shittier Until we get societal collapse.Dont get me wrong i teally wanna see shit happen but it feels like its just gonna be a slow boring death with literal retards shitting up this whole world

>>276089945be a hero faggot!

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>>276088320Yes. The far left has the highest level of dignosed clinical depression, borderline personality disorder, identity issues etc. They do not understand how Trump won in 2016. They made up insane conspiracies to explain it. They do not think it is even conceivable that he could win again. Virtually every person they know and interact with, and every shred of media, has convinced them of how deeply unpopular he is. It will deeply traumatize their worldview. Suicide has already upticked on the left due to the coronahoax shutdowns. There will absolutely be increased suicides in november and december.

Imagine watching someone's face get completely blown off and still believing there is a God.Holy fuck I hate this world.

>>276088742I personally can't wait for the bloodshed

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>>276089945He's probably okay

>>276088320damn. I bet that felt amazing...

>>276088320Did he died?

>>276088320>What?I'm full on MAGA now. Make it happen.


Only whites feel the helplessness and shame that comes from not being employedThis guys lowest point is the average state of your average nigger

>>276088320If he had lived he’d have to get a face transplant

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>>276089056It is for you fags. Any American who has trouble with suicide is a pussy. Literally just pull a fucking trigger.

>>276088320This clip puts a smile on my face every time.


>>276088320Did he die?

>>276089196anime lover and woke evangelical christian, posted fag flags on his instaone way or another he got Holla Forums pilled

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>>276088486Me too, will save us some work.

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>>276088320I really hope so. The US needs less hysteric who are literally shaking every time their team loses.

>>276088320fewer for us to have to kill when the dance turns into a mosh pit

>>276088320Trump simply wont win, it wont be allowed, not sure how Americans aren't seeing this yet? More ballots for Biden will keep being """"found"""" until he wins, simple as that.Plus they have outright said they wont concede, ran the war games for that scenario, and had practice runs already, like in Arizona.


>>276089196liberal lost gf and job to niggers and lost house


>>276090733As it turns out he was relieving fluid from an ingrown hair on his face he's gonna be fine

>>276090699>Pull the triggerIn America, sure.What do you do in the UK? Sharpen your spoon and cut your own neck?

>>276088320Hoping for at least 2-3 million suicides

>>276089945he died when he became a communist, user. what you saw was merely a zombie doing the needful.

>>276088320no killing yourself is bad. we should take the matters into our own hands and kill them ourselves

>>276090949That was exactly my point you retarded mongoloid shit for brains canacuck. You should an hero yourself with that down syndrome tier reading comprehension.


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>>276090949Just jump from a high place. If dying was hard we wouldn't have so many people dying from accidents every year. I'm guessing the hard part is to convince yourself to override every survival instinct in your body to end yourself.

biden doesn't have a leg to stand on really. even libtards wont post memes about him that much on normiebook. if anything the coof was a big redpill because people know its a big jew. people who didn't give a shit before are gunna vote for trump.

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>>276091135>Heckin no!!!!! You can't just misread my flipping replyerino!!!Anyways, just jump under a train or jump off a building. Stop making excuses, because that's make you the pussy.

>>276091525The hard part is the nothingness after death. Surely suffering on Earth is better than the eternal void.

>>276088320I love how the cops weren’t fazed by it all, They must be completely desensitized to this type of shit like it happens all the time.. Imagine dealing with some of the worst shit out there just to be spit on and screamed at by pampered communist children that want to fire you and defund your workplace.

>>276091839>suffering is better than not suffering

>>276088904It erodes your mind with every play

>>276088320A C C E L E R A T E

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People don't kill themselves over politics you stupid jew boy

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>>276091839That's my thought too. I went through some rough shit a few years ago, the though of suicide was there constantly but ultimately, I'm already on Death's Row from the moment I was born, right? I don't even know the date, but it's guaranteed to happen some day. >>276092097By that logic everyone should kill themselves, since everyone will suffer at multiple points in their lives and you can choose to just not experience it instead. Not to mention sometimes growth comes from suffering.

