South Korea To Unveil Its Stealth Aircraft By 2021; Prices It Higher Than US’ F-35 JetsPublished

South Korea’s new KF-X multirole stealth fighter has finally begun its assembly of the first prototype. The development of the twin-engine aircraft began in 2015 and it is expected to be unveiled in April 2021.

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>>276086023I just hope they give it robot legs

>>276086023Sweet. I'm glad Japan and Korea are beefing up, because in all honesty they will be the us's only allies in the China war. Maybe Australia too.

>>276086023Good, give us competition so that we stop hiring shitty engineers and actually make quality products Let’s hope their planes are better than their cars though

>>276086023How does one even make a plane more expensive then a F-35?

>>276086157Mm, and Indonesia and probably India too.

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>>276086388F35 are actually cheap. A version is just 80 millionEurofighter is 120...

>>276086388>Implying the Jews don't have a savings account for an F-69, which they can't even afford

>>276086023Yeah bitch we #1

>>276086388Our worship of the military industrial complex actually means that, despite cost overruns, we are really good at developing and manufacturing military hardware more cheaply than most countries. We're the world's arm's supplier.

>making aircrafts for wars>can't even beat a fucking flue

>>276086023Kia KF-X looks great.

>>276086657People who talk about expenses are referring to R and D

>>276086151>I just hope they give it robot legs

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>>276086388econmy of scale probably, the more people buy the cheaper it becomes

>>276086023Can I get a picture of this so called stealth jet and not just a picture of the assembly floor where it's built?

>>276086151>>276086794The Jew underestimates the power of the South Korean MegaChad

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>>276086157South Korea does not want no beef with China. Fall of China would be devastating for the Korean peninsula. But they want a stronger military so that China can't bully them.

>>276086966Yes you can, use the fucking search engine faggot.

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I just imagined effeminate kpop korean homosexuals doing their make up before piloting a jet lmao.

>>276086023>1 nation's numerical needs funding development>the entire western hemisphere buying 1 typeEconomies of scale. Steam locomotives still run to keep up with demand in India and it checks out economically


>>276086768Still. We have a 70 year tradition of making fighter jets. How many homegrown fighter jets has Korea or Indonesia made? They're more or less starting from scratch and don't have the industrial/corporate infrastructure in place already.

>>276086657Turns out the military industrial complex is the reason why the USSR/Commies were held back for as long as they were.

Based. I want other not shit-hole countries to make some fucking decent armaments. Competition breeds better products, and the market has been stagnant. The F-35 was a cost bloated mess. I would be glad to share the global defense market with SK, Russia and Sino-upgraded Russian shit just isn't cutting it anymore.


>>276087333>70 year history>Still had to buy Harrier Jump Jets

>>276087090This is true, but you don't think North Korea would be roped in somehow? Their military is huge. China would have to be pants-on-head-retarded not to involve them in some way. Even if their tech is a few decades behind, splodies still splodey, and guys with guns still shoot, and they have more infantry than the US does. Not to mention the fact that they would absolutely draft people who had been discharged. Sk has the same thing (experienced military population) but not enough hardware to make it a losing proposition for China not to say "ey kimmy, take the peninsula" because it would reduce the Us's effective area of operations

>>276087392>would be glad to share the global defense market with SK, Russia and Sino-upgraded Russian shit just isn't cutting it anymoreAnon, don't forget about Iran's 5th gen fighter. It's an F-22 killer, I'm totally cereal.>pic related advanced dunecoon avionics

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>>276086023Tbh that looks like a shitty Fat Amy clone but whatever senpai.

>>276087718more from Iran advanced R&D

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>>276086794niggah don't give them bad idea or we really might end up with kpop idol riding a fighter jet

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looks pretty cool

>>276087578Mm, was the development not shared between British and US aerospace corporations? Even if it weren't, when a good product pops up on the market and fills a niche that no other product can fill, why the fuck not buy em? We were blood brother countries at the time, and we were both envisioning a European war with the russkies. So yeah, our forces combined for that one.

>>276086157India will definitely be on the side of the U.S. China is very pro Pakistan. you fly in a Jewish made aircraft?

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>>276086567Do why are we paying 148 mill for one? Yeah service yeah training but still. We payed 160 mil(adjusted for inflation) for old used f 16s in 2003 that was a real rip off


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>>276086023Might be invisible to radar, but what about the stench? Koreans have the worst fucking body odor on the planet. Their pores ooze a foul combo of garlic and shitty diaper

>>276086157(((MSM))) is pushing war with China. I say we dont deal with any external threat until the insider threat is dealt with. What does victory even mean when kikes still control government, corporations, academia and financial institutions? Focus on removing kikes first. Everything else is secondary.

