So, Canada

Why are racial tensions almost nonexistent in Canada when compared to the US? Both countries practically have the same white demographics.

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>>275857200canada has way fewer niggers

>>275857200You have no clue. Its every race vs whites here, spearheaded by you jews. Just like everywhere else.

>>275857200whites are mindless docile cucks, muslims get what they want and any white arguing against it gets labelled islamophobe, niggers aren't an issue in Canada they can't aquire guns as easily as in the US and weed is legal so they don't sell it anymore, they don't rape either but smell like rotten shit on the bus


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>>275857671yeah except its more like all the races + 60% of the whites against 40% of the whites

Because Canadians are more virtuous and nice. Is that what you were hoping to read?

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>>275857200Less mutts>>275857671Fake and gay


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Because canadas population is 1/10th of americas>america: 300m+ people>cities for miles>canada: 30m+ people>cities along the border because of trade and opportunitySo you have nigs chimping out in superclusters in america but in canada the nigs are chimping out in proximities which means it’s not our fault

Blueprinted, planned, erected, zoned, and blessed for big black cock. Imagine those pure white milkers bouncing up and down as she is BRED by hulking coal-black bucks. Fuck I'm hard

>>275857200canadians arent media consumers like americans.

>>275857200Canada has much, much less niggers and much less Mexicans. The niggers we do have come from Eritrea and the northeast part of Africa or Nigeria. However, I'm noticing a huge increase in the amount of niggers we have here lately.

Canadians are generally just nicer, less racist people - Canadian girls especially!

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>>275857290not that much less, but they're a different stock.Personally I thank the cold. it keeps a man honest.

>>275857200only a few of our streets are ruined by niggers, not entire cities

>>275858517Bramladesh thoThe intelligent negro is the worst, they’re chaotic evil

>>275858436found the TorontonianCanada is 3% black, bro

>>275857200everybody lives in segregated neighborhoods for the most part and no one will start some shit for fear of losing of their job.people are more docile here and there is no free speechbut everyone is racist in private.also white people are actively discriminated against in the workforce, especially white men.

most of our immigrants afe asian. They are annlying with their autism but not violent and generally law abiding.

>>275857200Only 2 generations ago a nigger walked thru your neighborhood he'd be told to keep on walking. As for today most of our immigrants are richer than the locals so they don't fuck around that much.

>>275859105>everybody lives in segregated neighborhoods for the most part and no one will start some shit for fear of losing of their job.Not just that, but you barely see white Canadians in the major cities. even most white people I know are first generation Slavs where I'm in.The vast majority of white Canadians live outside of major cities, in nearby towns, where they are 98%+ majority. That or they live in the most richest parts of town where land values are 1 million+.There's also a sort of soft segregation in Canada. Almost every Canadian city I've been to has a quadrant of the city where all the shitskins/arabs live, one quadrant where the south Asians/filipinos/vietnamese live, one quadrant where the richer Indians/Chinese live, and one quadrant where whites and Jews live.

>>275857200Racial tentions are definitely up. BEtwen natives, whites, blacks, asians and other immigrant groups

>>275857200I want to rub my big pajeet cock all over her body.

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>>275857200>>275857290way fewer niggersnatives are pretty good people just end up poor so most good nucks equate them to the homelessarabs and chinese are an immediate demographic threatfrench/english divide is real

>>275857200Because the United States is the country with the most psychopaths and sociopaths and narcissists.

>>275857200Checked you fucking faggit

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>>275857200I don't care about any shit you said I just want those tits in my face

>>275857200Also lies, unless china owning half your country is just fine by Canadians

>>275858436>Personally I thank the cold.I actually think this is a big part of it, I’m out chopping wood, having fires and beers, cooking steaks in -28 most normal people don’t want to do that and most blacks want to do it even less. I saw a black guy the other day wearing a toque, jacket and his hands were in gloves, this is central air and I was wearing a t shirt. They aren’t tougher or any of that shit and they really aren’t built for the cold. The skinnies have spent thousands of years selectivity for people to be able to survive in extreme heat.

>>275857200Most of our diversity came here legally, and had to go through very high standards. Those are gone. Tension incoming.

>>275861671Just pretend china isn't also antifreeze

Canadians are absolute pussies, that are led by arguably the biggest pussy leader on the face of this Earth. They contribute nothing to the World, and are basically a cheap imitation of the USA (just like Australia). Canada deserves the entirety of the USA's nuclear arsenal.

>>275857200Anglo Canadians typically don't like Pajeets and Chinks. I rarely hear them complain about niggers (and yes, they openly call them niggers).French Canadians just plain hate everyone who isn't French Canadian. They don't mind Haitians and Arabs because they speak French. However, they're becoming increasingly aggressive about Muslims.

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>>275860987>french/english divide is realNever heard an Anglo-Canadian (AKA a Canadian) talk about Quebec or the French. I've heard endless amounts of the reverse though.

>>275861776I don’t live in the lower mainland.. but regardless, like I said most people can’t handle the cold. I’ll take being to cold over to hot any fucking day.

>>275861799How the fucks Australia an imitation of the US

>>275862063What have you contributed to the World? You kangaroos dick suckers even copy our car culture too. Fuck you.

