m.youtube.com/watch?v=KknU9K7-4lQWe got rid of the EU. Now we’ll go after our own government. Then, war with the EU! Rule Britannia. Britain lives!

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>white trash rally>max 70 people innit>"fighting back"lol good luck britain you're gonna need it

As would seem to be the case with the flag in the picture, don't they purposely make them out of fire retardant material in order that it burns unimpressively, if at all?


>far rightI hate this fucking phrase

>>276083085Absolutely based, Britannia rules the waves

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>>276083572Does America have a Norf FC?

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>>276083085Please, these people have no effect on anything. They look dirty and pathetic. Sorry user, but we were fucked before we were born

Careful with those spicy words or the cops will take all your internet things.As shit as the EU is becoming under merkel at least it isnt a police state and there isnt one family with absolute authority over everything. >war with the eunibba you can barely hold on to small islands in shithole lands, the fuck you think would happen?

>>276083085This is not how you win.

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>>276083541Far right=not wanting your country to be brown in 30 years


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nothing far right about it. That’s all lies from organised crime.

>>276083085>burn EU flag>less Europeans more Pakis

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>>276083085>FCK ISIS Cool it with the anti-Semitism

>>276083261they were being shuffled down the street by unarmed social workers AKA british policetoo bad Britannia is lost and will never recover. it belongs to niggers now.

>>276083541It has meaning, but is mostly used as a media slur against anyone who isn't mainstream.

>in thirty years UK has a chance of being a functioning nation while the mainland is on par with Brazilian slum lord governance

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BUT they want something NEW we will give them something new. It’s been done before and we have a massive Democratic majority here, the reason we have no right wing reform party is it would win, the furthest right we are allowed to go is Boris and that’s why he has a huge 80 seat majority. The people who could do a right wing reform party wouldn’t do it because they would win and what then? War with the world. Then 2020 changed everything. Return Trump, watch this space.

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>>276083085Rule, Britannia! Britannia rules the waves!Why did you guys let this happen to the world. All you had to do was keep the colonies in check.Why Britain, why?

>>276085291Boris Johnson removed Theresa Mays immigration restrictionsLess poles more pakisIndia demands more poos in bongland or no trade dealBrexit happened because a faction in the city of London didnt like EU oversight for their crooked business even Nigel is a high finance shark.

>>276083085>burns eu flag>fightingDear god we really are all fucked aren't we.

2020 changes everything because it’s now proven everything I earned the brainwashed masses about for 20 years. We won’t get any peace anyway. WE ARE IN A WAR ALREADY. We just didn’t know. Or rather the normi didn’t know.That is what a accelerationism was for to educate the normi in the only possible way. We won’t be using this symbol but I want you to keep it in your mind, this was new once and that’s why it succeeded. We will make it all new again.

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>>276085949>earned*warnedI’m on an iPhone getting smellchecked. I have to go in one coffees time. Before I do I want to post a picture of my starfish on the Internet.

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>>276083085The IRA "fought back" and won their country.Start killing fictional politicians. Individual characters can act without leaving a trail then calmly go to prison for a bit (and be heroes thereafter). Until you kill and they die, it's not a way. Bongs are afraid to take lives in minecraft.

The low IQ dysgenic dregs of a once mighty race cry out in pain as they burn your nylon flag

>>276083085>leave EU>still import immigrants>"the EU did this!"

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>>276083085>far right groupwhen did you have to be far right to not want your country turn into a cesspool of multicultralism and getting your daughter raped by a dindu?

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What's a good country to move to? This place is done.We are unarmed and there isn't a non-pozzed city here and shitskins are rapidly moving outwards so rural areas will also be complete shit within the next 10 years.

>>276083085Fuck them France isn’t an open air internment camp for U.K-bound migrants.Brexit means Brexit. You’re on your own.

>>276083860The Boston Red Sox/New England PatriotsBostonites are underrated as the biggest retards in America.

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A protest in britain in 2020 is a complete waste of timeOnly extreme violence will get things done burn/shoot/blow in minecraft

>>276085439You'll find its a series of words conencted to people with limited intellegence. When I think of Far-Right I think of fat bald knuckle-draggers.

>>276086672Weak argument. There are more white pedo's in the UK than any other group. By my understanding that makes you one.

>>276086878America would be prefect for you. It's a right-wing leaning country ran by a dictator. I'll help you pack you slob.

>>276086425>>leave EU>>still import immigrants>>"the EU did this!"

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>>276083085Sounds like a plan. I root for you, Britbongs.


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>>276083860>>276087128Im from New England (nh) so can confirm. A drunk Irish guy from southie after a Red Soxs game is the closest thing to Norffc in Muttland

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>>276083085Typical far-right clown. I bet he even believes that burning the flag of Europe while Russian propaganda networks are filming will actually scare the Africans and Muslims who are taking over his country.