>>276088742this will happen but what will also happen is trump won't give no fucks as he's cool for 4 years so he sends in the feds and rounds those cunts up, prepare to see lots of fed intervention

>>276088320Is he ok?

>>276090641girls i like vs girls that like me

>>276089945Try to keep an open mind

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>>276088320I doubt it, their natural state is victimhood so they'll just throw more public tantrums.

Just watched the full video of this. The guy was an attention seeking prick and tried to use his suicide as some sort of revenge.Feel really bad for the guy's family, as well as the cops that have to try and sleep after seeing that haunting shit.

>>276088320>Will we see an increase of suicides if Trump wins?Hopefully


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>>276089945>he was someone's sonyeah, his step-dad's wife's son

>>276089945Dont worry his mother witnessed the happening live on stream. He had the decency of inviting her to the show.

>>276088320His mom called him a "disappointing cunt" before he blew his beard out the top of his commie skull.

>>276093756sloppy job to be quite honest, a better method is>clean up house and get rid of all your unnecessary shit>find a good home for any pets>transfer any money you have to family>rent a canoe on a big lake>paddle out into the sunset and don't come back

>>276093349>and tried to use his suicide as some sort of revenge.Probably successfully. It's not very commonly talked about but suicide can be a form of attack on others too. A last "fuck you, this is your fault". It's pretty hard to ignore the fact a family member, maybe your own son shot himself in that manner while saying you are the reason he did it. Even if you don't believe it was your fault at all, he's still dead and that image is probably never getting out of your head.

>>276088320I was banned for posting someone else's tweet about the boy with the Trump hat's assailants being found by 4 chan. I thought 4chan was a free-speech platform. This place is run by Marxists.

>>276089196That useless cunt better have arranged someone to take care of his dog after this death.

>>276088320>can't aim for the brain>no respect for his petwhat a disgusting piece of shit

>>276088320You'll see an increase in suicides either way. America is dying, and arguing over which zionist stooge sits at a desk won't change that.

>>276094399mods here are faggots that openly support globo homo. They get their panties twisted when their communist ilk get doxxed here


>>276094485just shows all the bullshit he put about god and jesus on his social media was a total fucking cope lmao>special place in hell for not taking care of your pets


>>276088320>Will we see an increase of suicides if Trump wins?God willing, yes. I sure hope so. If a million of these faggots were suddenly gone the world would have to be a better place.

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>>276094612>You'll see an increase in suicides either way.Good. We need more good homes open for real people who want to live.

>>276094399>I thought 4chan was a free-speech platform. This place is run by Marxists.Yup. Once you start telling helpful truths you'll be shadowbanned in most threads too.

>>276088742>Every downtown area will burn from mass riots and people will be getting shot in the streets.jocko.png

>>276096562Don't worry, there will be plenty of places to put all the shitskin migrants once all the White boomers die off.

>>276090736>buys american when considering suicidewhat a based lad

>>276089945it's not that bad, user. He's got a splitting migraine now, but he'll be back on his feet in no time.

>>276088320Finally, someone who gets what it's like to be a good commie

>>276089945>>The wicked scheme against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them, but the Lord laughs, seeing that their day is coming. Psalm-37:12,13,14He was a Godless commie that sought to shame, subjugate, and destroy the white man. Fuck him & every last one of this pieces of shit. Like God, I laugh at their misery and suffering.

>>276092751God damn... this is really starting to piss me off. The solution is really really fucking simple but these fucking retards keep falling for the computer/social media/video game rabbit hole all the time. This and all the soi in our food, extreme debt to go to school, and liberal indoctrination to make us weak is why men end up splitting their skulls open with shotgun shells. All this stupid fuck had to do was shut off the phone and computer, shave his fucking beard, cut his hair, work hard, and fuck some bitches and he would have been ok. Perhaps it’s good that his weak genes are no longer in the pool but god damn the stupidity is just very anger inducing.