>>275857200Quebecois here.Canadian will enter the Demoralization phase in the next 5 years. Immigrants now have entered the country only one generation ago, meaning they dont fully think themselves as Canadian. Generations after another, they will start appropriating the main culture but still keep the same skin and same background. They will start feeling a bit more canadian but will realise the huge differences in living standards compared to whites and will ask for big demands. The Chinese will not do this, because they already got a huge country backing them (China), but Punjabs could probably say "Brown Lives Matter".The problem lies in the fact that nobody mixes at all and it will create ghettos. Brampton in Ontario is already one. Whites dont mix with Chinese and same thing for Punjabs.Quebec is different though. Apart from Montreal, it is still pretty much 90% white everywhere and any immigrant has to lose its own identity and follow the major culture to live in. They have no choice. This will obviously separate even more Quebec in the coming decades compared to the Rest of Canada.

>>275861799I’m rubber you’re glue anything you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

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>>275861799That might be true of the younger Aussie generation but the older ones are British in all but name, their hatred of the non-Anglo/Celt rivals those of us in the motherland. Don't know about Canucks though, I admire their history but they're self-described as "post-nation" and it really shows in their government. Maybe if I'd ever known any Canucks I could give a better opinion.

>>275862043It exists in the same way the Canadian/American or the English/Scottish shit does. We can work through it but the cultures are definitely different. Functionally going to Quebec is like stepping into another country, except say Montreal which is just their Toronto.

the news in canada isn't allowed to report on violence against whites. independent media is almost nonexistant. the few that want to be independent just move to america for freedom.

>>275862328absolutely based

>>275857290fewer niggers more pajeetsim literally a minority in toronto its fucked upthey also drive like retards

>>275857764One day whites will realize if they even just claim to be muslim they can say and do anything but they are too christcucked lol.

>>275863095More white women for us pajeets to fuck.

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>>275862056Nunavut? I've always wanted to go there since I was 8

>>275857290One niggers is to many . More and more are coming and getting spread out into little towns.

>>275862302>Quebec is different though. Apart from Montreal, it is still pretty much 90% white everywhere and any immigrant has to lose its own identity and follow the major culture to live in. They have no choice. This will obviously separate even more Quebec in the coming decades compared to the Rest of Canada.It is largely like that outside of the big cities, the federal government has been busy pumping immigrants in trying to break us down. But no one wants to stay in say.. Newfound land except newfies, the land is unforgiving and the people are nuts

>>275863210more pajeets for white women to cuck **

>>275860704Way to many slavs are here now . Hitlers was right about everything

>>275857200Yeah in Canada there are no races, just peoplekind

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>>275860823Thats how sickening you are . You would destroy that thing of beauty.

>>275857200There's hardly any black people in Canada, and if they exist, they're mostly first or second gen from Africa I think most US folks find recent African immigrants to be alright+have good work ethic

>>275863618I don't even know why Indians go for white women, its painfully obvious they are not sexually up to par. So the only way they can get women is with money, and obviously money doesn't make pussy wet in the long run, so the women cheat and eventually the relationship dies because Prajeet strangles his cheating white wife.

>>275863312i feel pity for the japs. they try to keep to themselves, have very low crime rates, very good human dev index, and now the kikes are forcing them to take in niggers, who are immediately forming pimping gangs and sex slaving young jap females.

>>275857200All races here are blatantly racist towards each other. The only thing is that white people are the only quiet ones right now. I've seen a lot of blacks and Browns going at it but nothing. If a whites involved all hell breaks loose

lot of leaf posters lately, is like everyone unemployed right now in Canada? lol

>>275857200Because Canadians are massive beta cucksReal men are racistReal men are sexistReal men don't cuck for strangers.

>>275857944I would slam the fuck out of that pig and not think twice

>>275864777Yes, I see homeless fucking everywhere.

>>275864817rural canadians are based and like to fight and get drunk

>>275865013>Yes, I see homeless fucking everywhere.Toronto?

>>275857200Who is this milk truck operator?

>>275864639Japs are really effeminate, I wonder how they'll cope with the terrorist attacks, grooming gangs and etcetera? Do you think they'll go into bugman hive mode and form a collective resistance?

The cold keeps the niggers docile

>>275863483I'm in vacation in Tobermory this week. Compared to Quebec, Ontario totally feels like another country. Chinks and Pajeets everywhere in small families. All of them (which are Ontarians) don't even speak English together. Nobody really talks to each other except Whites. This just shows how nobody really like each other and people dont care as long as they are getting a good job. But when the economy will go down, there will be a lot of hate around these groups. You can have a social fabric with these clearly-defined social groups that dont even talk to each other.

>>275857200Not as many black people. We have different kinds of minorities.


>>275863736you should be thankful for us because we are more based than the docile anglo and franco cucks here.

>>275857200Because Canada was smart enough to utterly oppress its native population AND then ignore them. We killed a bunch of injuns and then turned around and gave them land and casinos, so all the other minorities now feel like all they have to do is act uppity enough when we stomp on them, and they'll be rewarded.


