Anfia War camp intelligence

I have a man on the Ground in Portland Right now he has reported that there is a PA system hocked up to the camp as well as the PA there seam to be steeling power from the city stand by for more info

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>>275855127This of the power line there have taped into according to the operator on the ground its bare wire

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>>275855127>>275855282This is a good post.

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>>275855461wHaT aRe thEY dOIng iN thHEre??

>>275855461Someone needs to show them how to use molotovs correctly.

Death to commies

Time to get to work boys

>>275855127Bump for interest. Does anyone know if there are more of these "antifa camps"? Clearly the rioters/protesters have to be meeting somewhere after their raids so the main question is where and who allowing and funding this.

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This camp probably needs to be deloused.

Good work user

>>275855127That person liberated so much shit


>>275855127>>275855461aha! that was the restaurant across the street. that is a prime location for 24 hour livestream. thanks, frens. will watch.

>>275855282ANTIFA= BAD

>>275855127according to my man on the ground there have a fair amouth of water as well as showers

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Go visit them anons1321 SE Water AvePortland, OR 97214United States

>>275856446dont take credit for this cunt

Americans are such a pussy. In taly we trow molotov to gipsy camp. Why u can't do the same whit shitty antifa camps?


>>275855127bumping so more people can see this, too important not to

>>275856530Do a little "peaceful protest" of our own

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any Portland anons got a printer and feel like doing some legwork?

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>>275855127it would be a real shame if they got a taste of their own medicine

there isn't a live feed highway or other city cam that anyone can find. most city and highway cameras can be visited by anyone where I live.

>>275855127Bump for extreme interest and potential lulz

>>275855847There are easier ways to fuck with them that won’t get you arrested.These people sleep during the day. I would noise pollute the area. Ideas: loudspeaker. rattle the dumpster in the background with a dull jackhammer. Get a moving truck and have it idle in reverse so it keeps beeping. They also sell locomotive airhorns. You just have to intermittently disturb them so their sleep is broken up into 30 minute chunks.Remember: this is the enemy.

>>275856481anon should get rid of an old pair of shoes up on the line, ..but he should also get rid of a cheap bluetooth portable speaker in one of those shoes.. so we can play peaceful protest music..

>>275856481Why the fuck does America allow homeless people control whole blocks and turn them into camps?Why aren't the cops out there just fire bombing them?

>>275856970the guy on the ground was being watched a helly went over and there were shitting them self


>>275855127according to user on the ground this is the main store house

>>275855127you should bake them some delicious brownies.

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>>275855461There are at least 4 bug zappers or propane heaters in this picture, 3 near the closest tent. Wonder what’s on that large pallet in the middle of the picture.

>>275856576A high powered lazer pointer would work better.

>>275857272There are a ton of propane tanks so we are guessing they are heaters

I saw a video on another thread where someone saw trumpet shithead in the camp and another asshole started shooting at him with a slingshot, anyone have links

can we get a timestamp and a copy of the portland newspaper to prove you're the dude?

>>275857196So all that needs to be done is to raid that one tent. Tears will flow.

This is a city operated homeless camp. Basically a place to corral the homeless away from the CBD. Antifa pays the homeless to riot, loot etc. This isn't an antifa hideout, it's a homeless camp.

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>>275855461Ya bro, if we had a civil war i could wipe the floor with those antifa>grabs handful of cheetoesNot like they have any real combat experience like me who has logged 100 hrs of COD>dusts off fleshlightYup i just bought me an ar-15 with polymer stock, havent fired it yet but you wait i will show em when the shit hits the fan


>>275855127>>275857548its a guy im talking to on discord i just relaying the information this is another lot he thinks there are using

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Planting the 4chan banner would be a better idea.

>>275856964Locomotive horn, mounted as a stand alone unit. Cycle it through different vehicles driving past multiple times during the day with plates covered. Mix in fireworks every so often. It will make them seriously skiddish and prone to freaking out when they can’t sleep more than 40 minutes at a time. Plus it will be during the day so it’s not much of a problem to others.Or just wait for a big night and have people dressed like bums go through there while others stand guard.

