Child protection service and the judge have failed this girl. She is being forced to live with pedos. This needs to go viral

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Other urls found in this thread: Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner,of a sexual assault victim.>>275850257I'm

>>275845110I see white female children are lower than white fempedos on the oppression hierarchy.

>>275845527this shit made my blood boil. how can there not be a special set of protocols when a child is screaming she is being raped? they just follow the same routine no matter the situation. these people are either braindead or they dont care.

>>275845110Not your personal army. Sage.


>>275847213thanks for the bump, pedo

>>275845110Bump. This does need to go viral. If Trump is hunting down paedos he also needs to do something about this.

>>275845110If I were the father I wouldn't let her go back fuck the courts man the fuck up men this is your family. Fucking hell.

>>275848043Day of the rope can't come soon enough.

>>275845110>my crackhead family lost custody or some shit of the child because we're crackheadsNot your personal army. Didn't read.Sage.

>>275845110Did they ever ask the kid where she wants to go?

>>275848040It already went viral and twitter suppressed this video

>>275848570I dont think they care. There is video of the judge deanding the father take down his faceberg page to protect the investigation, so the judge must have some idea of whats being claimed

>>275845110Small girls lie all the time for attention. I didn't buy her act really.

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>>275849127hard to imagine a little girl telling lies about finding blood in her underwear after saying her mom watched her boyfriend scratch her"vivi". sounds awfully detailed for kid level lies unless this is all a scam by the father to win custody, and she has been prepped with a story to tell

>>275845110>Child protection service and the judge have failed this girl. She is being forced to live with pedos. Sounds like it is working as designed then. You can't vote your way out of clown world and retards need to start UTILIZING THE 2ND AMENDMENT because it is the only thing these satanists understand.

>>275848758I hope a real life Punisher gets wind of this.

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>>275849437all fathers should have custody by default, single moms are worthless and unable to raise children. They inverted the system because of this fact.

>>275849437Serious post since you're clearly invested in this:I'm a forensic psychiatrist. Kids lie about this stuff all the time. Often coached by family or they make shit up because often kids expect people to want them to make affirmative statements. If the parents watch CSI or Law and Order or any other crime show, it's not uncommon at all for kids to repeat stories they saw on there to do what they think is saying the right thing. Had a case of this yesterday. The SANE exam usually is how we find out it's junk.

Bump.Pedos should be burnt alive with napalm.

There was a recent court hearing. Fucking judge is so god damn retarded.


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>>275849793I really hope that's the case. Thanks for the info

>>275848043At the moment he doesn't know where his children are

bumplocal people vote for their DA and mayors and town councilThey need to be at every council meeting.we can't do it for them

>>275845110let me guess your boyfriend is niggerSeeing this kind of shit gives me courage to imagine if something similar happened to my sister, I know that surely I would not have enough self-control not to take out my 1911 and fill it with lead, poor girl

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>>275849793Interesting, what's the SANE exam?Is there anything that stands out in this video to you?

>>2758497932 questions:1. Can you make a simple analysis on what's available on the video?2. Are you here on the clock or on your own accord?

>>275847213Chan rules say you can't announce sages. SO FUCK YOU.


btw they accused the father to be unfit because he owns guns (in fucking Texas)Also the evil dark web is a danger to the child. They clearly tried to hide this story but it "sadly" went viral. >>275848570>Did they ever ask the kid where she wants to go?The kid made it very obvious.

>>275849793>(((forensic psychiatrist)))fuck off, kike.

>>275848484Can't announce sages. Does anyone read the rules before posting? Holla Forums is a bunch of illiterate retards.

looked like the CPS lady enjoyed it. like she knew she was destroying her childhood and possibly fucking up this young girl mentally.

>>275849793She didn't affirm anything put to her. She waited until the mother was away and then made an allegation

>>275850224Rape Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner,of a sexual assault victim.>>275850257I'm off work. Currently working inpatient psych ward. Off shift as of.... 2 hrs ago. Honestly, not going to watch the video because i can't confirm validity of anything in it, don't know anything about the case, don't know the people, etc. etc. Irresponsible to weigh in when it's just raw speculation. I can answer general questions, but if that applies to whatever THIS case is that's not for me to say.