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>>276088320Suicide is always pathetic looking

>>276097512You can always tell a suicidal man by their soi beard to hide weak chin, frail figure due to never working out, beer gut due to all the Pabst blue ribbon, pizza, doughnuts, and sugar filled soi latte. Balding head but still wear long hair in hopes that people just don’t notice the balding. Also all their stupid hipster clothing and style and their perfect circular glasses.

>>276097977>bizarrely specific laundry list of soi attributesDid something happen, user?

>>276097512and unglorifying. Most who do it are indeed people who want attention. Most of the people who do it think they'll end up like this when you can go to /gif/ and get a taste of reality, and that is IF you die.

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>>276089986No, fuck off leaf.

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>>276096834Kill yourself today. Don't be a pussy.

>>276089945hahaha woman fucking detected. OMG THAT'S AWFUL A WOMAN WAS EFFECTED BY THIS! >Women are the primary victims or war all over again.

>>276090887Trump is general Patton reincarnated and a time traveler. Bet your house on him to win. It’s already over.

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Wait until 2024 when Jr. runs

>>276090109>He lost his house, gf, and job all in a short timeAnd? That's life. It's happened to me. More than once. I praised the lord and eventually bounced back. He's in hell because he worshipped satan. Poor dog's life is probably ruined too.

>>276089986100% organic death. Facebook-live confirmed too.

>>276088904People are retarded and use others already edited videos etc etc and in turn just keep re compressing shit instead of making separate copies from source. Speaking of which does someone have the actual source material of when kyle got attacked? And I mean a copy of the source, not some shitty rip from gayfag news etc.It's like those newfags who come here on Holla Forums and post the picture they saved from the thumbnail instead of saving the actual picture. Bunch of fucking retards who cannot into computers at all.See pic-related for what newfags do.

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>>276100613Fun fact: The image viewer for window releases < windows 10 is beyond fucking retarded (I have not tested it on windows 10 but would not surprise me if they had not fixed it). Instead of keeping a copy of the source image in RAM (or at the very least copying the image into TEMP as a backup) when you rotate images. It overwrites the original copy instead with the new rotation. And each rotation compressed the image, loosing quality. So if you rotate a image say 10 times. Congrats now your original pic is fucked. If you had no backups of that image, you are fucked. Good times.

>>276093756based Morocco

>>276090449It's affix. To whatever retard made that image. And you're a retard for posting it.

>>276090887Lack of digits proves what you said is false.

The man who killed himself in that webm was a redneck and most likely a Trump supporter too

>>276102522He was a dem/libtardAnd a irak war vet.

>>276094414don't worry, it can eat his face after he falls out of the chair.

>>276101098Only a problem for lossy compression algorithms like JPG, though. PNG is lossless.


>>276088320Natural selection. People so mentally unstable that they blow their brains out over an election result shouldn’t have existed anyways

>>276097376People talk about how expensive school is but I got my school completely paid for by grants and scholarships. Anyone who complains about school being expensive clearly isn't smart enough to be thereto begin with.

>>276088320I hope to GOD that a crapload of lefties an hero.We are living in the greatest timeline!

>>276088486A man can dream

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>>276094414apparantly he was dog sitting for his mother, who was watching the live stream when this happened. What a fucking asshole.

>>276088320Other way around, retard. This is the most out of touch meme I've ever seen


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>>276102932The most expensive schools are the prestigious ones for richfags. You're not paying for the classes, you're paying for the name brand and the employment opportunities that indirectly opens up for you because low IQ normies like the ones in HR love brand names and buzzwords.

>>276090736He put up the tarp to keep brain matter off of the wall but it still got all over the ceiling. It kills me knowing that his parents had to clean that up.


