If Hitler was so great

Why did he invade TWENTY countries?

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>>275854490Because the people that end up leading these movements aren’t geniuses, just charismatic.

>>275854490Some deal or trade was made when he handed over the Rothchilds. Some financial agreement that was then later revoked and that's when their real aggression began. I think there was some other banking angle to the entire beginning of WW2 that is still hidden.


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To save them

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>>275854490Post proves that you are not a bot or proxy Arschloch first, before I wast time replying to you, mountain kike.

Hitler shouldve listened to his Generals. Too bad he was near incompetent and thought he could lead an army to victory though nepotism and poor forethought. Also should've had the captured Slavs join the Reich for a little while and promise them complete autonomy from Germany and Stalin once the USSR was destroyed.

>>275854490Because he was just that based

>>275855990stfu you retard "just listen to his generals" lapring as a hoi4 armchair general eh?

>>275854490Invaded isnt the right word. Showed up and behaved confidently is more like it.

>>275854490Because he was so great. Hitler made one major mistake. Not allying with the US, secondarily; Stalingrad. You see at the time (before the US was totally taken over by Jews) We had a 95%+ white population as we had for hundreds of years. Furthermore as a country we were aligned with Hitlers views in most ways. The people were at least. The bankers and such maybe not so much. If hitler had allied with us the world would be a tremendously better place right now. Look at what Germany japan and Italy have done since then vs what all the “allies” have done. Had we allied and brought communism down at that point just imagine all the shit we would have avoided and how much better off our people would be right now. Surely there would have been other shot to deal with but I’m quite confident at this point in time all of us that can read what I’m saying now would be exponentially better off in allied ethnostates. No red scare, no Cold War, no (((diversity))). No leaving the gold standard, no women in the work force, no Jewish central banks, no tranny child molesters in your kids schools, no rose of China, and so on. Some say “we’d be speaking German”. I doubt that, Germany had no beef with the IS and definitely no capability to conquer us, we are too large, free spirited and well armed to ever be conquered by a hostile force. But even if we were absorbed into hitlers Germany would that have been so bad? Not for whites. Germany was objectively the best “doctatorship” in the history of the world as far as people’s happiness. People were happier and better taken care of in nazi Germany before we blew it the fuck up than anywhere else before or since.

>>275855956Hah, Im no bot. I was debating my friend and he raised the point that it was inexcusable that Hitler invaded 20 countries and I had no answer. He checkmated me bros.

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>>275856580Yeah US going NatSoc was close. Ford, Dupont family, Colgate family all supported Hitler. They even almost had a Fascist takeover, but they picked the wrong guy to implement it (General Butler), who blew it all apart.

>>275856626Even counting those nations that wanted to join Germany as 'invasions' lets tally the number-Austria-Czechoslovakia-Lithuania-Danzig-Poland-Denmark-Norway-Netherlands-Belgium-Luxembourg-France-Britain (Channel islands at least)-Yugoslavia-Greece-USSR-Italy-Hungary-FinlandI count 18, and this is playing VERY loose and fast with the concept of 'invasion'.

>>275855833There's no way these quotes are true...

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>>275857255Austria was a peaceful unification I know, with 98% popular support or something.It seems to me there were powerful anti-communist interests backing Germany, and as a result they were nearly forced to invade all the USSR/commie countries.But Belgium, France were straight up invasions right? And seemed utterly stupid, and ego-fueled? The fact that Hitler made them sign the armistice in the same train that they made Germany sign or whatever points to the fact that Hitler did it out of greed/stupidity or pride?

>>275854490Self defense

>>275854490Save the world from jewish banks

America should've let Hitler conquer the entire USSR and not bothered with lend lease. Even if the US still won and defeated Germany, at the very least we wouldn't have had to deal with 75 years of communist subversion. Not a perfect scenario but better than allowing the commies to emerge from the war as a superpower.

