Well that was quick

Shooter or not, another antifa scum bites the dust

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surprise he didn't go on a shooting spree.


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>>275863078>surprise he didn't go on a shooting spree.He skipped the dishes and they brought a shooting spree to him.

>>275862906Good. >spit.

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Hahahahaha. Frens, God has spoken.Winning 3 -1

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50 bucks he pooicided

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fake and gay

>>275862906US Marshals/DHS bagged the fuckerNice

>>275862906Let me guess, He resisted arrest and said he dindu nuffin?

WTF HE WAS SUPPOSED TO GIVE AN INTERVIEW TONIGHT youtube.com/watch?v=GhlxT9OrBIE&feature=emb_title

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>>275863716They likely just wasted him like Osama.Trump said he'd handle it.I like the timing. I knew they were watching him.

>>275863437It's real. Guaranteed they killed him on sight to try and appease the Proud Boys from unleashing deadly violence on Antifa and possibly kicking up a chain reaction of revenge killings on both sides that spirals out of control nationally. They're getting really fucking scared that this could get away from them.


This Angy has generated a huge amount of hatred from unsuspecting lefty mob. He better be at least $30 million net worth person and have good personal lawyer. He is not gonna survive like this. People want him dead. The real ones as well as brainwashed mob. It only takes a simple push.

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>>275863845Wow, its almost like people could record things and then do editing on it and shit, and it wasn't happening live...wow my brain...woah guys...uh..my nose is bleeding at this revelation in technology.

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>>275864040YupLikely the US Marshals SOCOM team triple tapped his headDefuses, but also shows that they won't fuck around. The timing is perfect here.

>>275864040And also to head off him appearing on Vice tonight for that interview and further solidifying the fact in the minds of those on the Right that rule of law and justice is dead and criminal charges only apply to the Right now.

>>275864246I thought he was going to do a live interview tonight specifically. Who knows, maybe they did the whole interview in the forest and they will release it later.

>>275862906This was clean up.All of the people that he knew will not be named.This was designed to clip loose ends.


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>>275863845Vice will memory hole this interview.

>>275862906>>275863716>>275864040To think many were wondering why he wasn't arrested.Will be hilarious to see more riots over him.

>>275864419I wonder if they got the reporter's GPS data or something.I actually didn't watch the interview, so I don't know if they were in a neutral location or his hide out.

>>275864795We gotta archive this shit bros


>>275864795It likely was the catalyst. I figured DHS has been watching him the whole time.The interview was basically a "fuck you" to blind justice, so the Marshals got the order.

>>275864660Put like 2 loads in my sock already

And now we'll never have proof of who his handlers were. Seems a bit (((coincidental))).


happy happy joy joy

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>>275864587The useful idiot wasn't useful anymore so they tied up all the loose ends. All of the useful idiots will meet the same fate.

>>275862906Based officers administering fast track justice. No leftist jewdicial protections for this antifa faggot.

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>>275862906all while rittenhero will walk lmao

how do you guys think it went down? did he got out guns blazing?

So VICE is 100% working with the feds right?

>>275865515I feel that kid's going places, not to the grave by the hands of enemies or prison

niggers not going to protest for him!!!!! lolololol

>>275865556100% Osama triple tap to the head without warning.Trump is saying don't shoot innocent Trump supporters or you'll be dead. He said on video he'll handle it.US Marshals have one of the best spec ops teams around.

To be honest. Plato does not recommend just killing. He should have been put behind the bars in the same state whose governors and mayors are inciting the violence. But then I don't know if taxpayer money goes directly to maintain State prisons. If it goes from state's resident to prison then all good.The same state would have paid for the expenses of managing another inmate.

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>>275865651yeah they probably ratted him out or at least someone at vice

>>275863437Fuck up you disgusting pinko bug.

>>275864569They obviously recorded it earlier, how do you think they clipped the promo? With a fucking time machine?

>>275865556I'd guess he shat himself, hands up, saying don't shoot. But the no cam wearing, no fucks given feds didn't care. They probably said "this is for Jay" and straight capped him

>>275863845I’ll bet VICE lead the Marshals to him. They probably all had their (((smart phones))) on them.

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Don Shipley herecan confirm SEAL Team 13 did this

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I think you guys are failing to see the big picture, outside forces are pitting Americans against each other and it’s gotten to the point where both sides have a bloodlust to kill one another. How did we get to this point?

to be honest you have to be pretty stupid as a criminal runaway to give interviews to any mainstream media

>>275866673>How did we get to this point?Slowly, and I like it

>>275866673>How did we get to this point?MEDIA IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE> k.i.l.l. these fucks

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>>275866673This is deescalation, really. People will feel justice was done, and we all know they wasted him without warning.


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>>275865990just imagine he’s chinese and the confusion will go away, since he was indirectly working for them

>>275865079He had been arrested a number of times, including gun charges and assault a cop, all dropped.Either suicide by cop or tried to take them on. Either way he knew he was fucked when the Feds got involved.

Let the commies hit the floorLet the commies hit the floorLet the commies hit the floorLet the commies hit the floooooooooooooooooor

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Recently revealed he was former mil contractor (i.e. present black ops ) and footage emerged fueling theories of tac team working with him etc at scene of shooting.Immediate speculation is either he was actually killed but it was to cover what could be revealed about his cohorts and backing ... or he wasn't really killed, but this story is a great cover for the above. Oh well

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>>275866673>How did we get to this point?The left leaning mainstream media over the last 4 years. Thats why i keep saying should there ever be any kind of civil war dont forget the media never ever forget and forgive.

>>275867393Oyy mate u suppose he's a bloody mess?


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>>275867651Agent Bazza confirms Fookin Done

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>>275866329It's supposedly what happened with McAfee when a picture from a VICE interview had metadata on his location

>>275865955US Marshals are based, unlike the FBI

>>275867680>>275867950To think it's been around since the Berkeley riots.It's still a bunch of nobodies going after other nobodies only accomplishing more strife.

>>275866673Marxism retard. John McCarthy was right. We've been infiltrated since the 50's

>>275867393Shoot, is that him? Is that how you go out? Without a shirt? He probably brought out a gun thinking they'd let him monologue before icing him

>>275866673The media fostered this discord. It fosters all the narratives people consume. Despite the prevalence of alternate sources of information, the MSM has an incredible effect on dictating the narrative, especially in liberal coastal cities. You rip the head of the media and the mass hypnosis will wear off.

>>275868922Eh, they killed a 14 year old and a Lab at Ruby Ridge

>>275866673China, megacorporations, and the new DNC.Americans never wanted communists, or any of their leftist shitbaggery. The fact that they've grown and are using new ethnic groups and the educational system a springboard, which has coalesced with the diverse interests of new tech companies, international corporations, and the new version of the Democratic Party drifting towards a new wave of Marxist thinking (one of Critical Theory, distinct from the traditional theories of Marxism)? It's intensified everything, and our new enemy, China, is doing whatever they pragmatically think best to displace us in the world, because they know they can't overpower us, that our nation is far more violent and advanced to fight conventionally. It's very complicated, yet very simple.

>>275866329That's what I was thinking

>>275868200>we did a numberMy sides

>>275869223This is true, just when the Floyd protests were dying down people almost completely forgot about it.Then the new riots happened.