>>276083085>People burn USA flag.>Media: - YEEEEEAH!>People burn EU flag.>Media: - NOOOOOO!

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>>276087337Exactly, you have been conditioned somewhere into thinking of people as conforming to stereotypes.

>>276088201> Russian propaganda networkshurrrrrrdurrrrr

>>276088100Kek mouth breathers BTFO

>>276083085>Now we’ll go after our own government.you gammons just voted for this government

>>276089025Whenever there are protests in the west that can rouse attitudes against the government or other organizations RT will be there to stream it for as many radical viewers as possible.But when there are similar protests in Russia they side with the state that pays their salary.I guess it's fun to watch mayhem in the streets but what else am I supposed to think about RT? They have a pretty clear agenda.


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Damn, Hans Peter looks old now

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>>276090051>Whenever there are protests in the west that can rouse attitudes against the government or other organizations RT will be there to stream itthats what the news is supposed to be for.and the euro flag is burnt because its a new soviet and the finacial interests that run it have infiltrated our executive.just stick with the bbc if you want and if thats not a vpn sorry about the war, those yankees get everywhere.

>>276089624>you gammonsyou pakis

>>276083085Look at that rat face, why are Angloids so fucking ugly

>>276083085If I were Britannia I'd waive the rules

>>276083085>EU has effectively nothing to do with Britain's immigrant problems>burn EU flag at anti-immigrant protestBig brain move


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>>276091385>Meme vs reality Kek

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>>276087337How does it feel knowing that you will always have a vitamin D deficiency?

>>276088516he's a pajeet, you can't hold them to the same standards as a Man.

>>276091339>EU has effectively nothing to do with Britain's immigrant problemsau contraire Hans Merkel's cucking to international jewry allowed millions of shitskins into Germany as so become (((new Germans))) with a right to live and work in any part of the EUThanks Merkel we wouldn't have had Brexit without you.

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>>276083085Patriotic Alternative is the only good party in the U.K.

>>276091489cope muttboy

>>276085730> Brexit happened because a faction in the city of London didnt like EU oversight for their crooked business even Nigel is a high finance shark.Seethe Kraut. Britons must separate themselves from the (((German))) before initiating Operation GenocidePakis, don’t get in our way…

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>>276083085Call me when they actually take a real stand and burn the Israeli flag. Until then they are just racist liberals.

>>276085949Jesus Christ, take your meds schizo

>>276084974how is this guy doing these days? other than fathering 6 million children I mean, man that shit must take a lot of time. is he even remotely prepared for when they become teenagers and start to rebel? man he is going to have a handfull that is for sure

>>276083085Oi! Do you cheeky wankers 'ave a burn loicense?

>>276092309>cope muttboy

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>>276091489Its almost like those anti-white shows on anti-white networks work hard to perpetuate the white trash myth that all white people are contemptible and disgusting, just like Jerry Springer did.

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>>276086220>The IRA "fought back" and won their countryKek. Ulster’s still British mutt, seethe

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>>276087519The Canadian turbo nonce strikes again

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they are going to gofather I don't believe that odin and his two brothers vilje(will) and ve( can't translate) made the first human out of an ash tree>YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!! >THIS IS HOW IT ISASK(ash tree) AND EMBLA WAS THE TWO FIRST HUMANS

>>276087844Danke hunboy, we’ll be back to slaughtering one another in Flanders in no time old boy!

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>>276092882Ironic coming from someone who posts on a board full of nothing but anti nonwhite propaganda


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>>276083085>Fuck Isis>Far right.Natsoc is so suppressed it's unbelievable.


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A thread died for this undated twitter template thread. Sage and ignore.

>>276093225kek I really never got your ww1 propaganda, here the huns was always revered as great warriors ffs a common name here is atle/atli you get where that comes from I have 2nd cousin named such ieit was a common theme in the viking era we still got preserved shitloads of songs about the huns, they are too old though to be considered historical they are mythological

>>276083085>Britain lives!Teeth niggers rise up

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>>276085730>India demands more poos in bongland or no trade dealSource

>>276091061>Look at that rat face, why are Angloids so fucking ugly-t. Underbred mutt


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Wales has a pretty rad flagI don't really have anything to contribute but good job on the flag welsh bros

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>>276083860Probably southern hicks and their college football

>>276086878so incredibly disgusting is your country I actually weep for you bro


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>>276091061>>276091489>meme vs reality>posts the JK show an intentional freak show while eating and dropping crumbs on keyboard and farting in Mexican Post yourself Gomez and I will do the same and we will see>The meme vs reality.

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>>276092175Fuck off Glownigga

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>>276093554Brits have the beat teeth of any nation it’s like japs calling us short reading that.

