Unlike the alt-right fags

we are ready to die for what be believe. that is the fucking difference. Rest in peace mike.

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fake news

>>275868300>we are ready to die for what be believeand you will

>>275868300>we are ready to die for what be believeGood, we're ready for you to die for what you believe too.

What you believe in is murder and terrorism.So fuck off and go suicide by cop asshole, no one will miss you.

>>275868300Your subhuman fren is in hell now

>>275868300>we are ready to die for what be believeOK

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>we are ready to diewe'll make sure you keep that appointmentyoutube.com/watch?v=AeTgx_pj6m8

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ok have fun dying lol>we are ready to die for what be believeand im willing to kill you for what you believe, looks like we're not so opposed after all

Niggers don't care about your antifaggot friend dying. Please, keep #resisting as a favor to us all

>>275868300I'm sure your enemy is more than willing to let you.

OkPlease do die

>>275868300Good !

I am also ready for you to die for your beliefs.

>>275868300>we are ready to die for what be believe.I would love to help your belief become a reality.Please. let me assist you.

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>>275868300fuck you in the ass you degenerate piece of shit. Only losers die. Winners win. Fuck you.

>>275868300You have nothing to live for anyway. Being a jobless, homeless pedo with a 2 page rap sheet is no way to go through life son.

>>275868300You commies never learn. That's why you all have to crushed.


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>>275868300Good that makes it easier.

>>275868300Burn Loot Murder hasn't done squat for anyone so far.Antifags just chant their mantra, do drugs and have no real endgame.Basically, move to Canada. Off you go.

>>275868300one post by this ID

>>2758683004:0 USA vs. CSA (Communist States)Can commies even compete?Soviet Women Snipers laugh at you from Hell.

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>>275868300It's good that you're willing to die, because you're going to.

>>275868300Sure, feel free to throw your life away for a manufactured extremist political movement. The rest of us will inherit a beautiful and peaceful new world when you're gone, fag.

>>275868300Kill yourself tranny

>>275868300Then fucking die, subhuman trash

>>275868300I don't know who Mike is but I like him.

>>275868300come get me you delusional communist oxygen thief

>>275868300Lol your pedo friend is dead.

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>>275868300>we are ready to die for what be believe.And die you will.


>>275868300Oh jew...

>>275868300Cause you have nothing in life and nothing to live for. No one cares if you live or die.

>>275868300>ready to die a corporate toolif you insist

>>275868300then die

>>275869148Aha, its the dead antifa guy.yeah, you (OP) will soon join him. There's plenty of room in hell for you spiteful mutants.

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>>275868300You believe in enslaving every man, woman, and child.I will help you on your journey to hell.

>>275868300Imagine being willing to die for this.

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>>275868300>we are ready to dieThat can be arranged.>what be believeWhat is that?

>>275868300how long till you die?and can you live stream it so we can watch?

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>>275868300suicide isn't something to be proud of

I killed muj for 8 years. I’m DYING for you to actually defund the police. Please hurry.

saged, retard

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>>275868300At least you've come to terms with what your outcome will be OP.

>>275868300mike at least went out like a warrior when the cops came unlike this bitch ass faggot

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>>275868300Never ceases to amaze me how Pavlovian the left is

>>275868300>we are ready to dieHave fun with that.

>>275868300Unlike "alt-right" fags, they die because they're retarded. Vote in person faggot. Sage.

having nothing to live for and a destructive, inhumane nature doesn't really make you braveat this point I've concluded that Antifa exists to defend psychopaths, global pedo rings and nothing more

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>>275868300Keep dying. That works for me.

Also, the difference between you and your enemies is that you do not value life and are more than willing to end it at a moment's notice. Your enemies do value life and would rather protect and encourage it than disgrace it over a (poorly) covertly-funded political movement.You may be miserable and self-loathing enough to extinguish the flame of life in the name of practically nothing, but we're not. Cya!

Isn’t the Antifa symbol supposed to be the red flag of communism flying over the black flag of fascism?

>>275868300timestamp faggot

>>275869390Man, that "first nation" must be based,

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>>275868300>we are ready to die for what be believeOh good because you have been. If you are really that ready, maybe whinge about it a little less when it happens.

>>275868300More than happy to oblige. Whats a matter don't like it when people hit back.

>>275868300"ready to die for what we believe in" Needing a reason to die is what makes you week. Some of us would literally kill someone over a slice of pizza.

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>>275868300BasedAlt righters are only brave to post le ebin frog images, we are out there ready to kill and we aint afraid of jail

>>275868300Perhaps you could follow the Judas goat.


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This is now a Kyle Rittenhouse appreciation thread youtu.be/Fb9CgPEmIpI

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>>2758685433pbp /thread

>>275868300okay, enjoy getting the Darwin Award while i raise my children and grandchildren to spit on your name and piss on your graves.

>>275868300>permanently mark your body>antifascistyou didn't think that through enough.

>>275868300You think you'd drop the larp eventually.

>>275868300>we are ready to diethen kill yourself.

>>2758683004chan is an intelligence operation that gives information for good citizens and honest law enforcement officers to use as they see fit.

>>275868300>we are ready to die for what be believeYour wish is my command

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>>275868300Shart in hell faggots

>>275868300you wont do anything you nigger

>>275869713You seem to be doing more dying than killing.

>>275868300If you were really committed and ready to die for what you believe in, you'd be out there actively shooting cops and "nazis" in broad daylight. Instead, you run from them and attack civilians in your own backyard. You people are like little pomeranians barking at every noise, pretending to be big, but running away the moment anyone steps up. If there is a civil war, it will be brief and hilariously one-sided.

>>275868300Death is promise forged in blood.I hope to eat cereal from your skull soon.

>>275868300Hope so because the world is sick of you lmao

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>>275868300Patton said something about how you shouldnt be ever be willing to die for what you believe but to win for it you pathetic faggot.


>>275868300Lmao. Shit is so funny. From Russia with love biiiiiotch

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Hope your kids and neighbors and family members all feel the same way babies in cribs every commie is trash and they should all end up the same way

Soon you will all be good Commies

>>275868300>we are ready to die for what be believeYou're ready to die for niggers who don't give a single solitary shit about you? How noble.

>>275868300>we are ready to die for what be believe.If you are ready to die, then why not do what the monks do, and just burn yourself alive in protest. It would have a bigger impact on society than being shot by US Marshals.

>>275868300Ok.Every one of you should get a tattoo like that.I mean, if you're so committed to the cause and ready to die for it.

>>275868300Unlike the right wing you will have a chance to die for your beliefs...The right will ensure of it. Die faggot. Enjoy the new manager position you can apply for at Best Buy.

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>>275868300>we are ready to die for what be believeI'm not alt-right but have fun with that. Because its about to get real for you idiots. Federal charges and long sentences await, and I am sure a few of you will rather suicide by cop

>>275868300Sounds like a plan to meLet's make it happen

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>>275868300I’m not ready to die for what I believe so I’ll let you die.

>>275868300lol, pussy