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Donald, I..

Cuz he dead nigga ahaaaa


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>>275864360OMG Trump iced him

judge dread got him

>>275864558>heh, you think this will get be in twitter jail? Reinoehl only shot ONE chud, therefore it's not a mass shooting, checkmate nazis

>>275864360i'm not telling him. who's gonna tell him? cuz it isn't gonna be me.

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>>275864360Donnie NOOO lmao

>>275864360Trump knew he was already dead. There was another meaning behind this tweet.


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>>2758643603D chess move btw. He's practically daring the faggot mayor to not make an arrest.

>>275864656Big if true


>>275864360For those of you wondering what the big deal is, Aaron “Jay” Danielson was the victim, not the killer.


>>275864558Well he seems to have done "staying alive" wrong

>>275864855He's got btfo'd by US Marshalls. It's over


>>275865068That was fast. Noice.

>>275864855I’m still struggling as to why the murderer won’t be arrested? Should be getting tracked down by the FBI really, no mayor approval needed. Ted wheeler loses nothing if local cops arrest the killer. So I don’t get it.

>>275864360Clearly he doesn’t come here

>>275864847Go on

>>275864558The red rose twitter handle is the easiest way to tell that omelette’s opinions are trash

>>275864360He is growing stronger, can now destroy an antifag with a single tweet.

>>275865132>>275865122He just died

>>275865059Anon I...

>>275865132He’s deadp

>>275864360He's in a better place now.

>>275865008What? Is everyone else missing where the man said "of".

TRUMP 2020

It's official, Trump has the book from Death Note

Crazy that is a better detective than actual police officers. We got the kid who bombed a federal building - by tracking fashion reviews. We found the homeless drifter hobo who films cuckold porn that shot at Kyle, plus all his dead buddies. We got this guy in 24 HOURS from grainy footage. Full name and everything. We got the Deontray guy from the #whitelivesdonotmatter public brick-to-the-head Instagram post, and the Pygmy midget who did the act. We literally best police at a job that they’re paid to do and trained extensively for. How is this possible?

>>275865008Obviously. He said the cold blooded killer "OF." Pay attention and wake up a bit, fren.

>>275864360So THIS is why Trump was in such a good mood at his peaceful protest today

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>@TheJusticeDept @FBIthis is funniest part of the whole tweet


>>275865008Are you dumb

>>275865008>killer OF Aaron

>Trump demands arrest>ten minutes earlier feds killed himThis story is going to blow up yuge, in a good way. Lefties crying about how the death squads are officially here.

>>275865008Whoops i’m retarded and misread his tweet. He never claimed Jay was the killer.

>>275864360who the fuck is Aaron Danielson?

>>275865525He tweeted so furiously that the message went back in time and compelled the Marshalls to kill the commie sonofabitch

>>275865467(pic related)

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>>275865467They’re the government and as we all know, the government is fucking trash at doing their own job.

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>>275865289>>275865302Wtf really?

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holy shit kek. reddit is super conflicted and quiet about it btw.

are you guys trolling? or lol did the fed kill him a few hours ago?

>>275865289>>275865302>>275865314Wait, source? Hahahahahahaha, hopefully it was a suicide.

>>275865132He got killed bro. US Marshalls found his location and tried to arrest them. He fired back

austinzone stream knows before the president

>>275865467Severe autism

>>275864558these kikes are so arrogant. they will regret it, yet again. hopefully for the last time. LUCKY 110

>>275864402fpbplmao, what fucking timing

lmao leftists are now claiming that Trump had him killed.Based if true though.

>>275865878marshalls are on fire holy fuckbased motherfuckers

US Marshals killed him right? It wasn't DHS or the FBI I don't think

>>275865860>>275865864look at the catalog for 5 seconds you mongs

>>275864360he's hitting shitposting levels that shouldn't even be possible

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>>275864656Based if true


>>275864558no one will protest for himno one will riot for himno one will hold vigils for himnot that I'll believe he's dead until photos of his body are leaked

>>275865467truth wins

>>275865467The American excels at self-regulation. Wether that be the personal self or the memetic self. Memetic attacks are patrolled and they are patrolled swiftly.

