Why do white southerners drive pickup trucks?

why do white southerners drive pickup trucks?

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>>275856584Because they are more likely to be into industrial work

>>275856584Because they work jobs that require them.

>>275856584Because they actually do things with their car, next slide please.

>>275856584You've never gone muddin?

>>275856584cultural thing of men doing outdoor work

>>275856584To drive down to the lake with a bunch of qts in the back.

>>275856584They're more useful than a sedan for hauling shit, and cooler than a van.

>>275856935also this, also the river

>>275856584everyone with a tiny dick drives a truck

>>275856584Because they are comfy.

>>275856584Bc fuck niggers delivering shit and I dont have to step up to exit.

>>275856584We have work to do.

work and southern bitches' chance to fuck go up like 1,000% if you drive a truck

Why do skinny Somalians drive outboards?

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>>275856584Try hauling shit in a sedan.

>>275856584>southernersMen, user. Men drive trucks

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>>275857435I should add: or work vans (especially where it rains)

>>275857435>those fucking retards trying to out muscle a truckDo they really think they stop like 3 tons of powered vehicle?

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>>275856584>You know a guy with a truck?>Yeah I know a guy with a truck>fuck yeah, let buy him some beer so he'll help me with his truckBeing that guy with a truck was peak masulinity. If everyone had a truck in a group, it was all about who had the biggest truck that could haul shit. It's a dick measuring contest between rednecks.


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>>275857582Just buy a topper retard

Why do white men in cities drive trucks? They're required for day to day life. Thank God I still have a truck with a manual because I get asked every other week "can I use your truck to help me move?".

>>275857798Fuck that. I can fit way more in a van and it has side doors.

>>275856584There are pickup trucks in every state of the US.They are just body on frame vehicles that are capable of towing 10k+ lbs. They usually come with decently powerful engines, Ford, Dodge and GM usually spend the most R&D on them because they generate the most revenue. If you want one quit being a jealous cunt and go buy one yourself.

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>>275857798Ford Transits are a rip off. They are ridiculously overpriced for something that you're just going to beat up on. Buy a used truck and put a topper on

>>275856584>why do white southerners drive pickup trucksMeme truckMicro penis compensator

The southernmost state is leftist liberal shithole Hawaii. Pic up a globe once in a while reddit

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>>275856584getting work done

>>275857817For big construction companies, they will pay a portion of your truck loan. I know someone who has to get a new truck every 5 years and every time he picks out like a $45,000 truck that has every luxury feature under the sun. It's a company car and they don't have to pay for gas either.

>>275857902it's not about the size, it's how you use it

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so can for heavy thing carry

>>275856584If that's a truck what does the American call this?

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>>275856584To haul things

>>275856584small dicks

>>275858201A ute, obviously.

>>275858201Box truck vs pickup truck

>>275856584at least they'll be prepared when the civil war breaks out. Technicals are the most highly valued vehicles in war torn countries.

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>>275856584Utility. Most people who drive lifted trucks are just retarded though. If your truck is 8ft off the ground then you voided the utility of having a bed on your truck anyway and are probably a white nigger.

>>275857902fuck truck faggotsas cliched as it is, this is the answer>>275857895>implying sour grapesone could just as easily ridicule truck drivers for not being able to afford a Porsche or Alpha Romeo or whatever

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>>275856584workit's a white thing

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>>275856584Gravel Driveways, need to go to; dump, Lowes, feed and grain, tow trailer w farm vehicle or mower, etc.

>>275858392why not just build a 20 car garage and have both?

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>>275856584because I need a nice big truck bed to lay down a blanket and fuck your girlfriend in. dont worry we'll cuddle and look at the stars afterwards ill treat her nice

>>275856584So we can tow our boats, campers and trailers. Try doing that with a Honda Civic. Also it rains a lot down here and we have a lot of dirt roads in rural areas. The aforementioned Civic gets bogged down. The big ass truck does not.

>>275858574why not put the 20 car garage on wheels and drive that around?

>>275856584Because it triggers faggots like you.

>>275858349Toyota Tundras have the ISIS stamp of approval.

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Because they're convenient and useful.