>>276092583lol not if you actually spend time with your kids and raise them you fucking faggot

Electronic Harassment in BrazilBrazilian intelligence agency ABIN and its extensions are now practicing harassment and torture (wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_harassment).High Potency Laser: crosses solid barriers like walls and columns, can reach a long range. Creates microinjuries in vital organs, mainly on chest. If applied on the brain the victim will feel a electrocution-like feeling and immediate dizziness. If in excess can lead to convulsion. It leaves a mark from the size of a tip pen on the skin. Electromagnectic Radiation: It has a short range, that's why they will be close to the victim. Possibly in a neighbour house. The use this to kill the target slowly, repeating the process over many nights before the victim notices what is going on. In a short period it generates nauseas and extreme fatigue, the body loses water. If in excess it surely kills body cells and can damage internal organs, leading to death.Voice-to-Skull (v2s): Microfrequences of radio

we even have greenlandic versions of this shit I kid you not, but no nothing on youtubeatli kvæda hinn grænlanski or something like that

__Cyanid: They poison drinks, food and water sources.Individual Persecution: They can make use of influence to force the victims to lose their jobs, money and property. They force married couples to divorce and make the lose a job offer or other oportunities. They follow them on the street and make veiled threats. They can monitor someone's routine and at the exact time broadcast indirect personal content via TV or radio.Electroencephalography (EEG) + Artificial Inteligence (AI): They can map and translate neural non-verbal language in very close to real time. Since the brain's language happens in jumps, differently from the sequential vocal language, this technique must be accompanied by a trained psychologist. It works from distance, and they can go as far as to recognize states of mood and intervene in the reasoning, influencing errors and minor actions. They can make the victim to visualize a image for a brief moment. It was initially created to deliver instructions to many soldiers over a large area, but now they are using in civilians to force agressive behaviour. It is not necessary to use any device. Due to level of details it is necessary to perform this technique in a close proximity to the victim, as in a neighbour house.They can also vocalize thoughts from one person to the other during a conversation by using v2s, provoking misunderstandings and suspicion.


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>>276094020Ya seethe, cracker

>>276093550> kek I really never got your ww1 propaganda… you wouldn’t get it, we Anglos have a concept of morals my NorwegianNigga hombre

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>>276094527Ah so you are some sort of mexi mutt - related to Geronimo too I bet

>>276094163yeah you tell that to your self then the teenage years sets in, you been there your self too you know how this works manprior to this they are just so sweet and listen to all you say, but then. heh such is life I guess. but man I must say I didn't even know about him until this friend of mine came and showed me, I am obviously you can tell a saga freak and reader of all sorts of weird medeval documents this is why my friend pointed me to him and man at the start I was chocked then he told me his backstory, he new this guy who was in prison with him, varg spent most of his days there in the library reading, obviously sagas and shitie this crap here is way before wardruna started and .. and my godyoutube.com/watch?v=INm2xshkhloit is directly from håvamål, just like wardruna tend to do

>>276083085ugh when will they learnthey let the left wing (rent-a-mob) protests get away with anything.stop asking for permission, stop complying by 'rules'.these 'police' are the knee taking paedophile defenders who have taken the piss for decades and pander to the Marxists.

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>>276083085Not happening. Brits are pathetic prisoners. Britain is lost. You lost. That means you lose. You lose at things hence you are a loser.Just get out while you still have your loife.

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>>276093954are you really any better?

>>276094655you surely know propaganda gøbbels would bleach in comparison, but not everyone is buying your shit man ie these days your new white helmets, violet, look guy just plst stop with this al qaida crap. sure you have fooled the city people here with this bullshit, but not the real people on the country side, we see through your bullshit, pls stop it though. if you keep up with this nonsense you are going to drive us towards russia eventually

>>276092403you are the flag ship next to the us of the globo homos with or without brexit

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>>276094720Yes ever American that hates you is a Mexican. Beaners living rent free in that tiny Angloid noggin kek

>>276095129He's Italian, so yea.

>>276093954>so incredibly disgusting is your country I actually weep for you broMfw Ireland has highest per capita immigration rate of any +5 mil country in EU. Kek

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>>276094730for you foreigners to get this varg was painted out n the media here etc as this satanist guy etc, but no he was like me a saga freak, this intrigued me a lot I just to joke with him on his channel even before it got taken down me and him we even hit a tone we understood each other so wellso he try to come off as or they try to make him as such this "white blalbllal" we don't even have a word for this in norwegian so that should tell you everything about that

>>276093954>Ireland Mate you need subtitles when you speak

>>276091489Lol, I’m Anglo and this shit cracks me up. Lighten up, Brit-boys.

>>276095228Yeah I know They are usually anti white but not niggers. I actually prefer niggers to the types that think they somehow have a connection to Europe and it's culture.

>>276095228>Beaners living rent free in that tiny Angloid noggin kek

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>>276094527I see, you are a vile semi-liquid pool of spiced blubber with a hare lip and flies on your face. Nice.

