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>>275845555>>275843886What about xher (Syrian refugee in Germany)? Similar phenotype imho.

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It's 4:15 AM and my neighbours are cooking some fine food in large pots for Ashura, at 6 AM the food will be ready and the nearby houses will send people carrying small pots to take some food including us.

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>>275846047the tips of the lips are curved upwards, the eyes slightly asymmetrical, the nose pear like, and the shoulder narrowArab Muslim Sunni/Christian of high class city residence

>>275846602Damn you're pretty good at this. I pride myself being somewhat decent at it

>>275846602Holy shit, Palestine has a flag? I thought it showed up as Israel.

>>275846981I have to know what language to speak to people or else I get shot

>>275846602Could be Greek pheno but they choose a to good looking one.Never forget Lindsay Lohan Tries To 'Kidnap' Refugee Kidsyoutube.com/watch?v=-lWxRyAJKkY

>>275847141I like to play the game of telling if someone is from the south, the middle or a Kurd>>275847037I know right? I thought so too

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>>275846602Interesting. She's an Orthodox Christian from Damascus I believe.

>>275847141You must have an interesting life

>>275845860i want to see her to suck a fat BBC desu

>>275845860She's a QT

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>>275847528Flag checks out

>>275845860Designed SOLELY for BBC

>>275847037Greetings Spiros>>275847288Angular eyebrows and flat round wholesome face>>275847315the guy handling the gun is a kurd

>>275847685Analyze interesting face I found on the channel you linked (@3:00):youtube.com/watch?v=7ecwSaL0GuU

>>275847685>the guy handling the gun is a kurdNice. Iraq is usually the Hard mode in this game

>>275847685>Angular eyebrows and flat round wholesome facewhat does this mean i am not good with the whole phenotype think.pic related a greek good looking one from some riot a while ago

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Sorry to break the after hours simp edition of /sg/ but did you catch the fucking celebrations for Bashagha. Way more intense than those when he was dismissed.

>>275848294She has some Egyptian, some Jewish and by the eyes, some Arabic I think. Interesting face indeed

>>275848294She is a juraselamite, arab, muslim, residant of a village, didn't have to open the video, the thumb was enough>>275848373Left most is a christian from mosul

>>275848548>Bashagha-led coup soon

>>275848501those are linear eyebrows, they are Greek alright>>275848717Nah, those are typical Jerusalimite features

>>275849055>Nah, those are typical Jerusalimite featuresAh.

>>275848729You can tell apart pleb villagers and city bougies by the face?Come to think of it I can sort of do that with Germans.

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>>275849219>Come to think of it I can sort of do that with Germans.So can I with Iraqis

/sg/ - simp general lmao

The Middle East has been a giant soup of ethnicites since the dawn of human civilisation

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>>275849055Mouth lips look more on par with Syriangirl while rarer in Greece they exist but usually more toned down. Damn look close>>275846047>>275848501

Ok guess this

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>>275850087Ancient Romans living in the ME

>>275850061Yer on 4chan user>>275850283I'mma say Syrian city dweller, middle class or upper

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>>275850283Opportunistic personality

>>275850938that is an albino Iraqi kek cannot survive under the sun for sure

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>>275851087Wouldn't know myself>>275850623The village next to the girl in the videoWas the mousl christian guess correct?

>>275851361>Was the mousl christian guess correct?I don't know much about the northern parts of Iraq that aren't Kurdish but I can tell you for sure that he cannot be from anywhere south of Baghdad so in that regard yes you are correct

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>>275851807 Kek


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Mmmmmmmmm I can't wait for the food. We're cooking too in a few days

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>>275846047>Syrian refugee Unlike kurdish people from SyriaArabs will never fit in>Yusra Mardini>phenotypeSemite - Arab - Middle-east

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>>275852906what's the name of that stout fat short iraqi female singer?? she must be popular. i saw a music video by her and some guy on youtube. trying to find it please help. theres a wedding in the music video i think. it must be a love song

>>275849219Face and speech usually. Ruralites speak slowly, townies slightly faster, urbanites the fastest

>>275853400What makes Kürts and Arabs different and that regard?

>>275847584Better on webcam than TV(Maybe webcam glam tricks)

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>>275853538Don't know much about singer let alone modern ones kek sorry

I googled Syrian Christians and i get strong PartisanGirl phenos

>>275853718Kurds are alot more liberal and westernised that's why Antifa loves them

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>>275853718>What makes Kürts and Arabs differentGenetics

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>>275854487Is this an international brigade? These look like they've been scooped up from a western uni and planted in Syria. They look like spiteful mutants. Poor genetic health overall.


Bitch in the pic is a communist

>>275854487I thought it was the opposite really. Yazidis in Germany are known for honor killings, but Sunni Kurds are more mellow I guess.

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Shit Syrian Christians also look Greek as fuck. This guy looks Cretan as fuck

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>>275854768Yeah alot of these types volunteered to fight with the Gurds>>275854832I wish they were just communist and not libtard faggots >>275855983Greeks and Romans have had Syria and the Levant for so long that this is no surprise

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>>275847141I heard Syria Girl say that most Levantines identify with the Arameans and see themselves different from the Gulf Arabs.Do you think Syrians, Lebanese, and Palestinians would ever identify as Greater Syrians?Btw old map I made earlier this year and haven't finished. Iran, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, and Turkey aren't done. What do you guys think of it so far?Pink - GeorgiaBrown - ArmeniaLight Blue - KurdistanBurgundy - SyriaGold - Mount LebanonDark Yellow - PalestineYellow - JaziraRed - West Assyria and East AssyriaOrange - Yazidistan (Part of Kurdistan)Cyan - TurkmeneliGreen - IraqBaby Blue - Jabal ShammarOrange - HejazRed - NejdBrown - HasaYellow - QatarPink - Yam/NajranLime - TiharnaGreen - North YemenBurgundy - South YemenBlue - HadramautPurple - Mehra (Including Socotra)North Yemen needs a port so I think I'll give them the province Hudeidah is in. It'll change North Yemen from 99% Shia to 70-ish% Shia though.