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>>276086023Powered by Android

>>276088458>Might be invisible to radar, but what about the stench?It will be coated with chink gutter oil, rendering it completely invisible to Chinese detection.

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Those wings dont look like they will fly so good. They look like they are more meant for swimming.

Koreans are the best at "improving" existing designs by making them more expensive.

>>276087856This plane cannot fly tho. You cannot one pic of it actually in the air.A true flop.

>>276086023Price tag on it ?

>>276087681China's ultimate goal is to kick US out from Asia Pacific and control the whole region. They don't care much about the unification of Korea. China could easily force NK to give them infantry just by the fact that without Chinese economic help, NK would collapse within a year. They don't have any other saviour.

Post some 6th gen

>>276088855>You cannot one pic of it actually in the airOh come on mow! are you going to try to tell me this pic is a hoax! Or that was really just a ducted-fan model they showed flying in the promo vids?

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>>276089195I don't think China gives a shit about the Korea either, but strategically it's important to deny the Americans access to its airfields and whatnot. The US literally has military bases there. China doesn't fight rhe US without also pulling in Japan and South Korea, who will view it as a war of survival (I. E. Not falling under the Chinese boot)

>>276086023>announcing you are making a stealth planealready failed

>>276087103Took me a while but I finally found a picture of the jet in flight.

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>>276089529wow, that looks FAST

>>276088532Based and pragmatic. If you take out the DNC and associated spooks, China falls on its own.

>>276086023heh but based KPA can easily destroy this scam stealth and aerodrome too by fucking ww2 times artillery

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>>276087856Make fun of iran all you want but they successfully stole one of our stealth drones, and launched a missle attack against Us military bases. They have some balls and occasional military skill. Better record then most other countries.

>>276086207soko cars are becoming top tier, last hyundai and kia are comparable to german ones imho


>>276091647>RobotechStay away from my Minmay user.

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>>276090944Plus they downed the plane with the CIA director that was in charge of the assassination of General soleimani. I respect the iranians, but the jet plane they presented cannot fly.They have other impressive achievements like hacking into every single US drones landing a bunch of them safely, and reverse engineering them, or like the plethora of guided missiles and precision munition they have, or the capacity of Quods Force to project iranian power outside of iranian borders. This doesnt erase the fact that their “stealth” fighter is a flop.

>>276086023Nice source. Link definitely works.

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>>276086157>Implying Korea isn't building up Its military to fuck up Japan and take revenge for the Imjin War and their later japanese ocupations during WW2

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>>276086023>Prices It Higher Than US’ F-35How do you fuck up this bad?

>>276093069turns out R&D for an all new state of the art jet costs a lot

>>276086023Looks like 1950s American tech

Hope its not within artillery range!

>>276086794Fuckkk I loved that game

>>276086794One day we'll have a based VF-19.

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>>276093184But the US F-35 program had so many fuck ups with making 3 different jets that only share like 50% of the parts between them. For South Korea to cost more is just totally crazy. It makes zero sense.

>>276086023>stealth fighter>costs more than the F-35>F-35 production was a shitshow[Laughs in /k/]

>>276086794I have the green and tan one. There's no excuse for modern designers to not push for this other than they are boomer fossils or zoomer faggots-- both with no vision.

>meanwhile in New Swabia

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>>276087856 That is a little smallIs it a drone ? What is the purpose of the cockpit if a person can’t fit in it. Are those Antifa colors ?

>>276086023Looks gay as fuck. Why is it yellow? Is it made from cheddar?

>>276086023Looks boring

>>276094137>L'éducation publique australien

>>276086023>South Korea...south korea was/is run by a death cult100% confirmed (even on wikipedia):evil cults rule the world.why else have you not heard of this:[warning, massive 60minute long redpill]

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>>276087064> fucking based

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>>276087578Whats your point, we still make a lot of fucking planes

>>276088092It's called paying vassal tax.Jizzrael gets that shit for free btw.

>>276094137>what is zinc chromateIt is a primer for metal parts.

