Remember remember the 5th of September this be the powder keg

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>>276070670I wonder how many niggers will shoot themselfs today.

>>276071025Hopefully all of them

Been waiting for this shitshow ever since that nigger said all that garbage on the courthouse steps.

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>>276070670Damn. Who are these well armed patriots?

>>276071624they are just the run of the mill Kentuckians

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What are the odds the NFAC won't even show up?

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>>276070670Welcome to the SOUPH.


>>276071127She’s related to Muhammad and has no say what the PM uses her troops and bombers for

>>276072604not before noon

>>276073965>Armed opposing militias standing in a green field with flagsI doubt anything will happen but it would be amazing footage if something went down. Like a modern day model soldier battle. I hope they all brought bayonets.

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>>276073965Why is everyone in the second stream so tense all of a sudden?

>>276070670who is this in the stream? A KY militia?

>>276075595Kentucky militia, some 3%rs I know are there.

>>276075691nice. I'm sure they're good people. I wish them the best.

other stream got

>>276074261All it takes is for one dumbass to be overcome with their inner dumb and there'll be leaky meat everywhere

>>276075993Has the black militia showed up?

>>276076327No idea, man, I'm just watching a stream of people talkingIf they turn up to take a shit I'm not going to cry if they get it pushed back in though

Are they larpers likebour militias in Alabama or legit? Ours are like doomsday prepper schizos with covil war attire. Seen them at the range a bunch. Nice people. Still talk about "the next y2k" though.

>>2760758823% are brainwashed boomers. They know something is wrong but then they play by all the rules of the left. "I'm not racist!! Fuck racists!"

>>276076572Guy speaking right now is practically quoting rockwell about being conservative in action is allowing a tyrannical go emend to form.


>>276071025Pic related. Needed.

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>>276070670Imagine setting off a strip of fire crackers in a coffee can next to that lmao

Is NFAC planning to attack the derby or are they staying in the city?

>>276077047>2 seconds later

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>>276076690Tru. This is the case in deep south AL also. Pic related is the most shared boomer facebook meme since the chimpening began. Many would die from believing MAGA propaganda though.

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>>276076767Wonder if he is as much of a complete coward as rockwell

People forget that rural areas are far different from Metros. We have good country blacks that we work and live with. Not uncommon at all to meet a black guy in a boat full of white guys on the river. Or mudriding cooking out etc. Our nogs are a nig more civil than the citified negro.

>>276077779How was Rockwell a coward?

>>276070670For all burgerlands problems I am forever jealous of the right to arm. You can't even legally have a wooden sword without probable cause here.

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>>276078240The right to arms is why we have a lot of the problems (an armed populace necessitates military style police and/or citizen militias, with the latter being preferable), but in my mind it is worth it.

>>276078240Every man shoukd have the right to arm himself. There will be abusers of this right and Im ok with background and mental health checks actually but guns are fun and necessary. How do you guys hunt? I love virtuovice videos.

>boomer talking about niggers being violentbased

Holy heckin BASED! love to see all of these African American 2A supporting patriots! Hopefully they all support the NRA as well!

>>276070670There's huge protests in every major American city today Is today the day? YAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!

>>276078546>How do you hunt By going through an absolutely cancerous amount of hoops to get the permits, training, and licenses to do so. It's also expensive as hell. It's such trouble that most people don't even bother and animal populations are exploding since the hunter population is in decline as most hunters are oldfags.

>>276078802I already informed the police department of my city of your plan, luckily they lent a sympathetic ear. But really, you think the antonymous zone ploy is going to work again? Trump will have you bulldozed Onions Green style.

>>2760706702000 militants is enough to hold a few small towns, for a period of time--but that's about it.

>>276078394Definitely worth it. Most of America's problems are cultural/demographic not a matter of gun regulation.

>>276078802Based on actions of the past 2 weeks I don't believe we'll have a defining moment of "oh fuck this is it". It'll be a slow continuation of small groups of people getting shot until the numbers are in the tens every weekend.

>>276070670> Bump for American patriots

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>>276077567What MAGA propaganda are you talking about?

>>276079223I'm not so sure. Antifa was relying on the police staying out of it but they're starting to come down on them hard. By the end of this month they might be forced to resort to old school open terrorism.

