Is diversity good or bad?

i'm not really sure. I can see both sides of the argument.

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>>275858441It is like a fetish that we have with whites (especially women), sometimes I go to the ports and see those beautiful gringas / Germans with their blond hair, blue eyes and milk white skin and telling myself how lucky are their husbands, and that made me want to rape them by force (sorry, it is inevitable to resist those beauties), sometimes they are left alone in the cabins and I imagine myself entering their beds and tearing their clothes and fucking them anally, tell me what would you do? How does it feel to have women like that every day? You're very lucky.What's wrong with wanting a woman like that once in your life?

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>>275858441I donno. But if I could go back in time I'd slap me and say ditch the German girl and go with the Catholic Italian girl who's father was Mafia, or the other Italian girl who's father wasn't, or even the Mexican girl who was mostly white. >but amerimutts aren't pure anything. yeah, whatever passes for German, Italian or Chicano in the USA.

If Diversity was good and it would be outlawed and constantly disparaged by the mainstream media

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>>275858661The girl in the pic is not that good looking. I get what you mean though

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my dick loves diversity

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>>275858441Is it not obvious at this point? It is clearly bad.

>>275858441I support open borders for women.

>>275859134who is this?


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>>275859060The one on the right is Katya Rodriguez.t. coomerfag


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>>275858441>diversitywhat is it? south chicago, northern philly or harlem? 99% of niggers aint diverse

>>275858441It's good if you own a big company and want to hire cheap slaves. Or if you live in a fully not migrant área because you are loaded, but you want to feel morally superior. In the rest of cases, it's not really good. Not in the numbers we are facing here

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>>275858441Diversity isn't the problem, urbanization is. Priss never married. Just think of the kind of mother she could have been, had she not had to have been fighting boomers her whole life and whoring out her voice.

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>>275859927And so you have pointed out why (((free trade))), NAFTA, and DACA/"Dreamers" bullshit are net negatives for America Also thanks for fucking all those Aztecs and creating this problem.

>>275858441These roasties are hideous. Some mixing naturally happens, but generally those who are mixed usually don't have a racial affiliation and sometimes experiences stigma from either side. Basically, more depression because you don't really belong to any group. Or you're unfortunate and wind up looking freakish.

>>275858661you in a caribean country? this message im replying to is what white women pay to go be around

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>>275858441Considering that its what caused the death of virtually every mutli-racial empire.From the UK to USSRFrom the Mongul Empire to Rome.And is currently destroying the neo-liberal world order i'd say its pretty easy to quantify as "bad" my dude.

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>>275858441its 41% good.



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>>275858441All racism aside, there is nothing inherently good about diversity. It is simply a box to check. If anything it just causes problems. Also, usually diversity actually just means no whites

>>275858441Diversity is a friendly name for divide and conquer.

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>>275858441Go back to fucking Reddit, your country is diverse, and it's a shit hole already, kill yourself, your nigger genes are holding Brazil back

>>275858441Having varied viewpoints is good.Trying to force conflicting viewpoints to work together and find a common path is fucking retarded.It'll never work. People don't grow up even to like 15 and develop view points that they are willing to give up on. And why should anyone be expected to change their viewpoints to accommodate some other faggot that only wants them to change their viewpoints to suit them.Also keep in mind that "diversity is our strength", yet every minority has some form of "town". People gather with like minded individuals, and trying to force them to work together harmoniously with contradicting view points is short sighted at best. Especially if the faggots on the "other side" are the kinds of faggots that declare that your way of life should be illegal.

>>275858441pick and mix genetics is short and medium term bad and only recoups in the very long term. IMNSHO humanity doesn't have a very long term so..

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True diversity means separation.And that is good.

>>275862371>True diversity means separation.

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Groups will forever advocate for themselves, white people created the concept of individuality and it has been exploited by people that act as a collective.

>>275862518Well, that's the false version, lol.