>>276092066All true things, i look at it as military propaganda. You never show all of your cards, you have a military branch dedicated to mudding the waters and making iran look more formidable then it is. Sure the us intel guys know its made of fairydust, but the hezbollah guys? Maybe it helps keep them in line or get more recruits. Iran is playing the long game israel has always been the target and honestly they are close to having enough firepower to knock them out. Hezbollah is upgrading missiles every day with iranian gps guidance systems. The next war will see tens of thousands of missiles falling into israel proper with high accuracy.

>>276094248People like you don't belong here.

>>276093911 They build space crafts that don’t go to space. Good idea

>>276088035That's not an aircraft dumbass.That's just a shitty American derived airborne EW radar.Kikes can't into a manufacturing.

>>276093452The f35 being shit is a meme you dip. Its the best multi role plane in the world rn and not so expensive compared to comparable alternatives

>>276086023I'm surprised I'm not seeing waves of chinks and slavshits saying it's a bad jet like they do with the f-35, huh weird.

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>>276094673Aluminum Or aircraft aluminum

>>276086157lol did you forget India? with like 3 billion pop?

>>276094801>space craftuh user...

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>>276086157But we want the US to lose that war so the world can be free of ZOG.

>>276090249Both parties are controlled by the same kikes.

>>276095110Look so real If you going fight. Fight in style

>>276095352but user... did you know france is working on a 7th gen aircraft?pic related... or is it?

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>>276095110>nobody talking about the shinden

>>276095110>>276095764*shinshin, sry.

>>276095764its just a forward swept wing F-35 with two engines ontop of each others

>>276087578That's like niggers getting hung up on the fact that another nigger invented peanut butter, who cares? The Harrier was only just a novelty anyways and served a very niche role although if it had never existed in our inventory, literally nothing in the present would change

>>276092692That would be so fucking kino

>>276095685>just make it more jagged and future looking and less aerodynamic

>>276093911that tip better be melt proof

>>276096670atleast it works ;DDD

>>276086023*Laughs in multi trillion dollar black project*

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How important would fighter aircraft be in a war with a modern military power?

>>276086157>South Korea>AlliesLMAO they would rather suck a million Chinese babydics than save a single American. SK despise the U.S., the public sentiment over there is that U.S. is worse than Communist China by a lot. Japan is begrudgingly our ally because they still hate the chinks more than they hate us. However, the fact that we cucked them by practically making them a vassal state through their constitution eternally hangs over the nationalist Jap's head. If the U.S. descends into civil war, we are going to lose all our friends fast. The world will go back to how it was pre-NATO. Meaning chinks, gooks and nips will be killing and raping each other non-stop. Euros will be chimping out all over europe. Ragheads will go back to raping and pillaging with impunity and niggers will discover ultra aids and die out.

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planes are primitive and unneccesary, DEWs are better

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>>276098226SK hates us for our support for Japan, who SK despise more than any nation by far, and for good reason. As China's cardboard country crumbles and floods SK needs US and they know it, there's no friction whatsoever.

>>276098226and russia will likely go ah ah USSR go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


>>276088092lol Slovak subhuman politicians paid 2,91 billions USD for 16x F-16 Block 70/72 V

>>276098582>thinking chinese or russians have no black projects on their own Laughs at chinese version of your anti-gravity tech.

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>>276094680>all fields True. Their capabilities have grown these past 15 years. >israHell gets owned This is very very Soon™.For dropping a tactical nuke B61-11 on Beyrouth, their Capital Tel-aviv will live a thunder storm of fire rains. Talion’s rule will be enforced. Mark my word for it.

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>>276098500>inb4 Russianboo poster starts talking about their glorious navy.

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>>276088092We should start making our own western slavic master technic jets etc again

The F-36 lightning THREE... with cup holders...

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>>276099688Well the US has now a pure faggot army. It cancels all your tech if your army personnel are sissies.

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>>276089667South Korea isn't worried about China, China has been their ally since the empire days. They dont want to be puppet for US in the ww3

>>276094680>israel has always been the targetI think this is mossad propaganda. Iran would expand in any direction it could. Israel is a necessary regional foil. They would do it damage for the aura boost, sure. But if they destroy Israel, their next target would have to be something bigger that is not Islamic and fits the interest of the population. Wanna take a gamble on any of those in the region?

>>276099923Who cares about having faggots in your army when all you need to do is push a button and you can vaporize an entire nation. We live in an age were soldiers are unnecessary. A basedboy faggot can fly a drone using his Switch and drop a cluster bomb over some paddy gook field killing hundreds while watching his wife get railed by J-marcus.