>>275857677Kek people like you will die in a camp regardless of what side wins, seeth more worthless wage cuck. The hour of death is to come.

Oregon fags should organize and protest this HQ campThese people strive to burn and loot your city

>>275856481Is that the camp that the city made a privacy fence all the way around and billed it as an "art project?"Portland is fucking hilarious.

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>>275857824>Planting the 4chan banner would be a better idea.If it's in sight of the camp just on a high vantage point like the bridge overlooking the camp, the screams will grow as the rage grows.

why is it ok for them to burn and loot but we can't burn their shit down because we don't agree with them? I seriously doubt the police would arrest anyone once they realize who these shitheads are

>>275857272Luxury Campbell’s chunky soup. It’s too expensive for leafs.

>>275857670if its occupied by antifa, then its an antifa camp.

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>>275857939Super awesome tarp fence bro

>>275855127That's the entrance

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>>275855461Expect that entire lot to be full by election

>>275855127Antifa wank camp

>>275856372Antifa is the SJW mafia and need to be eradicated in Minecraft

>why are you not shooting firework mortars towards that area in CS:1.6?

>>275858011What kind of low confidence degenerate retard thinks soup is luxurious?

>>275857670We have already seen video from it where several of the people seen are among the aggravators at various riots. They literally are getting bussed from here to the riots where they trash our cities all night. It’s the same people.

>>275857670Pack it up everybody. It’s over.


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>>275856964This is the problem with the right wing. These people need to be afraid to come out of there shitholes. Blasting noise is okay but it will just annoy them. I want to burn that shit to the ground.

>>275858092 poop balloons over the fence !

>>275858211Hit the buses

>>275857450Sounds explosive and prone to an accident

If anything needs to burn it's those trailers. That must be the important stuff under lock.

Idea: make him feel like he is always under surveillance. If there exists enough manpower, have units posted at their gates and at the stairwell. Don’t engage the campers, just be conspicuous, watch, and take notes.

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>>275858456Would be a shame if something happened

>>275858046thanks, this is whole video, I didn't see whole video before. Art project?

>>275856481Imagine the smell. A few gallons of gas would fix this whole problem. Come to think of it, a few gallons of gas can fix a fuck load of problems..

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>>275857226what about all the people giving out water bottles at these things? it would be real easy to put laxatives in a case of water bottles and give them out to the rioters in Minecraft

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>>275855127Thanks user we will do great work with that info.

>>275858587With the cops all occupied dealing with the riots it shouldn't be too hard.


look like molotov do job well

How do we know they are antifa and not just a homeless camp?

>>275855944They probably hide with the homeless and try to blend in with them. So let’s stay in the look out in homeless camp that are starting to get a lot more people coming there.

>>275855127just make piezo noisemakers. needs 2 AA batteries and some cheap piezo buzzers off amazon. just tape the batteries together, solder a link + to - on battery 1 and 2 and solder two wires to + on bat1 and - on bat2. solder wires to the piezo, cut and strip one wire. walk near their area, twist the wire together, and chuck it over the fence. do this once every 30 mins or every hour. if you do it well you'll toss it someplace hard for them to get to. cheap piezos and cheap AA batteries. probably could build one of these in 2 mins.

>>275856964Based but not give them the guns and roses general Noriega treatment pilled.

>>275858381Or wait for them to get on and torch the camp. Either way.

>>275858023Someone should clean up this image so it doesn't drink an entire ink cartridge to to print. All the useless black ink in the background.THEN & NOWVIOLENT COMMUNISTS1929-2020That way we can print fliers.

>>275856481Stay in the look out of these camps get any bigger or are getting a large amount of people and look for more camp and do the same

>>275858783dont do this. ive had it done to me. the next asshole that tries it will impale himself. never rush into anything without an idea of whats inside.

>>275855282Jesus Christ how horrifying.

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>>275858783Damn it, I wish I didn't live as far from Portland as you can get. I would love to go tent jumping, lol, if somebody goes tent jumping man I want to see a video too, lol.