>>275858682because that would be silly

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>>275858126Based courier

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>>275856811Fact checked this, that's FALSE. Vast majority of southerners work in retail or are unemployed.

Don't worry about it, nigger.

>>275856584hard to drag niggers from a Sentra

>>275858201uhaul truck

>>275856584If I have to explain it to you, you won't be able to understand it anyway.

>>275856584Because a decent chunk of roads look like this.

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>>275857435>>275857582Should also add "with small dicks".

>>275858767so gay>>275858900thread

>>275857895>jealous cuntI’ve owned a bunch over the years and still have one but rarely drive it. Why? About 10 years ago I went through an alternative energy/green building program & learned a lot. One thing I learned was that 99% of the time when you see a great big pick em up truck, there’s one person in it and they’re hauling nothing. I was shocked when the instructor said this and accepted his challenge to observe and see for myself. It’s true of trucks & SUVs. Try it yourself. Look at ever truck/SUV you see for about a week & you’ll see that most all of them are pulling nothing & have nothing in the bed. They’re gas pigs with a purpose & that purpose is hauling stuff and going to the lumber yard etc., a niche vehicle. I drive my EV 99% of the time and love it. I drive my big black 4x4 when I’m pulling my boat to the lake or hauling something. I understand that not everyone can afford multiple vehicles but EV is the future...even in trucks. I suggest you get rid of yours while they’re still worth something because every company is moving into EVs...all of them. My next truck will be a Tesla. Pic rel is my EV sedan...full sized and very comfy.

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>>275856584Pickup Trucks are extremely utilitarian and convenient. Drive one for a few years, gurantee you’ll never go back.

>>275858796Sauce? Or did you just make up another fact and say it's a fact because you said it it's a fact?

>>275857018This is the truth I think

>>275857018That's why niggers driven stolen vehicles? To tell the world how big their dick is? Stfu you poor faggot. Can't afford a truck little ass bitch

to catch messkins

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>>275859131The source is my fist in your face, faggot.

>>275858201TruckDo aussies have different terms for these vehicles?

>>275859027I am sure a chickenshit like you would not need to own a truck. Thank you for confirming. But please, some of us actually do work for a living and literally wear these things out and drive them into the fucking ground, it would be great if you took your 'chip on the shoulder' attitude and shove it up your ass.

>>275856584A truck is the single best investment a working man can make; it is a toolYeah, there are a lot of douchie guys that drive lifted trucks that obviously aren't work trucks but so fucking what; having an expensive show truck is no different than some flashy car. The majority of the folks driving trucks need themEven a small 4 banger pick up is more useful than some shitty car

>>275858796I live in the south, there are trucks everywhere that are used for work. I see them in driveways in housing developments, they have the business and phone number on the door, some have tool boxes, others have trailer hitches.The only parasites in the south are the nigs and spics but at least some of the spics mow lawns.

>>275856584to haul shit

>>275857435What gets in the leftists mind theyre gonna stop a diesel powered truck

>>275858392Thing is, they can. Pickup trucks are quite expensive

>>275859131We do have a lot of niggers down here.

>>275859406Nah, a van is. Can store actual tools in it safely, can haul shit without it flying all over the highway, can sleep in it when the wife kicks you out or you get too drunk at the bar, and best of all you don't look like a micro-dicked faggot like you do in a truck.

>>275859292Exactly. Pathetic faggot

>>275859665And? You saying more niggers work than the whites?

>>275859295Ute or your mum

>>275856584go to 20:00youtube.com/watch?v=0Fs180MPBaA

>>275859774My guess is your gf left you for a chad with a truck. Cope

>>275859386>you would not need to own a truck. Thank you for confirming.Apparently you can’t read. I do own a 2019 Chevy 4X4 Z71 Silverado, just drive it a couple of times a month though. Instead of being a dick, do as I suggest and look around you as you’re driving around. Look at trucks of all sizes and see if they’re pulling a trailer, boat or have the bed full of shit. Count the people inside. Same with big 7 person SUVs...you’ll see that the vast majority have one person in them and are hauling nothing and this is how they’re typically rolling down the road. Fact. Check me and quit being an asshole. I don’t care where you live you will see it’s true.