>people saying how could the grandmother do that and the judge is just powertripping against menTHEY'RE ALL FUCKING IN ON IT YOU DENSE RETARDS

>>275845110Who cares? Every time I try to tell normies it's retarded to let the government have more say over your children than you do they always say>WTF THEY STOP CHILD RAPISTS>OMFG YOU WANT CHILDREN TO GET RAPEDmeanwhile the reality is they take peoples children for "child neglect" for living off the grid and not having electricity but rarely ever take pedos children

>>275850620>Honestly, not going to watch the video because i can't confirm validity of anything in ityou cant confirm who you are, but you're posting as a specialist. just watch the 20second video and give opinion

>>275850620larping faggot

>>275849819>Fucking judge is so god damn retarded.THEY'RE COMPLICIT AND ACTIVELY INVOLVED YOU FUCKING MORON.

>>275850224"Sexual assault nurse exam" - You don't know how to use jewgle?

>>275845110fucking simp, whether you help her or not she'll grow up to be a whore like modern w*men by opening up an onlyfans account later on

>>275850530You're not allowed to do a lot of shit Holla Forums allows.>>275850584Again, idk any details. Just offered that tidbit since it's really not uncommon for kids to lie for testimonies. That video means nothing in and of itself.>>275850931K i watched it. Honestly thought it was gonna be some rambling 20 minute youtube conspiracy style video. How am I supposed to make any serious claims from that video?

>>275845110get her a rape kit asap. make a medical determination.

>>275851178>Honestly thought it was gonna be some rambling 20 minute youtube conspiracy style videothere was a 20 min youtube video where she fought her mom/grandma but youtube deleted it. (Raw footage with no commentary from stupid youtubers)

>>275851178>testimoniesIt's not a testimony though, it's an accusation. Seems right up your ally. I think a lot of anons. would like to simply hear your input. Preface your analysis as very unprofessional and far from protocol.Just list specific things you're seeing.

>>275845110Fuck off, moralfag. That shit is clearly a lie from an ex-husband who hates his ex-wife. Nobody should take any claims like this made during a custody proceeding.

>>275851100>THEY'RE COMPLICIT AND ACTIVELY INVOLVED YOU FUCKING MORON.yes but does this change the fact that she cries about the dark web and talks a shitload of nonsense.

>>275851178>serious claimsI'm not asking for a detailed analysis or for you to wager your bank account. I am only asking if, since you said you have experience with this situation, if that child comes across as genuine.

>>275851164It doesn't mean she deserves to lose her childhood and be tortured till then.

>>275851490Sure:it sounds like a kid describing sexually inappropriate acts. The fact she doesn't use any medical jargon and doesn't go into details of the acts lends credence to validity.The statement regarding blood in pants is not really "helpful" for either side of the argument as there are many medical causes and that is a classically coached reply. Her tone and cadence are suggestive of sincere distress, but that same style of speaking is observable in kids "trapped" in a series of lies.Overall the video means nothing in a vacuum, but could be valuable supplementary evidence. Do I think this girl is being sexually abused? Possibly. But hell if I know. I'm watching a 45 second video without any context or weighing in by the court system. I don't have any medical exams to actually comment on.>>275851683As above. Could she be genuine? Yup. It's interesting that last bit about the role in the school play. THAT makes for an interesting confounding factor. Is kid a good actor or is that grandma aware of something or is that grandma passively casting doubt? That's all rampant speculation, but i've seen every direction.

>>275851164>she'll grow up to be a whore like modern w*men by opening up an onlyfans account later onI wouldn't be surprised if 80-90% of all women with an onlyfans were abused in their childhood

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>>275851164That doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to be helped until that happens. Yeah there’s a 99% chance she’ll turn out the way but if we do nothing and continue to let her be abused and traumatized then there’s a 100% chance that will happen. What the fuck is wrong you people

>>275847213Bump to counter this saging fagget kys pedo

>>275845110thank god they listened to the mother and not her lieing father.that sick fuck probably told her to say that so he can abuse her for real.

>>275852181Appreciate it man.Should CPS or somebody at least look into it at this point though?It's just hearing that little girl in that condition saying those things and CPS seemingly not caring really activates my snap mode. I honestly hope she's just lying. But man, that shit is tough to watch, and I've been on this site for a while and seen some shit.