>>275857677>watches two of his pedo and rapist buddies get slotted and gets his arm blown off by a 17 y/o>B-B-BUT THEYRE THE L-LARPERS!!!

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>>275859226its definitely done by someone who is inexperienced and a fire hazard someone should

>>275855847>BREAKING NEWS: Right wing terrorists burn down a homeless camp

>>275855642>wHaT aRe thEY dOIng iN thHEre??Drugs and assfucking.


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>>275858783Sounds like a pretty good way to step on a heroin needle desu


>>275855127Based and recon pilled.

>>275855127>steeling power from the city stand by for more infoIt's like Indian Slums. Its tolerated in India as long as local party support them. Is America India now?

>>275859371Isn't there someone to call for this? Remember the safety squads when they were living in abandoned wearhouses?

>>275855127>wait for the evening/night when they are out rioting>steal every tent

>>275855461>have seximagine a lefty telling u to have sex while living in midtown slum camp.

>>275859790do it

>>275857340My old tent is like 35 years old and it's made of some sort of flame retardant shit. I would assume the same for newer tents.

>>275855127If this is an antifa camp it's striking to me of how little BLM/commie/DNC signage there is connected to it.Like even if it were a random homeless camp I would expect it to show more "character". Almost as if they are trying not to be connected with the rioting. Either way more proof would be good.

>>275859759>Antifa gets taken down by right wing safety squadslol

>>275857670>This isn't an antifa hideout, it's a homeless camp.No. They keep turning actual homeless away, it's even in the article they wrote. They say that that one is only for LGBQT+ with disabilities that identify as female and the other camp is only for POC.Looks like one camp is Anti-fa, and the other is BLM. They are "homeless" only in the sense that they don't have anywhere to stay in the city since they aren't from Portland.

Here's an article about the origin of the homeless camp. It is an LGBTQ+ only homeless area funded 100% by the City of Portland. Wheeler and Hardesty are listed as the main supporters of the land is owned by Prosper Portland per tax

>>275855127we have another user contacting the fire department to cut the power off


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>>275859759The city let them use this and somebody paid for portable shitters. I would assume entirely paid for by the city to get the homeless the fuck away from downtown and such.

Don't do violence. Call local police force or ask the owners of the land if they have provided such lease. Only illegal thing I can see is electricity hack. As an owner of property I can give shelter to anyone.

>>275856884We need the tweeker cam like we had in everett in Washington

>>'t seem to be a working one near there

>>275859574>>275859259You know I've been rethinking this and I'm thinking body armor. Just in case. But these are canopies tho, those things break so easy compared to tentsJust run and grab a leg and keep running, spin twist and turn and throw that motherfuckerHow far do you think you can discus throw a canopy? 10, 20 ft?


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someone needs to hijack the p a system and play some funny propaganda tunes for them Something strong. Any ideas?

There are probably people there actually down on their luck or mentally ill, as a minority contingent to shield the drug addicted homosexual college democrats from too much negative scrutiny. Identify more antifa, particularly any with wealthy parents.

>>275858783For all you know this could be disinformation. Bunch of idiots go out there raising hell and the media will have yet another angle. "LOOK AT THESE HEARTLESS RIGHT WINGERS HARRASSING THE HOMELESS!!!! WAAAAHHHHH!".Gather intel for yourselves. If anything keeping it covert would prove more useful than raining chaos down on useful idiots - lest you become a useful idiot yourself.

>>275860154>>275859547Thanks guys. I'll probably play around a bit and post a few in areas that have active voters.


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>>275860464The German marching anthem

>>275858211>They literally are getting bussed from here to the riots where they trash our cities all night. It’s the same people.Those two lots, the porta-potties, and the water service cost the city $200k intially and $155k a month, which is $60k more than any other shelter in the city. These fuckers are getting paid.

