Biden on death bed

Biden with a bruise on left hand during Kenosha Community Gathering.Biden is under medical care for dementia. He has a bruise on his left hand during the Kenosha Community Gathering. A nurse on twitter stated the he is probable receiving Aducanumab which is an experimental drug to treat dementia. The Democrats are trying to keep Biden alive through the election. Wow!Twitter @Q_Stewardess watch the video and read all comments.

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Guess Kamala will have to suck some one elses dick. Maybe hillary

Biden is already dead.the person you're seeing is not Joe Biden.


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>>275854190There was an user several months ago who claimed to be working on the Biden campaign in Wilmington. He said that they were giving him an experimental drug for dementia. Maybe he was't larping.

>>275856668Or maybe there's only so many lies one can make and some people catch on to a lie and repeat it.

t. Putin troll

>>275854190Large if big.

At least we survived 150 million Americans of the 330 million Americans being killed by guns.

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Thank goodness you survived.

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Q predicted this

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They will kill him before election.Anyone will be better than him. They know it.And then they'll play emotional videos about biden's dream of a better america.


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>>275854190>bruise on hand>must be iv infiltration Lmao

>>275854190***Urgent Mega Newsflash!!!*** Biden did something stupid today so we need to spread disinfo to muddy the waters!!!

Biden insane as

>>275854190Wake up Sleepy Joe

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>>275856117she’s a big guy

Sources say Biden is on his death bed

please don't get bogged down into conspiracy theoriesyes he does show cognitive decline. That doesn't mean he is receiving IV treatments for dementia or anything elseold people get blood drawn routinely through the hand because their veins are shitty and the arm isn't a good spotand he is 100% on blood thinners citing what we know about his previous medical history so the wounds will bruise and look way worse than they are

>>275856117She's going to be POTUS next year. She won't have to suck any more dicks.

>>275860082Think she’ll gain a cock upon inauguration?

>>275856555Trips of truth

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>>275854190The consensus was that he is receiving something intravenously to keep him going.Here's the link to drug does not cure but does slow the development of Alzheimer's according to its maker. It is in the trial stage and is supposed to get priority treatment at the FDA.If he's taking this, he clearly has Alzheimer's and the voting public is being defrauded by his family and the DNC. There's no excuse for this. We really have to push for a full disclosure of his condition. He is not fit to lead the US, whether you agree with the Dem platform or not. We can't let him do it.

Biden claims 120 million Americans died from the USA has 330 million citizens.Biden claims 150 million Americans were shot dead in 2007.That leaves 180 million alive Americans. If 120 million Americans also died from COVID this year, that leaves 60 million remaining Americans alive.

>>275859369Check out the hand. He clearly has something that looks like a needle stick.

>>275854190He’s fine, ask him yourself, 1 beep=yes 2=no.

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Why are female Qtards so much worse than male ones?

>>275859888cope pedo

>>275854190I've seen a nurse with Biden twice now in the last week. Of course, he's only been out twice in the last week too.

>>275859888trips of truth i suppose, what can ya do

>>275859888He was having considerable trouble today. Obviously extremely fatigued and he was having a lot of trouble breathing through his mask. It was as though he consciously had to force himself to breathe. Something was wrong. It's the worst that I've seen him.

>>275860376this country would be great again with only 60 million. especially if the rest of the world was depopped too.

>>275854190>@Q_Stewardesspost an actual link you stupid aids infested nigger faggotfor fuck sake, why is OP always such a tranny dick sucking cum dumpster?

>>275854190Like fucking clockwork. You can't have symptoms that bad and not be lying down in some retirement home.

If Biden is actually telling the truth.Then he only needs 31 million votes to win the Presidency for 2020 from the remaining alive 60 million Americans.Trump should remind Biden's pollsters so JoePedo can orgasm at winning anything over 600 US votes.

>>275860574because women are whores.

>>275854190To think voters are going to step into the booths with this guy as the candidateMany of them will think "christ, i don't want dribbling retard in charge of the country" and just vote TrumpTrump meanwhile doing everything possible to lose the election

>Biden with a bruise on left hand during Kenosha Community Gathering.>Biden is under medical care for dementia. He has a bruise on his left hand during the Kenosha Community Gathering. A nurse on twitter stated the he is probable receiving Aducanumab which is an experimental drug to treat dementia. The Democrats are trying to keep Biden alive through the election. Wow!>Twitter @Q_Stewardess watch the video and read all comments.

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>>275861024>If Biden is actually telling the truth.he said early in his ramble today that JFK was killed the day he graduated.he graduated hs in 1961 and university in 1965.JFK killed in 1963.conclusion:Joe Biden killed JFK

Oh please put in Buttigiege, full of shit creepy gay guy who plagirised obama constantly, and kamala harris who is clearly a truly terrible person.


