Get in here and smash the downvote button, Steve is freaking out because people are mentioning 6% while they downvote his video about COVID! HAHAHHAHAHA

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>>275856973>downvote buttonkys

>>275857044just do it faggot.

>>275856973link faggot

Is he ejecting foam out his mouth yet?

>>275856973how is this night different any other night?

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Doesn't this guy realize he's using his hands/arms way too much to appear like a legit newscaster? Also those glasses aren't very masculine.

>>275856973Here we go again.

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>>275856973he keeps skipping the quedtion. What are his opinions of all the people huddled up in times square When newyork was hard hit why are they allowing people to group

fuck the mods

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>>275857560so good

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>>275856973>>275857650He used to not be a fag when he worked on right side broadcasting

>>275857497based cotton mouth Steve

Is he aware he's hit lolcow status?

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Thumb down raid!but subscribe while you're at it, makes it funny.

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Beaknose kikes should be made fun of.

He's fact checking the shit out of us.

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>>275856973this guy really lost when this covid shit happened.

>>275857254LOL this guy is so fucking dumb - thanks OP.

does anyone project as well as he does?

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>you have not done the research!He's literally resding an ABC news article as his evidence, fucking kek

>>275858598anon, he did quote Fauchi

>>275856973Explain why the Jew is upset again, in English, please.

mods can't keep up with the mutiny kek

>>275856973>Jew telling me to be scared of corona-chanwhats new fag

>citizen of the worldyou mean, like a... rootless cosmopolitan?

muh gender free tv

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>>275858882He's been fear mongering since day 1, some good info but obviously politically bias, it's hilarious because his channel is called "MUH AGEND FREE" he get's triggered easily by the truth

he hid me when I said how he is a hypocrite

>>275857230Ejaculating foam

I liked this guy for the 1 night he reported on the rioting then he realized it was bad for his and became a delusional idiot


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>>275856973this guy is a absolute faggot

now we're putin bots

We're getting him worked up. Keep the pressure on boys.

>>275859364>it's hilarious because his channel is called "MUH AGEND FREE">he get's triggered easily by the truthOh I got that. He's such a mainstream media kike.>>275859344And apparently a faggot too.

They blocked me pretty fast. Not before I gave em the ol thumbs down and a few jabs. "Big Nose" "Is this your MSNBC interview tape?" and finally "Trump 2020" which got me banned. Job done.

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FYI downvotes boost a youtube's page's popularity as much as upvotes. He's shilling here and getting you to support his page

Keep slamming this chat and ratio, dude is losing it

This jew gets angry for the tinyiest things ever

you tube just put me in time out for mentioning 6 percent

>>275859757No Steve that's not how that works

GET IN HERE!thumbs down but subscribe to the fucker. He's getting his panties in a knot.He really does try, and has been a useful source of info at times.

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>>275856973That didnt take long

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>>275859757False flag him then. yt takes people's pages down without a second thought usually.It's not even really false flagging since all he does is lie.

>>275859733He spent hours reviewing scented candles unironically.


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c'mon boys, log into your other accounts for an extra thumbs down. i've contributed 8.

kek he banned me for saying DESPITEone word kek

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>>275860353Same, alt is is

>>275856973Daddy janny gave me time out for saying 6%


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Someone post: >13/90

>>275859831It is, actually. Down votes are a stronger signal of user engagement with the content. More ad clicks will be done.

>>275860836thumbs down cause him to sperg harder, so it's win-win.

>94% kek

Timeout again? this mods are clowns who really must want to be fucked with


Almost had him.

>>275856973Got banned.

Fuck Mark Helton.

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Give me a rundown on this kike

>asymptomatic super-spreaderHoly shit Batman, the fear is spread thick on that one.

The comments make me want to die.


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>>275856973holy crap hes seething ahhahahaha.

unironically "putin bots" holy shit

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Putin bots I'm dead guys

>>275857254where's the mouth foam?

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>>275856973Who the hell is this kike faggot?

Tre only people who watch him are those unfunny fat house wives who love cats and want to say nice things about horrible things.I do watch the storm coverages or something crazy. He does whole shows on internet celebrities and has a second channel like he's a real human.


now he's talking about mail ballots , OY FUCK VEY

I shut it off at mail in ballots, he's the moron if he can't see how that could easily be screwed up.

>watching Agenda Free TV when there’s no breaking news

"experts" also think this is "hygienic" lmaocan't wait until the suing startswe're gonna put you pedophile kike faggots in jail hahahaha

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>>275863488he is literally a moron. >trust the experts>the experts that have failed every single p3 they've attempted>trust the experts>exist for 25 years>0 NDA granted>the experts


does he do the movement of mackrell, sorry just askingit is too little mackrell this year before this it was too much

>>275856973why won't you be a citizen of the world? you beed to be shamed and ridiculed for

Lmfao he really did end that shit because the dislikes got too close

>>275856973If only you had remembered to THANK THE MODERATORS!!! ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS THANK THEM!!! FOR FUCKS SAKE, Holla Forums!!!!

>>275863775look helluland ask him the mackrell question, and NO your quotas must stay down, however seems like most greenlandic politicians are in the fishing industry and... sigh... the corruption there is so extreme I have no words, but greenland though we always had saysings about this, is in the law in norway iceland the faroes, but they skip the last part it just goes>whit laws we shall build our landsthey skipped the next part all of them>and not with injustice lay it barren

Smash this retard again when he goes live again in a few

>>275857122voting makes the video or stream more viral you retarded niggerup or down, it makes no difference.

>>275864920look kim just happen to be a politicians and regulate the fishing industry, it's not werid that he gave his quota to his own company, after all it is a fishing companyI guss only americans will understand

or really not... russia pls come help us there are homosexuals everywhere, pls come and help us

classic slobberin steve, almost forgot he existed since i've been watching riots

nononono I am not going to admit shit,y ou go america you go and burnI am not going to even touch it man... btw too is russians wet dream but with all this homo crap you are driving us away man, be not surprised if in our lifetime norway is a russian puppet and not american like today

look if we all are grown ups here is murmansk okay it inself is a derivation of normansk, llok you understandbut all of you all you do is to shit on russia, instead I do like so many other kings in the past history, I go to russiaHåkon earl and the rest of the heathens will not be pleased and I am sure of it they will attack russia and burn down the most important city to the grown, aldlejuborg, on lake lagoda

hehe yes I might have snorted too much of this or that, not important I do read meval documents that is mything. your propaganda is same as under the germans man you are stepping in a cow pie, what do you wish to to accomplish with thisyeah we all have stepped in cow pies at some point user- but my question is, vidkun fiskling the actal mathematican, what do you want from us? I am not comfy with you around, I just want you to fuck off. fuck vikun..and fuck his mathe..dude wtf this is what neural networks possible? no I am just trolling you big time nn was however made here in norway in the 80ies