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>>276083085this prooves it thennorf are both disgusting AND racist

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>>276094239What’s wrong with the monkey and why is he spamming this shit on every post

>>276095538>UK>EuropeanOh no no no


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>>276095176We’re a flagship, and you’re just the low impulse control slut they used to push aside the Largest Empire in history. >”no moar brvther wars guise”>slaughters 5000 Belgian/French/Dutch/Polish children

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>>276095625Soon brvther

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>>276095482completely subverted countryI don't even know where to start man first they fought of the bongs to defend ireland for the irish, now they flood their shit with niggerslook ireland it used to be funny but no you are not coming after this and going norway pls come magnus barefeet was greatjust no, deal with your own god damn shit PLEASE. you maid your bed now lay in it and obviously mi6million is responsible for this but in the end it is you, you should have expected this and you should have fought itbtw zombie is the best song everyoutube.com/watch?v=9XaS93WMRQQis not kveding but still

>>276095569Mutts are still no where near as ugly as the average dysgenic Angloid abomination


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>>276095946meanwhile in reality

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>>276083085You CANNOT stop lovely migrants entering the UK.They're bringing the much-needed COVID-20 and COVID-21 and they've only come to the UK because they heard about the shortage of rapists and taxi-drivers there.How can you you stand in the way of allah and his akbhar progress?Calm down, gentlemen.Please be reasonable!

>>276096105wtf this is not the origianl song is this grifter on her fucking grave disgusting horrible person here is the real songyoutube.com/watch?v=6Ejga4kJUts

>>276092037don't promote Nigel Fraudage herehe's a Zionist shill, as soon as people started flocking from the Cuckservatives to UKIP he sided with the media, apologised for that very poster in your image, called working class people vile thugs and scum and popped up his safety net party to woo gullible fuckers right back to the cuckservatives.He IS the establishment status quo.

Attached: b956e8ff35e0ef2d88604c10454eaad6.png (646x444, 671.59K)

>>276094239Based schizo

>>276096220>meanwhile in reality>posts clip of Irish teenager being stabbed in IrelandKek, never change krautoid, never change…

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>>276091489If the British are backwards cousin-fucking retards, what does that say about the dozens of countries (and hundreds of millions of people) who were conquered by them?

>>276092775Based quotidian genetic alcoholism.

>>276083085I hope you do. You're currently, overtly ruled by jews and have subsequently been invaded by muslims via a jewish backed hijrah (islamic invasion by migration). I hope you get your guns back too.

>>276096489>he's a Zionist shillthis is not surprising at all, please elaborate though

>>276096548same to you angloid

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>>276096552b ase d Canuck

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>>276096489Its politics mate. He has to lead the masses by the nose or they'll run away screaming (((racism))) you fucking know it. The majority of our people are fucking morons and I say that as someone who was born and raised on a council estate. Not that the middle classes are much better, this country has been in serious decline for decades.

>>276096489that other guy from that british nationalist party I forget what he is called but I have bookmarked his twiter, jesus this guy is for real he is calling out everything I have watched several of his speeches and he fucking nails it it would make pol bleech in comparison. nick something his name is

>>276096771>same to you angloidReaching unseen levels of seethe right here boschetard

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>>276096105Fucking awesome

>>276084364Your skin looks permanently dirty achmed

>>276097016you wish jew enabler

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>>276096136Cope moar goblino

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>>276095497It’s Jeremy Kyle.I screwed the hottest chick that’s ever been on that show BTW. Yes that was me I confess, in a pub car park. I posted about it at the time with a pic of the condom I’d walked away wearing and had to whip off on the high street. She said she knew a place, I thought she was taking me to a friends place maybe, I’d only met her 20 minutes before we fucked. She took me to a boarded up pubs car park on the highstreet with one car parked in it. It was December 2018, a weekday and /pol had triggered me with thumbnails from miss world and I was horny as hell. I had rushed home to get polished up from work then took a taxi into the city. The strip clubs and brothels were all closed so I checked some caps I had done of hook up messages from local chicks before I had closed my profiles (#metoo was the thing at the time). Took 5 minutes she remembered my pics (I’m pretty fucking good looking) She was wearing a little tartan miniskirt, it was December, freezing and damp and her bum was frozen. I fucked her standing at the boot of the car with all old pakis walking past. She’s got a (blonde) ponytail and was giving head then I bent her over and fucked her good and hard, I wanted the car alarm to go off I wouldn’t have stopped. I walked off while she was still sorting her knickers out afterwards, I often do forget I’m wearing condoms after situations like that it’s happened quote a few times. I had to whip it off in the street while grinning and posting about it here. I saw her quite a bit after that because she has a flat near the city centre and I used to drop in to get sleep when out tomming in the city at weekends, a proper El Niño chick, coke head. She hates me now, I’m kind of indifferent to her, just another empty from a time I was making a lot of empties a week with help from my old friends coke/viagra/diazepam in combination.THEN EVERYBODY CLAPPED we had lashings of ginger ale and we all lived happily ever after THE END

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>>276097174>Jewish enabler >half his country has Jewish blood lel

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>>276095482True let me give you a snippet Irishman: unintelligible gibberishLiterally all females everywhere: breed me

Attached: 1599297741350.jpg (720x960, 56.85K)

>>276097637>half his country has Jewish bloodok Anglo you are mixing some things up here

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>>276085439Remember when the media used Liberal as an bad word? I remember.Bush and Blair and all their supporters deserve the rope.

