A friendly message to Holla Forums from a leftist

Your politics are not popular with normal American people. That is a fact, and it is easily proven - if a leftist had been murdered in the street, and the right-wing gunman who did it was not arrested after a week, there would be nationwide protests/riots until the shooter was either imprisoned or eliminated.When that happens to a right-winger, nobody actually cares. Nobody riots. Nobody protests. That's because normal Americans find reich-wingers and their views repulsive. You do not have a 'silent majority.' Nobody is willing to go out and force the government to take action when your people get killed. It is important that you understand this, because a lot of you seem deluded. It's time for you to stop LARPing as 'le edgy teen Nazi,' because nobody will care if something bad happens to you as a result of your political views. I'm not saying that this is legally justified, either - I'm making a factual observation that law enforcement doesn't even care. That's how unpopular your views actually are. Just be realistic about these facts. Stop living in a world of delusion. Normal Americans support leftists A LOT more than right-wingers. A whole lot.

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Nah I'm pretty sure they were just in work on account of being employed and not a worthless waste of space

Idk man. The left are probably more popular but Trump still got 60 million votes. Thats still a lot of people

>>275856945If he isn't charged I predict some crazy modder is gonna break the mc server rules.

>>275856945low effort bait post. SAGE

>>275856945>That's because normal Americans find reich-wingers and their views repulsive.No, it's because MSM sources refuse to report on it bar the minimum. You're the ones pillaging and burning across the country.

>>275856945Right but somehow Nazi videos get the most views in YT then removed. Keep dreaming faggot. Kill yourself. SAGE

>>275856945Yah well at least I not gay lol

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>>275856945It's the opposite and you know it.

>>275856945>you don't behave like a child when you're wronged therefore you don't existlol

>>275856945They did, till yall started shitting where you sleep lol. Good luck turning that around faggot!

Go make yourself a good commie.

>>275856945Most people I know who used to be silent about politics now openly joke about murdering communists because of how ridiculous the left has gotten. Multiple people have remarked on how happy they will be to shoot Kamala Harris in the face if she tries to take peoples guns.

>>275856945>it is easily provenProve it.

>>275856945>Just be realistic about these facts. Stop living in a world of delusion.Genetic IQ

>>275856945no ones rioting for those two shot a couple months earlier, nor are they rioting for those three leftists shot a week ago.

I’ve been starting to think that the reason we see less right-wingers our in the street protesting for “justice” whenever a white person is killed is because they actually have a (real) job and a family to tend to. They just can’t spend time on shit like that

>>275856945I don't identify as right-wing. I identify as an anti-semite.

>>275856945that's only because Antifa claim to be right wing when they are arrested, Americans need to unite in the middle and push out the extremists on both sides.

What a duck.Does this sage poster seriously rate public support by how many 'Marchers for Justice there are in the streets.Most normal people know that justice is not instant and does not come from chanting and abusing the precise people you seek justice from.The shooter will get his comeuppance. I don't need to demand it, his reckoning is an inevitable part of a civilised society

>>275856945>Normal Americans support leftists A LOT more than right-wingersonly those under 30 and gay wine aunts.

Right wing people are employed ... when you try to fuck around in our neighborhoods you’ll find out ..

>>275856945Found a selfie of OP

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>>275856945>normal AmericansNever met one mateBunch of fruitcakes you lot.

the truth doesn't have to be popular

>>275858475t. white cracker thinks he will fight back lolwe know your chalky white racist cracker ass will sit inside and peek out through the blinds

>>275856945>leftist>normal american peopleput down that nitro cold brew ipa you’re drinking at your brass and nails barber/brewery and leave your gentrified urban shithole. You’ll see that not everyone agrees with you.

>>275856945>When that happens to a right-winger, nobody actually cares. Nobody riots. Nobody protests. That's because normal Americans find reich-wingers and their views repulsive. You do not have a 'silent majority.' Nobody is willing to go out and force the government to take action when your people get killed.fucking BASED

>>275856945>Siding with niggers.You're not the smartest peanut in the turd.

>>275858844Kyle Rittenhouse didn't nigger

>>275856945"normal" people are buying firearms and ammo to deal with you, boy.they're waiting for to leave your comfort zones and actually make a move.But you won't. Every time you try you get shut down and fall into the fetal position and cry.

