So what do you think anons? Is this their “insurance policy” in the event Biden loses at the polls?

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Yes. They chose purple.They've been trying to get it off the ground for a while now.

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No. Just white niggers larping as opportunistic niggers do what they do: break and steal shit


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>>276085195They know he's going to lose, of course they're going to try to say he won and do whatever they can to get him in office. I think realistically a civil war will be declared before the election even happens. If you haven't noticed the Democrats and BLM leaders are getting desperate because Trump is holding off on declaring a civil war until the majority of their operatives have been arrested and the average American is so worked up and hates the left that when they see the leftist leaders being tortured and killed it inspires them and makes them appreciate Trump instead of hating him for it and starting another "resistance movement" against the right. It's time for America to purge it's degeneracy in one swift and efficient movement before China can even consider invading.A cat with no claws can still harm another cat with its teeth, but it's going to lose a fight with a cat that still has its claws 9 times out of ten and Trump knows this. He's stacking the odds in his favor.That's my conspiracy theory at least. Otherwise America is just 100% fucked.

>>276085468Was it the happiest day of dirty Bills life when Hillary lost?Imagine being considered a decent president the having your beard harpy wife who cuckolded you drag you through the mud.Holy shit.

>>276085195Of course it is.

>>276085195If sleepy Jeff Sessions was still Attorney General, yes. He'd be letting Democrats run everything just like they wantBut Bill Barr ain't no bitch. When Trump wins, you're going to see the military/national guards finally rolled out and lots of deep state purged

>>276085195No. You're watching the jews sow division by any means necessary so that they're not lined up and shot by the entire unified population.

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>>276086335Waterboarding antifa in guantanamo bay would be hilarious. Niggerfaggots having to share a cell with Ahmud the farmer from Pakistan.

>>276085195I'm just hoping the American economy and power projection ability collapse when the democrats take over

>>276085195I wish there is a civil war in the US so my country can finally collapse

If they attempt a coup against trump, there's literally no reason not to show up at these people's houses and black bag them. You want to start a civil war because you're sore losers? Okay fine. Your wealth and "journalist" status won't keep you above it.


>>276085195Hmmmm Starts September 17th

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>>276087613They're going to muddy the election results specifically so it isn't clear cut like that. None of the news studios will declare trump victor in the election, they'll try to fraud votes for weeks afterwards to turn it into a biden victory, and in doing so set the stage for a coup to take place as it becomes "might makes right" to finalize the election results.


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>>276086997I have a headcanon where they live stream the torture on some platformStreaming the pedo elites getting mashed in gitmo with chat is my personal fetish right now

>>276090075The Player of Stupid Games by Iain M Bankster

>>276090014They won't escape so easily though, right?

>>276085195>color revolution Use a real term redditfaggot. We're in the midst of violent well funded nigger riots. Nothing about the topic or objective is peaceful resistance. As a matter of fact, there are also no clear objectives.

>>276090709Let's hope not

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>>276090236Funny how Google comes up with nothing but duckduckgo brings me results. I will look into this

>>276085195yes, but it's a better view from the outside. we've seen it for some time now and have been trying to tell you yet you always seem to think we're either jewish vpn shills or glowniggers.I still wish you luck tho.

>>276085195Yes. They have full SIGINT likely provided by glowies. Full access to internet and an encrypted SDR radio network.

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>>276091153You can get an audiobook for it- narrator sounds like tony blair

>>276091842I can't wait till they fuck this up too

>>276085195>ARE WE WATCHING A COLOR REVOLUTION UNFOLD BEFORE OUR EYES?A lot of anons have been telling you this from the beginning of the protests over Floyd. Hell, some anons have been telling you this since St. Louis.>>276085468>Yes. They chose purple.Black.

>>276089511>yesNo. Purple is the color for "bipartisan"

>>276091842this is an undercover policeman

>>276087446Fall of America will set off a domino effect like the prelude to WW1. Within months of the US burning, the rest of the world will follow.