It's really odd how much hatred and contempt there is for literally anything that Britain does, even from British flags on this board. Makes you wonder what's going on desu. Bot army?

>>276097807>ok Anglo you are mixing some things up hereChek’d, (((hun)))

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>>276098037Amazes me to this day that americans call left wing statists "liberal".

>>276098191Success breeds jealousy matey, always has done, always will do. >nobody likes, everybody hates us. >we don’t care

Attached: 86252D2E-E239-446B-A3F7-8F523D6B2B8E.jpg (750x525, 68.8K)

>>276098270the mental gymnastics of you people is impressive

Attached: brits 1948 vs 2018.jpg (2100x1599, 884.83K)

>>276097108jesus christ you don't fucking gloat at this man just at look at it and how people there are suffering over thisdon't be a fucking swede and sit there and gloat

>>276098424It was something that started with Regan.Americans are very prone to identity politics. There are two narratives that are pushed, one for the left wing and one for the right. One will be the dominant narrative and one will be the controlled opposition. They use shills and propaganda talking points for each side.The eleites are starting to lose control though, starting from Bush, Americans have been realigning politically back towards the center. I estimate 60 percent of the left is moving to the center and 40 percent of the right. It's starting to come to a head now, which is why Trump won.

>>276098482>mental gymnastics >calling a spade a spade Giga Cope krautoid nigga. You along with the USA are merely a Jewish state

Attached: 36BEE732-FE61-42A2-8806-B63830C3D5CB.png (604x954, 179.96K)

>>276098425as always>greenland not on map>not even iceland>faroe islands? what is that?>norway is now europejust gtfo mandon't you fucking align us with those god damn filthy stinking europeans from the continent, you remember the vikingage? but I bet you don't even know how it got started?well it was the very first hitler charlemagne he massacared over 4k saxon civilians is how it got startedit was a holy war against christianity that tore this convert him self to chrisianity just killed all those people. kek this not me but this is what all those medeval historians held to be true


Attached: blacks_for_uk.png (659x375, 33.15K)

you should really read medeval shit man, it is very eye opening

>>276098191There’s a Chinese, a million Pakistanis of fucking course (or w/e the fuck they are I don’t even care makes no difference), and Russian/Slavs here using our flag.The mussers come here to hate the jews. They enjoy being called bong by Americans, they feel it’s a huge promotion for them from their daily lives. The. There’s our version of these creatures and journo’s too.

Attached: CE1DAD86-1E2A-4707-8215-D97E1FFCFD58.jpg (823x1024, 195.05K)

>>276099245>literally creates Israel>no K-Kraut it was your people's fault that our and the american jews made us join the wargod how many level of mental gymnastics are we on?

Attached: jews laughing.jpg (249x219, 13.33K)

>>276091489>Roman Emperor Jius Caesar

>>276099491>country is literally a holiday home for Norf fc Cope

Attached: D3DF1A83-AF4D-4031-9353-274E5D87CD0F.jpg (750x392, 161.86K)

>>276083261Dover was gg a decade ago. Legit one of the few places I gave up on upon visiting

>>276098425"Thank god. NOW we are alone."Churchill after the fall of France.

>>276099713ThisThe seething hate is a bit of a compliment really.

look I am just bumping you but you know the most pussling thing I found? there is this british they stop here and his ship I assume these are pirates but it does not say... however it goes that this guy had been in arkangelsk and they found these norwegians there that he says were going to greenland each summer to huntis pussling because at this time greenland was ded because of church greed and so many reason, however though you can't know if this guy is just bullshitting customs or what the fuck is going on here, there is also gåselandet, is this what he said. gåselandet(goose land) would be you sit there an speculate after reading it.. but who knows? is 500 years ago

Attached: 800px-Novaya_Zemlya.svg.png (800x1127, 101.27K)

>>276100251It is indeed. The problem with being the best is the inferiority that it inspires in the lower orders. That’s why we are so well mannered, it’s out of kindness and pity for them. The poor things.