>>275856945You're the one who's delusional. The reason "right wingers" don't go out in mass numbers and do stupid shit like you faggots is because they care about being decent members of society and keeping their jobs. As long as there's food in their bellies and they can go home to watch their TVs at the end of a long shift, they don't give a shit if you burn down your cities and cause mayhem they'll just quietly vote and go back to the sofa. We're going to reach a point where that isn't the case though so fair warning we're not going to show you any mercy for the shit you've stirred.

>>275857584about to break it any moment here

>>275856945You will die.

Jews control the media. Jews control Antifa and the Democratic party and most of the country. Jews control who hates who.

>>275856945I only read the first sentence because most walls of text aren't worth the time to read on this modern, low-IQ internet.But what politics are you referring to exactly? There is a wide range of opinions here. Most of them don't even involve genocide

>>275856945Hang the media, problem solved.If people knew a quarter of what's going on racially in the USA, there would be mass purges.

>>275856945Right wing doesn't exist. Actual racial communists in the streets of USA does. You are fabricating your own enemy because you are lying scum and idiots. The only ones you are fighting are patriotic nativist americans who don't want to be overrun by foreign people in their own country. Which you then paint as the enemy and paint yourself as a false hero.

>>275859689>Jews control who hates who.I'm quite capable of hating whomever I wish, without the help of any inbred desert cultists, thank you very much

>>275856945Now that you found this place, you should start by understanding what it is and isn’t. You only do that by lurking here for a long time. After that timeframe you will have learned enough to actually post on this board, at which time, it will probably be a thread about your new views and ptsd from Holla ForumsYou’re here forever now newfag, and if you haven’t learned the way out yet.... well, I’ll leave that for another user

>>275856945Relax simp leftie. Nazi were and are sooo much cooler than better looking than you. ...And. We. Will. Win. 2020... :)

>>275856945Eat a bag of dicks, commie

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>>275856945Thanks Jew, very cool!

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>>275856945>Your politics are not popular with normal American peopleyes they are, you stupid fucking faggot. hang yourself in an oven, where you belong

>>275859929Sure, you are. They are even more capable of bombarding your perspective with nonsense to sway you which ever way they choose.

>>275856945okay but explain the differences in races and IQ

>>275856945>Your politics are not popular with [b]normal[/b] American people.>gay>lesbian>transsomething>blacksomething)))

>>275856945Now a message from pol/ to a leftist. Kyle capped 2 and "disarmed" another.

then I guess we have nothing to lose

>>275856945you sure about that faggot?

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>>275856945If normal Americans support leftists more, then how come Trump won the 2016 election?The only reason you perceive right wing views as being uncommon is because the media have made it borderline impossible to actually see any of them. Combine that with the fact that all of the social media giants are left wing biased, and you aren't going to see right wing views going mainstream. If you weren't such a spastic then you'd realise that those who spend their lives on twitter tend to be the vocal minority.

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The left is trying to bargain as they are rounded up.Lefties are going to jail if they broke the law. Lefties will be remembered as the idiots who tried to take of the country for communism.Its still not too late to go away from satan and repent.This is real life , not a game.

>>275860703>then how come Trump won the 2016 election?He didnt. Republicans have been cheating for the last 20 years. Now you are seeing them do it openly and blatantly with the destruction of the USPS

>>275861032lmfao. leftists actually believe this. kek

>>275856945Support for BLM has been going down since the riots began. Along with Antifa too.Trumps popularity has been going up at the same time. You guys and your antics are the cause of that.

>>275856945you dont know any normal american people faggot, they all hate every single one of you cry baby bitches. but you wouldnt know because your facefag or twatter wont let anything but fake consensus reach your faggot ears.

>>275856945You're a retard. The reason is right-wingers are smart and biding their time in a socialy and culturaly basised time. We do have support, just no one has the time to lose their job/leave their family to go act like children in the streets like incels and nigcels. Crying about white men who pickeds on dem boohoo. You will die alone. I am on my 3rd kid now. Love my family dearly I will make sure they don't end up like you.

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>>275856945>Popularity is more important to me than moral standardsYou are everything that is wrong with this world. You are the reason society is in tatters. You are the reason there is no equality. No justice. And you're just happy to be one of the cool kids. And the worst part is, you probably don't even feel bad about it.