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based milktruck posters

>>275857200Because Chinese and Indian males are less threatening than blacks and Latino males, or Arabs for Europe. You know i'm right.

>>275862056I'll take hot and wet over cold and dry any fucking day lmao

because this fucking guy is so based. Canadians love him..Americans can't stop talking about him.

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>>275857200Coz Canadians have been stomped on by their government and media. Canadians are good little obedient slaves.

>>275857200They are. You never hear about it because they have like 1 mainstream newspaper. The government shuts down all other forms of media. They do not have a 1st amendment like the US,

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>>275863312Just take pleasure in knowing they will be sent back in their entirety before this century is over.

>>275857200US people are HYPERSENSITIVE to racismIt is SO HEIGHTENED that it is literally ridiculousSome Canadians will call you a nigger and maybe have a fight but US people have been indoctrinated to be hypersensitive to racism and lash out like you just attacked them physically.

>>275861671I always find winter is the nicest time of the year. Even when people are being miserable about it, there's kind of a camaraderie. One time some guy was going down my street too fast in the snow and crashed into a bank. I had been out shovelling the driveway and in 5 minutes there were already 4 people helping him out. Some guy pulled out these plastic traction pads he got from canadian tire and they worked like a charm to help him get his SUV backed out, but one of them got crushed to pieces. Guy tried paying him for it, other guy kindly refused and was just like>oh ya eh at least I know they work so that's more than worth the money ehI fucking love the winter

>>275865249Japs were violent and brutal as fuck in the past, some still are probably. Two nukes and economy sanction really made them effeminate.

>>275857200Only true for everywhere but Montreal and South Ontario because those places have kikes and niggers.

>>2758572001. Fewer niggers there's no other race outright violent like them. Even natives mostly steal and bum while trying to avoid out and out violence. American niggers are a whole other level of fucked up2. The nonwhites still congregate in basically only the 5 biggest cities (Montreal Toronto Vancouver Calgary Edmonton) and in their own enclaves. You'll spot them outside these a little bit but the 5 biggest cities and the rest are really different worlds apart 3. There's a lot of provincial rivalry. People really aren't aware just how much people identify with their province rather than the whole confederation. If for example Ontario was on fire from riots everyone else would just point and laugh not feel personally attacked 4. Aside from natives who on the whole are too divided and broken and far from everything else to do anything there's no real history that you can rile anyone up over. We never had slavery like the US. Blacks have an ""excuse"" for self justifying their behaviour because "we wuz brought as slaves, we didn't choose to be a part of this society we're here by force" but everyone who is here natives aside ultimately got on a boat or plane of their own free will and chose to come. There's no real way anyone can try and claim they're here by force

>>275857200We dont have a gang culture other then hells Angel's and native gangs. Charlie goes to the "ghettos" of Toronto and african americans comment in surprise on how well they can talk and sound intelligent compared to your ghetto African americans

>>275857200There’s shit going on there too. Canadians are pussies and have fewer niggers. I’d imagine the only considerable racial issues they have are between hooyah hooyah niggers and the Anglo/French Canadians. Anglos and French don’t like each other either, so there’s that as well. Give it time.

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>>275869370It's just a pain to know that they're undoubtedly going to be humiliated in their own country after seeing the state of the west.

"Canadian" doesn't exist. The word was stolen by anglos from the Quebecois in order to forge a common national identity. the anglos used to use it as a derogatory term for the french.Canada can be broken down into various ethnicities1. French2. United Empire Loyalists>fled the USA post revolution (This is why Canada defines itself as by being anti USA)Most 3. Pioneers - those who did not come from UEL but nevertheless cleared the forests, built homesteads, settled the landThese were mostly English, Scotts, Irish, German, and to a lesser degree Ukrainian, Polish, Russian (especially in sak/manitoba), also finns and othersThe above are not mostly mixed and de-racinated. If they are of pure stock they sometimes still identify as german/polish/scott/irish. French always say they're french/quebecious but usually they will say they are canadian. The above counts people who came to canada up until around 1914There wasn't a whole lot of immigration between the wars.Post ww2 you have a masive uptick in immigration from europe. This included germans, dutch, poles, ukrainians, italian, spanish, portugese. This funnel pretty much stopped around 2000 and their kids/grandkids tend to identify themselves per their blood not as 'canadians'.from around 1980 on you have a ton of indians, chinese, and carribeans coming here as well. They mostly stay in a few big cities but as of the last decade they are definitely spreading out to the surrounding cities. Canada is fake. I wonder how this will end.

>>275857200Imagine the titjob with lube on those babies

>>275869925I ment

>>275860704>even most white people I know are first generation Slavs where I'm in.Are you in south etobicoke?

>>275862043They need to cope constantly while on welfare

>>275857671Also lets not forget that Canada is more or less paying a war contribution the Q-boys, so they don't start blowing stuff up and attacking everything that is speaking or using english on sight.

>>275869276We are different in that aspect by a lot. While back I seen some drunk ass white guys in a car yelling nigger at a nigger and they were parked kinda lookin for a fight it seemed and the cop just walked up and calmly made both parties fuck off. In America there would have been guns pulled by the cop and news covering the "racist incident".