>>275856584Haul tools, items. Many white Southerners are working men and trucks are good for all types of work. Also, Southerners own boats, ATVs, dirtbikes, motorcycles, and stuff that needs to often be towed. It has now gone from utility to also a cultural status symbol as well.

>>275858950That's not what your mom said

>>275859295your pickup is a ute and the truck is a truckute = utility vehicle.

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>>275859610Leftist koolaid is strong shit. They actually think they can use their self righteous power to stop an 8000 pound machine with 500+ ft/lb of torque.

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>>275859989What does them being empty have to do with anything? One person isn't allowed to drive down the road in a truck? Does the truck have to have maximum occupancy in order for it to be useful to you? Always be towing shit around no matter where it's going? Never be empty? Such a fucking retard honestly

>>275858950Because we women like to fuck dudes with trucks not Toyota Camrys.

>>275859838I mean, niggers tend to work in retail disproportionately more than whites, if at all. Spend a day in any city with over 200k people south of Tennessee and you will see this shit first hand.

>>275859938Nah, just noticed a trend of angry small-dicked white boys getting trucks to compensate.

>>275856584Baby dick, I know my dick is 8 inches.

>>275860234So you know first hand that every truck owner has a small dick? Faggot confirmed

>>275860083Anything you say Tiny

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>>275859989No I'm suggesting a faggot who hauls a 3000lb boat doesn't need a truck. Your initial criticism is on point. People like you should sell your lightly used trucks to people like me for cheap. I will tow 15,000lbs with your gay little 1/2 ton and drive it into the dirt.You should go buy a 4runner or something, it's more than capable of what you are pulling with it.


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>>275860226That's my point. Niggers take the easy jobs if any job at all. White people have the trucks and do actual work. Look at any construction site and it's 90% whites

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>>275860234lots of spics drive trucks toosome people actually work for a living, isn't the just insane?

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>>275860207>What does them being empty have to do with anything?lol...well it’s sort of stupid really if you’re just going from point A to point B, to the grocery store or McD’s but if you wanna waste your money on feeding that pig to do so then go for it. I won’t dare go into global climate change and that sort of thing. I save thousands of dollars every year because I don’t by gas or need oil changes but hey, rock on brah. It’s only money anyway, amirite? I’ll spend those savings on kewl stuff and kewl vacations with the wife...you keep supporting the fossil fuel companies.

>>275858491Holy shit how stiff are those shocks?

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>>275860118I always thought ute just meant cars with pickup truck beds attached to them

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>>275860907Okay faggot. Still voting trump btw

because fuck you

>>275859774I love vans but the new style of van is ass. Bring back the old school shaggin wagon types.

>>275856584We work the crap out of them.

>>275860501>You should go buy a 4runner or something, it's more than capable of what you are pulling with it.Like I said, my next truck will be the Tesla truck, there are zillions of trucks like mine on lots all over the country. You shouldn’t have a problem finding one. I haven’t bought a used vehicle in decades but that’s another discussion. Just try the challenge...start observing what I’m talking about. Think about what they’re paying in gas as opposed to what they could be saving.

>>275856584To pretend like they're men even though they live in the suburbs and have an office job.Others actually use them for work.Rich kids get lifts.Mad lads have truck nuts.Same like every other state.

>>275856584it's easier to move shit with a truck love my 05 Sierra

>>275861013>Okay faggot. Still voting trump btwDoubt that Mr Leaf

>>275856584Work and hauling shit, mostly.

>>275859774>when the wife kicks you outAnd you go around calling people micro dicks

THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED>A recent study conducted in the Central Plains Region indicates a direct connection between male organ size and the type of vehicle they drive.cipptvportagelaprairie.com/2017/09/20/study-finds-men-with-large-trucks-have-smaller-penises-are-less-desirable/

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>>275856584I have a Prius that can haul more lumber than the average pickup (without a trailer obviously).Hatchbacks are one of the best do it all family cars.Still want a truck for towing shit though. Most people in rural areas have shit to tow like boats/trailers so trucks make sense.

