>MAJOR news regarding antifa shooting suspect Michael Reinoehl that I'm trying to confirm. Stand

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>>275862091please clap


Portland antifa shooter Michael Reinoehl has been killed by law enforcement. Details to come.

>>275862306holy fucking shit im cumming


was this before or after his vice interview. i aint smart


>>275862021>>275862091OY FUCKING VEY


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>>275862480After you dumb nigger


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>>275862021So, I guess the radio silence on this guy was actually police planning a sting? I guess we'll see.

>>275862306Absolutely based. I know you niggers think it's impossible, but what if Vice actually led the marshalls to Reinhold?

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>>275862587u smart



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Bad look for antifa if he was in a shootout with police.

>>275862306flown out the country to europe or israel probably

>>275862021I unironically feel so much better and it's like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. Very glad to see law enforcement doing what's right. People like Michael Reinoehl shouldn't be on the street. I rest easier knowing he is no longer a threat to patriotic Americans

>>275862755well i doubt he went out with a knee on his neck

And you all doubted Trump's law and order tweet


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Holy fuck, I'm cooming IM FUCKING COOMING.


>>275862021man, it's gonna be a salty friday



Put me in the screencap

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>>275862755Just more reason to designate their groups as terrorist groups

>>275862755Bad look? There was no good look for antifa, ever.

Unlike that chubby spic faggot, this guy truly went out guns blazing. Rest in peace comrade.

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>>275862645thread theme? we need one

you know wwht the craziest thing is. I didnt even know today was thursday

>>275862669Today was a good day

I really really REALLY wanted to see him get tried and for Kyle to walk free.This is a mediocre timeline.

>>275862968>SAY HIS NAME>Michael Rei...n...oeh...l?>>275862755*worse lookthey're look is terrible

>>275862480He was a zombie in the interview, so there was no need to be arrested.

>>275862669Looks like cops went for the execution approach. These motherfuckers went on a mission. Didn't think they did that since the 90s.

well this is gonna fuck with vice's narrative

>>275862021Bump. Keep reposting this to rub it in the shills face.

>>275862021Honestly, I think this prevented a lot more violence.

>>275862852i want to see the body

>>275862306"This is not available to you"Wtf?

are they just gonna take their word for it?

>>275863033Damn who is this guy? NSA? DHS?


>>275862862Dude I feel the same. So refreshing to see good news.


>>275862306Doubt it. Most likely was relocated after his address was posted

Fox News is about to report this fags death in 3 min

>>275862669Holy shit Lacey WA. Grew up near there

>>275862021rest in piss murdering commie piece of shit

>>275863097Hahahahha ok faggot

>>>>>>>>>>275863309Bro he's a free lance journalist who antifa absolutely fucking hates and who have attacked.


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they better not release the body into the ocean like they did with osama

>>275862669I can see how typing with a dick in your mouth can be a nuisance, but how do you do it with one in both hands and another in your ass?

>>275863294reload the page

>>275863148the cops got to use they ak

>>275862021I want to believe, but can we trust this guy? He gives no source

I hope they found him by following the VICE crew.

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>>275862306BY GOD

>>275862306There goes my nofap streak

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>>275862755No, these werent just police. These were fucking US Marshalls.

>>275862862It's far from over.Best to keep armed and stay in groups on the street.

>>275863410Just did going too commercial

>>275863183Why? So that Portland antifa DA could let him go? The commies have infiltrated our justice system. It's like a revolving door for these guys. The only way they will see justice when it's coming for them at muzzle velocity.

>>275863097Rest in shit

I actually think this is the second worst outcome just ahead of him walking. Now the incident can be forgotten by the media and the feds can't build a larger case against antifa.

Guess Drumpf actually meant it when he said "RIP, Jay.".

Does anyone have the screenshots of the antifa guy on facebook paranoid about feds going after John Brown Gun Clubs, DSA groups, and other organized leftist groups as a way of dismantling antifa?

>>275862021So did he resist arrest like a nigger?

>>275863183I'd rather the antifaggots suddenly go from brazen illegal shitheaps to scared little faggots when they suddenly stop being protected by the DA. I want to see them whine and cry about ''fascism'' , also known has actions having consequences again.

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>>275863621You think Barr ordered the arrest?

>>275863734Nigger I live in a red state. Only antifa to worry about here are literal teenagers rebelling against their suburban parents here and there. No actual organized leftists like on the west coast

>>275862021this timeline


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>>275863309Freelnce dude, got attacked a few months back, Got attacked some time ago, got him exposure. Currently he's been hard at work covering riots, and publishing videos of them, He's a cool faggot, and is doing an extremely important job sharing the info on the criminal rioting antifags.

I really wanted to see him in prison. The niggers and whites would have raped him 24/7.

CONFIRMED BY FOX THROUGH>>>>>>>>>>>>275863792I think antifa will chimpout.