>>276078394The militarization of local cops started after the Hollywood shootout. Then all the surplus crap started coming in as things wound down in Iraq. The funny/sad thing is there are some valid complaints the protesters are making, but they are such assholes about everything they made enemys. No-Knock raids are bullshit, and SWAT teams need to have massive restrictions and qualifications put on them. The "SWAT" team in my local town is any of the cops that are currently on duty. They just put on the gear and grab an AR. That's ridiculous. Cops also need to arrest people in public for warrants when possible. Busting into someone's home at four in the morning is asking for trouble.

>>276079130Understood. You know Virtuovice? Survival legend. Fuck that though Japan hunting looks fun. Skiing and yummy sitkas.

>>27607922276% of people who’re not immigrants or the children of are white. 83% of people who’re immigrant or the children of are not white. 65.2% of kids born to native born Americans, and 65.7% of people of child bearing age who were born in the US, are white. 71.3% of native born adults. Roughly even if we had not admitted a single foreigner since 1979 the US would still be 30% not white. Better then 41.2%(39.8% on paper) but I hope you get my sperg point.

>>276079745Yea I agree but I still think that would fit my description. The protests started in June with the destruction of cities and businesses. Now it has progressed into opposing sides battling each other in the streets (last week in portland) with the occasional person being shot. I think we'll continue to see the violence ramp up with people being shot to the point police will either use live ammo or completely disappear. Antifa using terrorist actions will be a very likely possibility if the police start to hit them back. Once one side is using those tactics we're basically in a war, it's just taken a long time to get there¬if_id=1599313314465092¬if_t=live_video

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Sure hope no niggers shoot themselves today. That would be a goddamn shame.

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>>276070670We don' need ta shoot white boi!

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>>276079730All of it. Q. All dems are communists and pedophiles. They even type like Trump now. SAD!

>Pray for your enemies BAHAHAHAHA

>>276080270Did you know you can flip those up when you need to aim?

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>>276080270I hope they don't rememeber friendly fire is on like last time lmao

>>276080272So you like mix up anything you can rake from any political opinion that's not left from center and put it under "MAGA propaganda"?If that's the case so Biden stands for roits, looting and kill all whites?

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>>276073965they prolly shouldn't show their auto tags....


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Hope the coalburners stay home today.Depressing as hell watching white whores kissing nigger ass during this shit.

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>>276080184I definitely see antifa using terrorist tactics in the coming weeks. We will probably see something like the civil unrest in Ukraine back in 2013

>>276080887Lol dumbass. I scrutinize all media and check them for myself. I specifically avoid television media which is why I'm immune to Trumps bullshit. If you believe q and democrats are communists. You know what hahaha nvm. I pray you never escape your ignorance memeflag.



>>276070670LOL the female reporter asks him for his pronoun

>>276081276>q and democrats are communistswat

>>276077567That's not MAGA propaganda.... I dont think that words means what you think it means.

>>276077922The rich are ALWAYS cowards.

>>276072604Still asleep

>>276081005I think that was the Euro version of the nigger brigade.

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>>276081421Oh but it is. Easy to spot too.>>276081412Don't forget to check under your bed for Karl Marxists and Antifas tonighy lil Jimmy and say your prayers to Trump and Israel.

>>276081672>forever familykek, that's a term for adoption in the US

>>276080270The guy with the gasmask doesn't have a filter on it?

>>276070670Are these the same dumbasses that shot themselves during their last protest?

>>276082102Really? That's the first thing you noticed? Half of them don't even have sights on their guns. They're niggers. Literally 70 IQ.

>>276081005What a larp

>>276080462half of them didn't even have sights at all, watch the livestream. literally Ars taht they just took out the box, no sights on them, likely empty mags.

Something big wil happen before the election. The narrative wil Trump supporters guns (or tries to) down peaceful BLM protestors....Screencap this. Remember the pipe bomb hoax during 2018 midterms and they arrested the guy with the van covered in MAGA stickers?

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>>276070670I thought it was supposed to be the forth?

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>>276082615>screencapping the obviousThey shouldn't do anything. The more people who get assaulted and robbed by nigs the more Republican voters there will be.

>>276070670>civil war on my birthdayreal optimistic as fuck

>>276082615I see a political bombing happening soon

Civnat cucks.I hope they reap what they sow, relax around blacks and all that.

Are the dumb niggers going to shoot each other again?