>>275861569>full of shit>gayhehe he got his shit pushed

>>275860243>Aducanumab>According to the clinical trial website, participants in the trial will receive 10 mg/kg of aducanumab via intravenous infusion every 4 weeks for 100 weeks.If he has another mark 4 weeks from now then yep.

>>275861922he should have a few scars on his head too from the 2 brain surgeries. hard to tell if they were successful or not.

>>275861523I thought that it was RFK who was killed in early June, 1968. That would make more sense.

>>275862084They were but Joe was told that he might have problems later in life.

>>275856333Unironically this

>>275862210sly dog probably did both. he cut his teeth on The Breakfast Club gang back in the day. Cornpop, MiniWheat, WaffleOs, they were some bad dudes.

Capn Crunch was their leader

Joe Biden here. I am feeling a lot better. Jim Comey brought me a fresh niglet to eat. Sadly it was missing a heart. Jim took that to Ginsburg. I am refreshed now. Think I will have the FBI bring me some more children to sexually exploit. Well have a good evening, and hopefully your all are riding with Biden. And I have attaa\ched a picture of my new VP candidate. Man she can suck your dick till it dries out.

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>>275861922It would be useful to see if he had an IV looking prick 4 or 8 weeks ago. I'm ready to go to sleep but may have time tomorrow or Saturday.

>>275856333My theory is that he died in March


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>>275862523Ovaltine and Twinkies.

Probably when this shit with Biden hits the media and they show the bruise on his hand where the injection sit is, Dems medical staff will have a shunt or bypass under Biden's clothing where it cant be seen.

>>275854190If true, the drug sucks .


>>275863756Cocoa Puffs and the Hominy Grits gang

>>275860574They are soccer moms

>>275858922>We'reLearn some basic grammar, this is the most boomer shit i've ever seen.

>>275863820Hilary appeared to be in much better health and she got tossed into a van like a side o beef. Only a matter of time until Biden breaks down I just hope it's in public and captured on video.

>>275863820What would a shunt or bypass do here?

>>275864054Lucky Charms and tea with milk.

>>275856555Ha, that's a pretty good remix.

>please don't get bogged down into conspiracy theoriesIf you think for one minute that the Dems or Biden's wife would release that info this close to an election...your skullfucked.


>>275864978I think user means put a semi permanent drug tube up biden's ass with a bag of meth on his belt and a remote pump dose function taht can be controlled from up to 50 feet away.the biggest problem is once the Secret Service finds out about it they will be up Bidens ass like the aids virus trying to get high on the meth. Yes, the SS is that bad.


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>>275865089Poppa Tart and the Oatmeal Crips

>>275856333checked and this. Imagine thinking these are the same person.

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>>275865342What did he mean by this?


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>>275866110well there's this>Michael Reinoehl has been killed by law enforcement

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>>275866110Under new management

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>>275866525>Michael Reinoehl has been killed by law enforcementOh noes! The RED FAG laws claimed another victim.

Biden is OK, he just needs another mega dose of Adderall, a new brain, and and the kind understanding of the American people who tolerate him shitting his pants in public.


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>>275854190HE FOUND OUT

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It kinda does make sense that they'd kill Biden to get whichever replacement they want on the ballot. If he resigns due to health issues, they look rather weak.

>>275854190>only Russia would try to convince us that Biden is sick.C’mon man you some kinda junkie?

Keep pumping Chuck!We're rooting for you.Go root deep Chuck!

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>>275861523The DNC and the MSM have been foreshadowing the death of Biden for a while now. It will probably be a major FF linked to Qanon or ProudBoys.

>>275866923You remember that thread, too. There was a thread earlier speculating whether Biden today did a brrrrrp like Swalwell . Who knows?

>>275865866I give!

>>275860243>He is not fit to lead the US,and trump is? he is literally a clinical beta with retard tendencies

c'mon man

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>well there's thisMan I said the groundhogs were gonna deliver that fuckers mail and I was right...didn't expect it to be that soon though.

>>275867983Yeah i've been waiting for the Qtard FF. I've heard several media including Fox News say that the Comet Pizza shooter was a Qfag. I guess they forget it was a Debunked Pizzagate Theory thing which was the old narrative.Heard it after Trump got asked about the Q thing in a press beatdown.

>>275868049>You remember that thread, too. There was a thread earlier speculating whether Biden today did a brrrrrp like Swalwell .He loaded his britches. Maybe that's why little whites girls don't like his "attentions." He smells like shit when he smells them.

>>275854190source: twitter commentsstop fucking disappointing me faggots


>>275860376Also means 270 million new Democrat voters.

Keep on Chucking!The Sneed's got all's youse needs!Give the tots a shiny red ball and they remember nothing at all.

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Everything about Biden looked deathly ill while he was dying in Kenosha.

>>275856333Joe Biden died in 2017, what you're seeing is his reanimated corpse.

If he doesn't win the presidency, maybe he can get a cameo on the walking dead.


>>275865342RIP Chuck

Biden will be the new criptkeeper with Pelosi on Tales of the Cript.

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