VICE interviewed >>2758635380nhim. Don't let them get away with it. Theyll tried to picture him as a hero. It's not the first time they done shit like this. They are uber sjws this is our chance to end them

>>275864071It's like Ruby Ridge except the good guys won this time.VENERATE BILL BARR FOR MORE LEFTIST SUICIDES BY COP

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>>275862452who is this autist?

>>275863183Not if he was in fed custody. Rather see him rot in fed pen, hopefully long enough to see his kids get maimed or killed by the shitskins he defends or enlightened by the reality of their dad being a radicalized murderer and rejecting his retarded ideology.

>>275862452you're a faggot and your channel sucks

The Nobody has shifted the timelines. Brace yourself.

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>U.S. MarshallsExpect to see more sweeping law enforcement from federal agents. Won't be just the lefties either. Enjoy.

>>275862669>aaron danielsonliterally who? i thought some guy called jay was shot dead?

>>275862021Yeah dead wigger confirmed.

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>>275862021Um guys

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>>275863588nb4 antifags show up at Vice HQ

>>275862669I wouldn't bet on it

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>>275862021new york times confirms 21 minutes in Fatal Portland Shooting Is Killed by Officers During ArrestMichael Forest Reinoehl, an antifa supporter, died when law enforcement went to arrest him, four officials said. He was being investigated in the fatal shooting of a member of a far-right group.

>>275864713Should we tell him?

>>275862306>>275862669Which one of you retards is this?

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>>275862669>Viceniggers get a commie killed

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>>275864821>>275864285>The officials said the suspect, Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, was killed during the encounter in Lacey, Wash., southwest of Seattle, when a federal fugitive task force moved to apprehend him.>federal fugitive task forceB A S E D

KEK in all threads

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>>275864036Hot diggity damn.


>>275864713Kek, what a buffoon

>>275863284Anon this just escalated things a lot. Kyle just gets arrested and this guy gets blown away for what he did? I’m sure he tried to shoot first but that’s not how the media will spin it, and of course they will bring up the fact Kyle killed three and he only killed one. Let’s just be glad no one in the scenario was black

>>275864862Bridget Phetasy reads Andy Ngo?

I’ll bet the VICE crew had their fucking (((smart phones))) on them when they did the interview. All the marshals had to do was look at the location data or just which towers the phones affiliated to. Bang they got the area the commie was hiding out.

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oly shit trump solved that real quick.

Paging Carlos

Holy shit it looks like its happening!!!

>>275862021Would have been better if Andy Ngo shot him.

>>275864594Give them Bonnie and Clyde treatment. The rest should cry on a sidewalk like Cpt. Fire Mage.

>>275862021HONG HONG HONG

There is nothing better than physically removing communists

>>275863778The US Marshalls were after him, and they only deal with federal cases, and the US Marshalls do not mess around. This guy wasn't going to the Portland DA. He was going to the US Attorney for Oregon, a Trump appointee, on a federal case.

>>275862021>OP: HONG HONG HONG HONGI wouldn't expect anything else, way to fuck it up.

>>275864512Someone needs to dump or link these cards. I'll reprint them my fucking self if I have to.

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>>275864317The NYT article about this is already trying to portray him as a martyr. Get ready for the media to use this to escalate the riots.

>>275865166It might be an interesting weekend.

>>275862306Obvious CIA agent is obvious. Faking death as an extraction method is the oldest trick in the book. They sent him in to accelerate, that's why he made sure to create many witnesses, the deep state wants an American civil war, they know they have the winning hand. Prepare yourselves, Amerifriends.

>>275864703NYT isnt confirmation of anything. I would trust almost any other source


>>275862091HONG HONG HONG


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>>275862021Too much of a coward to do it himself, got the cops to do it for him. Live like a bitch die like a bitch.


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Nigger lover wont get the martyr treatment even after dying for the cause cuz he's white

>>275866399Both our numerals confirm. The left now has a martyr that will fan the flames to the extreme. And the evil fucking media will make sure they stay that way. These people do realize no one will watch the news if there’s a literal war in our back yard?

>>275866677nice digits Tucker is with us

>>275866400Could be the case, not outside the realm of possibility. It's far more likely he was a degenerate communist who got caught rather than that he's a super secret super effective federal agent

>>275866677What is the body count for us now?

>>275862021The amount of gets in this thread is fucking ridiculous

>>275865248>VICE accidentally helping the Feds locate a murder fugitive

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>>275866271Bitch go buy the set off eBay, definitely worth adding to your collection

santa claus is comingto town

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>>[email protected] the FBI is a top notch meme, what did he mean by this

>>275863778The Marshalls probably new that too lmao

>>275867294>$200-1000 for a complete copyAnon, I am not a /biz/ minded man.

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>>275864713PPD didn't do anything tho. the Feds did.

>>275864740Hmmm maybe they could be encouraged to do so...

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>>275867441You get it. You're good.