>>275862675>white people created the concept of individualityYes it has truly worked out great

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>>275862675hopefully humanity just embraces this one day in a non hateful way so we can just separate and respect boundaries, then right that shit down in the constitution or something so people in the future dnt fuck up again

>>275858441WTF all of these look subhuman at least post some quality Brazilian caramel colored bitches

>>275858441Less diversity means less niggers. What's not to understand?

>>275858441tens of thousands of years of evolution gone in a few pumps

>>275858441>Is diversity good or bad?It's both(White diversity = good)

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>>275858441Diversity is a necessity of natureIt doesn't matter what you think about it, diversity will always be apart of nature. How much, and to what degree, that's a different story.Forced multiculturalism, and trying to stick radically different groups together who don't want to be is going to always be a bloodbath

>>275858441Diversity itself not necessarily bad. The fact that all white countries have it forced upon them is

>>275858441Taking the positive aspects of multiple cultures and the negatives of none is pretty ideal, but for some reason people that push diversity strive for the exact opposite.


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diversity is beautiful

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Diversity is ultimately beneficial, it made us the superpower we are today.


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>>275858441racial diversity in nations is associated with>lower economic output>lower social trust>higher amounts of corruption>larger governmentsDiversity is objectively bad for nations. The only cases in which "diversity" is good for a nation, is when you take a low IQ nation and import high IQ people (like in the US in the 20th century before 1965, when our immigration policies import only western/northern europeans who were MORE EDUCATED than the native US population at the time)."Diversity" would be good for the Congo, if it meant 25 million east asians or europeans coming to the country to build a real society. "Diversity" is not good european or east asian nations if it means 25 million niggers coming into the country to rape and shoot.

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good for chad, shit for everyone else.

>>275865749>Diversity is ultimately beneficial, it made us the superpower we are today.No. British and German EUROPEANS made the US a superpower. The US was a superpower by the EARLY 20th century. It has been on the decline in 1965.

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>>275858441Diversity is good when it involves attractive Indian and Arabic women.

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>>275858441Depends on the diversity. Intellectual? Good. Ethnic or cultural? Bad.


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>>275865752People of light ( aka white people)are the real diversity indeed

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>>275858441No, as long as there is a strong culture that is taught from a young age.

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>>275867178Yea? Well who is middle girl huh?!

>>275858441TWO CHOICES1. Uniethnic, Unicultural Nations; Multiethnic, Multicultural CivilizationVS2. Multicultural, Multiethnic Nations; Unicultural, Uniethnic CivilizationMAKE YOUR CHOICECHOOSE WISELY

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>>275859577its like a fucking black hole but i can see why evolution would favor that in africa

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>>275859577Worst thing about Black women, if you just look at their face, can't tell if its a dude or not.In terms of face4, 1, 3, 6, 1In terms of body6, 5, 4, 7, 4

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>>275865189The guy in your picture literally espoused the same thing I just said

>>275858441Okay I need to know who's the middle bitch now

>>275858979I know she isn't covered in poo but she is absolutely, objectively good looking

>>275860882Ding ding ding, bingo.But nobody is allowed to make this observation outside of anonymous boards, lest they be branded Hitler reincarnated. The name of the game is cultural hegemony, and cultures are products of their people. Replace the people, and with it the culture, heritage, and ideals of those people. Just ask the American Indians how all that diversity worked out for them once they lost their demographic and cultural hegemony of their lands, if you can find any to ask. All great empires, nations, and kingdoms that prospered for a period of time maintained their cultural and demographic hegemony. Right now the US is losing this and look around, we're descending into out-of-control debt, degeneracy, moral bankruptcy, declining education, loss of cultural and spiritual identity.No, instead we keep telling ourselves the greatest lie ever perpetuated, that "diversity is our strength". We've got all sorts of hyphenated Americans now. Ran out skin colors and nations to hyphenate, so now we're on to genders next. Unity, not diversity, is strength, and the root word of diversity is divide. Sadly the west, at least the Anglosphere of the west, is pozzed into worshipping diversity like some voodoo cult.

>>275870025Eva YiI knew I recognized her, based user here gave sauce >>275860873Now we just need >>275859134

>>275858441diversity is fine.mixing is bad.