This was an assassination. Trump pressed the "kill" button and executed this innocent man.

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>>275865961I hope he did

kek nice bait

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>>275865616US Marshalls didn't even shoot first as far as I know

>>275865768Yeh and literally like a minute after his death, Trump tweets this

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>>275865467It's the reason this site remains operational.

>>275866130Same as it ever was


>>275865467You know why. Law enforcement is not working for you. We all know it.

>>275865860No this literally just happened lmao.

>>275865467because we enjoy this. they hate their jobs and do not care. your tax dollars btw. anywhere from 30 to 80 dollars an hour.

>>275864360Trump said this right before they killed him. Trump knew what was going on.

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ATTENTIONLacey WA is a suburb of olympia, home of evergreen college and the pozzed up seat of the state of WAinvestigate governor Jay Inslee who turned the cheek as antifa burned looted and murdered. he is harboring commies at his doorstep. he is aiding and abetting criminals involved in a murder.

soooo is trump dumb or just trolling with 2000 D chess now?

>>275864360FUCKING BASED. He's gonna win the elections for sure.

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>>275864360>trump gets the call>we got him>fuck well I guess ill have to get one last jab in at Portland before the news breaks


>>275865318burger spics can't read English

>>275864360Trump sama. Trump. Trump sama. He dead already.

>>275865616I think a plan is being put into action.I couldn't stop laughing tonight as MSM were screeching for hours about fraud and illegality entirely within the context of mail-in balloting.

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>>275865467If Holla Forums didn’t not jump on this right as it happened the shooter would still be alive and NEVER be identified. It was impossible to identify him from the shooting video alone and no glowie can dedicate enough resources to finding him.


>>275865427Based.Cue "Low of Solipsism".


>>275865467The police on the middle to higher levels are completely subverted traitors that order the grunts to stand down.This is how actual civil wars become INEVITABLE.

>>275865467>Be authority>have information about a suspect begotten by non-illegal methods (e.g hacking/datamining that violated privacy rights)>such info cannot be used in court>go to 3chen and pretend to be an anonymous autist>throw tidbits of said info>5chon "solves" the case>this info is now public and can be used in court legally.There, now you know why police is less efficient than this site.

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>>275866413Yea. Same here in PDX. And all over Oregon.They selectively hire people into these positions. Even break Federal laws in order to do it. . If you got judges in place, nothing is going to happen to you. These people are so well protected its amazing what they can get away with.

>>275865467You're forgetting shia leboufs capture the flag game and finding a terrorist based that lead to Russia bombing it

>>275865271Trump has the Death Note

>>275864360Right Wing Dead Squads are here boys there won't be any election.

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>>275866096we agree

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>>275866062Andy Ngo's twitter has a pic of his body surrounded by US Marshalls.

>>275867227My Dude. That's not even how it works. Take it from someone on the inside. They don't care and don't want to do shit unless told to do so.

>>275865467The police don't have weaponized autism that's why

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>>275865467Also forgetting uncovering pizza gate/pedowood like no other and got trump elected. Also won the meme wars of 2016 and 2018. CIA or fbi forgot which created a memetics department to counter it and got shat on

Trump may be a zionist faggot but that timing is hilarious

>going to hellNooooo, you cannot say that.


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>>275864360GET IN HERE: >>275863746The US Marshalls popped this faggot. He dead. 30-40 shots fired.

>>275864360>Trump tweets>Feds kill him 10 minutes laterTrump murdered him!

>>2758643604ch did this. Our reach has no bounds.

>>275864847What if he's making all the shills @FBI and @TheJusticeDept to get them investigated? hehehehe


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>>275867609Majority of cops are just attention whores and power trippers. They want that feeling of superiority . They don't want any of responsibility that comes with it.

>>275864847Trump said on TV that he'd handle it.US Marshals' SOCOM team likely got the go when the VICE interview was announced, as that was demoralizing. Trump said fuck you and gave the order to kill him.