Underneath all the political posturing and virtue signaling lies deep psychological issues. Look at all the pantifags that have been shot recently. Pedophiles, burglars, wife beaters, felons, all-around degenerate hopeless losers who cling to this shit because it's all they have left to get them out of bed in the morning. Any normal person would be in jail for their rap sheets, but their sickness is enabled by similarly unwell activist district attorneys and judges. Reinoehl spent basically every single night since Floyd's death throwing a tantrum on Portland's streets. What else did he have to do? He had no career or hobbies and his family mostly disowned him for his erratic behavior. They're in a constant state of anger and anxiety, and are one cataclysmic paradigm shift away from a mental break and drastic behavior. Maybe not necessarily suicide, but definitely acts that lead to their deaths like Reinoehl and Willem van Spronsen. It's impossible for these at-risk people to endure the past five years of fearmongering and manipulation by culture and media and come out in one piece from the other side of a Trump re-election which is supposed to be for all the marbles.

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>>276088320HAHAHAHA! Biden must win or America is doomed? That works better as a threat than a warning considering his side is spearheading the burning of the US. I get it that people think Americans are kinda stupid and truth is they kinda are, but nobody is that stupid. Even Biden's mutts understand what's happening. They just hope they won't be at the short end of the stick.Trump is gonna win and it's not even about politics this time. The democrats have shown they are hypocrites time and time again, but worse they have shown how fucking stupid they can be and that is not something people are willing to follow. Whatever benefit of the doubt the dems had it's gone.

>>276090736How the hell does this kid acquire a KSG shotgun wtf

>>276096562they’ll just be bought up by some kike and you’ll still be stuck permarenting the place

>>276088320God I hope so. Niggers don't kill themselves tho, not that way at least.

>>276097376there was probably no potential left in him by that point. he should have taken someone out with him if he was so motivated to do himself in

>>276088320All the more reason trump needs to win. You faggots have been saying there are too many people on the planet, so why don't you kill yourself right now and save the planet?

>>276091681shut the fuck up you shit for brains retard. you misread, accept it and move on.

>>276094362oh look another retard. you think someone who is suicidal has the presence of mind for that laundry list? also, why canoe into the horizon like it's a fucking movie? nobody will be watching. god you're a faggot.

Be the change you want to see

>>276088320>>276088320Hope so

You are absolutely right OP. Thousands of liberals will suicide themselves if faced with the prospect of another 4 years of Trump.Roasties, militant trannies, dumb niggers, and SJWs will take the rope challenge if Trump wins another term. And that's why we need to make sure it happens.


>>276088320I feel bad for this guy. Read in another thread that he lost his house and his girl friend left him. Some people are so on the ledge. Bros check on your loved ones and frens. Make sure they have an outlet to reach out. Evictions are off the table due to Trump, but some states are still locked down for a virus with a .003 percent death rate.

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Ronnie McNutt suicide

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>>276088320Don’t forget he is gaining on Biden in every single battle ground state thanks to the societal unrest agitated by leftists, and he will likely win 2020. The chimp out when that happens may actually justify lethal force from law enforcement and maybe even the military if they start acting insurrectionist

>>276105264A Trump victory will save the west


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>>276104517>be 18>have a credit card>galleryofguns.com/genie/Default.aspx?item=KSG

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>>276097223Was there even evidence that this guy was a commie? All we know about him is that he lost his job, girl and house. His friends and family didn’t even give a damn when he reached out and only called him when he livestreamed his suicide. That’s a very dark place to be in.

>>276092532>radical Marxists and leftists exposing themselves in Hollywood and academia because the TDS is too much>feds rounding them up and giving them a decade in prisonI can only get so erect

>>276107878One doesn't look, dress, or act like that in Tupelo Mississippi if you are not trying to stand out to other like minded faggots. Down in the southeastern USA, in cities people like this guy want to stand out. They see it as a slap in the face of the image the south projects: the hick, redneck, hillbilly, etc...In their yearning to stand out, they fail to look around and see that most people dress normally. They are the opposite coin face of the people wanting to stand out by dressing in camo all year.I think his personality of entitlement is what killed him. I don't think he really reached out asking for help, instead I believe he reached out demanding some kind of handout of money, attention, employment as so on. I don't see how someone could live a life where you are so reliant on his subpar management skills where everyone around you abandons you while screaming about how he lost it all. In short he was repellent, refused to attempt starting over, and wanting one more shot attention.