>>276080375> Swedecuck laughs at gentle soul who wishes his enemy to change his waysNice try Ahmed!

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>>276070670>2 groups of larpers are showing up to larp Literally nothing will happen

>>276080252Black people in trouble calling for wh*toids to save them. Some day no wh*toids will be there to help, then what will Jamal do?

>civnat cucks bring based asian onto a truck to give a speech

>>276083315he's a cuban but yeah.....

>>276082939Something will happen with this nigger brigade.Can't say for sure what it will be.Just a feeling these fuckers didn't get dressed up for nothing.

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>>276083297>wh*t*oids posting unironically>there will be noneDude you fucking people are the worst type of posters. Worse then the antifa 2018 election tourists.

>>276081276>scrutinize all media and check them for myselfwith a propagandized mental programming instead of thought

Sol Luna flew in from Portland to cover this.He's the only West Coast Antifag there.He's on the PATRIOTS side interviewing, not NFAC.They are being nice to him. He's never been in Kentucky heat.He didn't even know what a fucking Cicada was. He thought the redneck trucks were making that noise.

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>>276083297Crazy shit last time.>Fuck whitey>We gone shoot whitey>BAM!>oh shit>HELP Whitey!!

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>>276081555You know nothing of GLR

>>276083488Their leader has announced to burn down Louisville if their demands are not met last time so yeah if they do nothing it would be a disappointment for sure.

>>276081555I just read This Time the World and no, the guy was broke most of the time.

It's good hearterd to be for the truth but do these people relax bit too much? I find it hard to believe even after all this different races can get along. not to mention American demographics...

>>276083805They've been protesting constantly since they were there 6 weeks ago. I'm an hour away from Louisville. Last week protesters were throwing stuff onto the highway trying to hit cars. Everyone I know that has been going to Louisville for work has been carrying guns with them because of how bad its gotten

>>276078394>an armed populace necessitates military style police and/or citizen militias,Only after niggers startted niggin, IE the 60s-70sBefore that, where were the school shootings?The mass shootings? There were none? That's what I thought, nigger

>>276082222I pointed it out because what you said was pointed out many times before.

>>276083696It's always been like that. Humans need to stop helping niggers. They are ugly, vile creatures who do not belong in human society.

>>276083805They walked that back. Said it was a metaphor for "the system"

>>276079745I doubt antifa has the numbers to trigger anything of importance in the U.S, what i mean is as the police are cracking down and escalating to large scale arrests now, all the weekend warrior types are going to slink back home to mom and dad. There's too little hardened commie fags to cause a large scale conflict, sure they might resort to terrorist acts like bombing because thats all they can really do, but the ring leaders will be arrested in time and theyll slowly be forgotten to history just like the weathermen of the 70s.Civil war? Nah. Everyone is still too comfy, have plenty of distractions and has food in their bellies, on both sides.

>>276080270>nobody wearing a helmetNiggers really are fucking subhuman, arent they? The entire fucking world, let me repeat, THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD figured out you needed a helmet in WWI. With modern ballistics the cause is even more. Jesus fucking christ. Look how fucking close they are standing too. One grenade lobbed and every single one of those LARPing retards is done for. One explosive and the shrapnel impales their skull. If these niggers wanted to go to WAR, then they most certainly arent dressed for it.pull the trigger darkie.

One side has better gear than the cops and most front line infantry units and is made up primarily of former military and cops.The other side is a bunch of obese niggressess with airsoft guns and plateless plate carriers that have never held a gun in their life, and the few that have real guns have a penchant for shooting themselves and eachother.Gee, i wonder what the outcome would be if they clash?

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>>276081128the cops were about to take that guy out too.>>276081233

>>276084373HAHAHA kek I didn't know that so much so for the sincerity of those nogs

>>276083696>>276084268Ive been saying the same thing. They want their own government? then give it to them. Stop helping your and my fucking enemy on my dime.

If they burn down Churchill Downs with all of the horses inside, it will be the biggest red pill for white people ever.

/x/ warned of shit getting real bad starting sep 5th through sep 9th then continuing to NovemberThis is it boiz

>>276083805I think their handlers/financiers have something planned for them. Could be some kind of false flag, I don't know. I know they aren't going away and law enforcement seems to be standing down. Pic related is some nig larper signing a document or waiver. These fuckers have lawyer support I'm sure.