>>275861424>it's easier to move shitHow often do you move shit? Be honest.

>>275856584Daily reminder that southern hicks require fake engine noise in order to believe that their trucks are "powerful".autospies.com/news/America-s-best-selling-cars-and-trucks-are-built-on-lies-The-rise-of-fake-engine-noise-84174

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>>275856584because my uncle was selling his car and it was cheap.

>>275857018>>275857902>>275858950>dicksImagine seeing a car and the first thing that comes to mind is the cock of the person driving it

>>275861608>I have a Prius that can haul more lumber than the average pickup (without a trailer obviously).Have you been drinking, user?

>>275856584I live in Colorado and drive a pickup truck. It's quite comfy in the winter.

Why do people care so much about pick up owners? It has to be jealousy or something no other type of vehicle owner has to deal with these retarded shit talkers obsessed with how big your cock is.

>>275861401Go back to /r/cuckold

>>275858950How does that even make sense? Are you a woman or something? So the gayer the vehicle the bigger the cock a person has or what? Inb4 cope or some retarded 4chan lingo that only your autistic ass understands.

>>275859774what type of van should I get?and what should I store in it?

>>275861312I own five vehicles including a Subaru which is currently sagging in the rear because I have it loaded up with heavy tools, honestly for what I do I should be driving my truck more if anything.

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Pick up truck. huh

>>275856584I live miles away from anything. I have to haul my own garbage off along with haul my own work equipment around.

>>275856584Because trucks are awesome! What are you? Queer?!

>>275859131He's a dumbass nigger, ignore him. Trucks are an extremely common sight in the South. Companies use them as work horses. Boomers buy 80k luxury barges when they hit age 55. Spics like to lower them and put huge ass rims on them. But believe it or not, California is the state with the most trucks, and Texas is 2nd.

Ground clearance, 4wd, versatile, looks cool

>>275861657That's basically every car and most appliances. Vacuums could also be completely silent but people think big noise = effective.

>>275858796Hey guys I fact checked this guy and he is wrong.

>>275861492This dudes a certified beta from plebbit

>>275856584IMAGINE not owning a 20 year old Silverado single cab

>>275861899Yo bro, have you taken it up any of these super sweet ramps yet?

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>>275856584Shitty roads.

Because unlike niggers they have something constructive to do.

>>275861608You're fucking retarded lmao

A truck is one of the most useful things you can own. Annoyingly it's also an ego thing with the biggest truck and most annoying lift kits etc. but it's a perfect way to make money with your vehicle unless you're an Uberfag.

>>275858796that doesn't mean they aren't still more likely to work construction than yankees, retard nigger. plus you're probably wrong.

To get a christmas tree

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Compensate for their tiny dicks

>>275861611Surprisingly, there's people in the world that work almost everyday. Unlike you working 2 shifts a week and bitching about other people working more often than you and that need something practical for their work.

>>275857426This. I don’t know how any man can do stuff hat men do without a truck.

>>275862219Fuck literally me driving a 2000 Silverado still running strong

>>275857018I drive a f150 for work, ride a R1 and I have a nice thick 7 incher.

>>275862044You’re in the 1% user

>>275861902It's jealously and nothing else. People associate pick up trucks with Chad's. So the common incel had to try to make pick up trucks and Chad's look bad so they made up the lie about big truck = small dick

>>275862673I guess. How do you know it's 1%?

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>>275862220lmao no. If that's the one I think it is, you're absolutely flying downhill at that point. Also, you're definitely getting towed out of there.

>>275858201That's a lorry, mate.

>>275856584They're useful, and people in the more rural regions have to do more of their own work. The micropenis shit ironically comes from insecure fags.

>>275859027>>275859027holy shit what a cuck. is your trunk filled with stuff at all times in your little cuck mobile? if not you should not be driving it. if you aren't HAULING you should be roller blading, gas hog.

>>275856584Because running over commies is so much fun.

>>275862132Trucks are common in the city in Canada as well. They're practical. You get a lot more use out of them than a car. All the people that bitch and moan about them work at McDonald's or star bucks

>>275856584RWD vehicles with a separate frame/body are far more rugged than an AWD or FWD. Plus, you can use a truck like a car, but you can't use car like a truck. Owning one can be something of a negative if no one else in your friend group happens to have one, because you'll always be the first one they call if they are moving out of a residence.