>>276090158>wanna talk to me now?guess he got what he wanted, someone talked to him.good lil doggy tho he dont even bark aww

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>>276107878not a commie... just bought into this kind of bullshityoutube.com/watch?v=i6UTxsxBeDM&ab_channel=PastorJune

>>276108964That’s a lot of assumptions guy.

>>276093349> copsBro i watched it like 6 times. I am not haunted. Dude obviously had decided to do it. Got the phone call he wanted to make ( probably the ex) them feel guilty when he did it. I'd say he was sociopath of some kind. I just feel bad for the pets he left behind.

>>276089945This, if he was a conservative the left would have sympathy for him

>>276089945Stormtards here like to harp about the superiority about the huwite race and huwite unity but they make fun if a white man who lost everything. Niggers while they do crimes and have absent fathers at least have a community of sorts and have “homies” who stick by you when the going gets tough in the hood. This guy reached out to friends and family and none even gave a damn about him. They only called him when he was livestreaming his suicide. And you people in the west wonder why you are slowly getting replaced. You dont even have any semblance of community.


>>276089349I feel bad for his dog though, poor thing just witnessed its master lose his head. Hope he left it enough food to last till someone got there

>>276109097The only bad thing about this is that he probably left the dog without water. He's so small.

>>276089945suicide is a sin, hes in hell sorry

>>276089945Yeap, this site is full of scum. You wonder who these fucking dorks are in reality... the sight would not be pretty that is for sure.

>>276088320No we will see left wing killing right wing.

>>276088320As a dumb tranny I fucking hope so, the herd trannies who meme'd themselves needs to cull themselves some more.

>>276089945He was a selfish twat.


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>>276090736>buys a bullpup shotgun with parent's credit cards>an heroespottery


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>>276088742Agree.DNC has the Pelosi back up plan, but prior to that, the Michael|Kamala plan.Bidan fading fast.October will be Red.

>>276089360Fuck off Podesta.

>>276088320Liberal suicide and that’s a great thing

>>276090641That is untenable, in my world.Dignity, or death.

>>276088320Hoping for a Jonestown-like scene in US cities on November 4th.

>>276106587He did it in front of his doggo, he was not a responsible doggo owner.

people cried about leaving the country back in 2016 but obviously they didnt. they lack the willpower to do anything useful, so they probably wont do an hero

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>>276088320Probably, but lets be serious nothing of value will be lost.

>>276088486Fippity boppity boo

>>276088320i actually would like to see drumpf lose so /ptg/ kill itselfs and its forever permabannedthe bots and posters there should honestly die asap

>>276090438What does God have anything to do with someone's decisions? Are we not free to choose our actions?

>>276088490Presidents seem to always take way more heat and hate during their second term for some reason, so if Trump wins again expect the same.

>>276088320Trump supporters are honestly sick in the head.

>>276088320Is this what you want to be white man are you going to kill niggers and win or are you gonna cry and kill your self like a bitch it's your choice kill the kike governmentFuck niggersFuck jewsFuck fags Fuck tranny'sFuck janniesFuck our jewed out governmentFuck suicideBe an ubermensch

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>>276114510Forgot pic

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>>276089945>He was someone's son...now he head is gon

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>>276089945so were you but then you chopped your cock off


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>>276088320tell me, stupid faggots, how president election will change demand? lol.

>>276104189Sick fuckin' world eh?

>>276089945You’re going to have to confront death at some point, faggot. We have humor about this kind of stuff, because we’re adult men that have to deal with these matters on a constant basis and can’t be mortified and paralyzed by one guy’s histrionic suicide video, which, I may add, he made despite his mother being a viewer; disgusting.This kind of content is sometimes necessary for the growth of a person. Many young men here can see what happens and learn from an event like this.>>276098845Fathers exist too, retard.

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>>276100367>giving god credit for what you did

>>276111800>>276111800Looks like the glasses stayed on at least.

>>276088320He used a Mcnuttcracker

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