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>>276084760Rolling. That would be tens of millions in horses and would probably cause a war

>>276084985Has this nigger ever went duck hunting before in his life? He would know how GROSSLY inefficient it is to get shells like that. The best way I found for quick reload is a fanny pack and you put your shells in there. quickly unzip, grab two or three, lock and load. thats it. this fuck has to thumb three different shells individually.Yeah hes got a lot of goose shells, but he also doesnt realize you need to stand closer than you do for a rifle.

>>276070670Is this Hogan's Hood Rats?

>be nigger>live on welfare and government support my whole life>no money for child support>no money for taxes>no money for school>no money for car>no money for housing>no money for cell phone>no money for medicine>have money for ARsomething is fishy here.

>>276085440most of them are chinese made airsoft guns.

>>276085301tf2 engineer had it right. Nice little leather pouch with easy access.Nigger just wants to look cool, that's it.

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>>276085440>>276085675This, they can run with the "unarmed" black militia story to get all the pending anti white bill through. Mock my words.

>>276085440>something is fishy here.Yes, very much.I don't think they are planning an attack on whitey.I think we will hear (or maybe see) them getting killed and the blame going to white nationalists (Trump supporters).

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>>276081683You literally make no sense. Who the fuck said what you claimed that q and democrats are communists?

>>276086061>they can run with the "unarmed" black militia story to get all the pending anti white bill through.> DecemberSenate pushes anti-lynching legislation to establish "hate crime"> January Jussie Smollett attack hoax by white supremacists (who were African actors)> FebruarySenate passes anti-lynching> March all charges dropped against Jussie Smollett for staging fake hate> April House of Representatives holds hearing to scare the goyim about the> May"Klan rally in Ohio", consisting of 7 masked dudes holding the Confederate> June House of Representatives stages "not enough is being done"> AugustBernie Sanders vows to go to 'war with white nationalism and racism' as

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>>276086588> SeptemberU.S. Senate Commerce Committee, "Mass Violence, Extremism, and Digital Responsibility" - need to use AI to censor white National Security and Civil Rights Civil Liberties Subcommittee Hearing “Confronting Violent White Supremacy (Part III): Addressing the Transnational Terrorist Threat” of Homeland Security Goes to War against "White Nationalism"> OctoberReps. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Randy K. Weber Sr. (R-TX) introduced two separate bills that would create a new crime of domestic terrorism, citing lethal white nationalist crimes as the> DecemberRep Pete Aguilar submits the REPORT Act would require federal agencies investigating domestic terrorist attacks to submit reports about the incidents to

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>>276086668Im aware. And it will get worse

>>276070670yeah good luck burning down the court house with those guys....Although if they did the acceleration that would take place would be unprecedented.

>>276078240This makes me sad. A Japanese man without a katana is like an American man without an AR-15.

>>276085301I thought those were turkey loads at first but still this nog needs to get some real man shells like 4” brass magnums

>>276084428>everyone is still too comfyAre you sure about that? The pandemic has left many without work. About 30 million people who applied for the stimulus checks have still not recieve them. Many people have been evicted from their homes because they failed to pay their mortgages and rent another 50 million estimated for eviction next month. If the pandemic didn't kill the small business owners then the riots sure did. Alot of people are still upset. You say the ring leaders will get round up but literally most of the ring leaders are city council members, city mayors, governors, congressmen. Antifa has plenty of supporters and supporters provide great assistance for them.

>>276086588Rape your local Rabbi.

>>2760872953.5” not 4


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>>276070670Last time those idiots just shot themselves. Multiple times lol.

>>276081555George Lincoln Rockwell was far from rich retard

>>276086668I study the "mannerisms" of Democrats.They give away a lot of information. This week Nancy Pelosi used the term "set-up" in her stupid remarks about her salon visit video. This tells me she is aware and involved in a set-up scenario and she applied the term to herself. This is the way Democrats work.

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>>276070670How does the left justify this when all I've heard for years is nobody should have an assault weapon and all guns should be banned? If those guys had MAGA hats instead of terrorist fatigues there would be massive outrage

>>276087720>biden uses a taurusof course he does.

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>>276087925So are all these joggers voting for Biden? I'm assuming because they're black that's what they'll do which seems rather stupid since they own guns and the dems just wanna take said guns away.