>>276092574It's been clear since they fired Flynn desu. Active Measures>>276092683It changed from purple to black, if you likePurple is the colour of the one party system

>>276092367Full electronic communications are an enormous tactical advantage that Red team doesn't have right now.

>>276092683what makes you think this (((bolshevik))) revolution isn't bipartisan?

>>276092975>It changed from purple to black, if you likeI'd buy that for a dollar.

>>276093091Time to rip them beanies off

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>>276093165>what makes you think this (((bolshevik))) revolution isn't bipartisan?I never said that. Clinton has been wearing purple as a primary color for decades.She didn't just start suddenly wearing it.

>>276092931yes, a few months after the election the us will start crumbling hard and fast. then the world will follow. we're fucked desu.

>>276093314But everybody else did, suddenly

>>276093417>But everybody else did, suddenlyNo. They have been wearing blue, red, and purple for over a decade based upon what type of info they are presenting.Are you fucking new?

>>276086335I wonder what Democrats are so scared of. Is trump really gonna rock their world in round 2?

>>276093819>Is trump really gonna rock their world in round 2?Yes.

Good. This country needs a second American revolution against Trumpism and the cult of ignorance, narcissism and anti-intellectualism that he represents.

>>276085468Prince and the Revolution. Purple Rain (Reign).Tyrian purple (aka Royal purple or Imperial purple) is a dye extracted from the murex shellfish which was first produced by the Phoenician city of Tyre in the Bronze Age. snail trail...The reference to a prostitute in Revelation 17 regarding the “Whore of Babylon” is no coincidence, “And the woman (whore) was arrayed in purple and scarlet color” (v17)Recent research in organic electronics has shown that Tyrian purple is an ambipolar organic semiconductor. Transistors and circuits based on this material can be produced from sublimed thin-films of the dye. The good semiconducting properties of the dye originate from strong intermolecular hydrogen bonding that reinforces pi stacking necessary for transport.[39]Tyrian purple may first have been used by the ancient Phoenicians as early as 1570 BC.[2] The dye was greatly prized in antiquity because the colour did not easily fade, but instead became brighter with weathering and sunlight. Its significance is such that the name Phoenicia means 'land of purple.'[3][4] It came in various shades, the most prized being that of "blackish clotted blood".[5]This special "blackish clotted blood" colour, which was prized above all others, is believed to be achieved by double-dipping the cloth, once in the indigo dye of H. trunculus and once in the purple-red dye of B. brandaris.[5][18]This snail lives in the central and western parts of the Mediterranean Sea and has been found on isolated coral atoll beaches in the Indian Ocean and South China Sea.It is a cannibalistic species.

>>276093819I think the end game is to detach certain cities from the United States, such as Portland and NY, so that they can be used as test cases for international government as well as offering hubs for organised crime and human trafficking. A bit like the lawless zones in the ME where child prostitution and slavery are being practiced as a result of "Western Intervention".

>>276087446When the us goes belly up your country will be a wasteland from Europe and Russia finally having at eachother. China will storm Japan for losing face in ww2. The cartels will take over Mexico and become aristocracy of latam. Africa will continue being Africa.

>>276094227>A bit like the lawless zones in the ME where child prostitution and slavery are being practiced as a result of "Western Intervention".Found the mohammed.

>>276085195Of course they are, they telegraph everything. Why so you suppose they are trying to craft a narrative of Trump saying shitty things about the mitary? They will be evaluating rank and file to war game who would join the coup if asked. Since Trump is pro military AF, they have to seed lots of lies before then.

>>276086933Better resolution.

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>>276088223Kind of funny they're repurposing the fed props of "siege" because it fizzled out here.

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>>276087446You’d better hope American power doesn’t collapse or you’ll be speaking Chinese. And kissing the feet of your chink masters.

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>>276089733This should be read by everyone.

>>276089733Pic related.

