Michael Reinoehl daughter has no father now. hope that makes you happy

Michael Reinoehl daughter has no father now. hope that makes you happy.

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>>275868080built for bbc

It does.

>Fucks around>Finds outHe did it twice

>>275868080lol mom divorce raped him anyways.>poor little girl doesnt get to see her dad every other weekend any more

I do feel bad for her, she's just a kid. You don't get to choose your parents. It's too bad her dad was a piece of shit, hopefully there's someone in her life that can raise her right.


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>>275868080What a fat whore

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>>275868080no, it's sad, whole situation is sad, stupid idiot believing the (((blm))) lies killed one innocent dude then himself


>>275868080looks like she sits at home all day talking to black guys on the internet while eating everything in sight while her dad is out filming his wifes boyfriends son fuck her after he shoots someone at a protest

That bitch is gross


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>>275868080that's what happens when your dad's a murderer

>>275868080looks like she only had a few years left before she died of some obesity related illness anyways

she's better off without him, he was a complete degenerate.

>>275868080no, like I was saying in the other thread it's too bad that nut didn't think about how this would affect his kids, instead he had to throw everything away for some BLM bullshit, all his fault not ours, OP

>>275868080No shit.

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>>275868080>Zoomed in on crotchAm I going to jail?

toodle fucking ooooo


>>275868792you tell em tyrone

>>275868080the family ratted him out. they all hate him. they're happy he's dead.

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>>275868080First thing I thought about too. Really sad her father put himself in such a situation that resulted in the loss of his life. Very irresponsible and selfish of him.

>>275868863literally this, he obviously valued black lives more than hers if he was willing to go to a violent protest with a loaded gun. i hope she realizes how fucking stupid her father was and does not follow in his footsteps.

>>275868080Considering he was drag racing with her in the car she's probably going to have a better life.

>>275868747Kidding aside, this shit it really sad. Her dad did this to her. What a piece of shit. Threw his life away for lie that niggers are victims.


What an ugly mutt.

>>275868080>Michael Reinoehl daughter has no father nowMike should have put his daughter as a higher priority than playing street terrorist. He made some bad choices, and they panned out as expected.He wanted to abandon his life as it was. He chose this.

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>>275868080it's sad. i feel bad for her but at least she's finally safe from him

>>275868080I actually did think about that. This does suck. But I blame him. Why was he not at home spending time with her, instead of running around LARPing like a bandito freedom fighter. He is the only one to blame. He committed murder, and he payed the price.

She's better off.

>>275868080Poor kid. She doesn't deserve any of this, but for her own safety it is probably a good thing that her dad is gone.Hopefully she can change her name and live a somewhat normal life after this.

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>>275868256With a face like that they are welcome to her.

It was crazy

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You faggots wanted this war, you got it

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>>275868080That fat whore just needs another cupcake and she'll be fine.

Maybe now she can take her softball bat and join a school team.

Top Kek

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>>275868953your fine m8. it's a screenshot from the interview Michael gave about being shotyoutu.be/gfMnZX7Z56o

>>275868080oh noooo that sucks all that money he made off that execution might really make a difference in her life though.

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>>275868080Very happy SAGE

Sh never had a father to begin with.

>>275868080maybe she can stop protecting herself with layers of fat and compulsive eating, daddy can't use her body anymore....thanks to us.

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>>275868080It certainly does.

>>275868080>has no father nowShe didn't before, user, and you know it.

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The sooner she realizes her dad was an asshole, the sooner she can get on with her life. He was shit father. He should have been home being a father, not racing cars, doing drugs and rioting for bullshit. She's much better off now.

>>275868080Shouldn’t have killed a man. 2 lives could’ve been saved.

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>>275868080I wish this whole thing never started but it was Reinoehl who made that choice.

I come from a country where they used to punish criminals by killing their entire family or punishing their bloodline for multiple generations.I used to think that this was inhumane but American communists have made me re-evaluate my stance.


>>275868080Let the streets claim her

>>275868080I really don't give a fuck lol

>>275868080Holy shit the coppers shot him?I'm starting to think that he was a glow asset and they disposed of him to cover things up

I heard jews kinda lie about the holocaust, lookin into it

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>>275868080Jannies remove the pic it's not proper. wtf

>>275868080Yes, girls with daddy issues fuck good

>>275870446The Portland PD was either too pussy to go after him or unwilling, so the US Marshalls went in and lit his ass up.


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>>275868080he terrorized his mother. his own sister said so and hated him.

>>275868080I wonder how many millions in fundraising shekels she'll not get because she's not black

>>275868080Very happy. I would have been happier knowing that he got raped every morning and night. But fuck that.

>>275868080built for 2 BBC'S

>>275868080it's his own fault. choices have consequences.

>Fat daughter depends on you to provide for her MIGHTY HUNGER>You get yourself merced fighting for neoliberalismHow. Fucking. Embarassing.

>>275869022Checked and rektFuck, that was quick, let the memes flow

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>>275868080He was obviously the shittest father on earth. Probably still better than no father though.