>>276087925>Democrats.yeah, "democrats"lolI think you mean> J-E-W-SI hope you're not naive enough to think the "democrats" are coming up with these ideas.

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Podno planina i orlovih krila on je pio potok s izvoraVode su tekle, a srne bi rekle raja eno malog MilanaVatra s ognjišta je grijala pet sjenki sa zidova,A na zidu Zvezda crvena, Bijelo Dugme i Sveti NikolaPored kuće štalaU štali sjeno ispod sjena maljutkaSestra se bila dobro udalaA u brata firma krenulaAl' otac je bio tmuran na dan Arhanđela GavrilaGovorio je svečano riječima predakaMog dedu su jurili Turci, a vašeg AustrijaJa sam bježo od ustaškog noža, od tada sam sjedOpet je vrijeme da se Srpstvo brani puškom,Stante djeco u red

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Let me give you the redpill on this shit. Right before the koshervirus psyop started, niggers were waking up and realizing that jews ran the slave trade. The nigs then started killing jews in NYC. This scared the jewish elites so basically they are now done with blacks and are setting them up for slaughter. Any black groups, including BLM/NFAC, are founded and backed by jews. The niggers are easily manipulated and being set up for failure. Of course the nigger has been protected by jews for years, but cannot realize this due to low IQ. tl:dr jews are no longer protecting niggers and setting them up for genocide

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>>276087940Leftists are divided into multiple camps. You are thinking of the country club liberals. These guys are completely out of touch with reality.

>>276088435WTF I love Jews now

>>276088016How could this happen?

>>276083597*angry cicada screeching noises*

>>276070670You scared of airsoft, .22lr, and chineeium paintball larping wh*teboi?

>>276083597I dated a girl I met online, who was from Portland. We were disc golfing in the Midwest and she asked me what that noise was. It was cicadas. She's fat now.

>>276089084Cicada goes BRRRRRRRR RRR RRR RRR RRRRRRrrrrrrrr

>>276088435>realize this due to low IQ.Brits have been fully controlled by jews since the time of Cromwell, around the 1630s and next to none of them know it.

>>276089084LRAD sounds like cicadas.Comfy.

>>276088177Blacks don't vote based on 2nd amendment rights. They vote straight democrat due to the welfare programs that they have enjoyed for 50 years. They have an extensive network of information they use to increase their welfare payouts from the government. This is what they vote for.

Attached: 1577707586593.jpg (1024x943, 160.26K)

>>276089427>Brit>low IQYeah, that checks out.

it's the 5th of november God damn it

>>276080270It's the cringiest thing I saw for a while. What's even the point of those meetings?

>>276070670>Angry Vikings, a pro police groupSuddenly I'm rooting for the niggers.

>>276089357More like EEEEEEEE aaaaaa EEEEEEE aaaaa

Attached: cXtjAIFKFl_l.jpg (506x410, 54.44K)

>>276071510is it wrong of me to say that ive actually seen women who look very much like this?

>>276070670How many of those optics do you think are actually dialed in?

>>276070670of course niggers won't show up when people with reals guns are present.

>>276089977to larp about helping the black community while they could attack drug dealers or just clean up the streets

>>276070670>Not thinking there's glowies in thereAnon

NFAC are supposedly gathering up outside the Kentucky Derby Museum.

>>276090038I guess its a regional thing, like kudzu

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>>276070670this is booring. at least the boogs have fun shirts.

>>276083297they will call the satanist jew "medic" to heal them.

>>276090089None.They are here for show not combat.Their handlers have something else in mind for them.

Attached: 1596883901124.jpg (1020x575, 333.34K)

>>276090089Only the ones that came on the stolen guns.

>>276089427>its le joooz fault my country is retarded

>>276090386good luck aiming with ironsights while wearing those sunglasses

>>276090668Found the jew

Attached: 1597684851285.jpg (720x960, 63.58K)

>>276088872macaco made weapons

>>276088435I remember watching a video from a black dude, long time ago. He said he left BLM because he knew he wasn't on the right side. Wonder if this is what he meant. Too late now, normies are calling blm terrorists. Guess it's over.

>>276090918>joooooooz!! Not every poster that says something you don't like is le joo, José.

>>276091147Yet every meme flag seems to be....

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>>276083562Its so fucking tiring. You faggots.

