Burgers think this is a hunting gun

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>>275861775meme flag, nothing to see here, move along fellow anons

Kenosha proved it is. It's great at hunting commies

>>275861775Depends on what you're hunting.

>>275861874damn beat me to it

>>275861775I’d like to hunt you with one

It's perfect for hunting communists and politicians

I killed my first deer with an Ar-15

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>>275861775Try hunting hogs, you'd need a 100 round mag

>>275861775>t. noguns

>>275861775It's for shooting cans.MexiCans.AfriCans.Puerto RiCans.jewsetc.

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>>275861775 a nigger hunting gun.

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>>275861775It's for hunting pedophiles

>>275861775I personally think deer should be hunted with .308 ammo (AR-10s, M1A1s, .308 bolt-actions); but they do make .223 ammo for hunting.hornady.com/ammunition/rifle/223-rem-55-gr-gmx-superformance#!/

>>275861775You have to go back.

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OP posted the .22lr version lol

>>275861775And you OP should get a suicide gun.

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>>27586265820mm to bring them down without suffering

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>>275863093Yeah but then there won't be any meat left.

>>275861775its not about the type of gun but the caliber, and the ar15 is a good varmint gun.

>>275862823That poor dog

>>275862310HE HATES THE CANS

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>>275861775>>275862670Your shit is so transparent.You stupid niggers suck at this.Get tell your boss to fire you.

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For fuck sake mods delete these one post meme flag threads

>>275863250Don’t worry, police arrived literally seconds after he an hero’d and scooped up the dog. He’s now in better care with the deceased’s mother.

>>275861775It IS a hunting gun. Hunting humans.


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>>275861874Amen, The Kenosha Kid did good with an ar on a sling.

>>275862823I guess you could say he could face it.

>>275861775You can't hunt with that. Where's the wood furniture?

>>275861775Give me one legitimate reason why you can't hunt varmints/medium game with this.

>>275863727commies and niggers*>ftfy


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>>275862680not if you're a decent shot. shot placement >>>>> caliber.

>>275862233.223/5.56 does well against hogs.There are larger boars out there that would warrant larger calibers, though.


>>275861775What's your point?The 2nd amendment isn't about hunting.

>>275861775It also protects you from authoritarian regimes. How did not having guns work out for Hong Kong again?

>>275861775>Hunting niggers

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>>275862680But supposedly a mass killing machine leaving watermelon sized exit wounds according to leftists

>>275862680>>275863093>>275863329stop bumping this garbage slide thread, fags

>>275861775Yeah it actually is. You hunt wild hog which are a major problem in some parts of the country. You should shut your fucking mouth kike, you clearly don't know shit.

>>275861775I bet you think hunting weapons have to have a wood stock.

>>275861775>YUROtrash has never even held a firearm in his soi addled arms before and complains on an American board how scary they areKek. Fuck off retard. Come over the pond or are we going to have to come back over there for the third fucking time in a century to buttfuck your grandma and blow loads all over your slutty women?

>>275861874 /thread

>>275862358Note to newfags, this discord is an Israeli honeypot.

>>275861775OP here, had to change IPs. Just thought I'd let you all know I love sucking huge Muslim cock and gargling their cum. It makes my throat tickle.

>>2758617752nd A isn't about going hunting.

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>>275861775journalist hunting is still hunting

>>275861775And eurocucks think this is a bike seat. Welcome to a brave new world

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>>275861775Stop. Go be a European somewhere else.

>>275861775I'd hunt with that.Reckon its got a greater range than my sharpened throwing spoons

>>275861775Any gun you hunt with is a hunting gun.

>>275861775Are you that reporter who got ptsd from firing an AR15?

>>275864738it makes me sad that u can't make bacon out of wild piggies because they have transmissible illnesses.

>>275865598>third time in a centuryTempus fugit user


>>275864793hoodsite.com/facebook-live-suicide-video-man-shoots-himself-head-shotgun/Watch the whole video. Police wouldn’t just leave the dog there. I can’t 100% prove that the dog is with his mother now, but allegedly he was dogsitting for her based on what some people dug up yesterday on social media. So essentially, dude, trust me.

>>275861775Fuck this thread I'm not reading it. Kill yourself OP we like guns to defend ourselves only fags think they're only for hunting.

>>275861775Trust me you can hunt with it. Fish too lol

>>275861775commies and niggers arent humans but monsters that must be hunted to extinction

>>275862680No it isn't you retard. Take the time out of your day to read PO Ackley's handbook for shooter's and reloaders. You might learn somethung instead of propagating fuddlore.

>>275861775Why do all these antigun fucks think America is the only country that has access to an semiauto easily?

>>275861775You can kill anything up lo large deer with .223. For everything else, there are a dozen larger calibers you can chamber an AR in.

>>275861775>Burgers think this is a hunting gunWell it's a .22LR so about the only thing it's good for is squirrel hunting.

>>275861775Uh, no we don't?

>>275861775Memflags something something .22, something something bang.

>>275861775Urine Peons can’t hunt.

>>275861775It is. For hunting communists. in minecraft.

>>275861775Vegetarian gun owner here. If you don't know about invasive species hunting like hogs in texas, you don't have a reason to be in the argument for what an AR platform can be used for.

>>275861775 you wish you could have one, too bad you're a faggot. I have one within reach now. You don't. Pathetic.

>>275861775If you can hunt with it, it's a hunting gun.

All these nogunz faggots who think this is an AR-15 and don't realize it is a .22 that LOOKS like an AR-15.All of you fell for bait and don't know anything about guns.sage

>>2758617752A was never intended to protect your right to hunt, it was intended to eliminate politicians who become tyrants, and enemies of the people's government.

>>275867631How can I go hog hunting if I dont know anyone who owns land?

>>275867631I once met a Danish mercenary on the galapagos islands who was taking a relaxing paid vacation shooting goats from a helicopter.