>>275867609>Take it from someone on the inside.the inside of what?Your own anus?

trupskins is going on the attack4 years of shitgonna get some paybacknancy pelosi's a hairy little monkeygot commie drivers like dianes chinese junkymichael the shooter, now he's deadtook a cops bullet right to the headthe chinks and the commies working with those that live with mommys the games over soon you're going straight to hell right where you belongrotting in the fire singing that stupid hippy songhalf your arm is missingI read it on redditbetter move alongand callfor MMM' MEDIC

>>275864360Youre welcome, Mr President. >t.The hacker known as 4chan.

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>>275864360fucking voting trump.

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>>275868195thats based as fuck and hope it true. would make for a starter great movie.

>>275868039Fucking kek.


>>275868039could vice be, dare i say it, /ourglowniggers/?

>>275864360Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait a fucking minute.11:40PM, EST right?When was he killed?Huh.

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channies are the new jannies INTERVIEW OF HIS CONFESSION

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>>275864360The Shitposter in ChiefI fucking love this timeline sometimes.

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>>275868805This, what was the exact time on the shootout with the marshals?

>>275868805a few mins later after they received the kill order from the jew lion king.

>>275868460If it is true I don't want it ever confirmed because we need some plausible deniability for actions like that.

Guess they won't be getting that follow up interview at vice after all. Shame.

>>275868843>>275868490Worst psy-op attempt since the cruzmissile one.Go back to your discord, trannies.

>>275865652Wtf bra, don't admit that. post a screen cap of an edited version and deny seeing the original image while calling everyone shills and faggots. You fucking faggot shill

Can’t believe Donny Dumpstein hasn’t gotten this fag arrested yet.

>>275867445>Literally calling for fascism that pol use to denounceNice 180 kickflip there, bitcho.

>>275868039>glowies get their alli vanned

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What happened to innocent until proven guilty in a court of law you fucking Nazi pigs.

>>275864360>dies shortly after the tweetplanned that shit out real well

>>275865467pre 9/11 diagnosed autism.what you mentioned is impressive, yes.but it is average/normal for Holla Forumsi would not think "no way Holla Forums will find "x" "i think, "Holla Forums will find x."

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the problem with lefties is they are smooth as chunky peanut butter, "hey guys, you ready to go to wisconsin? ya, ok, make sure all of our douchebag paintball wanna be commando outfits are matching, we wouldn't want to make it obvious or anything" deeerr reeeeeeee


>>275864677>still thinks we're at the stage where his Semitic semantics matterAll that matters is that you people are dropping like flies.Either dead or going to prison until they die.

>>275866108Goddamn that wording

>>275869520you tell us faggot you fags have killed way more. but thats ok cause your time is way up.

>>275865467hwndu was just practice work

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>>275865467yeah we are so badass

it's /based/ af in context too

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>> trump the one about war crimes and the intimidation attempts. No wonder america is going to shit. We all know the war criminal rapist murderes of civilians are Americans. Arrest them fast!


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>>275869520You're next.

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>>275869314>that pol use to denounceKek

Mr Pres—-

now keep in mond children, that the NWO glowniggers work in mysterious ways, and just because this wonderful news has transpired, that doesn' tmean the entire thing is not a shit soap opera real time, we all must admit that if mikey was glownigger contracting that this would be a very quick way to make him disappear

>MILITARY TIMES: TRUMP DISPARAGED U. S. WAR DEAD AS "SUCKERS" AND "LOSERS" Australian-New Zealand United States military pact has been terminated.The U. S. are now a pariah state vs. the globe.Pine Gap (the most important off-land, U. S. military installation on Earth, which gives the U. S. first strike nuclear warning, and is located in Australia), is being decommissioned. Man your kike / Babylonian demon-god have mercy on your souls.>WHY AUSTRALIA CAN NO LONGER RELY ON THE U.

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>>275870059the prez who can literally get shit done yesterday

>>275868039Someone probably brought a cell phone, and the Feds tracked that.

>>275868195>>275867999>>275865194>>275865107>>275864945>>275864847Get the fuck out of here with this "he already knew, it was part of his 4d chess" bullshit. Its the middle of the fucking night, people that inform him of shit are asleep. Fuck off with this Qtard shit.

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