>>275856626> I was debating my friend and he raised the point that it was inexcusable that Hitler invaded 20 countries and I had no answer. He checkmated me bros.Press X to doubt

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>>275857825I see the reason you couldn't win the debate with your friend was because (sorry to say this) but it seems you don't even know the basics of WWII. On the 3rd of September Great Britain declared war on Germany following its intervention in Poland. But a few hours later France also declared war on Germany. As expected by both Allied and Axis forces, the Franco-German border was much too heavily fortified for German assault to successful. Much like in WWI Allied military planners drew up plans in conjunction with Belgian high command anticipating the inevitable German assault. Eventually in 1940 the scope of the plan was enlarged to inculde the Netherlands as part of Fall Gelb (Case Yellow) to maneuver around the Allied armies and cut them off in the Low Countries, rapidly see to the Fall of France (which seen as the centre of gravity in Clausewitzian terms) upon which there was the expectation that Britain would seek an armistice and the war would come to an end. So, no isn't wasn't a straight up invasion, it was a response to the French declaration of war upon Germany. As for the signing of armistice in the same train in the same forest that the French made the German High Command sign in 1918, that's is indeed rubbing it in their faces, but it also symbolized (at the time) the washing away of the shame of defeat in 1918, as if time had gone backwards and history had had a different outcome.

>>275855514Hitler closed all private banks, most of them controlled by the rotschild, so germany was operating with a state bank that was landing money at very low cost thats why the economy boomed.

>>275857825France declared war on us. Are you retarded? And what the fuck is a Belgium?

You just respond uself.He was great because he invade 20 countries.

>>275856626send him this

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>>275858825Lulz. Doubt is good, but this was right after I watched the Greatest Story Never Told, which was the most jaw-dropping, mind-blowing 5 hours of historical education of my life learning that almost everything said about Hitler in the MSM is utter bullshit.Literally the only thing I couldnt get my head around was why Hitler invaded so many countries. It didn't seem to fit...

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>>275859592Thx user, this is fantastic.

It was okay until the retard decided to invade soviet union and also decided to not retreat when the tide of war was clearly turning against him in the east and instead he left his army mostly die out in a frozen tundra against an endless horde of soviet soldiers and civilians alike. If he never invaded soviet union but decided to settle down with what he had at that point which was way more than half of Europe today Germany would have been a hyper nationalistic superpower spawning from France to Poland, fucking dumbass ruined everything.

>>275859613Because they declared war on us or it was actually integration into the Reich in mutual agreement. The only thing contested is the Soviet Union. But Hitler DID do believe that Stalin and the Bolsheviks were fully committed to attack as soon as the opportunity arose, so he had to take the initiative. youtube.com/watch?v=ClR9tcpKZecI think so, too, but I wish I could have prevented it. So many Germans and Russians died in it, the Reich and SU are no longer and all that's left is this vile and despicable globo homo empire.If you are actually interested in WW2 history, Horus on bitchute has an excellent series. He is an Anglo liberal, but he did an amazing job nonetheless. bitchute.com/video/HuZ54wx4g1k3/

Military expansion was his only mistake

>>275854490*liberatealso it should have been more.

>>275859592Czechoslovakia, which is actually Böhmen and Mähren and rightful part of the HRE, was "occupied" because its chancellor demanded a protectorate, because he rightfully feared the independence intentions of Slovakia which did separate from Czechia as soon as they could.Maseryk and Benez who later made the policies leading to the mass ethnic cleansing and mass murder of 16 million ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland, for which they were responsible, and Poland would also fund Churchill through the focus group. They handed Czechia right to the Soviet Union and Robert Maxwell, Czech Jew and Mossad mega spy and Ghislaine's dad, had the state arm Israel in its initial wars. There is also a rabbit hole with Madeleine Albright to go down to.Wicked, evil people. Wicked, evil Jews.

