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>>275841644Imagine locking up everyone to protect grandpa in his 90s, only for this to

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>>275855472>AFL stars are 'thrown out of a strip club before brawling in the street' in worst COVID-19 quarantine breach yet after players were allowed to fly into Queensland hub – and ordinary Australians are STILL banned from the

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>>275855472>locking up everyone to protect grandpa in his 90sYou and I both know that's not why they're doing itThey may claim it is but it sure as hell isn't

>>275856091>Tony Abbott’s sister Christine Forster defends him against ‘dishonest’

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based cunts give me your deepest lore

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>>275856324>Warwick Farm shooting: Arrest made after rapper ‘Big Kash’

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>>275856559>Stay Classy Victoria>Guards removed after accusations of sexual activity, inquiry

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>>275855472Where is BaNG? I need him to post a cum is the dude's instagram for


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>>275855472Australia is Fucking fucked thanks to chief of army [Open] [Open]>of 154 women that were recruited into infantry only 24 passed>well wahmen just as good as men>I’m chief of army wahmen good those statistics don’t prove anything

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>>275856091pic related

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>>275856460Emus did 9/11

Daily reminder Australia music is the best in the world

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>> her actual race, then click the link


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>>275857424Australia is 100% pleb DNA. Your leadership classes are of plebs. None of them will act like patricians and declare a hill they are willing to die on - your Chief of Army looks like a pleb and acts like a pleb. If you had some noble blood you would have people in power who would say "no" and take a stand.

>>275858141(((every time)))

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>>275858404Oi, have you got a loicense for that cutting remark?

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It's all over, lads.First it was onions, now this>Coronavirus live: Bunnings and ALDI on alert as Sydney cases

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>>275859717Have you got a loiconce to protest against the lockdown on facebook or are we going to have to clap you and your unborn baby in irons? No picture is required for this post. Be ashamed.

>>275860382You only get arrested in Victoriastan. The rest of us couldn't give a fuck about those cunts.They have chicks with dicks playing AFL there.

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>>275855472>Two mothers hang their children before committing suicide in IndiaThose fucking comments.....

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>>275856091I'm fucking sick of this rules for thee bullshit.How much longer are we gonna put up with this shit, lads?

doing god's work anonkeep it up

>>275860687Oh yeah it's not like it's happening in your country or anything. Carry on.

fuck victoria and fuck melbourne


>>275861073Quiet pleb. Don't draw attention to yourself.>Josh Frydenberg unloads on Premier Palaszczuk over decision to allow AFL stars, WAGS and officials into Queensland from virus-ravaged Melbourne - but stopping sick mums from crossing the border for

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>>275861628They should arrest everyone who uses jewbook.

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>>275862646Ahah I was blasting TISM last night Funny cunts

>>275862199look at king pig thereBLM was fine but talking shit about dan's virus autism isn't? not a single arrest for BLM

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>>275861628>>275862199Should have played this in the background and ask about VicPol's greatest highway

>>275863371>>275862199>>275862019Praise him lads

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>>275863753>>275863371FREE DICK PUSSY

>>275863753I made fun of Pusey because of the praise him fags, but after seeing how VicPozz has been arresting people over facebook posts, I now have no sympathy for the pajeet truck driver promoting the cops to sky duties.

>>275864089Meant to say I worship the pajeet driver and no sympathy for VicPozz

Sitting at pub by myself because my co workers are onions and don't go to pubs

>>275856460its the jews

>>275864089>>275864227Ps. VicPozz can't do shit to me because I don't live in a state with a Labor government, let alone in Spictoria.

>>275864089>>275864227Same here, mate. I just can't believe what Australia has become.Fuck the chinks so much for creating this virus and unleashing it onto the world. Dont ever let people forget who is ultimately responsible for all this shit. WA retarded?

>>275858350Same. Discord is for trannies anyway

Who else /vic/ ready for Wuhan Dan to extend the stage 4 lockdown on Sunday?

who is feeling absolutely JUST right now?>tfw work keeps shifting the goalposts on my promotion>was supposed to be this week>now it's another three weeks>all while having me do the job I'll be promoting into, but without the extra payI'm sure I'm not getting exploited lads, haha...

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>>275855472> mean two poos flushed down their poo then flushed themselves down as well?Rare but I’m glad they’re one step closer to the civilisation, more poos should do the same.

