George Lincoln Rockwell

Say something nice about this man

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>>275852000Hi George. Looks like you got trips. Congrats on that. Also, why do Jews control so much? Some infographics would be nice, George.

Absolutely definition of an American hero. Had he not been assassinated i whole heartedly believe he would have held a seat of power and we'd be in an immensely different situation. Truly the last great American, he had former military backing him, and the average American as well. Truly, the greatest loss of our time. If even less than a quarter of Holla Forums had the heart this man has the world would be so different

>>275852000So what was the deal with John Patler? He was such a Hitler fan that he changed his surname, then he goes and shoots dead the leader of the American Nazi Party. RIP GLR, I hope there's people like him in the future.

>>275852000You were right

>>275852000MIGHT not have been a fed.



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>>275852625Either a jewish plant or cock-hungry faggot groupie for george.

>>275852000I think he had something nice to say to all of

He supported local businesses by washing his clothes at a laundromat instead of home.

>>275852625He was a rat. Got kicked out once for spreading commie propaganda to the boys in the mail room. Tried to start his own group and failed miserably, got brought back and kicked out again and killed GLR in some fit of homo vengeance rage

If you read his FBI file he was a glownigger. He used to call the FBI regularly to inform on his group. One of them eventually found out, and killed him for it.

>>275852750I'm really not sure either.

>>275852000Checked He is one of my hero

>>275852000he was a big guy who doesn't afraid of anything

>>275852000I will read your children's book to my kids

>>275853330obviously a good leader would weed his garden

>>275853330Where can I find that?

>>275853330File a foia and post proof

Dude even died with style

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>>275852750wise kraut

I listened to one of his speeches on YouTube and was mesmerised. He was so... reasonable yet so based. I could not disagree with a word he said. No wonder they killed him.

>>275852750>>275853421Have you read his books or ever listened to any of his speeches? There is zero chance he was a fed.

>>275853780This. He and a bunch of other leaders from the time were targets. Pro blacks like Maclom and pro whites like Rockwell


>>275853880this time the world and white power are really good reads. Even his kids book the ducks and the geese

Gone but not forgottenWe need you more than ever, man...

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Based and

>>275852000One strong man amongst a sea of weakness.


>>275854225shit my bad

>>275853330This poster is a kike shill. Same old false narrative as people who call Hitler a Jewish plant.

>>275852000100% correct about everything.... Which is why he was eliminated

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>>275852000according to pol this is a mutt and unable to join the ethnostate.

>>275854046Fable of the ducks and hens. Not ducks and geese

>>275852000He was right.

>>275853970>Warning my kids about the dangers of foreigners is what feds doGo into your dads closet, get his gun, load it, cock it, make sure the safety is off, put the barrel in your mouth, up against the roof at an angle towards the back of your head, and pull the trigger

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>>275854056Does anyone know what speech this was from?

>>275853955He really admired Malcolm X.

>>275852000the day this man was killed was the day god stopped existing, (and as you know, he very clearly let it go to shit only AFTER he died)

>>275852000Cattle die, kinsmen die, and so one dies one's self. One thing I know that never dies... is the fame of a dead man's deeds.

RIP Commander Rockwell

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>>275854355This.We filed a FOIA in 2015. FBI file reads just like the kike shills on here:>he was pedo>he was homoetc. You can read it Nazi Party /American Nazi Party Part 1 of 2 Nazi Party /American Nazi Party Part 1 of 2

Absolute legend.

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I was sad when I first learned about Mussolini, Franco, Mosley, and Hitler, people who truly fought and cared for their people, because I thought the americans never had a leader like that. It was a big relief when I learned about Rockwell and I now respect him greatly, only second to Mosley.

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>>275854840Vote White Speech Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia 1965

>>275856130Exactly all they cared about were their people they didn't hate niggers at first but because they're so unbearable they hated them

>>275852000>"Hey dad what's that book over there on the bookshelf called White Power about?">pull it downShould I read it guys? It's never been touched.

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>>275856440All the Euro Leaders I mentioned really didnt have too many qualms with them, just didnt want them around, Rockwell was the only one who had nigger fatigue (only person who had to live around them). Mosley even sorta advocated to stop oppressing brown's and blacks in their own countries.

>>275852000The way he smokes his pipe is pretty cool

>>275856440Rockwell didn't even hate niggers. He said many times that it's absurd to hate somebody for their race. He had a ton of respect for Malcolm X, and he genuinely wanted to give blacks and opportunity to make something of themselves. He just didn't want nigger neighbors, or to live under a government that enabled nigger terrorists.