>>275857862Dude, the fuck are you doing over in the UK? Come back home ASAP so you can vote in person in November.

>>275861297Its a fact that you have to suppress votes to win.

>>275856945>deploy the golem

>>275856945That must be why Trump won the 2016 election and will win in 2020.Independents and conservatives work sweetie. They can't just go protest like far-left losers.

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>>275861650I find myself where I am. I assure you that were I there I would own several ghillie suits.

>>275856945your a leftie faggot, nobody cares about your opinion pussy

People on the right tend to be more rational and not let their emotions dictate their actions like left wing people generally do.

You think Holla Forums is 1 politic.You think Holla Forums is one person?We arent a hive borg like you lot.

>>275858690your prime minster is a Trump stan, foh redcoat

>>275856945Your murderer just got popped by the Feds. LOL

>>275862013Wait, why'd you emigrate to the UK?

>>275860194Well, considering I only really hate twenty or so people, the Jews would have to be involved in some extreme micro-managing of hate to be the cause. I doubt they have to time, what with ruling the world and all.

>>275856945your boy is dead

>>275862709Had I been born in the US I would be in one of Hillary's torture dungeons today.



>>275856945>when weak, appear strongYeah ok faggot, we read your playbooks

>>275856945That's a lot of text. I didn't bother to read any, but I support your decision to come out of the closet.

>>275856945You're next

>>275856945be serious

>>275862636>your prime minster is a Trump stan, foh redcoatDo what mate?

>>275862880Wait, you can't be a Bong. You're too intelligent.

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>>275861032>Republicans have been cheating for the last 20 years.How? Didn't Obama win in 2008 and 12? At the end of the day you are just another retarded leftist who is incapable of using his brain. Have fun with your failed revolution, it'll eventually be crushed.

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>>275856945In gammer speak. The left own the server and have janny power. The right are just better players and when ever the left gets upset they just use their janny power to ban. Never a fair fight. Once the left leaves their local 4ping server and come to a 50ping server they will get destroyed and will be left scratching their head.

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Another progressive checking in.Hope your assholes are clenched for after November, guys. Remember how swiftly the feds swooped up Anonymous? The only reason why they got off easy is because they had skills to offer by flipping and helping the feds.You all don't have shit.

>>275863650I'm just a guy who got lost on the way to the kitchen.

Jannies keep ip logs of EVERYTHING.Hiroshimoot's not Jim. He'll fold like a card table when Japan's own feds come knocking.Enjoy it while you can.

>>275856945Another of your faggot friends died tonight :DDDDDDD

Apparently the 100 percent antifa shooter is dead by cop

>>275856945Get vanned faggot!

>>275856945>there would be nationwide protests/riots until the shooter was either imprisoned or eliminated.>Killed by US MarshalsIt’s the simple things in life...Your post didn’t age well at all

>>275856945>>275856945Leftists don't know normal people. You have zero clue about what the average pleb is thinking.

>>275859367>Kyle Rittenhouse didn't niggerYes. He actually deserves a 5 meter tall statue pic related got exterminated by St. Kyle

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>>275856945Since when has something being popular been a measure of truth? Oh wait, your a typical nihilistic liberal, you don't believe in anything except power.

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>>275863650Good to see you Bill. Glad you and Opus beat Danny.

>>275856945If you seriously believe that "your ideology is unpopular" is going to change anybody's mind then you have failed to lurk before posting

>>275856945the pantifa faggot is deadshot by a marshalgood riddance

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>>275859534>we're not going to show you any mercy for the shit you've stirredwell said... in fact, i think i’m gonna stop off at a hipster bar in the city, on my way home from work tomorrow

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>>275856945>Your politics are not popular with normal American peopleBut you don't know any of those lefty

>>275861694Its a fact that the libs have to import for 5 decades, destroy american values, demonize americans, just to even stand a CHANCE at winning an election, and even then, with all that bullshit propaganda behind them, even though they control the narrative, even though they have almost complete control over the growing minority vote, you still gonna have 8 years of trump.