>>275851631Then why did the judge want all posts, vids of the incident taken down.

This shit has been spammed for the last 3 days. Look into and you'll find:>Dad and mom are both children who won't communicate with each other outside of lawyers>Dad and mom both use their parents as intermediaries because they can't handle custody exchange like real grown ups>Dad is a faggot who encourages daughter to pitch fits for the camera>Daughter is a spoiled brat (and also probably having a very hard time dealing with her parent's bullshit)>Sexual abuse complaints were investigated by Sheriff's dept. and CPS - found lacking>Dad is making a huge fucking deal about the girl's grandmother pulling her legs instead of pursuing the claims of molestation>Sheriffs flat out told dad to stop being a drama queen and do the right thing for his kid if the mother wont/pol/ isn't your personal army, OP. If you want to save Sophie, pay for her parents to go to a fucking shrink or ex-couples counselor

>>275852181>or is that grandma passively casting doubt?That was the most odd moment of the video for me. It did make me wonder if the Grandmother had doubts. My rage really came from the fact that a child can claim imminent danger, and it seems to mean nothing. Wouldn't it make some kind of sense to have her kept somewhere else while they investigate?


>>275852633Pretty much this. Sexual degeneracy is sometimes a symptom of abuse.

>>275851146He asked for insight too, a better contribution than 99% of leaf posts


come on this is a couple of days old already, come on pol, it doesn't matter if you can find them if you don't do anything about it. I'll be back in a couple days and I hope to get a full report on target acquisition and neutralization.

>>275853010Oh snap . An intelligent Holla Forums user?? Where has this timeline taken us??? It's almost too much to handle.

>>275845110>Child protection service and the judge have failed this girl.The only help she needs is to be groomed and married off.

>>275849793>t. kike

>>275845110bump so we can save the world (again)

>>275852969CPS looking into things is probably already occurring at this point. They really have a very low threshold to investigate shit. Honestly the fact the child HASN'T been removed suggests this may not be very strong of a case.>>275853047Unfortunately it wouldn't. Otherwise it would be abused by anyone spiteful against a partner. But kids do get taken for obvious events. Had one the other week where Mom was hiding meth in the stroller. Kid was in CPS hands by the end of the day. House was a crack den and Dad was not the best either.The legal system is difficult. It's not fair. And it's never perfect.

>>275848043He’d go to jail if he didn’t allow his kid to go back with her mom. Then he’d be behind bars while the mom has full custody.

>>275845110alright fuck that

>>275853553I've had experience with cps. They aren't as corrupt as most think. Sure they aren't perfect but from my anecdotal experience most of them are trying their best.

>>275853392that's sick to think of women as only wives!thank god she is being kept away from her lieing father though.

>>275853812>I've had experience with cpsCanada is not the US.

>>275853812That's why Holla Forums is full of shit. They always cry "THE CHILDREN" and none of them are involved in any organization that actually, you know, deals with child abuse. It's just internet virtue signalling that they "hate the pedos." Most psychologists, social workers, CPS workers, and non-profit workers are genuine and good people who try their hardest. Holla Forums is not that.

If you look the #standwithsophie hashtag, the dad is trying to go on Dr. phil

>>275854064There's also a lot of pedos and power hungry faggots that get into those professions simply because they allow them to prey on people.So...

>>275845110What is a 'swiftie?'


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>>275854064>implying go fuck yourself. they wanted to brush it under a rug.Judge literally complained that the "Dark Web" is talking about this story. Shedding light onto something obviously helps

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>>275853991Nooooo, really?

>>275853991I've had experience with CPS and I live in the US. If they have a fault, it's in being overzealous. Plenty of undeserving dads have been shafted because mom is a psycho that views the kids as weapons to hurt the man who hurt her. If Sophie is still able to see her mom part time, chances are the initial claims were dogshit.

>>275845527White children are just above white men, both are on the bottom and everyone who put them there needs forcibly removing from Western Civilisation.

>>275849127Shut the fuck up pedophile

>>275845110Can someone explain me why isnt the father of this child kicking the pedo to death?I understand trying to be a law abiding citizen, but if someone is raping your daughter and government does shit, is shooting time.Both pedo and mom deserve the bullet.Fucking sick people.