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>>276093601I'm not new- colours have been used by people before (all the time) but purple is a signal post 2016 election defeat- the resistance

>>276087613This is so true why are Democrats such sore losers? Republicans had EIGHT fucking years of Obama importing thousands of nigs and embarrassing our country; respected the transfer of powers although they were not that happy.Finally we have a president who simply wants to put America first and curb excessive immigration. Democrats piss and moan for four years, and then when it's not going their way, they cook up a Pandemic, destroy our economy and ruin small businesses, muddy the election, burn cities to the ground, and put the country on a path to a civil and race war.I fucking hate these people so much they are literally emotional children who if they can't get their way will burn our country to the ground.But what else would one expect from a coalition of low IQ Niggers, Brown Goblinas, and Mentally Ill Whites?

>>276094397Fuck off Burger, I may be a Muhammed, but you need me because I know what the U.S. government is capable of doing having experienced it abroad. They are trying to do to you what they did to many other locations in the ME.

>>276095271Truly a classic

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>>276087463I know that feel, Columbianon.

>>276085195No. (((They))) want Trump to win. Have you even been paying any attention at all for the past five years?

>>276085632Pfft, be gone

>>276097994All I've seen is ((((them)))) seething.

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>>276085195>They should also be talking to people inside and outside of government whom they absolutely trust to get a clearer sense of who on the inside won’t go along with a coup and who might.Shit is getting very, very real right now, and we're not ready. The right is not ready. We have no organization, we bicker about stupid stuff, we focus on pointless political theory instead of the cold reality of power in this country. When the hour comes, the left will catch us all alone and unprepared. There's still a modicum of time left - for the love of God please prove me wrong.

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>>276098740Honestly not that big of a problem since the opposition is a horde of useful idiots. They may be useful to a point, but they're still idiots. Even just misguided in a lot of cases. The bigger question is why they're rushing the finish so hard.

>>276090236>The Player of Stupid Games by Iain M BanksterIt’s the The Player of Games by Iain M Banks


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>>276086429Even in 1992-93 the press talked about the contempt she had for Bill and only stay with him to further her career. He gets to bang all the teens he wants, she gets to exercise her vicious thirst for power. A stable, balanced relationship.

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>>276088223They have been the real siegeposters all along.

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>>276085195YES!They're not even trying to hide it. Stevie fucking Wonder can see what they're

>>276099199Is this the pedants convention?It was a jokeYou win a stupid prize

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>>276085468Ah yes, the traditional color of the aristocratic and royalty going back to the Byzantine days. Fitting for their arrogance.

To raise awareness of the Fentanyl they're importing to kill off the citizenry in the run up to a coup, dummy

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>>276085195anyone with a legitimate ability to critical think can see what they are planning. The "priming the public", or "poisoning the well" or whatever the hell you want to call it. They are doing it right before our eyes. PREPARE WHITE MAN and frens

>>276104712>anyone with a legitimate ability to critical thinkfew such cases

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>>276104990i know man. its demoralizing

>>276104547Truely true

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>>276105392one can only hope the lack of such will peer shame others into making it cool again- Limited window of opportunity however

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>>276104341Its funny how they all dress in the uniform of corporate counterculture. Punk aesthetics are most conformist.

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you mutts have the patriot act, why doesn't trump just throw them all in guantanamo

>>276085195Color revolutions are only possible with a disarmed populace. Hence why it is an old and often used offensive tactic by US intelligence. We know it can't be used against us successfully.

>>276105837Pretty sure the same act nerfs most patriotism and precludes future patiotism

>>276105819Punk is such a sad thing really. cider drinking morons, now meth heads. Only Raw Power was worth it, and that wasn't even punk

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>>276106119I'm just concerned that winning isn't the goal, but upheaval and chaos. This could spark something big long bloody and pointless unless I'm mistaken.