>>275855127They are lucky someone doesn't show up and torch the would be awful

>>275859941It is plastered all over nearby. Specifically up Main between SE Water and SE 2nd. I think there is a warehouse space being used by them as well in the building on the NW corner of SE Main and SE 2nd. There was a dark gray newer Tacoma parked out in front with a huge Fuck Drumpf and BLM blag as if it belongs to some woke redneck. I saw them carrying boxes in and they were all wearing lefty slogan shirts. Lots of support signage in the windows as well. Gmaps shows it as Spoon Foundation, might be worth looking into.

you could target special tents after a little recon. I have been known to put a contractor bag quickly over a hornets nest at night and then put somewhere fun within a couple of days. throwing bag into crowd of them antifags would be the funniest shit (act of nature) last time I did it, I thought the guy I did it to shit his pants.

>>275856481Molotov the camp

>>275855127>>275855282thank you user, what can we do to assist?

>>275859391This. Don’t go destroying a homeless camp, that’s what they want. I wouldn’t be surprised if OP is one of them or a lefty internet larger pulling screenshots from YouTube and passing them off as his source.

>>275860591No you didn’t dumbass

>>275857340Great idea. What are u waiting for?

>>275859574This. some junkie made peace and then sucker punched my buddy in Seattle once. we grabbed him and he slipped his backpack off and ran. I opened the bag to raid for free shit and was disgusted to find it full of syringes and burner phones.

Do what must be done.

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>>275860523honestly you're going to have to delet the text and re-enter it. The .jpg artifacts make it so the paint bucket tool I used in the first image just looks like shit. Boxing with white and then using the paint bucket tool is how I did #2, which is what you should know to do going forward you lazy shit.

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>>275860464> Greenwood?

They've got to know, if they are indeed in there, that they are being actively scouted by locals who are fed up with their shit. I know those lefty shits monitor Holla Forums, so word has to be out by now. One of those tweakers will likely attack some random passerby who stares too long. Watch for it to close or empty out in the near future if the accusations are true.

>>275859226be a shame if something... happened...

>>275858153Classic Holla Forums meme. Lurk moar.

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>>275855127We need surveillance video in the afternoon/evening showing these creatures waking and assembling then following them to the riot staging areas. Proof that it is indeed Antifa.

>>275860779actually, I do. I have beekeeping background. the hornets are very docile at night, they all pretty much go into their hive you have to set everything up during the day. you have to get the the bag on it really fast and cut the limb after.

>>275858133>Antifa is the SJW mafia and need to be eradicateddon't be a pussy, tell the truth.

>>275856970Moon Man's greatest hits is the obvious choice.

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>get a tripod or something similiar for a phone>set it up to overlook the camp>24/7 stream of the campOr set up a proper camera and stream everything at high enough quality to ID everyone who walks around the camp

>>275858693>laxatives>not putting visine in the water so they can't regulate their body temperature in the safe range anymore.

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>>275855127Just saw the vid on Facebook and came here to find your thread. Godspeed

Last thing we need right now are MSM headlines about right wingers burning down a sanctioned homeless shanty town. This one reaks of a dirty commie trick. There’s not enough intel, fucking with this camp on a whim is something they would do.Even if it turns out to be holding Antifa, isn’t it better to try to collect face pictures and pictures of them going in and out?

>>275859432GLORIOUS COMMUNIST SOCIETY*kazoo of glory*

>>275862037They know we are onto them in there already

>>275857454I have it on Facebook but I’m on mobile so I can’t rip the video

>>275860221Somebody = the city. Lack of toilets for the homeless is a nuisance and public health issue.

>>275860719>muh homeless

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>>275856769>>275856769No, because feds can track printed pages back to otiginal printer.

>>275862510Dispose of printer replace parts?

the shills are the ones that say they want to burn down this place. Gather more evidence and connect the dots. Video showed trumpet man supposedly. Identify more rioters and looters at the scene of the camp. And use it to expose the truth. Weaponize the autism like 4chan does best. This is why i lurk around and barely post.

The Portland shooter was shot and killed by Federal Marshals.Portland is going shit itself! That camp will be like a beehive.

>>275856481American cities are so dystopian looking, really different compared to europe

>getting baited into burning down a homeless campWay to play into their hands dumbassesObviously antifa is mostly affluent college kids and suburbanites.

just observe them

>>275861758>Just saw the vid on FacebookThen it's normiesphere now.