Attached: 6A1D5523-FD4C-48C7-8411-FBADF3240E47.jpg (236x196, 13.06K)

>>276099751>literally invents communism >literally created USSR>Starts war slaughtering millions of Europeans >does it again >”NOOOO Anglo, don’t hold me accountable to muh actioherinoes“

Attached: D7D2EE91-DB4E-4DE0-9962-839049625B84.jpg (750x684, 291.88K)

>>276083860We have shart-in-marts

>>276083261>tfw you are fucked too

Attached: Allophones_in_Finland_1980-2011.jpg (741x458, 33.99K)

>>276100817>literally invents communismmarx was a jew. did one of your teeth grow into your brain or something?

Attached: marx ethnically.png (615x135, 17.77K)

>>276083261We are THE ONLY country with a huge majority straining at the leash to vote for /pol. Pic unrelated.

Attached: 1F9C27F0-80A4-4DA7-8513-D498EB6202B5.jpg (1024x835, 103.42K)

>>276091061>>276091489>angloidThey were referring to the celts you fucking historically illiterate amerimuttAnglos weren't even in britain at that point in history

>>276095176>tfw you actually import more niggers than the british

Attached: 1597976335505.png (678x736, 511.94K)


>>276101482Nvm, my blind ass just saw the watermark. Carry on shitposting.

greenland in europe at this timewas almost like this mytological countryat the worlds end as it is written in vatican texts and so, everyone knew about greenland in this regardbut it collapsed one of the key reasons was the greed of the chatolic church you just read and it goes>you go in this fjord>all these properties belong to this church>and you go there this all belongs to that other churchand so it goes on, ... is like hitler said man, money is not even real it is just a mean to exchange labour, is all money is it has to moveor way before him ghengis khan, he or one of his sons or so took bagdad, and this emir there he was hording gold. so after they took it and captured it, they came and gave him a plate of his gold for foodhe went>what? well what am I going to do with this? I can't eat thisand then the lecture startat it is on youtube the you will be amazed

>>276083085I wonder if that police medic healed anyone?

Attached: 1308098425783.jpg (800x635, 81.77K)

>>276100789>The problem with being the best is the inferiority that it inspires in the lower orders.That I will never understand other than in terms of evil. I don't ever feel inferior to people who are objectively better than me. Admiration yes but I would never feel negative towards them. You see it in people all the time though and it a murderous rat like trait.

>>276083085>Get out of the EU>Migrants still coming>Blame the EU and not the Jewish Zionist governmentWith bongs you lose

>>276101182Your whole country is Jewish project. A mini EU. Germany is only 40 years older than WW1. It’s a cobbled together bohemian mix of Central European mini failed states that did nothing ever in its history but get arsey and fail. Pic related: Germany’s entire history in one gif. Just let it play on a loop for added accuracy. But are you even German? Or mus?

Attached: 9EF4F03F-5C85-434B-A8AB-CE6A9A137371.gif (351x262, 2M)

>>276102184this desu

Attached: 1581281441443.png (602x648, 259.65K)

>>276083085>HAPPENING: BRITAIN FIGHTS BACK AGAINST MIGRANTSReminder the British government and police covered up over a decade of Pakistani child rape gangs.Reminder the Bong prince is a child rapist.The UK is beyond cucked, you have the right to be a prisoner in your own home and work for a system that replaces you, they don't care, protesting and the political system is fake.

Attached: they-are-watching.jpg (319x158, 13.29K)

>>276102389fuck off will youno more brother wars

Attached: 1587599284257.jpg (644x1024, 133.01K)

>>276102184We are still under the same rules until 2021. At which point the same globalists will use the opportunity to inflict more harm on us.

Attached: ba79999ffe65cd9ee3a39dbe1c39ce8d.png (671x664, 437.22K)

>>276101909lmao stfu you have no place in this conversation mutt

Attached: mutt stop this.png (1022x776, 135.15K)

>>276102598I’m trying not to. Note I want to know if it’s even German since it’s 70% likely to be a Muslim. I am pulling punches, hugely.

Attached: 5B94A23B-48A8-42E5-8697-F5D555DAB8CA.png (1352x1116, 405.58K)

>>276102389>Your whole country is Jewish projectand yours isnt? ofc Im german you paki jew mixlook at this pic and then /thread

Attached: schluß mit england new.jpg (443x640, 54.26K)

>>276102798>tfw you find out he is part turk

Friendly reminder that no dying white country would laugh at another dying white country.ALL white countries are being destroyed.This is what Jews are doing on Holla Forums.

Attached: 1557657652619.png (640x640, 243.52K)

>>276103142and born in America

>>276103198if only you knew how planned out that shit already is>>276103262ok I didnt know that

Attached: muller plan for.png (873x639, 143.56K)

>>276103006>I am German>Honest >Quickly! Run Away! Hi Muhammad.