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>>276098226Go ahead and check global polls on what countries like the US the most. Japan and Korea are usually top 5.

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>>276086157Being used as US puppets in war is last thing Japs and Kimchies want

>>276100430>Trumptard>believing in pollsWhich is it?

>>276100518>fascist>denying that America's two biggest allies are ethnostatesWhich is it, faggot? Use a real flag

>>276100321Honestly if iran was able to glass israel most of the middle east would just straight up JOIN them into an iranian lead caliphate. They would become a superpower overnight. Holding trillions in oil reserves and a fanatical population willing to die from north africa to asia with nearly a billion people. Israel is and always will be the target because of what it would mean fo the arab world to see them destroyed. The israel killers would have unlimited goodwill.

>>276100415>basedcuck faggot army is enough because muhh technologySay this again when you face a real enemy like China or Russia. >drones buttons obliterate enemy Say this to Iran that hacks on a regular US drones.

>>276099274i'm no russianboo tho user, i'm saying that the ruskies once the US goes civil war probably will try to gain the former USSR territory or reform the USSR under another political regime


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>>276092692Japan has been cucking korea for centuries. Nothing will change. Keep dreaming, kim. Korea isn't even a whole country anymore,lol.

>>276101229>come and chillIt’s 28 degrees (celsuis) right now.

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>>276100841>Say this again when you face a real enemy like China or Russia.>China>Russia>threadAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH SAVE ME FROM POORLY CONSTRUCTED CARTBOARD SHIPS AND DRUNKEN SLAV SAILORS. NOOOO HOW CAN WE WIN AGAINST THEIR SUPERIORITY. >Say this to Iran that hacks on a regular US drones.>Iranian hackersLMAO, you mean the retards that let the kikes hack their nuclear power plant and blow it up?>>276100690>he thinks being out ally means they like us. Yeah, I also make new friends by holding their hands as they dangle from a cliff.

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>>276101128Don't worry Frenchbro, I was premptively dropping that post in case the Russian navyfag was lurking.

>>276101390One day when I have money

>>276101499>meme flag Found the kikeSage All fields.

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>>276101607Once this corona-madness settles down. You are welcome, we like americans here.

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>>276101585k memeflagger, tho show me your flag

>>276102338Nah, memeflag makes it less likely to dismiss a post based on the origin of the poster. Forces user's to engage of the content of the post. The asshurt it causes is just the cherry on top.

>>276088532>t. ChangHope you’ve got a life vest, bug

>>276095685How do you surrender in a plane? Can you drop white flag chaff? Or do you just eject and float to the ground sobbing?

>>276092066>they downed the plane with the CIA directorHe believes a report by Iranian state propaganda cope channel. The absolute state of this board

>>276090944They didn’t steal it, it crashed into their territory. Also the missiles did damage because the only anti-air capabilities on the base were C-RAMs, which are designed to destroy small rockets launched by insurgents. Patriot missiles were later added after the attack to beef up security. Plus the Iranians only launched their missiles after warning the Iraqis of the attack, knowing full well the Iraqis would tell us and thus giving us a bit of time to bunker down

>>276086023friendly reminder that the tech framework for aircraft assumes that the earth is flat and stationary.

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>>276086023Why are these countries even building these jets? How did some random general convince the money people this was necessary? What enemy is this supposed to fight? What role does it fill? The F-15 was already nearly invincible. And we already had the F-22. Seems like the next step would've been cheap fighter drone swarm, but everyone's going with these pointless money sinks.

>>276103660flat earth is the most retarded conspiracy to exist

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>>276103845Think of it as a tech tree like in some strategy game.You need to understand and master Stealth to counter it which in turn makes it irrelevant unless it's used against technologically inferior nation.

>>276103354>he believes the US propaganda Here your source:

>>276103845Jap vs Korea war, who do you supply with weapons?Jews would opt out for both, tho


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>>276086023protip: yellow is not a stealthy colour outside of asia

>>276086497Looks a lot like a raptor (22)

>>276104658>Middle East monitorKek how would such a thing even be feasible? A CIA bigwig would fly in one of the oldest planes (a propeller plane at that) in the US Air Force? Are you seriously that fucking retarded? The Taliban also claimed they shot it down, do you believe that too? Plus the strike that btfo salami wasn’t carried out by the CIA.

>>276105308The crew that shot down the plane is the same crew that was under the new general for the Quods forces, along with some IRGC specialists.The dude is dead you can search if you find him alive. Talion’s rule was enforced. >a director for a director. What surprised everyone is that we did not know that the taliban had any air defense capabilities to take down high altitude flying air crafts now we know they got that capability.