>>275849793You're not a forensic scientist. Fucking larp

>>275854271I've worked with probably 1000+ people involved in the field, not one has been arrested for any predatory practice. This boogeyman of massive organizational efforts to funnel children through these services is asinine. I've seen more psychiatrists go down for fucking patients in the adult world by miles.Are there pedos? Yup. In high places? Yup. Do they deserve death? I'm against the death penalty but it's a tough opinion to hold sometimes. But pedo-mania is a politicized fabrication in its scope and argued political identity of the perpetrators. It's just re-branded McCarthyism.>>275854352You're literally in a thread where it seems the goal in part is active coordination to politicize and propagandize the story. From what I can see this isn't the first thread nor going to be the last.

>>275853553Oh great, the high bar of putting on an act for 10 minutes for CPS. Surely justice will be dealt!There’s no chance of Jake and Mom making her life hell, and conditioning her to respond in the mean time. She’s just her mother, it’s not like she has any emotional leverage, right?

>>275853567That's why you take your kid out of state. I did with my son, courts can't do shit, especially of he takes them this evidence in another state to invalidate their claims against you. I risked it all and won. Not all do, but fuck you if you don't try.

>>275854617>Can someone explain me why isnt the father of this child kicking the pedo to death?even if he is successful that kid would grew up in a foster home and bad things happen there. >I understand trying to be a law abiding citizen, but if someone is raping your daughter and government does shit, the fight is not over yet >Both pedo and mom deserve the bullet.I would say they deserve worse

>>275855060Where did I say anything was definitive? I have no clue if she's getting abused based on the 45 second clip I saw. Show me objective results from a SANE exam.

Jesus Christ I hope this girl gets help. The people who do this aren't human.

>>275854940>pedo-maniaYou're a sharp guy, so you know that your evidence is partially anecdotal. Not that I dismiss it, simply put, this same argument could be made by a clergyman in the Catholic church sub 2010 (or whenever that scandal went down).

>>275849793Any good forensic psychiatrist wouldnt say this shit. You're making your assumption thinking maybe she watched a tv show? What the fuck is wrong with you man?

>>275855200Again, her mother is a participant. Do you think an exam took place in even the same month as the blood incident?


ITT: Pedos saying the kid is lying, the dad is telling her to lie

>>275855142>That's why you take your kid out of state. I did with my son, courts can't do shit,isn't this kidnapping? isn't that a federal crime?smells like bullshit

>>275845110"This is not available to you."

As I've said, contact the Texas Rangers.

>>275854617Yes because a minute long video of a child crying is good enough reason to go lynch someone. This line of thinking is why the "left" is bordering on mass mania. Get the kid rape tested, if it comes back affirmative, kill the abuser slowly and painfully.

>>275854940ah they only fuck the adult patients no biggie!psychiatrists are some of the most fucked up people out there lol, trusting one would be stupid. i had one brag to me about how many of her patients committed suicide

>>275854940>>275855422And to add, this seems to be a proven occurrence (based on interviews of victims) in England. I don't think it's too far of a stretch to think that it's happen to some extent in America as well.

>>275845110BUMP FUCK PEDOS

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>>275845527they want white female children to be abused because child abuse victims turn into low self esteem degenerates and sexual deviants ripe for communist indoctrination as they grow up

>>275850044samefagging piece of shit.

>>275854573I've witnessed this first hand. Mother manipulates her kids into lying about the father to get full custody. It's not uncommon.

>>275853010Impressive.Someone that actually thinks instead of posting shitty images.In fucking Holla Forums of all places.

>>275855422Of course it could. Personally I think the catholic church issue was more that they covered up and protected the pedophiles than that they actively promoted it. But that shit is fucked up at a baseline anyway.>>275855464Read my later posts.>>275855530I have no idea. But i've seen positive results weeks and months after actual penetrative assaults. Sadly sometimes it's the kid having gonorrhea / hiv / chlamydia that ends up showing proof of sexual assault.>>275855777>no biggieWhere did I say that?>bragged about suicidesThen report her. She'd lose her license tomorrow if that's her conduct.>>275855803Sure. Again I think there very clearly are pedophila networks and even in high places. I just don't think CPS / all of the non-profits / all the psych staff are in on some web. I have yet to see anyone get arrested nor have I ever been solicited for any of this stuff. I just find it doubtful in my experience.