Attached: F45AB2D1-52A2-442F-A51E-47EEB7E4D5CE.gif (444x250, 3.75M)

>>276083541I love when they say Nazism is far right

>>276083085Volksvagen... lol

>>276090051>rt actually reports on news that make the west look like shit>das cuz they got an agendaBruh, all media has an agenda.. Did you forget the entire western media is corrupt and lies about shitskins? >what else am I supposed to think about RT?Support them undermining zog, obviously, dumdum.

>>276103198We can destroy their wealth.

>>276103340I am mate>>276103373*wagen

Attached: nur für deutsche.jpg (3462x1477, 458.21K)

>>276103006Oh look a poster from that war you got stuffed in.*one of those wars you got stuffed in. Correction.Super.

Attached: D591088F-7312-4432-9F53-7E6E5422A142.jpg (634x711, 81.59K)

>>276103691and how do all the english girls getting stuffed by your "asian" gangs fit into this?

>>276101182>German-Jew Yes, Marx had Jewish DNA like most Germans hans. What kind of cope is this? Kek

Attached: 5E210790-F25D-4DA3-A112-D412D5D86719.jpg (1100x990, 245.79K)

>>276103934>most germans have jewish dna source?

Attached: true english will never abandon israel.jpg (500x1129, 103.17K)

>>276103874You think that isn’t happening where you are, they are just pedophiles when they come here? You can’t even report it or acknowledge it in Germany or your communist fuhrer Merkels you.

Attached: 14BC6AC3-C6B2-4721-A55C-B4BCA5913852.jpg (300x300, 14.08K)

Attached: jewrope.jpg (2000x2000, 2.66M)

>>276104385but you are the so called "winners" arent you? whats up with that

Attached: thanks for pointing that out.png (535x207, 11.78K)

>>276103006>schlub mit England >get’s instantly torpedoed Kek

Attached: D07E3012-1DEE-4217-8788-2784D6AAF19F.jpg (697x513, 53.37K)

>>276104601imagine pretending we are any better

youtube.com/watch?v=avaSdC0QOUMwhere were we? well my sister called and this is where we are at

fuck trees I am climbing boyes mother fuckeris the most hilarious shit I have seen my entire life, why don't the world produce more shit like this?

Attached: 8964939609_8487a76a61_z.jpg (424x640, 68.44K)

>>276104796I didn't imply that, we are still in Europe, we left the EU not the continent.Israel needs glassing along with all the parked Zionists and the ZOG that infests our houses of Parliament.

Attached: UNMP.png (1024x398, 532.45K)

>>276104084>posts EDL pic>EDL founder Tommy Robinson>Tommy Robinson Irish Kek. Never change Kraut, never change…

Attached: 05892A10-4892-4C87-B4A4-282B9A7C76D7.jpg (500x281, 44.21K)

>>276093791Welsh flag is GOAT (although they prefer sheep).

>>276087128Vietnam fucking shits.

>>276083261You do realize that 1 Norfman can take 3 Muslims right?

Attached: 1597128455500.png (1416x1050, 968.5K)

>>276104651>but you are the so called "winners" arent you? whats up with thatThe winners of the war was the USA, who manipulated and funded Germany in forcing the largest Empire on earth to defend itself. Kiked and Krautpilled

>>276083085That's fake, I've seen that exact picture before because I remember the ugly cunt.

Attached: ETVyDkcWkAMKjHG.jpg (750x485, 60.91K)

>>276104084Tommy Rabenstein is a shabbos goy

Attached: 3F86398800000578-0-image-a-50_1492972358448.jpg (962x619, 182.25K)


Attached: 1578359312488.png (2452x988, 299.42K)

>>276105979>The winners of the war was the USAhere >>276098425 you posted "world war champs" and here >>276096548 your "winners" day.>still no source on >>276104084 I see mate. very consistent

Attached: birmingham created by migration.webm (1280x720, 2.89M)

youtube.com/watch?v=55v3rvnjOIEthis is my fisk, this is my codalso welcome to bandidosyour glow in the darks will go bersherk over thi but for the rest of you this is my life and I don't care

>>276106427>>The winners of the war was the USATrue > you posted "world war champs" and hereYes.>very consistenttru statement >>still no source on >>276104084 #Post nose

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>>276096220Wasn't this in Ireland? Cork of all place as well. Didn't even realise nigs even existed there.

kek you fools you are not bandidos if you want to become this you have to become prospect first, and my nigger there is guarding that. so you little squirrels are never going make it, you will just piss your self. however the song I posted .. look I stop here swedish intelligence is all up my ass trying to get get my lobsters

>>276108383I don't remember user and what is the ira doing?look is unfair, because you the punishment is going to get them sooner or laterjesus christ ireland you are so fucked, but I kid you not, just wait and then "the punisment" comes for these

>>276099276Based North sea oilbro.

>>276083261its a step in the right direction

>>276109293so stese monkey people going to get "the punishment" or are you a racist? etc

>>276108978>and what is the ira doing?Not a lot.The nigs will have trouble out-breeding them and the Irish can fight well so they have that going for them at least.