Black King here, left wings whites are subhumans like the rest of your sick kind

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>>275856945The left and right operate in the same arena under different presentations. You assume, very incorrectly, that nationwide protests, even protests in general, are the metric by which one measures popular interest and support. You should fear the protestors you cannot see far more than those who are walking the streets in broad daylight. In a flip of the switch, the maw of the right emerges from within it's historical cycle and consumes all that it opposes in a ravenous feast, and balance is restored again for a short time.Both the left and the right are capable of great destruction, but never underestimate either, because they operate on different sides of the same coin and therefore each side is famously ignorant of what the other side is going to do next, often to the detriment of everyone involved.See the coin and transcend the illusion of division.

>>275857795Well, yeah. Americans are awake to the bullshit. The game is nearing the end.

>>275856945Police just killed the murderer and you are next, scum.

well just fuck you and dementia joe in the ass, you fucking degenerate pedophile.

>>275856945Your boy is a corpse now. You were saying?

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>>275856945nice try basedboy

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Aged well faggot, kys.

This aged well

>>275856945Kill yourself tranny

>>275856945The left never understands the right. They get it wrong every time.


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>>275856945>if a leftist had been murdered in the street, and the right-wing gunman who did it was not arrested after a week, there would be nationwide protests/riots until the shooter was either imprisoned or eliminatedTHIS AGED BEAUTIFULLY

>>275856945Onions Boy

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>>275856945to the bone orchard your dope addict hero went

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>>275856945Oy vey.

Normies think that barely anyone is actually a Nazi anymore. They have noticed the far leftism tho and they fucking hate you. I hope you guys can defund the police so I can fucking execute you fucking faggots. In reality though normies see the far left and the far right as retarded and are probably just gonna vote trump because he's not radical at all and you're delusional if you think he is.


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>>275856945You do realize, that Trump is your president right now right? We aren't a silent majority at all. You are actually retarded.

>>275856945hey your "hero" of the killer of the trump supporter in not going to prison.but to his grave.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/sep/3/michael-reinoehl-portland-antifa-shooter-killed-po/

>>275865401>Wildmon’s charges annoyed Breathed, who says he heard the word growing up in Encino in a Jewish neighborhood, but didn’t know its Yiddish meaning: “I couldn’t convince them I wasn’t playing the adolescent and trying to sneak something by.”

>>275856945You really don't understand, do you?Values are not about popularity.


>>275866709I would like to add, if it is not immediately obvious, that I use the comparison to a coin very specifically. You may be posting from your living room couch, but you, like virtually all of us, are living your life within the cold, vaulted walls of the Banks, often without even realizing it. The dualisitic division of the coin is of great importance to the economic controllers."All eyes on the other side and never our palm that grasps it."

>>275856945>That is a fact, and it is easily proven No sauce whatsoever. Get fucked user.

>>275856945Imagine thinking these protests evoked the spirit of the American people. Normies think you're all savages and in truth, you are savages, since all of you are nothing more than criminals, mourning nigger criminals, and supported by BigTech, Globohomo criminals and Democratic criminals.

>>275862545HACKER 4 CHAN IS ONE PERSON!1!!1!111

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>>275856945You’re so fucking delusional and out of touch it’s not even funny. This level of cope, coming here to Holla Forums and actually posting this, is fucking pathetic.Enjoy your loss in November. It would be a god damn shame if you killed your self upon the news of losing AGAIN. You subhuman piece of shit.

Fuck you nigger I can’t wait to fuck your nigger world up

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>>275856945I got a bullet with your name on it and it says nigger

>>275856945> 1 post by this I'dfigures.

>>275868917This. Well said user. Based leaf breaking it down.

>>275856945>popularity determines what is good this is your brain on leftism

>>275856945>lost the hearts and minds of normies by burning down all of their shit>murder Trump supporter in cold blood>get what you fucking deserveWhy would you ever think even a single person outside of commies is upset over this?

>>275856945You type like someone who is less than 22 years old. You're also a nigger

>>275860653>le 56% meme is real>it shows up in random polling databurgers eternally and forever BTFO.

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>>275856945Isn't the lefty shooter killed by feds, where as the rightwing shooter is merely charged?

>>275856945No riots =\= no feelsThe fact that you even equate violence to mourning tells me everything I need to know about you. Sage.

>>275856945>fuck around and found out part deuxthe real isn't twatter

>>275863224basically your country sucks, America is better and go fuck yourself mate

>>275856945>When that happens to a right-winger, nobody actually cares. Nobody riots. Nobody protests.need i remind you we are not niggers?