>>275866966Fuckin checked, I hope he becomes their martyr. Fucking faggot, that's what antifa has coming to them if they keep acting up

>>275864713Trump tweeted this literal minuets before the dude was killed

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>>275862564I want to hug this kot

>>275865248Shhhhh. Shut the fuck up.

>>275866400I wouldn't be surprised in the least.

>>275863788checked and seconded

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>who did Michael know?NO ONE CAN FIND OUT NOW, HA!

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>>275867441Man I’m ready for winter, it’s been a long ass year. Could go for comfy Christmas tunes


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>>275866400>winning handGood, better they keep believing that

>>275867985have the full sized version anonTsubasa deserves better

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>>275866400This. Until I see more proof, he's hiding in Israel

>>275862306Fucking based spooker.

>yfw you find out

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>>275862852COPE the post

>>275867974I agree with you completely that antifa needs to be destroyed , not a single cell left to replicate, but I have a feeling this shit glows. This is all playing out too much like an episode of law an order or something. I worry for our country if civil war takes place, not that we won’t win (because look at the fuckin nogs and crackheads the left has) but a much more lethal enemy will strike while we are vulnerable. We’re wasting time and precious resources on nigger feelings and not keeping our homeland safe. What is this timeline bro

>>275868139I wish this image had been used for the mirror universe Kirk in STAW.

>>275862021Good Shit on his Grave.Pay your respects

>>275863579Uh, yeah Andy Ngo is an excellent journalist

>>275866400US Marshalls are honest, as far as feds go, and not shy about squeezing triggers either. This one's not an op.

>>275862306who gives a shit, is austin streaming or not?!?!?!?!

Photos from the shooting>>275868511

>>275862306Which one of you is this?

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>>275867189Too low.


>>275868742This copypasta now?

>>275862669best course of action is to push the narrative that VICE leaked his location to cops.

>>275862021What a great day.

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>>275868174>Suspected>Shooting deathI fucking hate journos

>>275868951wew, thats pretty spooky. it was a skeleton that did it

>>275862021Riddle me this, how do so many people conveniently get caught out die after Vice Interviews? Glow central

>>275868951that rest in power shit is so fucking cringe, he's in hell with the rest of the degens

Nothing of value was lost. It was actually beneficial.

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>>275866400Nah he had his kids with him all the time he was a mental pedo


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>>275864713This was literally MINUTES before he died. What the fuck?

>>275862306Where's the body?

>>275869130In an era where everyone carries tracking devices in their pockets, they don't necessarily have to be government connected. Sounds like VICE just has terrible OPSEC. Why would you ever bring cell phones within 10 miles of a source you're trying to protect? Because VICE is a bunch of sheltered millennials who don't realize just how pervasive the surveillance is.

pic related.

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>>275867441>santa claus is coming>to townand he has a list of all nice and naughty kids and they're gonna get what the fucking deserve

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>>275869005Not that I know of, anyway, make sure your go bag is ready and you and your family have a plan. Shits getting real as of NOW

Someone make the coffin niggers meme of this

>>275864226Blessed Thread

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>>275863097yeah and the chubby spic faggot is still alive and is going to have his freedom since he didn't break the lawthe Milwaukee Four toofunny how your side is all going to be dead or in jail and normal people who don't fuck around are going to be just fine


>>275865248Just like how they got El Chapo with Sean Penn’s cellphone

>>275869855blessed and kek'd

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>>275865166escalation is a good thing. there are almost no right wing feet on the ground at protests, it's all cops. if the leftists want to start being violent, that violence is going to be directed at law enforcement, and who do you think comes out on top in that sort of conflict? the malnourished hippies with golf clubs or the trained officials with guns?

>>275870054>off by 1

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i hope it was an excruciatingly painful and slow death

>>275862021>sitting in bed>eating Baskin Robbins>a Commie gets killedLife doesn't get better than this, frens

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7627 3rd Way SELacey, WA 98503

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>portland shooter>killed in washingtonSo, what was he doing in portland if he lived in wa?

>>275868028The entire world was alerted to the fact that the government tracks cell phones way back in 2012. It was on mainstream news for months. A random post on 4chan is not going to make any of these retards develop better opsec.

>>275864713>>275864840>>275865139>>275867462>>275867799 >275867985>>275869354I think Trump is trying to make the point that this bloodshed is unnecessary and wouldn't be happening if Portland Police would just DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS!

>>275862091>>275862306thanks, andy ngo shill. good job repeating the nytimes for us.

>>275870254Well niggers getting popped hasn’t exactly been good for the country so far but seeing as it’s too late to go back I agree. However we shouldn’t hit the streets until we have to. Every time we fight for our rights we’re labeled white supremacists. Every time they fight they’re heroes. This shit will change eventually but until then we need to be cerebral about this war

>>275865166>>275866399Checked. This will be a wild ride

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>>275865166Kyle turned himself in.I'd put money on this guy actively resisting, probably with the same gun he shot Jay with.