>>275860053Few historians with the disagree with the fact that the decision to reinforce and dig in positions before Moscow in winter (which was Hitler's personal initiative) was a tactically unsound one. What does it even mean to 'just draw your entire army back thousands of kilometers back to the pre-invasion border?' After all what's the worst that could happen?

>>275860162Even if the Soviet Union invaded it would do fuck all, they were struggling against fucking Finland and the only reason they repelled the german attack is because they just threw numbers at the and by numbers I dont mean just soldiers, they threw everything soldier or civilian until Germany ran out of men and weapons and it was all ogre at that point. The Soviet Union would be completely embarrassed by the german army if they tried an invasion, Hitler made a mistake that is costing Europe and the whole world at that to this day, that mistake was the invasion of the SU.

>>275859592I mean, the truth is, once Hitler rejected the globalist debt cancer of the central banking cartel, and rightfully so, and showed that the NatSoc model was superior, and posed a real threat to the current order, it was decided that no matter what Germany must go down.That seems like the obvious truth to me.So what is the answer for the rest of the world for where we are now? If the any country ever manages to somehow get rid of its "federal reserve" central banking cartel and kick them out, it seems this will just play out again?The banking cartel will withdraw its assets from said country, sanction it to weaken it, then attack it until it can re-instate its banking cartel like it did to Germany?The depressing fact is Hitler, despite really trying to do the right thing, only managed to get a lot of people killed.I suppose the one silver lining is through his, and fellow Germans courage they exposed to the world what was really going on, and now its all coming to light with the current world order breaking down somewhat.

>>275860731Just one point of contention. 16 million Germans in the Sudentenland? The tally for the entire German population ethnically cleansed from Eastern and Central Europe is around 14-16 million. I think you mean around 2-3 million if we are just talking the Sudentenland.

>>275860053>If he never invaded soviet unionthen Stalin would have waited until the Reich had become weaker in its attrition war with the Jewnited Kingdom and the Bolsheviks would have swooped in to take all of continental Europe. If that wasn't the case, Adenauer would have accepted Stalin's offer of reunification under the condition of German neutrality. Unless of course you can show me hard evidence that Adenauer already was fully owned by the Americans. Which I doubt, because he told literally Ben Gurion to fuck off and defended the Wehrmacht and honor of the German people.

>>275854733>liberateThis. Those countries were under Soviet occupation and they welcomed the Germans, just like the French did. Very little resistance. And he did it because the Germans had just finished fighting a civil war against the Communists and Hitler knew how dangerous it was to let Germany be encircled by Soviet Satellite States.

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>>275860731Fucking kikes

>>275860898If you truly think the Soviet Union was incapable of large scale offensives even against Germany then you ironically enough are making the same mistake Hitler did. It's already been posted in this thread but the economic and military capacity of the USSR had been GREATLY underestimated by the German General Staff (this is not entirely their fault - the Abwehr was which was responsible for intelligence gathering was treacherous from the very top down). For more information, read Icebreaker by Suvorov

>>275861035Saved. Patton had some huge damn balls. Legend among men.

base man made bases in non based country

>>275854490Because he was a fantastic orator and mathematical/logistical mind but overestimated his military might versus that of the Soviet Union.


>>275861035In the spirit of honesty, it must be said that while in places like the Ukraine, they did initially welcome the Germans, their disposition towards them grew sour after it became clear that the Germans had not come to secure Ukrainian independence but desired the territory for their own imperial ambitions.

>>275854490Because he was great duh, silly mountain German

>>275860763His generals told him to retreat way earlier cuz they saw no win in sight, instead they kept going and from the 3 million invasion army which was the bulk of the whole german army 2.7 million died. Germany lost 90% of its soldiers on the east.