>>275855697Pretty sure that’s only kidnapping when it’s a direct court order. So like after the first time I’m sure there would be one against it. Should be fine if you never look back.

>>275854617why do you want the government to take a child away from her mother?im glad they are trusting the mom, and not listening to arguments based on emotion.

watching the stream of the trial now.....why the fuck do they have a virtual bailiff?

>>275855776There's a longer video of the whole drop off. Real interesting how the dad doesn't start freaking the fuck out when Sophie says the boyfriend is touching her. He just keeps filming and telling the grandmother, "What can I do? What can I do? She doesn't want to go."

>>275847213Bump. Fuck you.

>>275856031you're just anti woman >_

on the plus side, they already have grounds for a mistrial since the judge added the mom's attorney to the dad's private breakout room by mistake

>>275849523Family court and the foster system are all kike central most corrupt parts of the already super corrupt judicial system. guardianship etc They routinely take kids away from perfectly normal parentsThey routinely traffic kids as an insitutionFuck third word kikemerica and fuck this el Salvador tier court system

>>275856205you are a covid denier and probably anti woman :D

>>275848039what the fuck do you think sage means?

>>275849793Oy vey, yes, trust me goyim. We are not trafficmig her. I have made my (((diagnosis))) proving zis. Oy vey, yes goyim, ve are innocent ze girl is crazy. You must leave her vis us. (((Trust the court system)))

>>275848040>thinking trump is on your side and not a pedo too>being this naiveGood lord you are so fucking stupid

The West needs to embrace Islam ASAP. This cannot continue. Be like the Khazar who converted to Judaism, but do it for Islam

desu, the dad's attorney serious dropped the fucking ball if the video hasn't been admitted into evidence yet

>>275856086Being that you are where you are, and do what you do you seem to have strong inclination against it's possibility rather than being open-minded. Sort of you're the girl in health class sleeping though the "TEEN PREGNANCY"-talk, just don't sleep on it. You're actually the first/best defense against it... if it's happening.

>>275855464They made no assumptions. Just stated what messed up people will do to get custody of their children, sometimes going as far as "training" the kids with stories of abuse etc... It happens and to be clear no one has said that is what's happening here.

>>275856812>the west needs some pedo pig fucker's religionok

>>275845110how did the party van go? faggots better not have pussied out

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>>275855697Not if you can prove your shit. 9/10ths the law is possession, the other 9/10ths is how well you can present what you possess as evidence.


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>>275855590No one has said that faggot. Only pointing out that it happens and you need to do a rape exam to get the objective truth.

>>275845110would be a shame if someone sent a tip to the ATF saying the dude abusing her was trying to sell machine guns ans sawed off shotguns in a parkinglot on arms list.

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>>275850620watch it you nurse pussy. she’s telling the truth. no child can fake that terror in her voice and body language

>>275855955Sigh....... At least virtue signalling on 4chan is anti pedo and not pro nigger.

>>275856891Child rape is a thing. It happens daily. There are networks for sure. But the data shows it's family and friends who do this most often. It's hard for people to rationalize how someone could do such evil, to their own family at that, but it just does. It's "comforting" to think it's not happening like this but it is. Spend a day on a unit and you notice a lot of borderline and depressed people were sexually abused as children. Drug addicts are more often than not from homes of abuse. It's just a horrible reality we as a society don't want to address because it requires admitting there is evil floating within all levels of society. It's "comforting" to think it's a giant network of black/white evil to fight. But it just isn't. It's random people.>>275857298I truly do appreciate your willingness to believe in honesty in children.

>>275849867Faux news will never let a good revolution happen, they are there to subvert you while the commies swell their hoard

>>275856031>Mother manipulates her kids into lying about the father to get full custody. It's not uncommon.Oh I know someone who goes through that shit. Mother tells her daughter lies about him. Some of these lies don't even make sense. Not that the female judge cares. Father has the "privilege" to see his daughter every 2 weeks for some hours.I know him really well and all her lies make me angry, very angry

>>275849127This. Plus what guy doesn't love cunny?