Can one of you fucking bogans confirm?>no bill of rights>no legal recourse for getting arrested for attempting to organize safe assembly>12 month lockdown in victoria>need permission to travel more than a few km from home>limited time allowed outdoors, mask mandatory>social distance patrol drones>mandatory testing, dragged to tent and forced to stand for hours>mandatory tracing app on phonesIf all of this is true I think you guys are huge cucks for not banding up on a Minecraft server and killing all the pigs with rocks. You're done for, all of this over a common cold.

>check super>up from the COVID meltdown even after factoring in super contributionsbased desu

>>275868015It’s already confirmed yesterday morning, Dan is milking it but the lockdown will be extended because the case number is still too high.Since their dirty secret has been exposed, they may not call it stage 4, or throw out different “pathways”. For example they can say we’re evaluating a 2-week stage 5 lockdown then a 6-week stage 2 lockdown, or a 6-week stage 3 followed by a 6-week stage 2. Most of Melbourne Master Race will choose stage 5 lockdown. You can keep apply this strategy over and over again.

>>275869072>12 month lockdown in victoria>mandatory testing, dragged to tent and forced to stand for hours>mandatory tracing app on phonesnot true...yetrest is very real though.t. melbourne

>>275864873it's your own government you retard. if the virus was ever especially lethal it was an unstable chink engineered piece of shit that mutated into a nothingburger quickly. now it's just your own faggot politicians enabled by a dumbed-down populace - I always thought your accent made you sound retarded, wasn't sure you actually were until all of this.

>>275869470Fuck off, chang.

>>275869358How much anger do you think it's going to cause? Things are already at a boiling point. I wonder if someone will attack Andrews.

>>275869400my roommate's gf got the tent treatment and was sending him pics the whole time. to be fair she reported symptoms beforehand and might have "consented", I'm not sure.

>>275869072>>social distance patrol dronesThat’s too high-tech for Aussies.

>>275855472Reminder that Aus/pol has been shadow banned for being too redpilled

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>>275869470You're falling for Chang's propaganda right now, retard. Your economy is collapsed, your people are cuck muzzled, and you're buying monitoring equipment from China to track your citizens, and you think "Chang" is trying to get you to go live your life? I don't know how censored the internet on your little cuck island is but this virus only kills old people with lung problems, diabetes, and cancer.

>>275869358The fuck is a stage 5 lockdown?

>>275869470You look north up in NSW, it's a different story>Health officials have a clue who has the flu>No hard lockdowns, just "restrictions" on gatherings, despite "community transfer">Hotel quarantine, the thing that caused the Victorian wave, actually managed by trained people>No border closures to Australians, but finally put a border on south china>No mandatory cuckmuzzles>Cops actually tried to stop the first BLM protest, got pozzed by courts, second protests were stopped.

>>275869605There is no anger apart of those bottom whites of the society, they’re angry all the time anyway, nobody cares.Middle class and multicultural communities enjoy the lockdown, they praise Chairman Dan as the true and only god.From psychological point of view Dan will have stronger support because he engineered a crisis and then “saved” people from it.

>>275856460What's with the tranny profile picture?

>>275869714I think they could manage itI've already seen vicpol police drones being regularly deployed, in China they put speakers and cameras on the to make sure everyone is obeying the law

>>275869617yeah, it's a scare tactic probably to encourage self isolation.i got tested for it earlier in the year when i was living in rural vic, it was nothing that dystopian there and then.

I want to cum on Australian soilI want to cum on your soil and take a picture of it and send it to Scott Morrison Look Scott Morrison I have done a big cum on your soil

>>275869605I'm ready to attack any cunt that comes through my door. In my eyes you forfeit your right to safety by kicking the door down. Cunt in this vid>>275861628Should have legit booby trapped and shanked the traitorous dogs that is vicpol

Australian Anti-Covid1984 ProtestWe swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.Say and mean those word gentlemenWe are in dark timesBut fear not there is light at the end of the tunnel We just have to rise up against the currupt, degenerate and immoralThey fear the people because they know the power we hold when we are united as oneThis is why they try to divide us and keep us away from each otherHow much more will you take?People have lost everything, suicide rates through the roof and for what?The number of suicides is higher then so called Covid deathsRise up Australia or be condemed in the history books as a failure.What will you say to your grand children when the time comes, that you faught on the side of the people or on the side of corporations and governments.Least you can do is show your face at a protest.This Weekend 5/9/2020All major cities will have a protestSpread it far and wide, dont let them silence us.set up Sock accounts on fb/insta etc and spread the word Use a VPN/proxy if in VIC as to not get a visit from VICPOLSee you all there