What does Holla Forums know about the occulus anubis cult in oregon?45.3968, -122...

What does Holla Forums know about the occulus anubis cult in oregon?45.3968, -122.4380Beyond the gates you can see a giant statue of Thot. Use google maps.

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>>275848278Never heard of it, looks interesting though, have a bump.

>>275848278>ThotYou mean Thoth?

>>275848278please tell me that Thot battles Kek somewhere in their lore


Inside the gate.

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>>275848278Use drones to survey the areaOld 4chan would have done that a long time ago

>>275848697giant statue of them hoes over there. nice


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thatoregonlife.com/2014/10/temple-oculus-anubis-creepiest-place-oregon-wtf/Well.. the real story would probably take the "creepiest place in Oregon" away from it all. The youngest son of the family, an eye physician, Dr Neal was raised in this house and remains to live on the property. The parents bought the property in 1971 around the time he was in middle school/beginning of high school. Their family is of Egyptian/Irish descent and he went to Egypt around 19 years old. He observed the great structures built by Egyptians and studied their family history; bringing back many structural ideas.The statue is actually Sekhmet, a 23-ft marble statue of the goddess of protection. Above the archway is their family emblem. Five years ago, when I spoke with his mother, she said they were building an addition to the main house that Dr. Neal, his wife, and child (possibly children now) would live in with a tunnel to connect the two houses underground. They are also building another statue, the god of protection and walking trails around the property.At the time, they had been working on the project for four years. She mentioned that upon completion, there will be about 6-7 gods and goddess throughout their property and planned to have it completed in 4-5 years. Of course, the gates are finished now, and tarps aren't covering their emblem, but I don't know how much more they have completed behind the fence. His mother wanted me to let everyone know that they are a normal family that has a passion for architecture and their history and they are not a cult.


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apparently it's not a cult just a rich family of ancient Egyptian larpers

>>275849358>old 4chanshits long gone senpai

>>275849358I was doing research and old 4chan did in fact. An /x/ user visited the site and posted pics. Im sure if you crosspost on X you might get some info. But then again todays /x/ is full of zoomers as well.

I've seen this before.Just some eccentric rich person.

>>275849703>>275849780Thats what they about this oregon cult in the 70s and 80s. They even have a netflix doc.

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>>275848278Where in Oregon is it?

possible connection to the oculist mystery school and the copiale cipheren.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copiale_cipherThe Oculists were a group of ophthalmologists led by Count Friedrich August von Veltheim, who died in April 1775. The Philipp 1866 Copiales 3 document, however, appears to suggest that the Oculists, or at least Count Veltheim, were a group of Freemasons who created the Oculist society in order to pass along the Masonic rites[7][11] which had recently been banned by Pope Clement XII.

>>275848697Eyeballs of dog head dead guy but why

>>275848278Alot of the antifa protestors worship the occult.Also, remember alex jones's Bohemian Grove video?

>>275848278>45.3968, -122.4380huh

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>>275850629I do I say it in 2004 just around when it came. While cool and all aj didnt infiltrate bohemian grove. They invited a french journalist working for brittish C4tv and he brought AJ along with him. C4 was filming a documentary only AJ stole all the credit but he never crashed the place they invited him. If you really want to know about bohemian grove look into ted gunderson. Unlike AJ hes legit. Want nightmare fuel? Google paul bonnaci a kid who was abused at bohemian grove. Ted gunderson helped him sue the US gov and john decamps was his lawyer. John decamps wrote a book of child abuse during the bush era that involved prominent republicans at the time. Sadly zoomers dont know any of this.

>>275850018I posted the coordinates you dumb mutt.

This appears to be very similar landscape to where the Portland shooter was interviewed today today. Is that what you're hinting at?

>>275852807Those are coordinates dumb burger.

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>>275849342That is not Thoth.

>>275848278>>275849342>ThotThoth is not depicted as a lion, you dumb fucking spic. I can tell it's Sekhmet immediately. Furthermore, this was discovered years ago and there's literally nothing else in the surrounding area. It's just art.

>>275853627Ok moshe.

>>275848278cult shit like this would be cool and mysterious before the internet. now its like hot topic for the soul. the symbolism is like going to a tattoo parlor and picking what you want out of a giant book of clipart.


>>275849451this guy barely made varsity but he wears his lettermans jacket everywhere

>>275853835I know what you mean. It's always funny to me when people order occult books off Amazon, or think a ouija board from Milton Bradley is going to let them talk to demons and shit.

>>275848278i wouldn't have my children near those death cult larpers

Probably somewhere you can see the 7th gate

>>275848278Fake as fuck. Some dipshit's attempt to recreate the Bohemian Grove only without the power and symbolism.

>>275850018Right next to Damascus in the Portland suburbs going up to mount hood.

>>275848278I would strongly recommend deleting this thread

>>275849685Suck a dick

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Btw that's anubis not thoth

>>275848278Lol Ive actually been there.

>>275853627This, that bitch is sekhmet.Female with the head of a lioness.Not a anubis (jackal headed), not thoth (he has the head of a ibis or a baboon). Probably some feeder cult for a bigger, more secretive goddess/sex cult with ties to the various bloodline families that consider that region sacred.Still, would be a real shame if there was forest fire or lightning strike in that beautiful forest region, given how terrible the fire season has been this year.Natural disasters are the worst, but I guess things just happen for a reason.I wonder what the emergency responders would find on that property, if such a thing were to happen.I really hope that never happens.In minecraft.>>275857624Oh really, what was it like?