>>275845110have a bump for trying, even in vain, to make the world less kiked

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ok, having watched the hearing, it's not nearly as unreasonable as Holla Forums is making out to bea.) the boyfriend is banned from having any contact with the kidsb.) any other males are banned from having any contact with the kidsc.) they will resume in less than two weeks

>>275857240Waco 2.0 ?

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get her a rape kit as soon as possible. make a medical determination.

>>275851377This. It's the only logical reaction.

>>275857697can you give me a link to the hearing?

>>275857866I watched the rakieta stream, you'll have to deal with his commentary but he mostly stays

>>275845110I hate this disgusting fucking world so much

>>275845110>those screams. Neither of these fucking people should have a kid. King Solomon knew how to handle sick fucks like these two. I’m not sure I believe what the kid is claiming, but the mom and grandma are handling everything very poorly and are only further hurting the kid. I get why if she is lying. But they need to break and regroup at anther time. The kid is clearly going to get in an angler lock with her mom and grandma at this point. And the dad is worthless and I don’t believe it because of his inaction. If I really thought my daughter was being raped by my ex wife’s boyfriend and the system told me to give her back. I would do anything other than listen to my daughter scream for my help not to be returned to her rapist. Jail and prison be damned.

>>275857697>it's not nearly as unreasonable as Holla Forums is making out to be>a.) the boyfriend is banned from having any contact with the kidsoh good, the problem before was raping a child wasn’t BANNED. I’m sure he will follow THIS law

>>275847213Die kike


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>>275856172Dis , dis so much. Giving the government control over our children is the wrong move.

>>275857962thanks dude

>>275858027I mean, if he doesn't she instantly losesPlus innocent until proven guilty - all you can do before a conviction is issue a restraining order

>>275856542Did you even put it in the options bare you mongoloid?

why are there so many pedos in this threadmust be all the (((glowies)))pedophilia is normal in Judaism and, by extension, freemasonry

>>275858027>oh good, the problem before was raping a child wasn’t BANNED. I’m sure he will follow THIS lawiirc the grandma has currently the child, location is "unknown."The grandma who ignored her crying that the pedo is touching her vagina

>>275845110I mean it pol kill all PEDOS

Not just boog fags are shoeing up for this LARP. FBI is also paying visits to people over "thearts" to the judge. The judge put a restrainong order pm the BF from Sophie and the father gets her on weekends right now.

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>imagine being able to touch and molest the innocent and tight child of your whore white trash single mother partner. >imagine your partner knowing about it and even bringing her helpless child to you. I imagine her even liking to see her dumb kid get fucked by a big cock.>imagine the father being so cucked that he must bring his daughter to be abused.So hot. I’m jealous.


>>275858346>why are there so many pedos in this threadevery thread about pedos is like that. >she wanted it>she deserves it>she is lying >one of the parents makes this shit up>kid will become a whore anyways>not your personal army>nothing is happening>*ancap argument*>she is old enough to consent >...Every thread gets flooded with stupid replies and bait. I wonder who could be behind this spam

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>>275847213Undo pedo bump

>>275858828Are you a Jew just curious or do we need to expand the cleansing of evil to other races?

continuing to watch the hearing:>mother's attorney tried to block the father from taking the daughter to a medical professional>judge told her to GTFO, however blocked additional forensic interviews

Something is wrong here. I'd think she would bite if there was actual threat to her

>they left the chat on for the official court streamthat was a horrible mistake

why is everyone hashtagging taylor swift?

>>275859485my mother beat me at least once a week but I never bit her. At some point you learn that defending yourself in an aggressive way makes no sense because it leads to a bigger punishment.Mysteriously when I hit puberty and developed way more muscle mass she stopped attacking me.

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>>275858346>>275859089You both have the same mentality of the left. Lynch people because of some crying kids. Except the left only cares about nigger babies and you care about white ones. Enjoy making life decisions based on emotional reactions. You are going to get manipulated a lot.

>defendant tried to block him from getting the kids this weekend>judge told them to get fuckedok, seriously why is Holla Forums so upset about this

>>275850579that was her grandma

>>275853567Not if they're dead.

>>275860901no you are just a fucking retard that doesn't know that they wanted to swipe this under the rug. I want specialists involved to figure out what is really happening. As of right now it looks like that the kid is not larping and evidence gets completely ignored. This is not justiceJudge didn't even watch the fucking video

>>275847213NYPA doesn't apply here you insufferable faggot.