>>276084985Enhance. I want to read that shit he's signing.

>>276091351>what's shitposting


>>276091884> i was only pretending to be retarded.

>>276075993>All it takes is for one dumbass to be overcome with their inner dumb and there'll be leaky meat everywhere

Attached: 1597529431625.png (1241x978, 436.18K) filming vertically but it's a good stream

Attached: 952020.png (1496x852, 2.49M)

>>276092332That would be you, nigger.

Guys the patriots are moving.

>>276091866I couldn't make it out. Got to be a waiver from whoever their handlers are. Waiving rights to sue due to injuries obtained during nigger brigade attacks on whitey. LoL.

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>>276078240You were born with the right to arm yourself. If you get a weapon, no one will do anything about it.Are you going to send pictures of yourself holding it to your boss or something?

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>>276070670Finally some reactionaries

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>>276092729is PF actually there? I haven't seen them on stream

>>276084985Here's their lawyer

>>276075993>leaky meatThank you. I like that.

>>276092962No, it's just a referenceI don't know where those fags are

>>276093174Didn’t their leader get arrested?

>>276090089None of them. They have never even heard of zeroing a firearm.

>>276093244He was released in less than a day and I think he only received a fine which was less than $200.

>>276093250Idiots with guns

>>276093244yes their leader was arrested

Im scared!! i bought some lube just incase cus the BBC is no joke..

>>276070670Some KN user run over there dressed as a BLM milita member and shoot into the patriots. Start the race war and save us all!


>>276080270NiRA rule 1: Always set the sights to the highest setting. It makes the gun shoot harder.#TheMoreYouKnow

>Always the plethora of dudes carrying shotguns and bandoliers of fucking shells>When you could have had 90+ rounds of rifle ammo or even obstacle-penetrating 7.62 for the same weightJust save up for the AR for fucks sake or get a .308 bolt action that can make it through bricks and car doors.Also I live in Georgia and these fucks are about as big of a joke as the KKK. They're both full of shit and have hardly ever done anything except for the scattered crime here and there or an isolated shooting. The typical street corner gang in your local neighborhood has accomplished more criminal activity and stacked up more bodies in a week than these fucks end up doing in a year.It's all for show, 100% of it. Walking around Stone Mountain Park is one thing. Being fired upon by someone trying to kill you is something entirely fucking different.

Attached: 1597454395996.jpg (600x832, 96.21K)

>>276092710That's too bad. At least you were thinking and posted. Something to look into. I don't think those larping negros want to find out, it would be a tremendous and deadly mistake on their part.

i fucking hate niggers so god damn much

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They didn’t even show at Stone Mountain to battle the boomer militia a few weeks ago.

All of this is bad street theater.

>>276093923Despite this, shotguns are still no joke.

>>276084985Think of the time it would take to load and fire all of those shells.

>>276094197Take some of my love rays. also can i save the png

Nothing has come close to kicking off on a widespread scale, yet.

>>276084517I don't think militias have artillery t. artillery observer

nothing will happen

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How likely is it that something will happen here? Or should I nothingburger this


They have encountered nogs. Chimpout incoming.

Damn that's a lot of numbers, anyone sighted the NFAC yet?

>>276088872>>276091064They were some hot ass handloads that blew the primers out.

>>276095574Right now it's just women from the blm side instigating fights.

>>276078240To think (you) used to have the right to petition for vengeance.Entire villages/towns would participate sometimes,good ol' days

>>276076690This. The most based and redpilled thing you cna do is sit on your couch and eat cheetoes

>>276096321You dumb nigger. Those are unprimed dummy rounds to demonstrate how poorly that revolver is timed. Look at all the firing pin strikes on the brass.

>>276071025Its so fucking funny. If a fire fight broke out, more of them would die by friendly fore than anything else

>>276076955Now I get it. Saw this in YouTube comments from earlier. Whoever plants this is going away as a terrorist. I mean really. It'll take someone willing to die or be imprisoned for life in a Stephen paddock type attack to really accelerate this thing. Does that person exist in America? Maybe. The attack that starts a civil war obviously would be big news. It'd have to be like 9/11. Like a uhaul filled with explosives detonated near the militia formation. That'd do it. But does that man exist?