>>276105658>thinks the US under Trump wouldn’t retaliate to an Iranian attack that actually kills peopleAnon, you need help

>>276086157>Maybe Australia too.Australia is a Chinese colony and its politicians are actively and openly siding with China.

>>276087944Real reason british tech was miles ahead at the time but failed to make anything of it and now we probably can't even make a fighter plane by ourselves anymore

>>276107034why don't you make THIS instead, faggots, and truly fund your own brain power?

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>>276086023Looks like a company could make a lot of money producing stealthy external fuel tanks... This carcass in the OP pic doesn't look like it's got a lot of internal space for fuel.

>>276096670siccc thoo

>>276107447>why don't you make THIS instead, faggots, and truly fund your own brain power?Because we all know that DARPA and the US Air Force is funding the main test center for the SABRE engines in Colorado. If you believe the numbers the Brits have only put ~120 million into the project in the last 30 years, which is fuck at for what is claimed to be achieved with just the o2 pre-cooler and compression tech alone. There very well could be a SABRE engine equipped 'black project' funded spaceplane already flying out of area 51. Wait for the commercial one in another 10 years.

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>>276103659Sounds like some top tier cope. Nobody else missile attacks american bases. That drone was actually hijacked via gps and landed in iran intact ( they actually copied them later on )

>>276086023Fucking belkans.

>>276108666>That drone was actually hijacked via gpsHow do you 'hijack' gps? Last I checked Iran did not have a constellation of satellites to pull that off. Igf you mean jam the gps signal then force it down, maybe.

>>276106347>thinks trump would actually fight a war on iran for killing a cia director user, you are delusional magatard, and you do believe in unicorns (Qanon), trump was okay with it. Forced to be okay. Iran is not to be fucked with.

Good. Finally these countries are getting the memo they need to protect themselves

>>276110083>Iran is not to be fucked wut? Are you to young to remember Stuxnet? That was 15 years ago. Fuck only knows how the Iranians are being cyber fucked

>>276086497Le poverty Raptor

>>276086157lmao America can't even secure it's southern border or stop niggers from rioting and burning down it's citieswe aren't fucking taking on china lol

>>276095092India can't do shit

I guarantee you Jewish American generals are trying to steal it to give to Israel.

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>>276097525"and what role will I fill, commander? Will I pilot an advanced stealth fighter? Will I be assigned to a mighty warship? Will I be encased with tank armor?""No... You will be a zerg and do the zerg rush... We're outsourcing your glory and fortune to heaven... You'll also lose your virginity once you go on your only mission."

>>276086023unless their military hardware is turning into giant robots I don't want to hear anything from East Asia. Get back to the drawing board gooks.

>>276111404>lmao America can't even secure it's southern border or stop niggers from rioting and burning down it's cities>we aren't fucking taking on china lolThat is a completely retarded comparison and you know it. The media would cheer 500 tomahawks blowing the shit out of chink military sites and burgers would clap. Get live footage of national guard AH-64s and f-16s mowing down and blowing the shit out of beaners and it's an entire different story. Think about sticking to COD faggot.

>>276107034Very sad. British tech was insane after WW2 but you pissed it all away.

>>276086497TWO THRUSTERS!us btfo!

>>276086207Doesnt matter if they're better as long as they don't lose the goddamn tooling after 1/5 the planned production run

>>276086023honestly I trust the japs and gooks to make reliable hardware more than americans and germans

>>276108666It's gotta be something like what you say, Satan. 120 is the price of a single jet fighter or slow-poke airliner. Somebody else's got a hold of this tech.

>>276086497india will never ally with anyone. it never does. it just hangs around in every camp, taking whatever they'll dole outindia is a little shithole that can't think big because it's constantly besotted with its tiny little paki neighbor

>>276087333Korea grew the heavy industry legs that we largely lost since 1950 or so. They have every shot at doing this.

>>276088686no you moron, hungry chinks can smell gutter oil from 100 miles off. it's like americans and mcdonald's

>>276087392Russia just killed their export market. 2 factors - high profile AAA failures, and several documented cases of them using backdoors in their export arms. They pissed away both trust in them and the tactical utility of the backdoors.

>>276086023>stealth meme>current year + 1

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>>276110709They have new systems now and they got a lot better at cyber-security, all this thanks to stuxnet attack.