>>275860901>hurr durr you care if children are being victimized. Enjoy emotions hurr durr

>>275854573Yet moms never get their kids taken away, even if their house is disgustin

>>2758609981.) Dad gets custody this weekend, against mom's objections, and shared custody will continue2.) Mom's boyfriend is indefinitely barred from having any contact with the children3.) Evidence hearing is in two weeks, at which point the video will be admitted and discussed4.) Mom tried to block the dad from bringing the kids to medical professionals, judge told her to fuck offI honestly don't see the issue here

>>275861269>>275860998Also there's a bunch of procedural issues - judge just came in, dad's lawyer just came in, and kid's attorney was dismissed and is about to be replaced

>>275847213Pedos get the rope, bump. Now kys

>>275855697Yes it is kidnapping, yes you will get hunted down and thrown in prison, and yes this guy is a retard. >thinking crossing state lines somehow makes the courts power evaporateIt reads like the local junkie talking about how he doesn’t have to pay a speeding tickets because they’re unconstitutional

>>275860998Hehehahahahahah. Just so you know I'm inclined to believe the kid, she obviously seems very genuine. But you can't find the objective truth from a minute long video. And you definitely can't ruin someone's life because of some tears and few yelled words. The only way to find out if she was actually abused is a physical test. Keep virtue signalling though, we all appreciate it.

>>275849867We can only dream user

>>275853010the manbitch is obviously looking for goyim shekels

>>275862007>But you can't find the objective truth from a minute long videothere is a 20 min video (and that is not the complete version) Youtube deleted it

>>275845110Stop with the conspiracy theories.

>>275862143it might not have been youtube - court ordered both parties to take down all published videos

>>275847213Obligatory pedo post

>>275847213Take this bump, and eat shit you filthy kike.

>>275861075Yep, because I'm a heartless bastard who didn't automatically sympathize with the kid (sarcasm). Fuck off. I'm just against public lynching with no evidence. There are tons of previous cases where parents manipulate their children to lie, it happens. And it helps no one , present and future to skip the judicial process and sentence the guy without taking the "necessary steps", SANE test etc..

>>275845110If the evidence of rape is so overwhelming then we wouldn’t be talking about it. It’s two jackoff parents using their kid as a bargaining chip for money or revenge. The dad is probably a fucking loser who doesn’t want to pay child support. Any dad that blows up a custody battle and tries to make headlines is a piece of shit, prove me wrong faggots.

>>275862931The dad contacting doctor Phil is a red flag for sure. Doesn't mean the kid wasn't abused but shows the dad definitely doesn't have her best interests at heart. Sad situation all around.

>>275845110> is a child that has been coached to say that. That is a child in a dangerous situation, the adults have taught the child stuff the child is too young to understand. That is sad. All involved in taking that childs innocence away should be imprisoned. This is obviously a really bad custody war over the child. God I hate people that fuck their kids up like that.

>>275862417>court ordered both parties to take down all published videoswhich makes sense, its to protect the kid. Sadly without the video this case would get dismissed and the mom would keep the children. Lets hope justice gets served and her horrific childhood gets forgotten. Or even better, lets pray that its actually just a larp of a very very good 9y/o actor

Shes fine. With dad

It already is viral, how do you think you heard about it? Because some boomer mom shared it on your facebook and you thought "oh boy pol will love this" fuck off back to normiebook nobody cares about this piece of shit dads inability to protect his daughter.


>>275846209It's normally a child custody thing and after the doctors check the child it will end up being the kids never been touched and the kid doesn't understand that a doctor can tell when the kid is lying. It's normally a mother or grandmother coaching the child to say that (always a female).

>>275863387>The dad contacting doctor Phil is a red flag for sure. Doesn't mean the kid wasn't abused but shows the dad definitely doesn't have her best interests at heart.are you retarded? Obviously you don't have children. He is trying to do everything that is necessary to protect his kids.What else can he do when the Court, Police, CPS is friends with the mother? His only chance to stop this is creating public attention

>>275854595This is sadly true, twatter will have six trending topics cause some felon nog got shot but this story gets a few thousand retweets at best. I fucking hate people.