>>275860898This is totally wrong on so many levels. Soviet Union did defeat and occupy Finnland, their capabilities were massively misjudged by the OKW because of the closed society of the SU, Stalin also pardoned a lot of the generals who were gulaged in the winter war and furthermore with lend-leasing and the full industrial capacity of the Jewnited States behind them, there was no way any Western European state could have won a war of attrition. The greatest successes the Wehrmacht had were initially, because of the surprise, initiative and the structure of Stalin's army towards attack and not defense. Also the last years of WW 2 were a defensive war and the Wehrmacht still lost. With the much higher Soviet losses. The only way to win WW 2 was to fully ally with Bolshevism, which was extremely unlikely, wait until Hitler and Stalin were dead and then maybe Ribbentrop and Molotov work something out that lasts. But which I think unlikely. Both would have wanted it all or nothing.

>>275854490He scared his advisors into becoming yes men, so they feared correcting him if they felt he was taking a wrong course of action.

>>275860997My dude if Germany had never invaded the Soviet Union the UK would have to sue for peace since they would be practically alone against the whole of Europe and even if they didnt fucking UK wasnt no soviet union, they would fall sooner or latter, Hitler practically saved the bongs when hi bitch ass decided to invade the SU with 3 million people, basically most of his army.

>>275861789His generals were not as smart as they seemed to think they were possessed by a snobbish Prussian aristocratic veneer that looked down upon Hitler's meritocratic officer initiative and upon Hitler himself. These are the same generals who failed to grasp the scope of war in its economic dimensions and still believed they were fighting in the 19th Century. The same generals who deliberately disobeyed Hitler on multiple occasions in order to satisfy their own egos (much to their and Germany's detriment) and then had the audacity to blame all their failures and 'crimes' on Hitler in their post-war memoirs following the war. These generals should have gotten off their high horse and stopped looking down upon the 'Bohemian corporal' who seemed to have a better grasp of modern warfare and its necessities then they did.

>>275860980No Poland and Sudetenland, I made clear that Benes and Maseryk were only responsible for the Sudetenland and not Poland.

>>275862307Are you forgetting the interval between the Fall of France and Operation Barbarossa in which the very situation you are postulating existed? The UK did not surrender in 1940 or 1941 precisely BECAUSE it knew that if it waited long enough America, the USSR or both would intervene to secure their own interests. When dealing with the peripheal powers, one is near guaranteed to go up against all of them.

>>275861789We kept going, so not all of continental Europe would be allied by Bolshevism, duh. And there were at that point still delusional hopes of making peace with "fellow white nations" like the USA or Britain. Even at this point. Which I actually find strange. They should have known better than anyone else who really controlled both and that it was absolutely impossible to make any peace with the (((USA and UK))).

>>275862506No I mean, you said there were 16 million Germans in the Sudentenland which is quite an exaggeration.

>>275862000>Also the last years of WW 2 were a defensive war and the Wehrmacht still lost. With the much higher Soviet losses. The only way to win WW 2 was to fully ally with Bolshevism, which was extremely unlikely, wait until Hitler and Stalin were dead and then maybe Ribbentrop and Molotov work something out that lasts. But which I think unlikely. Both would have wanted it all or nothing.Yeah after losing 2.7 million soldiers in soviet union while also fighting a two front war against the mutts and their pet the bongs on the west and the horde of slavs in the east, at that point it was ogre. In an hypothetical situation where Soviet Union initiated the invasion of Nazi Germany, Germany on this case would have the heavy bulk of his army that it lost in soviet union not to mention that it would fight in its own territory plus no mutts on the west, theres no comparison here, the germans would fucking repel an invasion from the SU.


>>275861365and they killed him for it. murder is one of the Jews favorite pastimes

Doomed from the start. There's just too much working against Germany for the war to ever work. Personally I think it was lost as soon as Salazar decided Hitler had no chance and stopped selling him wolfram (incredibly important material) and started exclusively supplying the allies instead of supplying both sides.

Because he's just some crackpot dictator that Holla Forums is obsessed with because his minions had snappy uniforms.