>>275848278Seems like you could just walk around that giant gate, no?

>>275848278>>275849342>>275849451>>275852807Probably where they go and do their demented child sacrifice shit or other twisted shit.in the bush near one of the biggest abo "missions" here (kinda like a native reservation) there's a dirt road that goes to heaps of different all over to countless different towns and areas and is where people drive when they've been drinking as it's barely got cops. at the wooden sign on the mission/main town side just before the dirt road there is all plastic baby doll pieces and shit hanging on and around the side.Me and some mates were driving in to this main town along this dirt road to pick up a mate's missus late at night one night after having a few up at their property when we saw all these cars pulled up with their lights on through the scrub.but as we got closer they quickly switched them off.could have been some blokes pretty much doin what we were doing or it could have been fucking witches or satanists or some shit.just seemed strange with them mangled baby dolls at the start of the dirt road on the mish/main town side.this is one of the biggest mishes in n.s.w too mind you and a dying industrial town with plenty of abandoned warehouses and holiday towns nearby where heaps of "new age" people live and where meth dealers have women that go and make friends with wives and mothers to get them hooked on it, get them divorced and then get the wife/mother so doped out that she lets anybody come in and fuck them in front of the kids and fuck the kids

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>>275853571you dont understand how this site works

>>275859492Fucking aussieanons, never change

>>275859492i love ya man but this is too much Australian to understand

>>275859086QRD on Sekhmet...

>>275848278where is this exactly ?

Don't go to the woods near Scotts Mills, OR. Lots of old believers that like to hold sacrifice rituals. It's usually just deer that they bleed out and string up in the trees, but plenty of people have gone missing too.

>>275859492That sounds to sophisticated for Aus.

>>275849551>building tunnels and underground structures around your property>having various god and goddess statues put up for the purpose of "protection">very wealthy and with an extensive and prominent family history that ties back to EgyptOk, maybe not a cult outright, but they can't deny that their is an interest in the esoteric and occult by their choice statues and structures, and tunnels to transport things surreptitiously is very common in those cults that are later found to be engaging in human trafficking, so....

>>275848278Someobody posted this. Fidellio is password.Where is this building from?

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>>275860014kek, cheers mate. same goes for you ameribros ya bloody legends>>275860190love you too mate, just let us know what words or whatnot you need translated if that helps

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ALL sects and cults are fronts for human/child/drug trafficking, you don't even have to question it at this point.

>>275860296en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SekhmetYou have access to the closest equivalent to the akashic records humans have at this time at the tips of your fingers, you don't even need to use google to find pretty much any information that you want.She was considered the daughter of Ra, and is considered a protective deity in the sense that she will maul the shit out of you and that evil trembles in her sight.In egyptian mythology, she almost killed all of mankind, but was stopped when Ra tricked her into drinking beer that was tinted red with hematite and red ochre, which she mistook for blood, which caused her to get drunk and stop her rampage to go home.In Egypt, she was worshipped by having a gaint festival of drunkenness to remember that they all weren't slaughtered, and on her temples there was a specific porch made just for that.If you were trying to build a cult around recruiting dumb bitches into initiation into the world of sex magic and like, I think having a goddess associated with drunkenness as your greeter would be a good choice. Stupid new age bitches love their drink, and love being wrathful.

>>275859492where abouts. just spill it.

>>275863018Good call mate, JFK's speech about secret societies springs to mind;"The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings..."And he called out the silencing of the righteous in the media;"there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control."Wonder why he was shot?

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>>275854892such brilliance

>>275856414>>275856414would have to be in a drainage as Damascus is not that green

>>275860500about 30 miles from Portland

>>275863955yeah alright mate, Taree mish N.S.W between Sydney and Brisbane.As you're on the Pacific highway driving from Sydney to Brisbane there's a turnoff that takes you to a roundabout with a service centre (food court and petty [gas, petrol, diesel]) you go past that roundabout then a couple metres up there's another roundabout, you take a left turn and you are in the mish, drive straight ahead a couple of metres and the tarred road ends and this is where the sign with the dolls are and where it becomes a dirt road off to the right.the town's with the "new age" shit is any coastal town around there.the part about the meth parasites was in Forster.

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>>275865159I grew up in Damascus. Your lying or have only been through the town. Damascus is mostly backroads and lots of them look like that especially the back way leading out to Sandy or Clackamas.

>>275848278Are there any public statues related to Mr. Owl

>>275848278gay LARP shit for rich faggots

>>275848278I grew up out there and learned to drive on all the back roads. I was the first one with a license so I then taught all my friends. I spent a fair bit of time just driving around drunk on the back roads too. I never saw this place but I contacted people I went to highschool with about it. They had heard about it through the grapevine after the fact but never saw it either. Sorry I don’t have more to add. May more people will get back to me and have more information on it. I remember an old thread on /x/ about this where someone went out. All they saw was what is contained in the OP picture and had no more information. I don’t know anybody that still lives out there as we all left as soon as we could. The town is full of middle class farmers who larp as well off but in reality are just a bunch of gross hillbillies. It’s no place anybody wants to stay.