>>275845527Believe lying white thots, ignore 9yo white girls.


>>275845110>posting this on 4pedosHow do you not know what this site is by now?

>>275863387>>275845110As somebody that went thru an arduous custody battle with a mentally unstable partner, let me give you retards a little insight on what actually happens:>Mother gets custody by default. Dad thinks/says “but she’s unfit for this responsibility”>your lawyers and the Courts say “prove it”>knowing that she’ll fuck up eventually, be nice, pay support, spend as much time as possible with your kid, and wait it out >1 year later OH MY GOD SHE’S IN THR HOSPITAL OD’D ON FENTANYL WTF>immediately file restraining order and receive full custody within 24 hoursIf any dad on here is trying to compare the with a TRULY fucked up person, you need to sit tight. Crazy will come out in court. The faggot in this story is a drama queen and a deadbeat, 100%.

>>275845110I got a three day ban for ''replying to a raid thread'' by some covert pedo mod this is not personal army shit the kid is obviously being raped by the mothers BF and needs help FUCK YOU MODS

Why do you guys from Holla Forums enjoys playing as some sort of hero or savior? You "people" are the lowest of the low.

>>275865196Similar experience here - they are time bombs. Stay calm and do everything you can to keep your child safe. It sucks horribly knowing that you have to wait for that one event before you can do anything, but it's the only smart move.

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>>275865439but better than a jew

>>275862143in the full video she discusses play date and sleepover logistics/grievances with the mom and grandma before ever bringing up the abuseI don't want to believe a child is capable of lying about such things but I found that quite odd

>>275847213kike fuck

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>>275865196 I didn't say anything to disagree with you.

>>275862928Ok pedo fucker i'm calling your bluff, post the tons of cases you talk of were the kid has been proven to have lied about been diddled.

>>275865232>I got a three day ban for ''replying to a raid thread'' by some covert pedo modMe too. Dynamic IP is a nice thing Sadly they updated the fucking router software and removed the reconnect button. I have to hit restart button and this takes 3-5mins instead of 20-30 secs -.-I know who is behind this removal

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>>275849793>hey guys, i am a jew that helps my fellow pedo kikes get off by claiming i can read minds

>>275849127This. She’s probably going to end up being a whore anyway.

>>275865001Shut the fuck up mongloid Holla Forums is the most vehemently anti-pedo place on the internet right now.


>>275861008It never applied anywhere.It's a mod psyop to stop raiding.You retard.


>>275856608Dumb shill

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>>275865562I lived in hell for the first year of my only child’s life. It was agonizing. The person I had a child with, whom I at one point loved, was and is an incoherent mess. >>275865782Lol that wasn’t directed at you. You may be a leaf but you’re not retarded


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>>275849793Stfu kike

>>275847213Fucking die.

>>275865733in the full video she tells her grandmother that he literally touches her fucking vagina. And his friends abuse her too>I don't want to believe a child is capable of lying about such thingshighly doubt she is lying. She doesn't understand sexuality because she is pre puberty. All she knows is that its her private area and nobody should touch it.

>>275845110It already went viral on Facebook and was buried

>>275845110Imagine you marry a woman, you have children with her, ans she does something like that. Jesus Christ. Divorce is already a big trauma on a child. Really think things through before getting married, Anons.

This woman has been giving the best coverage on the issue it wasnt for these otherwise annoying Karens these kids would be fucked Fuck pol mods for waging an all out war of suppression on this.

>>275866230I barely understand anything in this youtube videoWhy are US calls always so god damn noisy

this is why you Qoomers are dangerous.

>>275849638> single moms are worthless and unable to raise childrenThis is mostly correct but don't jump onto this sort of generalization so quickly. There are indeed abusive and violent fathers around.

>>275867856The degree of organization and co-ordination that goes into suppressing anything that exposes these freaks really needs to be analyzed in depthTHEY really do control literally everything

>>275868808The father doesnt have a violent history afaik. They divorced because he has ''mental health issues'' (he wants to rewrite the Bible and owns too many guns). The BF is a proven violent thug tho. The mother is mentally fragile and broken. The BF obviously broke her down as a prelude to the sexual abuse which the daughter says ''she watches''

I hope this judge gets shot