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>>275861516> Savitri Devi believed Hitler was a sacrifice for humanity which would lead to the end of the Kali Yuga induced by those who she felt were the powers of evil: the Jews.The task now lies within each of us to find the way forward.Winning hearts and minds, via peaceful, inclusive methods, leveraging tech, AI and education seem to be the way to go. The empire of lies is crumbling and people are ready for something new. We only have to be there to help show them the way.

>>275863123Repel and then what? (Even assuming the wild assumption that the German army would be capable of repelling an organized and supported Soviet invasion force right into the Reich itself) What happens after this force is repelled? The war doesn't end there, now the Germans have to take the initiative into the USSR itself (but this time without the preparedness or element of surpise they enjoyed in 1941) and somehow pull off a victory? How in God's name is this to be done?

>>275863023No I said 16 million in the Sudetenland and Poland, Mimi>>275863123Of course the United States would have still invaded and also supported Stalin through lend lease. What are you talking about?

>>275862795America only became a "major" player after Soviet Union pretty much "won" the war, the mutts would never invade Germany at its peak, they had no fucking means to do it, the invasion of the soviet union was still a mistake no matter how u look at it especially since he knew UK still had not sued for peace and there was still a chance the mutts could join the war, taking such a gamble against the soviet union who had like 3 times the population and a landmass so big they could always follow their scorched earth policy and retreat if they were pressed hard enough, theres no way to win on that fucking frozen wasteland unless u fucking nuke it or have more people than them to throw.

>>275863651You are still stuck in 2016, senpai. Too optimistic. Those who control society do not care about arguments, the truth and reason. They care about the survival of their own power at the expense of everybody else.

>>275863646Hey antifaggot, one of your people was just killed by police. Thought you should know.

>>275863782The mutts literally only entered the war at the end after Japan went full retard and it was Germany who declared war on the mutts first, u think the mutts would invade germany just cause the soviet union also did? Thats baseless.

>>275854490Because communists were killing raping and torturing ethnic germans.

>>275864521Oh no some random fag I've only just learned about 5 minutes ago is dead, however will I ever recoverReminder that Hitler killed himself like a bitch instead of going down fighting

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>>275864747I guess you'll recover the same way your "vagina" does, which is never ya tranny.

>>275863691So what ur saying is the only way to win the war was an invasion of a nation with over 3 times the population and god know how many times the land mass and hope for a win? Seems like the whole strategy was flawed from the start, Germany never had the means to defeat the SU.

>>275854490You're right, should have been fifty.

>>275864902>antifaggot>"vagina">trannySo this is that fabled wit of the right-wing?

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>>275864087America was always a major player. By 1944 it was clear was was really spearheading the Allied cause. >The mutts would never invade Germany at its peak, they had no fucking means to do itThe industrial capacity of the United States outclassed the entire capacity of all the Axis powers combined by several degrees. Given enough time (as was made apparent over the course of the war) America and Britain would be more than capable of penetrating 'Festung Europa' and overwhelming even the admittedly superior infantry of the venerable Wehrmacht solely by virtue of this unparalled economic edge. >Taking such a gamblePrecisely. That was Hitler as a character. Everything he did was a gamble. However Hitler seemed to enjoy the fast lane. He played high stakes understanding that if he lost he wouldn't just take a hit, he'd be thrown out of the casino for good. But he acted based on the information he had and made what he believed to be a calculated decision. His invasion of the USSR and indeed his declaration of war on the US were examples of this line of thinking. Unfortunately for him, this was a 'one gamble too many' situation.

>>275865270That is such a Tumblr thing to say. Your friend just died and I imagine there will be more on your side to come. Enjoy the ride antifaggot.

>>275854490Hitler wasn't great. Don't believe the fanatical retards on this board because most of them haven't read a single page of a history bookBut the western countries were no better. And gorillion is definitely hyperbolized

>>275864087>America only became a "major" player after Soviet Union pretty much "won" the warYeah, your past as a Stalinist country is showing. And I don't blame "Uncle Joe" for selling it this way, but this is just wrong. The SU would have lost without America one way or another. Waiting for the SU to attack removes you of big partisan trouble, which also killed most of the Jews, but instead you allow the SU to built up even more arms and there was no way to win an arms race against the SU and the United States. Nobody could have won that.