>>275862469>Surprisingly, there's people in the world that work almost everyday.I work every day and drive a lot but use no gas :)Think about all of those boogers and snot smeared on gas pump handles...COVID too...I blow past gas stations and watch ICE propelled vehicles peel off constantly to feed the pig...luv it.

>>275862432Says the fag flag

>>275862786>How do you know it's 1%?Look around you while you’re driving and see how many trucks and big SUVs are hauling nothing but one person. Do it.

>>275856584Because they are utilitarian and bitch-ass faggots don't ride bikes/trucks/horses and own guns/ammo/rations or live on property/homesteads/ranches and also thrive in faggot cities/co-ops/communities and cant hunt/fish/skin/trap and they survive only because real men farm/practice animal husbandry/run factory farms. They also don't command the respect of their horses/dogs/cats/women/children and therefore are invalids and probably havent read any philosophy/history and instead focus on social science/humanities and other gay/religious/moralistic nigger shit. Build yourself and be a personality like Jung said. Face your demons. Fight and fuck and ignore "truth" and seek instead. Be autonomous, be an individual and embrace the beast within.Fucking faggot children these days with no idea of how nature works.

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What other vehicle can I use to both haul a motorcycle and tow a boat at the same time?

They're cool

>>275857374I love you

>>275863149You talk like electricity comes out of thin air and that there's 0 carbon footprint when driving and buying an electric car. When in reality. You still need to manufacture parts for it, which you know, is the largest production of waste during a cars lifecycle

>>275863381Sorry to samefag but fuck nazis too. Enjoy licking boots. I will live and die a holdout individual and free man. Fuck you and fuck commies. Fuck feds Fuck statists, jews, niggers, faggots and bootlickers. Read a fucking book mongoloids

>>275862890>trunk >gas hogAR-15 & a spare charge cable in the trunk...that’s it. Glock 19 under the seat with an extendo magDon’t use gas user...electrons only. >cuck?Sometimes when me and wifey fly our freak flags...I’ll admit it.

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>>275863386>What other vehicle can I use to both haul a motorcycle and tow a boat at the same time?You do that daily do you? Liar.

>>275863349I live in a yuppie area but commute to a very industrial/farm area, what I see on a daily basis varies quite a bit.

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>>275863941>Don’t use gas user...electrons only.where do you think these electrons come from? from a powerplant.

>>275857881This is the real red pill. Ford Transit high bay 2500 or equivalent is the dream. Get a dump trailer and you’re a one man army

>>275858796Well I do think its more optimal to use an SUV and a trailer and that pickups are overpriced.But southerners are 100% better than the northerners who have pickups just to compensate for tiny dick.


>>275863381>picYou are onto something my friend

>>275864961Its the little things leaf-comrade, that differentiate men of taste and culture

>>275863722>You still need to manufacture parts for it, which you know, is the largest production of waste during a cars lifecycleI charge from two fork truck batteries which are charged from a solar array. The car (check me) is mostly aluminum and the interior from recycled materials too. Yah, the lithium battery might need replaced before 200,000 miles but such is life. I got a $7,500 tax credit (refund) when I bought it that would pay for 2 battery replacements however I never keep a vehicle past 100,000 miles so someone else can worry about that. If I do charge from the grid, and I do on occasion, it costs me less than 1 penny a mile to drive it. Compare that to whatever you’re driving. EVs have far fewer service appointments than ICE vehicles...fact. My breaks are lightly used because I slow the vehicle and charge at the same time with a touch of a paddle. Top end around 120 mph (guess...spedo stops at 100 and it hits that in the blink of an eye) but lotsa room to go.

>>275856584Honestly, there's no reason not to own both a truck with a spacious bed and actual ground clearance and a small and efficient commuter car other than the insurance Jew.>>275861611At least weekly, especially if you have a family and buy in bulk. If you live close to relatives you can help them move things too instead of paying some Uhaul faggot money for a nasty van that probably has roaches, bedbugs, etc.