>>276083860>Does America have a Norf FC?We have college football in the Southern US, brother.

>>276108383Tbf to my fellow corkonians, the coloured gentleman responsible required 24 hour police protection until he eventually had to flee the county.

>>276109293and also yes I know about the irish punishment, you see I work in the fishing industry

Commonwealth of Independent States is superior to Commonwealth of Nationsseethe and dilate

>>276109879jesus chrit man you can tell, but we don't have the hard facts, that your intelligence shit completely ruined them. just look at them man, they don't know up from down east from west, however brilliant that was, pls stop though show mercy please

>>276109739Are the niggers going to get punished? I hope they do.

>>276109943Fucking ace.

>>276110164The Irish do as they please nowadays and thankfully the British government doesn't interfere anymore although we did have to give them cash during the 2009 financial crisis I think. Not a lot of use the EU was during that period.

>muh counter jihad kosher rhetoricEveryone has hated muslims for forever. That low hanging fruit didn’t stop the immigration and it won’t stop it.

>>276085373"belongs to niggers" I barely see any here. you wanna be.

>>276083085Niggers OUT!Pakis OUT!

>>276086425It's called France.

>>276110646but you do know what these "punishments" are right.. look a society is never ever going to recover when this shit goes on. stop being a bunch of niggers ireland

Are they arrested already for not having a border defending loicence?

>>276085291Problem is that there are plenty of niggers and Pakis that get citizenship in European nations and then come and settle here.Keep your Pakis thanks.

>>276110943well this or magnus barefeet is actually going to come back get all of youjust how the hell can you allow this shit man? makes me really angry reading about it, you think you are though... womyn prepare my boat, is happening

>>276084364They look normal and courageous. Fuck off Schlomo.

>>276083085It honestly makes me question whether I am on the right side when I see the people who are also on the far right be inbred, retarded losers. But then I think old people who are well respected and thought for this country are also far right and hate niggers so now I am back on the right again.

>>276103508>Support themDa, Pjotr. European governments bad, Putin's government good.

>>276085645Unironically because of the Jews.They don’t control the flow of information anymore though, people are waking up.

and real or not is autumn man, can't boat now have to wait till spring, sigh but this "punishment" crap ireland STOP just fucking STOJ with this crapyoutube.com/watch?v=tlIYiOt34PEhere have some random kveding about olav tryggvason

>>276083085>>276083085lmao i love proper brits.

>>276111166bruh, all the pakis ive ever met here in the states have 2 accents: apu and cockney. shut the fuck up and resurrect the raj.

>>276085730The EU was created by the Jews who control it in the exact same way they control the USA, open borders and free trade are the tools of the Jew to control and undermine native populations.Not a single European nation wouldn't be better off outside of the neo-Communist bloc that has systematically raped our nations over the past 25 years.

now there is beer evertwhere, look ireland we care, is why but I kid you not if you don't stop this mafia punishment crap, I am coming man you will not be laughing then, so please just stop it

>>276083337It's literally the law in the EU that all flags be unburnable. If you want to buy burning flags we have to buy them from one of those middle easter flag bazaars for all your Islamic Day Of Rage needs.

>>276112422Have you ever been to India? It fucking stinks.

who are you to make these threats?organized crime ever heard of it? well I am the organizer

>>276111485People like us need to start putting their heads above the parapets then, if we just sit on our arses all day shit-posting while these poor cunts are out getting their arses handed to them then we've only got ourselves to blame.

my point is cocky as served, is that you little pieces of shit are going to stop attacking random civilians yes britain blahablah ffs look at your at your self man what are you doing? this is from norway the anger is through the roof pls don't make me so angry ireland you know what happens then next?

>>276093550It's because the Kaiser gave a great speech at the start of the war saying they would "sweep down on them like the Hun". As soon as they got cockblocked at Mons we started calling them the Hun as way to mock them like "where are the Huns sweeping down on us?"As an aside, I read about Anglo and German generals having to move troops around because the German Empire was really new so Germs and Anglos wouldn't fight each other if for example the Saxons were in opposite trenches to the English. Hard to find more stuff on that though because neither side liked to admit insubordination.

Attached: IMG_2945.jpg (526x526, 36.47K)

>>276083085>fights backFuck this, they have the easiest borders to protect. Sadly they already have been invaded by them. The same goes for any other European country. Death to the onrs who allowed this to happen.

Attached: tia2484211635397411607.jpg (800x1043, 79.47K)

>>276083085Britain lives I'm so proud of you fucks I can't even express it. Tartary will rise.

shouldn't go against God, he's going to send more of them if you do.

Attached: KJV_Exodus_23-9.jpg (1650x1275, 278.44K)

>>276113855With all due respect user, you should take a break from here.It's not nice to see you like this

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