>>275865564>That is such a Tumblr thing to say. Read that outloud to yourself. This in itself is the faggiest thing anyone has ever said on Holla Forums. Kill yourself already.

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>>275865394America had no reason or intention to invade Germany at its peak just because of the UK, they never did even before germany invaded USSR and when UK was pretty much alone and they didnt even after Germany invaded the USSR, they only did after Germany themselves declared war on em, to assume that USA would invade Germany at its peak just cuz of the UK is fucking insane, they would never take that gamble and send millions to die in a full war against Germany.

>>275864578Yes, of course. The US administration was fully aware of Pearl Harbor in advance and let it happen, because it gave them the perfect casus belli. And the USA was already in a full-on, but not yet, officially declared war against the Reich, so "the Reich declared war on the USA" is a joke and only formally correct. Since at least the Poland and Danzig question, Roosevelt was fully committed to escalate what was a local conflict in Europe into a world war. Not only because of the chosen people, but because the Americans saw their chance to become world hegemon when the Reich was crush and driven into a war with the SU, then snack up the rests of the British Empire on the way. And that's exactly what they did. The USA proofed to be the better Eternal Anglo than the British who lost everything in the end.>>275864747Reminder that your empire is designed and the USA universally despised and hated and that there will be nothing left of it in less than a decade. :^)

>>275864998The whole strategy was flawed from the start yes. It was predicated a series of assumed factors with an extremely thin margin of error to operate within. The focal prerogatives laid out by Hitler was the destruction of the fighting capacity of the USSR (by way of massive encirclements of dozens of divisions, the destruction of its aerial capacity etc. (This was seemingly achieved in the first few weeks of the campaign)). Second and perhaps more importantly was to seize or neutralize the economic factors that fuelled the Soviet war machine and utilize them for German purposes (the wheat fields of the Ukraine and oil fields of the Caucasus) and finally to capture a large swath of territory with great rapidity from Arkhangelsk to Astrakhan (the A-A Line). If Hitler had been properly informed (if the Abwehr was so traitorous) and his generals actually heeded the letter of his word then rather go off and do their own thing then the gambit was still only possessed a small chance of success but it would have increased Germany's chances overall nonetheless.

>>275864364Ha. As long as the flame of freedom burns within our hearts hope will never be lost.The MSM is nothing but lies, people realise this now, and are awakening.The next step will be to identify the specific people causing strife, and cease giving those power who do not deserve it, then remarkable things will happen.The task is simpler than you think.A new beautiful world awaits us, we don't need "revolution" or bloodshed, just to root out the filth.Another point. Almost nobody is beyond redemption, if we have one fault with Holla Forums its this- we shouldnt call each other mutts, or deride one another, or haul insults at the left they know their system doesn't work, its abundantly clear, let them figure it out, and when they fall be there to help them up and welcome them in.Education and inclusion is all thats required.Think I'm just a dreamer?bitchute.com/video/nd6XH4wB3Z5Y/

>>275865892Post nose and foreskin

>>275865790>Yeah, your past as a Stalinist country is showing. And I don't blame "Uncle Joe" for selling it this way, but this is just wrong. The SU would have lost without America one way or another.I fucking hate commies and Hoxha more than anyone of u ever could, and I know America was giving money/food and weapons to USSR, no shit thats why I put "won" in quotation marks.>Waiting for the SU to attack removes you of big partisan trouble, which also killed most of the Jews, but instead you allow the SU to built up even more arms and there was no way to win an arms race against the SU and the United States. Nobody could have won that.I really dont understand this mindset, ur saying that the only hope of winning was invading the soviet union a nation with more than 3 times the population and god knows how many times the size and hoping for the best, that just seems like a really fucking dumb way to do things.