>>275864450>from a powerplant.From batteries I charge via the sun typically.

them ain't womyn, yall....

>>275856584>why do white southerners drive pickup trucks?Because a MAGA flag on a Honda Civic would look pathetic.

>>275856584Small wieners.

>>275856584It’s kind of split down the middle between “I need this for my occupation/hobbies and I like using my turn signal properly” and “I’m an assfuck that needs to overcompensate for my lack of personality by driving the white equivalent of a negrified vehicle while also driving as obnoxiously as possible”.T. Texan

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>>275857374Cause that's all you need, baby

>>275856584For hauling around bodies

>>275865441I have a 3/4 truck with an ever increasingly rare 8’ bed and a little four door that gets 39 mpg.

>>275864366Chevy sucks

>>275864077Who the fuck said they do it daily? We go to the lake house 2-4 times a month depending on the weather and time of year, bringing the dirt bikes and boat. Otherwise, we can still haul the boat to the launch to go fishing when we want or alternative take the bikes out somewhere to ride. Why the fuck would you need to do it daily? That’s like saying “why do you need a sedan? Do you have 3 passengers daily!?!?” Think before you slap your extra chromosomes against the keyboard next time, mongo.

>>275865786Pretty much this. Nothing gayer than someone driving a pickup who isn't regularly hauling loads in it.

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>>275856584it’s the best family car. Full size crew cab is super comfy. Put a bed cover on it and you’ve got a gigantic trunk. Roll bed cover up to swing by Lowe’s and get some lumber. 4x4 goes anywhere.

>>275866468Your mom is regularly hauling my loads.

>>27585658490% ego, 8% pickups are more luxurious than most luxury imports for less money, 1% towing the boat to the lake, 1% work they could probably do with a van

>>275859027>based and rational pilled>based and right tool for the job pilled>cringe and specific lessons to not be a retard pilled? I hope that you have the service life or retail price of the EV figured out. Fuck the kiked oil industry. Gosh I have have a bad feeling about this new battery industry though. It makes me sad to see all that fuel not pulling anything user My eyes bleed when I see air resistance, My skin crawls when I feel an empty bed,Holy hell fuel is cheap but that doesn’t mean it should be. Its funding arab slavery and the land of the free is complicit. Every time I see an empty box cruising over 30 miles an hour I can smell the carbon monoxide. Please for the love of God fill the box and make God smile. God hates a world of entropy.

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>>275858714It’s the Hilux, not tundra

>>275858201That's a box truck.

>>275861611I don't see how it is possible to own a house and not have some sort of utility vehicle - a truck being the most obvious example.

>>275856584Space for tools/home repairs/gardening needs, room for kayaks/sporting goods/animals, it can haul a boat/car/camper. Southerners are able to do outdoorsy shit since they're not breathing smog in a concrete prison their whole lives.

>>275858796Most of the jobs by southerners are industrious is what he meant. You knew that, too.Fact check that, fag

>>275860852AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGagahahnoooooooooooiiiiiiiiiihhhhahhhaaaaa But can we get the energy from manufacturing please? What is the true cost of the “reusable battery?”

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>>275860118"Yoots" (youths in ebonics) are what niggers refer to other niggers as when they don't want to actually say the race during a crime report.

>>275858201commie crusher

>>275862377>based and tree pilled.

>>275856584Actually everyone likes them except for faggots in the urban Northeast. You don't see too many kikes driving them.

>>275866395I agree because they cucked melong college story

>>275856584Can do more with a truck than a sedan

>>275868380like burn more gas and spend way more in maintenance yeah


>>275856584>why do white southerners drive pickup trucks?There isn't alot of good choices for men with cars.You either go with something super high end to show off status like a BMWYou go with something fast and powerfulOr you go with a truck. Any other choice makes you look bad

Trucks are master race. More utility, can park in a ditch or some odd location if I must.I've been paid to move stuff for people. Mind you, just driving my own vehicle. They loaded/unloaded it themselves.

>>275856584virtue signalling how manly they are

>>275856584having a bed and a strong engine is useful>1pbtid