>>275861039Paint hasn't worked correctly for me in years, so I gave up. Windows 10 was a fucking mistake, as is everything new M$ releases. I spend more time fixing shit than using my computer.

When I just saw the video from the bridge, this was all I could think of.

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>>275862406I’ve seen homeless people just like this in NYC Union Square. Not all homeless people are piss covered bearded old dudes.Maybe it is Antifa, not enough intel to know right now. Some Sun Tzu shit about charging into battle without first sending in scouts,

>>275857807100% confirms they are using that lot.

>>275863687>intelobserve recordreviewdisseminate

>>275855127If Portland has an Antifa hive, so do all others. Let's find them all.

>>275864194according to the annon on the ground there is another lot in the area with trailers that there are using he coudlint get close enough to take pics there is guards

>>275857920back to plebit

>>275864194>If Portland has an Antifa hive, so do all others.I think Portland is the hive. I think CHOP was supposed to be it but it got shut down too early. This camp was set up mid-march, right when CHOP turned into a ghost town.

>>275864633>according to the annon on the ground there is another lot in the area with trailers that there are using he coudlint get close enough to take pics there is guardsIt's two lots right next to each other, and they are setting up a third behind the one in the video.

>>275864879no im talking about other one close by not the one in the pic according to him it has RVs

>>275865036>no im talking about other one close by not the one in the pic according to him it has RVsinterdasting

>>275865635antifa's real commanders must be camping out the RV's while the homeless foot soldiers who riot for money must be in the tarp city.\The RV's hold the real prize.

>>275862510That sounds like bullshit. how do you think they do it?

>>275861668Wait what? Is that a thing?

>>275855127In case it hasn't been posted yet. These three parking lots located at 45.513448 -122.666288 are the exact location of the Antifa camp in Portland. It would be a real shame if there was a parade of people driving by blaring their horn from say 10 AM to 5 PM. Real shame if people started disturbing their peace....

>>275866407>antifa's real commanders must be camping out the RV'sThey have to be higher up if Wheeler is willing to spend over $1 million of Portland's money just to house anti-fa and BLM then it's coming from way higher up because this transaction was easily traced back to his signature and the original/current property owners.

>>275856530Everybody likes pizza. Especially them.

Why doesn’t someone fly a really cheap drone over the camp to see what’s going on?


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>>275866951I guess "Field Officers" or "Captains/lieutenants"would be a better way to put it.

>>275855127These junkies must have a local transport connection, because they aren't getting around on foot.The marques are possibly rented and the portable toilets certainly are, the owner may not be aware that communists are using them and if he demands their return that could actually be a very simply justification for private security to come and reclaim the marques.Someone in the company might be nice enough to provide the details of whoever organized them- if it's a clumsy party staffer shit could hit the fan.They are also all on the mobile network, a regular smartphone could log the beacons to make a rough headcount and trace members- Ideally you would use a bug.I'm sure they message on some (((encrypted))) app, but half of them probably have their bluetooth turned on.If a prohibited weapons was photographed in the camp, police would be forced to act.Doubtless they are armed, weapons should probably be in a cache but doubtless someone has a revolver under their pillow.Even if someone was walking around with something that looked like an AOW the police would have to search the camp to confirm

>>275856576Right-wing gringos are only mobilized for money, as long as there is money circulating they can be swimming in shit that's all right.

Casually flicks cartons of cigarettes over the fence, leaves kerosene lanterns in a handy box with fuel.Leave propane camp cook stoves for the violent arson-prone ANTIFA hobos to use.WAIT WHAT?!? THE TENT CITY IS ON FIRE!!!How could this have happened?


>>275855282That's some africa-tier sketchy shit, surprised no one has been electrocuted yet

>>275868711You wouldn't get within 500m of the place, you don't smell like stale beer and lube


>>275856481>refuses to clean themselves while living in a home>immediately set up a shower when they're out campingOk

>>275857272Imagine hitting the propane tank with a 65 creedmore from 150 yards in Minecraft