>>275866403lol. They intended exactly what they did. The Great Satan is Europe's most serious enemy, always was and always will be.>>275866472>Think I'm just a dreamer?Yeah. (((The West))) is going into a totalitarian mode now. And it's going to get a lot worse, before will get better. If ever.

>>275866403>No reasonMaterial considerations like Allied war debt aside, America is a nation founded upon universalsit liberal principles, a political religion itself that when combined with America's exceptional view of itself creates a nation very much prepared to proliferate its religion by way of the sword >Or intentionThe American people for the very most part no. The American government? Absolutely. Roosevelt (whatever his overtures to the public) desparately desired war. His condonement of actions deliberately intended to give America a 'righteous' casus belli against Germany in the Atlantic are a testament to this (and that is not even mentioning his domestic policies and personal dislike of Germans as a people)>They would never take that gambleThe US ambassador to Germany told them in not so thinly veiled terms that if the territorial integrity of British Isles was breached then America would take action. Interpret that as you will but America would not see Britain fall, both for practical, 'rational' reasons like economics but also for 'irrational' reasons like political religion.

>>275866463Wouldnt diplomacy with the USSR be better, dividing Poland in two and Germany keeping the western part of it and USSR the eastern, this way Germany would eventually come out on top.

>>275863651Just stfu. Hitler was a mere mortal, food dude but not a God ffs

>>275867107No I am saying that there was no way of winning a war against the combined might of all Empires in the world combined and the only chance, if ever, the Reich had, was to ally with Stalin. Or any other of the powers. Or if Poland had simply joined an anti-Bolshevik operation in the first place and hadn't given the Eternal Anglo their casus belli and which also made it easy for the USA to join in later on. They would have regardless, because as I said Roosevelt and his Jews WANTED WW 2 more than anyone else. At least as much as the Churchills and their protegees the Rothschilds. But a Querfront alliance is also unrealistic as I said. If the Kaiser and Zar were still around, things would be easier today.

>>275867751There could never be peace on a permanent basis with the USSR. Both nations understood this succinctly. It was only a matter of would strike first and when. Hitler made (correct) observation that the longer Germany waited, the stronger the USSR would grow and Germany's chances of victory would grow ever slimmer both in an offensive and defensive war. The General Staff estimated that by 1942-1943 Germany would be fully incapable of defeating the USSR. So for Hitler it was a now or never moment. It was also very convenient that war with the USSR also guaranteed (in the event of success) the fulfilment of other stated ideological goals of German national socialism.

>>275857255The Nazi's occupied Greece and due to their retarded logistics starved out the Greeks, themselves and the Italians.

>>275854490Why didn't you, pussy?

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>>275854490he was high on his own bullshit, btw shit was a generation ago no matter if you are pro or con it does no good to still talk about him it can only make things worse.

>>275868667Uh yeah, that's why I included Greece in my list.

>>275868603I dont agree desu but fair enough. Now the world is permanently fucked and drowning in shitskins, gg.

>>275869246gg indeed

>>275866463Have you taken these informations from David Irving or another historian?

>>275867422This. Only 6% of Americans were in favor of the war.

>>275869450Irving may have spoken on this (I believe he may have spoken on the generals disobeying Hitler's directives) but I didn't actually have him in particular in mind when I wrote that. I assume this is 'relatively' general knowledge (for someone who has read anything about WWII beyond High School at least)

>>275868667*The Wehrmacht had to bail out because Il Duce had the grand idea to attack a neutral (fascist) nation in the middle of preparations for Barbarossa, because there was a Roman Empire to be built and - surprise - utterly failed at doing so. On the way the Wehrmacht also had to get into the whole mess of the Balkans which is basically the Middle East without sand.

>>275868845>Don't talk about the war your Opa fought and which defines our current world order and which is constantly used as (((propaganda))) against you no matter whatYeah okay, Mr. enlightened centrist

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