>>275856718Yes, absolutely. It is literally the single most important book you could ever read. Especially now, considering the climate. When you talk about his predictions for the future, it will be like you're reading word for word the news of the last month.

>>275856827Yea, he knew jews wanted a race war.

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Didn't Hitler consider American as mutts? And not fit to rule and were less Aryans? Top Kek I love that GLR was killed.

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>>275856920Interesting. After I found it I decided to buy Civil War 2 and the Protocals. I read those two. Civil War 2 predicted what is happening right now to the year and one month off.

>>275852000All three of his names are very manly and together are a very powerful name.

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>>275852000>>>000checkedrockwell was based.

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>>275857192Goyim Defense League?

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>>275855593based Dr. WLP

>>275852000He tried, even back then americans were big fucking pussies who love boots and polyester jackets.

>>275857202No, he didn't at all. Try actually understanding the subject before talking out of your ass. He felt America was doomed to failure thanks to Jews and niggers. A man like GLR could have saved us if it weren't for kike assassins.

>>275857202Lol isnt hitler dead and fucking lost to mutts he considered inferior? Shut the fuck up Euro Trash. Worst thing America ever did was get involved in your faggot politics.

>>275852000>"Hitler held U.S. society in contempt, stating that the United States (which he consistently referred to as the "American Union") was "half Judaized, and the other half Negrified"[94]and that "in so far as there are any decent people in America, they are all ofGerman origin".">Hitler viewed Americans as Mutts >In The New Order>Those that rule had to be of German bloodline>GLR was a wannabe and didn't realize Hilter would've gassed his ass

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>>275852000I like his haircut.

>>275858067read the New Order? Hitler plans for world domination? You mad because Germans consider you mutts inferior?

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>>275852000Helluva bullet catcher.

>>275856920WP has been sitting on my bookshelf for years... It's about time I read it.

>>275852000ROCK well...clearly a Freemason.

>>275858705I'm not mad.

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>>275859282I sadly only own a copy of this time the work. This thread has made me go back and start re reading it of you familiar with this fella? Interesting piece of history out of California, of all places...Pic related

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>>275861030Seems pretty cringe

nice man with pleasant smile.I wish you were more like him.

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>>275852000The man looked, acted and spoke like an American

>>275856346got a link? can't seem to find it on the internet

>>275858464>>275858705>>275857202>muh muttsPost quotes of Hitler shitting on Americans. Go on, kike>Hitler plans for world dominationNo such thing, memeflaggot kike. You larp as a (((nazi))) and yet you don't even know shit about the actual Natsoc party. Why don't you show us that shiny israeli flag, Chaim? Are you afraid of your own heritage?

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>> White, Full Speech.mp3

>>275862835butthurt because Hitler viewed you Americunts as Mutts? Top KekI am no J00 you fucking kike, mad because I shitted over your dreams that you are Aryan which you aren't you Mutt

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>> White, Full Speech.mp3

>>275863974You're a definite kike shill. Hiter had no desire to dominate the world and he had no desire to subjugate other races. He just wanted a free, pure, harmonious Germany.


>>275864146There's a the New Order you shilling kike

>>275852000He was a good man. what a rotten way to die. also checked.

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>>275863974>>275858705>>275857202transparent jew is transparent

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>>275852000Nice head of hair on the guy.


>>275866910Kike calling another a kike? Ok you americunts mutts top kek

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>>275866731I’m glad Trump had all those niggers and kikes speak at the RNC convention. It really showed us all that he’s on the right side of history.

>>275867964obvious kike is obvious. all the natsoc reaction images in the world won't obfuscate your brazen kikery.


>>275868777Imagine being so deluded that you refuse to believe that anyone who holds a contrary opinion is real.

He was too good for this world.

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>>275867964bro I was just scrolling by and I stopped to let you know that you just posted cringe.

Guys, do you remember when Hitler fought a war to promote Nazism, then lost and blew his brains out because of shame?

>>275856920>When you talk about his predictions for the future, it will be like you're reading word for word the news of the last month.This. It's really uncanny. Essential reading for all White folk.

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>>275861030Oh is he related to Rolo tomassi

>>275869093>bot spews non-sequitur that has nothing to do with the topic of discussion>it's just a contrary opinionok

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>>275861030Died August 15, 1975 (Aged 24) El Monte, California Lol

>>275869996>no one who points out that I’m retarded can be realKek

>>275856920do you have it in pdf?

I miss George

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