>>276078240based english teacher

>>276070670>Will this be the powder kegpic related, larpers are only a threat to themselves

Attached: 1595820266031.png (308x566, 113.9K)

>>276077891Niggers are fine if you keep them isolated from each other. Niggasynthesis is a very real thing, niggers in numbers close together bring out their worst qualities.

>>276088435I don't buy it, they want rid of whites and likely blame them for redpilling niggers and they won't sacrifice one of their prime violent golem. They will move to exterminate all dissenters not because they're white but because they're "nazis"

who is the guy saying theres gonna be a meet and greet

>>276070670>300 WinMag>Able to drill nails at 600yrds easy>Ak74u>ghilklly suite>waifu pillow (camo of course) to keep my companyIm ready guys, are (You)?

Nothing is going to happen. NFAC are right wing, they're basically the same as the militia LARP faggots anyway. There won't be a conflict.

>>276086061>>276086588>>276086668The main beneficiary from all of this is the mass surveillance industrial complex, who have a long history of creating revolution larps around the world.

why are they moving back, this shit is glowing as hell>fed-counterfeiting affects all racesYOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. yeahhhhhhhhhhhh glowing

>>276070670>Where do they get those wonderful toys?

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fuck niggers

The battle of Jimmy John's

Niggers approached them screaming they were going to burn the city down and dared them to stop them. Cops then show up fucking with the patriots.

this nigger is redpilling 3% on the JQ starting race war

>>276104401aw, nvm. I think i got ahead of myself.

>>276104401Time stamp

>>276104486idk. Its live. About a minute ago. Thats not what happened

where area they walking to?

Pussy white boys left I’m here at the protest rn showing support for BLM and we ran you little pussy ass white boys out of town try some shit again y’all are done for lmfao time for the black race to rise up and enslave all you weak ass puny white boys

>>276105795n sheet

>>276088435>tl:dr jews are no longer protecting niggers and setting them up for genocideThat's why the jews have been bringing in tons of spics for the last 30 years. Spics are nigger killers unashamedly and they hardly get reported on for this. That's how they took over E. LA. It was ethnic cleansing block by block, drive by after drive by. And real beaners don't give a shit about prison time. It's spic club Med.

>>276091147>>>276090918>>joooooooz!!>Not every poster that says something you don't like is le joo, José.This is true but that doesn't mean you're not obviously a jew, jew.

>>276070670>remember remember the 5th of SeptemberHistory doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes

>>276094626>>widespread scaleLas Vegas shooting was by a berniebro/pink pussy hat hating on rednecksRepublican congressional baseball practice shootingOh we're well into it..even if the press lies about it or just buries it. Don't you find it odd that 40+ people got murdered and the entire issue just vanished from teh public consciousness within a week?

shouldn't they wear white like the school busses? I'm afraid they could dehydrate. niggers need to rep the kkk colors. good for the heat.

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>>276070670Wssnt that the group that had TWO negligent discharges on the same day in missouri

Damn I cant afford one nice rifle as a white worker and these rich niggers have dozens. good thing I pay my taxes to allow those niggers to buy firearms and tear apart my country.

The only thing memorable about today will be my morning shit

>>276089298So you're saying she ate all of the cicadas? That's disgusting, dude.

>>276083488i'm a noguns.can you explain what's in the pic?


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>>276101336The NFAC leader has openly expressed anti-gay and anti-semitic opinions. They’re black nationalists and separatists, and pro-2A. Even though they’re likely a chink-funded psyop, ideologically they seem like natural allies to separatist right-wing whites.

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>>276110667fuck off nigger

>>276081672the only ones who should be marching through the street in formation should be your local regiment. imagine seeing that in 1805?? theyd be given a wave of volleys and then some, bayoneted, and hung for their rebellion. disgraceful

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>>276070670Stupid. All it would take is a three man crew, a van, and a minigun to wipe them all out.


>>276072604Anon, that picture made my sides depart from me. Kek bless you. Fucking hilarious

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>>276099379 the people running around, with fireworks, right now are all alt left radicals

Based Texans

>>276072604here take this you may need it later

Attached: NFAC MEMBER.png (2752x1048, 2.2M)


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>>276070670You won't do anything you niggers

>>276088673You'll love 'em until they do the same with your people. Now pay your taxes and go to work goy.

>>276089146I'd at least make an effort to dodge .22lr. That shit hurts.