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>>275845860>>275846047>>275850087>>275850283>>275855915>>275855983Still shit skins that have to go back. Their 2% european ancestry will not save them on the day of the rope

>>275856575>day of the ropeAny day now.

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>>275856575>>275856821I smell Turkposting

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>>275856563You can sperg about language and group identity and aryans and sumerians all you want but these people are all very closely related. None of them have any attachment to europe or europeans.

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>>275856563Shit nigger your crated the Muslim-Arab version of balkans

>>275856563>LevantinesWe are, but we are also a part of greater peoples, Byzentine, Arab, Christian and MuslimI don't think you can manufacture hate against egyptians, gulf people, western arab world, southern european...etcIts nowhere clean cut like France and Britain, the most likely example I can give you is Germany and Austria, that is how most "Levantines" think of "Arabs" in my experience, with the possible exception of Maronite Lebanese> old mapSini and Naqab are a cultural unit in and of themselves , all the way to PetraThose good for an administrative and legislative "Amarican State" level

/gbg/ died. Does this look/read real enough to you /sg/? I don't care of your opinions on the contents, it's all diplomatic jargon anyway. I will mail it to our FM if he fucks this Stoltenberg move up.

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>>275858057Still a lot of road to go

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>>275858057Both countries lack nukes so finger crossed the talks will break down and it will be a comfy war

>>275857820I put levantines, georgians, armenians, turks and iranians in one group. And gulf arabs and egyptians in another.


>>275854080>>275858685surely you know about Jumaa'a if im saying his name correctly -- the drug addict who uses tupperware as a drum?

>>275857820>Sini and Naqab are a cultural unit in and of themselves , all the way to PetraThe Bedouin? How different are they from the Arabian Peninsula Bedouin?My map was mainly about culture, but administration and resources are important too. I don't see anything wrong with Sinai going to Egypt or Naqab going to Palestine so I just left it. Are they their own culture? Could they support their own country? Only thing is the Egyptians and Palestinians might be mad at losing land.Attached pic on Arabic dialects that seems to suggest what you're saying.>Those good for an administrative and legislative "Amarican State" levelWhat do you mean?>>275857563What?>>275857733Pretty much. It's better than Sykes-Picot, right? All these different culture being forced together causes problems in my view.

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>>275858886They have to withdraw to start talking. At this point they prefer Turkish public not to focus on the Lira and their internal problems

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>>275858886Oh. I'm talking about the image. It surely must be good enough for a real life shitpost.

>>275859155>Attached pic on Arabic dialects that seems to suggest what you're saying.They are culturally different, they will need their own local laws to feel a belonging> Only thing is the Egyptians and Palestinians might be mad at losing land> What do you mean?I am suggesting a they are all a part of a bigger federal state, no one should lose land, those are "States" in the American way


>>275860009ill try to find a clip of what im talking about . stay tuned.

Btw how you guys feel that Americans get chaos on their streets maybe for the first time since decades

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>>275845860The days of martyrdom will return. The only thing we will soon mourn is the fact that we've waited so long.

>>275860361Is this the one? youtube.com/watch?v=gNTWMsV92kA

>>275860009i probably have the name wrong but im talking about the iraqi homeless dark fella who's famous for singing with the police and army.. he looks retarded or ugly but he has an excellent singing voice.. cmon ppl>>275861046yes

>>275860976Based >>275860881Feels like inevitability

>>275861132>yesYou want the name of the girl right? It's Tiba Ali طيبة علي>youtube.com/watch?v=MBgktlpaSBQ

>>275861387Her face is perfectly round.

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>>275861387i was talking about a different woman but i appreciate your effort.

>>275861707I love the scenery in the video, reminds me of my relatives' village near Babylon

>>275861950Is this along the Euphrates as well? Looks so green.

>>275859788Ah, I understand. That makes sense.

>>275861196>inevitabilityVery diplomatic coming from an Iraqi

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>>275862326The entire heartland between the rivers up to Baghdad is green as fuck just like the video. Hold on I'll find you a pic from my visit there a few days ago


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>>275862602Yeh I know>>275863082>>275862326Here, finally found something that should get me doxxed(I think). This is what you'll see for miles and miles as you travel around Mesopotmaian heartland

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>>275845860she's perfect wife material!

>>275864523This looks very nice indeed. I've read about the palm groves of Iraq before. Are they still harvested for dates in any major way?

>>275865755>Are they still harvested for dates in any major way?Not really most are too lazy to give a shit about dates unless a specific company or farm is doing it. Quite sad really because we could easily trade the huge excess for other stuff

I thought Libya would be Syria 2.0 as soon as Egypt intervened but quite the opposite happened

>>275858788I will put your mom in one group, faggot.

>two threads in one day>One thread is all simp postsIs /sg/ coming back?

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>>275847584that pic is 10 years olf. she's hittin the wall in the next few montha

>>275856575lol keep LARPing

Hey guys Check out the Mutt Massacre General]>>275866301Rub the Salt Deep inside the Mutt Wounds. Contribute Geopolitical articles on Mutts getting BTFO on the international sphere. Drink the Blood of Mutts.

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>>275858057Made a meme version. Now it's ironically pretentious. Gonna stuff it in an envelope and see if he has a mailbox at his house to drop it in.

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>al-Baghdadi>Solemeini>ReinoehlNothing better than dead terrorists

>>275868512Iranians love their nose jobs