>>276106778see>>276090014Unless that was you, in which case- as you were

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The shock troops about to be unleashed into wide streets only

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>>276085195it already happened with the media reaction to the 2016 election. we're just watching it slowly unfold at this point -- nothing has changed. the change was the media reaction to the rightful election of an american president. -- resistance to a lawful election is sedition. you don't like the outcome, you wait 4 years and try again. if the media does not reinforce that, they are inciting the downfall of democracy and interfering in the electoral and political process. fake news must be made a crime.

>>276093819Yes, a lot of powerful people will be going to Gitmo


>>276097994I think we're looking at competing factions of Jews trying to decide which method of killing Amalek is most likely to succeed. Both sides are freaking out for some reason.For whatever reason, I get the impression that there's an exploitable weakness that they're trying to cover.

>>276090014So if this is true it makes sense that they’re showing Biden far ahead in the “polls”. People really believe in them and if they don’t match up with the results of the election (Trump winning) they will not accept the results and conclude he cheated, creating more chaos. Just a guess


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>>276109098Yeah I think we’re going to be living under a dictator in a few years. I have no idea if they’ll be left or right wing, but people will start looking to someone to solve all the problems

>>276109801Yes, Polls have been used for some time (forever?) to set up the narrative for what is considered reasonable and normal, or even a "shock"

>>276109774This.The only Holla Forums user I have yet to meet to know there are Jewish factions and have different agendas. Know your enemy faggots, all kikes are not the same and the two biggest kike factions hate each other too. Exploit this.

>>276110881I and many others on Holla Forums knew that too- although you must admit- in many cases it is a baked in thing designed to produce a stalemate. sometimes it matters, know the rest

>>276085195Good article. Props to Bronze Age Pervert (BAP) for tweeting it.

>>276089733>>276095658This. Absolutely required reading. Perfectly lays out what to expect in November.


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>>276111138>1138Love these digits.I'd like it if Whites would fucking get in the game.We're watching a war of Jews against other Jews on how to eliminate us.And we're sucking our thumbs hoping we're the last ones to be shipped to the gulag.I'm fucking sick of this shit.

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>>276112227Well, give me the qrd as to meaningfully manipulate the factions. Some would say US vs Israel factions, but that is too broad. Give me specifics

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>>276085468>>276085619>>276085734>>276089511>Yes. They chose purple.then that's simplewe make purple the new naziall the IOTBW posters this autumn are either printed on purple paper, ot in purple ink on white paperthe new Pepe jumping all over twitter will all be purpleKKK parades all in purplepurple swastikas tagged everywhere, to the point that one not in purple will be accused of having been painted by a jew againPURPLE IS THE NEW GREEN MOTHERFUCKERSthen lol at the spilled salt

>>276087463U.S. is propping up Colombia?

>>276085195you are living in a bolzhevic revolution, if that was your question.and yes they will lose in the end.

>>276113142unlol at the ink costs

>>276109774>exploitable weaknessTheir leaders are dying maybe?

>>276113969>Their leaders are dying maybe?You'd need to know who the next gen of politicians were in Israel. I don't know enough to know if this true or not

>>276113626stencil and purple spraypaint won't be any more expensive than ink and paperabout the whole "don't vandalize buildings because we're not niggers" motivation for paper taped to stuff, you just can purpleify the ruins of the buildings that were enriched by BurnLootMurder, they will have to be rebuilt anyway

>>276085195coup has already happenedthe rich own all politiciansyou dumbassess

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>>276111597Read it and all the linked articles, too.


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>>276085195>colourWhy are you mutts so obsessed with colour? Why don't you name people by their country?

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>>276085195No. There will be no Coup. This is nonsense designed to try and rally up support for Trump. I'm very sure there's similar nonsense on the Biden side too. It's sad that people actually fall for this now, but there are a lot of very unhappy people, and this stuff is very appealing and makes them feel very wise.

>>276114637oh no you have done a demoralization on me. Until it declares itself, it is inchoate. The rich have always owned politicians, dumbass

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>>276115177Good man. Checked.

>>276115922>This is nonsense designed to try and rally up support for TrumpHaven't you got some off to be Fucking?

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